Becoming Cloud Agnostic

Posted By on July 12, 2019

welcome to diffuse data-driven 20:19 I am here today with Jim Shelton thank you very much Jim for joining us and I think you've known the active few team for quite a bit of time can you tell us about your history with them yeah so they were involved with David and ash from the beginning so I am a long-term fan I guess you would call me so both at Daiso systems and now here at cengage and I'm a firm believer from the beginning about what the company was built to do and what it continues to evolve into this is great so what do you specifically do now today at the thin gauge what's your what's your role and how do you use the active fuel platform so I'm the CIO at cengage we're a global education technology company headquartered here in Boston we're about a billion and a half in revenue about 5,000 employees our focus with Activia right now is on two fronts one is the primary backup and recovery capabilities what can we do on Prem with our hybrid data centers and a half in half out the second part we're really starting to investigate is what can we do with active Iago we have a cloud agnostic strategy that fits remarkably well into that idea that platform that concept so let's talk about cloud for a second this is very interesting so are you today a multi cloud environment or is it what you aspire to become it's the latter so we are aspire to be cloud agnostic and not dependent just on one cloud provider for all of our solutions and all of our recovery and capabilities we're an amalgamation of products and brands inside of cengage and we have a potential merger that's under review by the Department of Justice with McGraw Hill and so when we look past this not just for that large integration but post integrations is we don't want to be locked down to any one provider and we don't want our world lock down to any one provider so that's the reason it's important to us when we start thinking about how do we want to transcend our platforms and where do we want to put things in the future well that makes it that makes perfect sense and it's something that we've seen a number of active show customers working on now obviously you're in a content heavy type of business to say the least do you see other use cases the platform that would maybe touched a business at its core in terms of maybe managing copies or leveraging copies for either analytics production of new content analysis etc I would love to see us into those places when you think about the content creation process for us learning material has changed dramatically in the last five years perhaps more in the last five than in the prior twenty five and the opportunity for active EO in these technologies to help facilitate that is there we have to get through these fundamental use case models to get that maturation process and be comfortable with the technology so that we can get them business comfortable with that technology perfect that's what ash goals I think leveraging data assets which is of course what I read scribe to myself exactly great Jim well thank you so much for your time as a pleasure to thank all of yours for taking the time

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