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– Great! No, Jomaine! Not trying! We’re never trying, you are! You’re working towards
getting your first placement, not trying to get your first placement. You’re working towards
getting your first placement. Do you have a client already in play, or how are you working towards
getting your first placement? That’s awesome! Thank you, Ramona, for the birthday love. I appreciate you. Tiambe, “My week is going great today, “I’m strictly working on my business “so I’m feeling overwhelmed, “so you popped up right on time.” Don’t feel overwhelmed. Hey, Constance! This is your time, my love. So what you put out is
what you get in, right? So if you’re feeling overwhelmed,
you’re gonna get sad. So I want you to shake it off. Jump up and down, do some
jumping jacks, come back, and I want you to shift your mindset as much as you can into, “I’m blessed. “Things are always working out for me. “Everyone that I talk to
is going to be a connection “for me either today or tomorrow. “I am excited that I
am my own entrepreneur. “Let me utilize some of
these resources Dee done put together, or that the world
has put out there for me.” Honey, no reason to be overwhelmed. Just do your thing! This is your time! Hey, Sidney! This is your time and nothing
is holding you back but you! So, yes, yes. That’s right, Lynnette, tell her! Jomaine, you got it! You do! It’s yours! Right? So, no need to feel overwhelmed. Get excited about your business. Get amped up about ya’ll! Ya’ll know I start pumpin my fists. Get fired up about your
business, and let me tell you, everything will start to flow to you in the manner in which you (laughs) J says, “I’m a Dee-liever.” I’m just telling you, I’m just telling you this
from trial and error. Trial and error! Whenever I’m stressed out about something, it doesn’t flow properly,
but when I get amped up, I get fired up, and I just
know it’s gonna work out. Oh, my gosh! I just did … Ya’ll know I’m really
into the Law Of Attraction and I was watching something, I was listening to something the other day and I wrote this little thing. I haven’t posted it yet. Here it is. Expectation. Do you guys know what the definition of expectation is? This was awesome. This was the best definition I’ve seen. Expectation is desire and belief in the same place. Expectation is desire and belief in the same place. I’m gonna repeat that again. Expectation is desire and belief in the same place. You desire to win in your
business, that’s one thing, but do you believe that you’re going to win in this business? That’s another thing. You put those two things together and now you have expectation, and when you have expectation, that’s when the universe
really starts to kick in. That’s when it starts to kick in. Because you know, without
a shadow of a doubt, you know, you know because
you know because you know this thing is going to work. Right? And you desire it to work. It’s a burning, fueling … I can’t even get my words out. I’m tell you, I’m amped up (laughs). It’s just this burning
desire that you win, but at the same time, you
know you’re going to win. So it’s like a burning desire, but you already know it’s yours. That contract? The guy called me back and said, “Let’s get our attorneys involved. “Let’s get our attorneys involved. “It’s time to get this
contract on the table.” He’ll have the contract by Wednesday. It’s a burning desire, but
I already know it’s mine. And, in the meantime, another guy called me from New York and said, “Hey, Dee, I’m ready to get
started in the next week. “Let me ask you a few questions. “Can you get a proposal to me?” Burning desire, but belief in knowing that it is my time. That is my expectation. So, I want you to have expectation. I want you to repeat that. Expectation is desire and
belief in the same place. Jomaine, you got this thing! Hello! (laughs) Hello! It is yours, you just
have to have that desire, and you have to have that belief, and you have to have it in the same place. And I’m gonna tell you, any time you’ve ever wanted something, any time you’ve ever wanted something, and you really weren’t sure, but secretly, in the back of your mind, you already knew it was
yours, that was expectation. So think about that car. When I got my first Mercedes Benz, and I’m gonna tell you, okay, I know I’m not supposed to share, okay, I’m taking a lot
of time, and I apologize, but when I first got my first, so, many of you don’t know my
story, but I was a teen mom, and I remember being in
Baltimore and seeing, on Pennsylvania Avenue, these people riding in these Mercedes Benz, and I was like, “I don’t
wanna live in the hood.” Like, “What are they doing? “What can I do to live the
lifestyle that they’re living?” So it was kinda like a long dream of mine to get a Mercedes Benz. Now, girl, I didn’t have many. But (laughs), it was my dream, so when I had my first, when it was time for me to
get my first Mercedes Benz, I did not know whether or not … I knew it was mine cause I had
already manifested it, right? I had desire to have it, and in the back of my mind,
I believed that car was mine. I really did, but the thought
of me actually driving a Mercedes at that time was a little overwhelming because it was just like, “Oh, my gosh, like, this is a Mercedes!” Right? And so … But in my mind, I knew, so I go in there, I’m like, “Okay, I’m gonna sign off,” and when I signed the
contract, signed the deal off and pulled off that lot
with that Mercedes, ah! You couldn’t tell me nothin. I was riding down the
street, windows down, just waiting for somebody
to say something. Realized later, don’t
nobody care (laughs) but me. But it was a good learning experience. But my point is, is even
though I felt a little nervous about it, or there
was a hint of unsurety, at the same time, I 100% knew
that that Mercedes was mine. 100% knew that it was mine. I had already known,
I’ve known it for years. You understand what I’m saying? So it’s the same thing with this business. You have to just know, without … Nobody can tell you different. I’m gonna use another example. Jesus, okay? Now, many of ya’ll follow me on Facebook, on my personals, so ya’ll know how I feel, but many people believe
that Jesus is real. That is their belief. You can’t tell them nothing, no different, there’s nothing you can
say to them to lead them to believe anything is different. Same thing with Allah, or
Buddha, or whoever, right? That is how you have to
feel about your business. Hello! Can I get a high five, somebody? Can somebody give me a high five? Can I get a Thumbs Up? Can I get a Heart? Can I get something right there? That is how you have to feel,
just that level of conviction. That level of conviction that
you have around that topic, you’ve got to have the
same level of conviction around your business,
and you just know it. Right? And then, at the same time, you still have that desire going. Like, “Oh, I know I’m on. “I cannot wait. “This is gonna be exciting!” Like, “Oh, my gosh!” So it’s just like all chiming in, you know what I’m
saying, at the same time, and then have your expectation, and then Lynnette said it, then you can have high expectations. You know? That’s when you live in confidence. That’s when you just know, you
can just walk and just know, “Things are always working out for me. “Everything is always working out for me. “My expectations are high. “My desire, my belief,
are walking face-to-face.” You know, and that’s when you
kind of get into that space. So, I know that was a
long motivational moment, but I just wanna share that with you because I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed, per se, I want you to take control. This is where the real work comes in that Christianity talks about, that Islam, or I hope I’m
saying it right, talks about, that Judaism talks about, that
all these religious faiths, that’s the real work that
they’re talking about. The real work is controlling your mind, controlling your emotions, and living in that space, you understand? And so I want you to take
control of your energy, of your feelings, of
your mind, of your space, and I want you to say, “You know what? “Clean slate! Nope. “No more overwhelming. “Mm-mm. No more.” That’s not what it … “I have the power to change
how I feel right now.” And if you have a hard time shifting, I want you to just start thinking about something that makes you happy. Think about the baby. Watch a quick, funny video. Lynnette sent me this video, oh, my gosh! I was in my bed, cracking up, laughing, for at least twenty minutes. This video, this lady was parking. It took … And I don’t understand
her thought process. I almost got sad for her, but I was laughing at the same time. But you’ve gotta find something. The “Greens, Beans, Potatoes,” I laugh at that every time I see it. So find something to shift your energy and when you get into that
good space, now you go for it. You go into your expectation
mode and you go in with positivity and believing
that you can do this, that everything is working out for you and that this is your time. Woo! High five! Woo! High five! Alright. There we go. Woo! I love it, I’m fired up, ya’ll! I’m fired up! Okay, Constance says,
“This is your business. “You can take a five- or
ten-minute break when you need to. “You’re able to give yourself
permission to do so.” Yes! I love that. I love it! Hold on one second, I’m missing messages. Oh, gosh, people are
sent me message, hold on. There was somebody else who said … Oh, Lynnette says, “Tried
to do some regrouping so I can bring 27 and
write with Nurse-Hub.” Oh, I love your name! Awesome name! I love it, I love it,
I love it, I love it! Yes, Lynnette said, “My
desire and belief are “walking on the right and left of me.” Hello! High five! Constance says, “You can do this! “Success came to me when
I consciously decided “where my path should begin
and where I wanted it to end. “If you are still trying
to convince yourself “of your own worth, how can you …” Now, she’s about to break it down. Come on now, Constance! I gotta give her some love on this. Here she go. “If you are still trying to convince “yourself of your own worth, “how can you possibly persuade clients “that you have expertise and abilities?” That’s what I’m talking about! That’s what I’m talking about! There you go! Can I Like this one? Can I Like this for me? Woo! I can Like it! I like that! That’s exactly right! Now, I didn’t wanna say that, cause I didn’t wanna come off too hard, so thank you, Constance. (laughs) I didn’t wanna say that, but that was one of
the things that I think that I always wanna ask
staffing-preneurs that say they have a hard time
with business development. It kind of baffles me
because I’m thinking, if you’re passionate about your business, and you know what you’re selling, you’re selling your solutions, you’re selling people solutions, how can you be nervous
about business development? People are nervous about things
that they don’t understand and that they don’t know,
but you know your business. You’re passionate about your business. How do you think I’m
able to talk to people about recruiting and staffing? I’m passionate about it. There are things that I
don’t necessarily know, but I’m passionate about it. I can talk about it. Right? And then you learn along the way, so she just said a million dollars, the million-dollars
worth, that was the … Girl, preach it! That’s all I can say. She did that thing. So, you’ve got to, if you are passionate about
this business, there is no fear. And, I mean, people say there are fear, you feel the fear, and you do it anyway, so I get that, and yes, I
agree with that to some degree, but, at the same time, the
passion should outdo your fear, or it should fuel the fear for you to do what you need to do to
make the business work. So, just get in your business. Love your business. Love on your business. Love in your business. Pick up the phone, talk to people, go to networking events,
networking with people. I talked to … I always meant to get a
shout out to Steven Walker, and he said to me, he said, “Dee, I got a job order for
a Physician’s Assistant.” He said, “And that’s not in my pipeline.” He said, “But I remember what
you told me and you said …” Hey, Michelle, thank you! He said, “You said go to networking events “and to put positive energy around it.” He said, “So I just got dressed, “I went to this networking event, “and I’m walking past this
guy who has a uniform on “and a badge and the title under his badge “was Nurse Practitioner.” And the guy asked him
something along the lines of, you know, “What are you doing here?” or something along the lines of that, and he said, “I’m here looking for you.” And he ended up submitting
that candidate to the job. I mean, that’s what I’m talking about. That’s putting that good energy out there and receiving it right back immediately, right back immediately. Alright? So, I love you guys. Ya’ll know I get amped up. Now ya’ll know my workout
is gonna be even more spark on fire cause ya’ll
just got my feelings, ya’ll have just got me brewing over here. I’m very excited to see you guys on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.
for the Q and A call–

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