Best Live Stream Cameras For Churches, Track Attendance & Leading Volunteers | #AskBrady Episode 21

Posted By on November 19, 2019

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. One thing I would add is, do you want pan tilt zoom. This is huge, I have livestream operated both, static shots with multi cameras and with PTZ. The PTZ we're ceiling mount but don't have to be.

    Having ptz and even better multi ptz cameras gives the small church operator a massive amount more control and capability. Pans, push ins and outs, following and moving to keep objects in frame. lanc controls zoom, Iris, focus, but the shot is still static.

    I recommend Sony SRG series, they have SDI out that works great with ATEM switchers. They do require the additional controller so costs may be above the 1k limit but well worth it. These are 1080 but you can always stream at 720p which is what we do.

    Funny is the church I currently serve at just switched from 720p Sony ptz cameras and older atem to two Sony NX100, one wide shot and other tight and I have already felt the loss of control. Also these Sony's do not have wifi or lanc control so avoid.

    I recommend the Panasonic DVX200 for a higher end camcorder. Has WiFi and lanc, great sensor, can record 4k if you had a dual use such as using it for other recordings. Is $4000 however.

    Some may recommend DSLRs, but generally they are not designed to be used in video recording mode for long periods of time and have to find the appropriate Lense which may introduce focusing challenges from my experience.

    Just my experiences.

  2. Great ideas for tracking attendance. My issue is that our church wants individuals tracked by name. Are there any viable and reliable online check-in systems where attendees can record their own attendance? And is that even practical for people coming in each week?

  3. Thank you for giving a good explanation for the lines und slides thing. Had a massive debate with our pastor about this topic. I am now able to give a good explanation for what we do and why we do it this way!

  4. In our church (100+ members) the small leaders record the attendance of their members on a spreadsheet, the ushers record the new people or those not in a small group, and these are added together for an attendance total, and we know which people come each Sunday.

  5. Hey! Question for #askbrady. What's the best way to check people into a Sunday service. You know for like, attendance tracking and stuff? Right now we use an antiquated paper system that requires people to use a pen and stuff. Any ideas to make it easy for the attendee?

  6. I was checking out how our church's channel was ranking in search (per one of your other videos) and I just searched the word "church" and this video was the 3rd result, so good job with that.


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