Beauty and Belief Exhibit at BYU Museum of Art

Posted By on August 24, 2019

Beauty and Belief: Crossing Bridges with the
Arts of Islamic Culture. It
is going to be a real inspiration for people, because it is trying to
reach the mind as well as the heart. The exhibition includes over 250
objects. They are also covering centuries, from the
Seventh Century to the present day. There are learning experiences as well as
experiences to be enjoyed. So hopefully the exhibition will offer a lot
of joy to people. The Griffin has had a long journey, I mean
if it only could talk. First it was on top of the cathedral in Pisa,
in Italy. An
inscription engraved on it was discovered to be Arabic. There are many
shared stories between Christianity and Islam. You find a painting of
Madonna and Child simply because Christ is a prophet in Islamic
tradition. This exhibition is on the path of unity. It brings together
what collects us, what we share, and then what is different is actually
enriching and is something that just needs to be respected. On a 19th
century leaf, a natural leaf from Turkey you find the saying, [Arabic
saying]. The best people are those who do good for
other people. Islamic
art is not glorifying the individual. It is glorifying something much
higher. The miracle of Islam is the Koran, and the
Koran is believed to be verbatim the word of God. The word became very important in Islamic
culture, in Islamic art. It is everywhere. Hopefully what will
communicate to the visitor that feeling of peace and that feeling of
joy. Belief is the driving force behind all this

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