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blockchain pac

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It requires tens blockchain pac millions of dollars. Join us and support the to help elect crypto-friendly legislators and future legislators who will support the blockchain and virtual. Challenging well-funded and entrenched legacy and yours. American Blockchain PAC and its allies operate in the interest candidates whose legislative agenda is will benefit from financial decentralization and web 3 technology industries.

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American Blockchain PAC Outside Spending � Outside Spending Summary � We follow the money. You make it possible. � Count Cash & Make Change. American Blockchain PAC is an independent nonprofit committee supporting current and future legislators who will support the blockchain and virtual asset. The leading Political Action Committee supporting Federal candidates protecting the blockchain-digital assets ecosystem.
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At the same time, we are also presenting a sneak preview of the. Transforming the U. Andreessen Horowitz, a crypto-friendly venture capital firm; crypto exchange platform Coinbase; veteran venture capitalist Ron Conway; venture capital executive Fred Wilson; tech executives Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss; and Ripple, a crypto solutions business, have all donated to Fairshake so far this year, according to the super PAC. Skip Navigation.