Bigot Conference Gets Sympathetic News Coverage (The Pumpkin Saga)

and now the pumpkin saga continues oh it really does though today we're gonna cover how not if you are a journalist to cover a pro genocide conference I am mister atheist let's do this alright so very brief recap if you haven't been watching this coming weekend there's going to be a conference called to make America straight again conference that conference happening in Orlando to basically celebrate the pulse nightclub shooting which happened a few years back speaking at this conference are four pastors who advocate for the total genocide of the LGBTQ orgy RSM community I made a video responding to their initial promotion they made a video calling me out I made a video calling them out they made a video basically showing off how scared they are and we've been spending time money and resources effecting this organization in significant ways alright that brings us to now something you should be aware of a group of us have been working in the background getting all kinds of stuff done we're working on a website that sort of lays out the way this organization works and and proves that it is a cult it's a collection of all so all of their most bigoted things and we have a press release coming out within the next 24 hours that is been spearheaded mostly by Shannon Q Casey from godless engineers channel a lot of archiving work done by atheist rationale and then also several others there are several others people working on this whole project in general and so basically the point of this press release will be to get press coverage to make sure that this witch does not have an insignificant level of influence does not have an insignificant way to influence the way other churches are speaking and is sort of on par with the most radical sort of alt-right things you are hearing about how certain political factions in this country want to t treat people rather in the GR SM community coverage will be beginning soon however prior to this happening a local news station decided to pick up the story and as far as I can tell it almost seems like as a method of promoting it not really good due diligence journalism as a whole lot is left out about this conference and by the way if you don't want to be left out of things that happen on this channel and for nearly daily atheist content make sure you hit that subscribe button which I just remembered I forgot to mention at the beginning of the video all right I'm going to be showing you two videos here I'm going to be showing you the actual news coverage of that by this local station of the conference coming up and then I'm going to show you a video from Pastor Boyles YouTube channel where he's basically talking about this interview and that this interview was gonna be coming out later today I think that's the right order to show this in I've been conflicted on on which one I should do here and honestly what happened was I watched both of these things and was just really kind of disgusted at the way these journalists journalists handled it and so I'm entering the current war that seems to be between things like YouTube and traditional media to call out this absolute and complete utter garbage anyway have a look at this Pulitzer deserving news story and Claremont is causing tensions with the LGBTQ community this weekend the revival Baptist Church is hosting a make America's straight again conference so ten seconds in and I can tell you that's about as good as anything being remotely critical or even if you want to say it's coming from a journalistic standpoint of reporting that pretty much the worst of it has just been shown right now which is seriously just saying the name of the conference and then and regarding causing tension with the LGBT q+ community yes generally when people advocate for our deaths generally when people advocate that we shouldn't live and the government should be enforcing that but it's just based on you know their belief which that belief they I have the right to hold that belief yeah we do we do get a little bit angry I guess tense would it be inaccurate though considering the severity of the rhetoric involved here and I don't know how you missed it because this journalist you should be doing research and frankly if you typed in anything related to any of this he would have come straight to my videos the even as a method of reporting you are not remotely broadcasting the severity of what is going on here the church's pastor Patrick Boyle believes that a man should be with a woman he also says his Church believes in the literal interpretation of the Bible according to pastor Boyle here so here a very polite establishment that these are fundamentalists which is what fundamentalism actually means basically a a literal adhering to your scriptures your holy books here but still framing this in the anyway here's a church and here's what they believe according to pastor Boyle he has received thousands of negative emails phone calls and messages on his church's Facebook page from people who are against his conference this weekend so here's where they begin and they'll do this again at the end here is why I actually think this spectrum news 13 out of pulk it looks like it maybe is or maybe that's just what the weather is it seems to me that they not only are trying to report on it but in motes on multiple occasions at least – in this video they actually kind of try to make it look like they're the victims or they're the people who are in danger here and so this whole thing about the thousands of emails again like making it sound like that there is an onslaught of harassment and again this is supposed to be journalism not remotely addressing the catalyst for that influx of emails not remotely talking about why are they getting all those emails what specific language what specific thing are they teaching that would get you that because I can show you lots of religions I come from a religion who thinks men and women are the only thing that should be together and that they think their interpretation of the Bible is the literal interpretation they think or at least that it's the correct interpretation that the Bible is still perfect yeah your presentation here is garbage anyway let's keep going he expects several hundred people to show up and support though of what he's preaching well it's not on our end a political statement we believe that the way to change the world is go preach the gospel knock on doors and tell yeah it actually is a political statement there buddy because you are one in government policy to change to reflect once again you're pro genocide agenda it doesn't make it not a political statement because you're bragging about the intrusive ways you try to get your message out there and you know listen by the time this is all over you'll still be able to go door to door your online platforms are being stripped from you one by one but you know I wouldn't know anything about that oops did we do that go preach the gospel knock on doors and tell me about the good news of the gospel before they're reprobate before they're rejected of God so they clearly like this word retro bait it's one that's used in the Bible and basically they are now using that in spaces where they know they would get in trouble for using more inflammatory language and once again something that's totally not covered well by this story this sort of let them present it in his scripture ly consistent way but again not bring up the ways he's actually framed this the type of language and the types of slurs make up seem mild like make him seem like this oh look at that poor little white dude that poor little straight white guy he's just being so bullied by these people that he calls every incendiary name he can and wants them to die also as far as the before are you under the impression we're going door to door and you're beating us door to door the reason why society has been changing so rapidly is more and more people realized they know people in the lgbtq+ community or the gr sm community I'm kind of using the language that has been being used in the report here I do prefer G RSM but as they realize they know more people from that community as they realize it's their siblings their family their friends and that actually the way reality bears it out is that there is nothing wrong or different about it than your straight love or what you think is the only correct kind of love despite the fact once again here Spectrum news 13 despite the fact that you just on multiple occasions lie about us being automatically rapists or being automatically pedophiles yeah anyway spectrum news 13 you really did a great job reporting on this one let's finish out this this really just amazing piece of yours the exact time and location for the conference that will begin Friday has not been released yet Esther Boyle says it will likely be released Friday afternoon or that the ones who want to come will know how and where to find out okay yeah this is an interesting thing too there are people interested in protesting and things of that nature so they want to know the location I'm pretty sure it's just at this dude's church but I mean that could change according to Pastor Boyle he did ask the local authorities for extra security at his conference but he was denied and that wrap up there at the end about the asking for extra security I do think actually does sort of reveal the motivations of this piece or the ineffectiveness of this piece the fact that they are going in there and and again at the end he's concerned about his safety you know he's been advocating for genocide and what that really makes him worried about is that he is going to be oppressed while he's out celebrating the pulse nightclub shooting and here's how you know that this coverage was pretty bad because pastor Boyle was pretty into it let me show you his video regarding this news thing he wants to give another update and he talks about the media coverage here hey everybody pastor Boyle here from revival Baptist Church of Orlando and we're excited about our make America straight again conference that's coming up I know what you're wondering now and yes that room will be filled with people with the same level of sexual charisma as pastor Boyle here oh it's gonna be a hoot and a half and I just got done with an interview with the Orlando news channel 13 and had a sit-down interview there and they will be airing it tonight sometimes so if you have a way of watching it you can do so or go online so here we have that general establishment that they want people to actually see this news coverage that they want this to be visible to people that they liked the way it went and I talked about this with some of those creators I talked about earlier and ocean and I talked about whether or not they had research and if they were just going in mostly blind but you're actually now gonna get to see that they're giving a tour of this facility and you're gonna get to see some of the stuff that they saw that this news crew saw but we're excited to be able to say we're not backing down I think they're kind of expecting us to cower in a corner and change our stance but I know if they you are referring to is us who have been just rocking your goddamn world lately no we don't expect you to change your stance that is why the actions we have been taking is simply to hurt your ability to get your message out there because you have been violating terms of services across the board on PayPal on YouTube Terms of Service I have to hold to and while you have your right to free speech though that gets a little bit hairy with some of the things you guys advocate for like beating children with certain conditions anyway your right to free speech is not a right to certain platforms and those platforms upon you have been violating those terms of service you better believe we're gonna hurt your ability to use them how's it been hanging ever since we got the PayPal for the conference shut down or Tommy McMurtry's or the many to come anyway we just saw that part that I was talking about they are literally passing a thing on the wall here that says LGBTQ and underneath it says let God burn them quickly a very clear picture of what they want for people like me and it's not as though you can go in a 10 second conversation without Tommy McMurtry without him advocating for genocide essentially the video here the b-roll here that tommy puts up is actually more damning than the actual reporters who were there who should be reporting the situation that just basically sat and said hey this conference is coming up it's sure causing a lot of toil but you know what the problem is here it's making Tommy feel unsafe we believe what the Bible says and the Bible says they're worthy of death and that's harsh that's our statement didn't hey what's it say about that material blend you're wearing in that suit there buddy boy back down and encourage you to if you get a chance to watch that interview but most importantly be here for the conference and if you can't make it here paul wittenberger is gonna be live-streaming the conference and you can watch through his channel so if you're wondering paul wittenberger i think that's how you say his name his channel is framing your world I believe it's called and yeah he's apparently gonna be the one streaming these are the kinds of allies they have he makes basically conspiracy theory kinds of staff fluoride in the water at chemtrails kind of crap Stephen Anderson the head of this cult has made a video talking about what a great guy he is and apparently these for pastors haven't learned a thing because by bringing him into this well you brought him into this and that YouTube platform is really important to him the ashamed to see something happen to that and you can be just like you're here but live stream and we're excited about it stand with us they're trying very hard to get us to silence the message or at least water it down no one is interested in you watering down the message I'm not remotely interested in anything any version of the message you have to say and this is this weird thing that you've brought up on multiple occasions across across the board I am an atheist I'm not interesting in softening your homophobia not interested in people being religious where people are religious and they don't treat others like shit great I don't care go and do you go and be you this is about a fight of ideas a war of ideas a war you've been losing I don't know what it is you're so proud of and I don't know why you dislike people so much that you would encourage them to stand with you because they're just gonna go down to they're trying to paint us like we're weirdos but hey we believe the Bible on this not weirdos radicals you are absolutely radicals you are members of a cult Tommy I've been in a cult before I know what it looks like but to tell you the truth I kind of played in the minors you went pro cults and religious fundamentalism are always bad for the people inside them and the societies around them you are bad for this world but I'm not gonna advocate for your death the way you advocate for mine if you want to come around to what's right and what's reasonable one day that's great in the meantime I'm gonna keep destroying your message winning because we have these things called like science reasoned facts logic on our side and crippling your reach and the Bible says that God hates it we hate it Psalms 139 we've been singing that all week and we'll be singing it during the conference do not I hate them Oh Lord that hate thee come join us if you can yep that's great you're singing the Psalms from the book that you take literally despite the fact that it has gone through interpretation after interpretation it's been had parts removed from it add parts added by it Kings got their hands on it Pope's got their hands on it but you know the literal word in there that's the thing to absolutely live by by the way has anyone told these four yet we've mentioned it before King James which you think is the inerrant Word of God to his Bible he was bisexual so if God hates the retro bait so much why did he use one to get his message to you your entire life and identity is dependent on that they're bisexual feels good doesn't it anyway back to the original point we will get better press coverage of this going the press release is going to be going out hopefully somebody will email these people at this news organization or people will reach out who know this news organization and really show them what a failing they did here send them my videos if you like some of that first one of me covering the conference and really show them this isn't just some you know casual conference that's it's sending waves you know people are this is this is a conference of hateful hateful bigots hateful bigots who want to murder people like me for who I tend to be attracted to and who I want to love and spectrum news 13 what did you basically do with this you gave it free promotion completely devoid of the whole picture so that people could actually get an idea of what kind of garbage is here you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself again even if you're only saying you were reporting on what's happening you clearly constrained the actual picture and it's not just reporting because it obviously was trying to paint poor pastor Boyle here the champion of genocide as a victim to better you can reach me at my email dear mister atheist at if you would like to set up some kind of interview or something to correct the record alright that's it remember daily atheist content hit that subscribe button we're closing in on two hundred thousand in fact by the time you see here we should probably be at that one ninety five thousand mark other ways you can support the channel can be found below if you have the financial means there's always 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