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Posted By on September 27, 2019

The church, the
building, is not helpful. But the church
within me is helpful. I also decided that I had
to control my thoughts, I had to control my words, and
I had to control my actions, and that’s what’s going to
take me to where I want to go. I also identified
myself, who am I? And who is it that I want to be? Once you understand that
everything that you need is inside of you, you
don’t have to look outside. We put up with too much
from– particularly from male preachers in pulpits who stand
up in the church and tell us we ain’t got no body because of all
the stuff that’s wrong with us, who tell us to be celibate. They ain’t celibate. And many of them are married
and got a lot of side chicks, and that’s just regular. If black women ever got
together and said, look, you’re not going to keep on
preaching this foolishness– withhold tithes for a month. Get 20 to 50 women
in your church to withhold tithes for a month. The theology would
change immediately. We need to own that we go and we
sit up under folk who teach us a bunch of stuff that actually
isn’t about our living and our thriving.

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. the church within ME! that's powerful. church is a BUSINESS. it is important for each person to let the first womans words resonate. that's REAL right there. know YOURSELF, independent of other labels and responsibilities – who are you? cant do anything real until you know that

  2. glad black people are waking up and realizing religion is a scam and that whole jesus thing was and is used to keep your mind in perpetual bondage

  3. Black people … leave the church, it is holding us back 💯 don’t kneel – stand. Don’t close your eyes – open them. We are not on plantations. Free yourselves!

  4. The 2nd lady said something sad. I'm not saying preachers are perfect, but the pastor is not supposed to tell you what you want to hear. He's supposed to tell you the truth from God. And if it's negative at that time, then it's negative. It sure sounds like to me that she wants the pastor to butter her up.

  5. As an overweight woman myself, I will say being overweight is not healthy. My slimmer self was my best self to me, I was so much more energetic, almost like a butterfly.
    Going back to the butterfly…….

  6. Amen to that. YOU PREACH SISTA!!!! Every Black Woman from birth has her God within her. Trust That. You are the book that God is within.

  7. I am taught by Christ! Not by man .I KNOW who I am! I KNOW who God created ME to be. When you KNOW who you are you are NOT vulnerable to what ANYONE has to say about you. When you do not know who you are you can be vulnerable to what people say about you. You can be tossed to and fro living beneath the person God created you to be. Do not let someone who knows NOTHING about YOU tell YOU who YOU are.


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