Biggest Universal Negative Keywords List

Posted By on May 5, 2019

hey guys how's it gone it is Mike here and I'm really excited today to share with you the best way to really use negative keyword lists now if you check back into a previous video which will be linked here I actually talked about what negative keyword lists are how to use them and how it compares to adding keywords via AdWords editor or using negative keyword lists what I want to do today is actually talk about Universal negative keyword lists and really the best way to use negative keyword lists in Adwords so let's say you have a term that will be always always irrelevant to your business whether it's a campaign today in the search or in a campaign a year from now in a display or campaign two years from now in a product listing ads campaign that's a for example if you don't ship your products to Hawaii then adding the negative keyword Hawaii to every single campaign will likely always be a good idea so when you have these terms like this that you know are always going to be irrelevant to your business you could probably save yourself some time and ensure that you never forget to have these as negative if you use negative keyword lists so using a negative keyword list prevents a lot of these issues so for example I once had a client that sold a brand havenport but a previous agency they were using actually let them show up for the geographic term havenport Maryland and searches related to it you know like a electric company havenport Maryland and things like that so blocking these kinds of terms will save them a ton of effort every single time and this is where negative keyword lists really come into play so I'm really excited to share with you a free gift we have a huge list all the sort of scientists put our heads together we came up with a big list of 800 negative keywords that are pretty much going to be universally irrelevant for every kind of business now head over to a blog post and we're about to review it on this video but head over to the blog post in the description to get that list of 900 negative keywords and this is what that list actually looks like so whether you're going to use AdWords editor or use a negative keyword list and again if any of these words are confusing to you be sure to go back and check the previous video in general most of the time things like secondhand or career or gambling are typically going to be irrelevant or hack or half off or in turn IRS map so on and so forth so most of these are going to be irrelevant for most websites but before you start using all of these times be sure to just go through them and make sure that every single one does actually apply to your business so it's a quick list of a town tour that should be really helpful at preventing a ton of irrelevant searches that's it for today go ahead and use these negative keyword lists universally and hopefully clear out a bunch of irrelevant queries that would trigger your ads have a good one

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