Box of Islam by Hamed Abdel Samad (English) – Islam & Mafia Pt. 2 – Ep 02 (2-2)

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That’s the point about forbidden friendship with a non-Muslim or non-Mafia member unless it would bring benefits or a trick to benefit Islam or Mafia Another point in the comparison of Islam with Mafia It’s that piety and religiosity is one thing and dealing with enemies and strangers is something entirely different What’s private is one thing, and what’s public is a different thing You’d notice that the Mafioso might be a religious person and for example, he regularly goes to church and then he goes out carrying his rifle or pistol and shoots someone and can’t find any contradiction with this act and religious teaching that he just heard in the church that told him to “Love your enemies” but he does not uphold this principle does not see that this enemy as the enemy intended by this commandment Not true! that’s how he thinks. This is something and that is something else the man who died deserved to die It’s exactly the same thing for the believer who is one of the soldiers of Mohammed He’s devout and prays in mosque and even cries while praying but in the outside he decapitates people It’s very normal for him! There is no trace for this faith, why’s that? Because his religion divided the world to him into a believer and an infidel And this infidel is like ((They are nothing but as cattle; nay, they are straying farther off from the path)) meaning that they’re like animals if not worse and the Koran even called them ((evil beasts)) How can you have sympathy towards him?! our Lord will mainly burn him He will burn in hell, why would you sympathize with him?! So, The idea that praying does not hold him from engaging in violence is false on the contrary, it is likely to encourage him before going to fight or capture sex slaves Of course, the similar point that we talked about in the last episode about robbery and tributes and the role of the Saaleek in the conquests led by the Prophet since the beginning of his stay in Medina and on whose foundation the Islamic State was erected and which to this day we don’t know how to get rid of it So, the advantages that helped Islam in the early days for it to spread and prove itself and conquer the world are at the same time the same problems that we are suffering from today that we do not know how to end Alright, the last point in the comparison between Islam and the Mafia is punishing fugitives atheists or traitors Mohammed built in Medina a state in which there was the best intelligence apparatus in the world the best intelligence apparatus in the world in the sense that the more he led conquests and consequently the number of Muslims increased the more he became suspicious of Muslims who believed in him How come? In the beginning, it was a small group who actually believed in his message because in the early days in Mecca they witnessed something special and this is something that we must acknowledge that in the beginning of Islam and Meccan chapters there were beautiful words and still to this day many Muslims depend on that and cite these verses that call for peace, tolerance, compassion and reflection on the creation of the heavens and the Earth and compassion for the poor, etc.. These things were really there because Islam was not only based on blood etc but there was a good foundation nonetheless These people believed in him in that period They were true believers but those who joined them later in Medina a great deal of them became believers either involuntarily because they didn’t find any other solution as their tribes collapsed or were conquered or they were just opportunists they realized that they actually saw the message of an economic project which would benefit them if they enrolled in the camp of Mohammed they would get spoils money or sex slaves i.e they would benefit materially from these conquests As this group was growing around the Prophet he started to have suspicions about them Who’s with me and who’s against me? and do they really believe in my ideas or not? For this reason, he set out to establish a self-surveillance system for that matter Of course, praying five times a day had to do with this particular point He’d gather them 5 times a day and one of these timings was at 4 AM in the early morning and another one at night, and 3 times in the middle of the day All of this … to make sure that they were present there When it is said too that whoever doesn’t pray might face the death penalty in Islam what’s the explanation for this? The explanation for this was that Mohammed was suspicious that whoever was not coming to pray would join the camp of his enemies and then screw him over That they might hurt Mohammad He said then that I was about to go and take a fire flame and burn the houses of those who pray at home Have you grasped the amount and extent of paranoia he reached? He suspected that whoever won’t come to pray with me like what George Bush said essentially “You’re either with us or against us” You’re either with me or against me for those of you who won’t pray in person So much so that a blind resident who was living in the outskirts of Medina said to Muhammad “Give me a permission to pray in my house because of the long journey … and I’m blind” “Can you hear the call to prayer?” Muhammad asked “Yes, I can” the blind man replied “then you must come” Muhammad replied Have you noticed to what extent his suspicions were? But Islam is the religion of mercy, of course! That is the whole point that Muhammad was afraid of their betrayal He was afraid of their betrayal and on this basis who didn’t pray with him, he would get killed Just imagine what would happen to the one who leaves Islam altogether!! He established a so-called self-surveillance apparatus what is it like? ((whether you manifest what is in your minds or hide it, Allah will call you to account according to that)) In other words, be careful of what goes in your head of betraying me [Mohammad] or plotting something against me because our Lord will tip me off ((Man does not utter any word except that with him is an observer prepared to record)) Two angels sitting on your shoulders, these are state security agents These are the ones who write down all your thoughts, actions and words Ingenious system that once you turn your head right or left you’ll find yourself under surveillance From here came Muhammad’s saying “Whoever changes his religion, kill him” that, of course, all reformers are keen to refute referencing Ikrema and bringing to attention that the saying’s chain of narrators is weak or questionable But this piece of Hadith or saying is actually authentic and it’s consistent with many incidents of which we mentioned earlier the one with Ka’ab Ibn al-Ashraf, who wrote poems about Muhammad and he was killed because of his poems A poet who recited a poem that states that Muhammad plagiarized the Jewish books the Jewish books of the Torah , Talmud and Midrash in the Koran We have another poet, a lady called Assmaa Bent Marwan Waqidi tells her story and he cited it in support of Ibn Taymiyyah’s views featured in his book “The Drawn Sword against Those who Insult the Messenger” What’s her story then? She wrote poetry about Muhammad she just wrote poetry, just poetry! Are you paying attention to what I’m saying? Islam is a religion of mercy indeed! So, the Prophet was in turn hurt he couldn’t take it So, Someone called Amr Ibn Uday went after where Assmaa Bent Marwan were and while she was sleeping along with her children Even in Waaqidi’s recount that she was nursing her own baby Amr killed her and went back to the Prophet informing him of what he had done and the Prophet was happy and proud of him and he even showed off to the people who were present there “Take a look at a man who fought for God and His Messenger secretly” God and His Messenger secretly and that man in question was Amr Ibn Uday We have another incident with another poet named Ibn Khatal who had two concubines who were singing for him He’d write poems and they’d sing them. Ibn Khtal converted to Islam and later left it So, the Prophet declared that he’s wanted dead on the same day of Conquest of Mecca He’s the same guy that Muhammad said about him “Kill him even if he grabbed the curtains of Kaaba” and that what happend to the letter They killed him while grabbing the curtains of Kaaba and his concubine too because she was singing his poems in which he was insulting the Prophet Read the history of the Mafia and notice how many journalists were killed for the sole reason that someone wrote a book about the Mafia criticizing them and then read the history of Islam since the days of Bashar ibn Burd Ibn al-Muqaffa al-Hallaj and how all of them died for their criticism of Islam Look at Farag Foda or Raif Badawi too the latter is being flogged in Saudi Arabia and look at the thousands and millions frightened to pronounce a single word that’s critical of Islam and also look at Charlie Hebdo newspaper which lost 10 of their staff because they drew a caricature and you will realize that this where the problem lies in Islam See you in the next episode

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