Biblical Theology of the Rainbow - Highlights #TnT

speaking of fun things in in the pride know if there's these guys who are getting the rainbows and in Pride Month and hashtag love and all that that he's really funny guys in Boston they called super happy fun America I love it it's a three young gentlemen I think these guys sounds like they have the hearts of Champions I would love to hang out with these guys they claim to advocate on behalf of the straight community in order to foster respect and awareness with people from all walks of life they're planning the event to celebrate straight pride the parade appeared to take every action to the city's rejection of the group's application to raise its straight pride flag at Boston City Hall earlier this spring here's the statement they release we're disappointed that the Walsh administration has chosen hate and discrimination therefore we have decided to launch a campaign to educate the public politicians and civil servants about the straight community and the unique problems we face we've determined that a parade would be the best way to promote our community and its diverse history culture and identity and Tifa short for anti fun is not welcome because they oppose happiness and fast go read Romans 1 and memorize in your mind any time a debate comes up about homosexuality always talk about Romans chapter 1 because that right there is the locust classic as' for Catholic Christians talking about same-sex attraction shoot should we all start wearing rainbow clothing and just being like with like a giant crucifix because when I did my revelation commentary which all can all watch on YouTube I really talked about the importance of God's throne in heaven is surrounded by a rainbow it's in the book of Revelation the apocalypse and you see a lot of apocalyptic art and you see the rainbow around God right it's so beautiful it's like what's your favorite color a rainbow like your rainbow they said that pit Devin yeah that's legit mark choice is a smart choice student yeah it's like what's your favorite flavor of ice cream all of them sherbert rainbow sherbert got ordered two of those for the daughters the other night we went out for ice cream so that's what I mean rainbow is everywhere it's coming up on this trip a lot and yeah yeah and now it's yeah you put a cross with a rainbow and yeah I mean it's just not like a tie-dyed way that looks more gay but I mean yeah rainbow rainbow Superbad a and I think if we just saw it literally saying like I don't I don't this doesn't mean what you say it means I'm going to wear rainbow clothing while kissing my wife and and yeah how about straight Love Wins I think that's it that's a pretty no cuz there's like a there's like we're gonna beat you down with our love yeah I like that straight love what about straight love wins the genetic demographic outcomes not not as punchy but no yes I agree with the I agree with that hahaha the sloganeering or I standpoint always I just don't a stake in you know I don't want I also don't want friendly fire but right I mean how sweet would it be if we were both wearing like just basically rainbow clown suits right now