Battle for the Third Temple – King of the North and the End of Time – Bill Cave

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Standing on the platform of truth Pioneer health and missions So, let’s hope with prayer and those of you that can deal with me if you want that and if not the Lord understands infirmity Well father I just come to the nave your son the Lord Jesus Christ And I just thank you so much that we all can be here this evening I just thank you for the blessings of fellowship and I thank you that you have promised in your word where the two more gathered in your name that there you are in the mist and We claim that promise now and I believe we all have come here to seek Wisdom and understanding and knowledge. And so I know that your spirit Jesus will impart that to us And so we pray for that now And I just ask you to use me not for any good that I’ve done not for any good that is in me but because I desire to be used to be a blessing to those that listen to these meetings and so I just Claim that promise now that you would use me as your vessel And I thank you for your love and mercy to all of us and I just pray all these things in the mighty name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen We want to do a little bit of a review of last night night for as we begin so we were looking last night in Daniel 8 at this little horn More closely at this little horn that comes out of the goat Comes up on the western horn this little horn that becomes exceeding great and that exceeding great horn is a transition from pagan Rome to papal Rome and If you think about the rise of pagan Rome into papal Rome you’re looking at about two thousand one hundred and eighty years that that has existed between the papal and pagan and papal form and There’s a lot to understand about this horn because the attitudes of the two sides of it And of course it also is in Daniel 7 pagan Roman papal Rome the little horn that comes up among the 10 the 10 divisions of pagan Rome when it fell is Their attitude the attitude of pagan Rome was one of universal acceptance and tolerance pagans didn’t mind You being whatever you wanted to be and we see that even today It’s okay to be whatever you want to be in our world just as long as you don’t say that whatever you are is Greater than whatever we believe That you don’t have a problem. And so that was the way it was in pagan Rome. Everything was fine as long as you didn’t say that your religion was better than anybody else’s and Certainly. If you did not say that yours was above Caesar because Caesar was at the top of everything now with the papacy the papacy persecuted paganism and The papacy had zero tolerance papal Rome for 1260 years was referred to as the Dark Ages had zero tolerance for anything other than itself if you did not go along with the system then they persecuted you and even though their system is built on paganism the very foundations of But at the same time it had to be their version of paganism Nothing else. And so then I want to show you a picture here this is a 13th century fresco of Sylvester first and Constantine the Great showing the purported donation of Rome to the papacy because there came a point in time where the capital of Rome relocated to constant Opel and It was given over to the Pope Here’s another picture of it. This is a different one of Raphael the donation of Constantine where here we see the Emperor handing over a soldier to the Pope the car the chief of papal Rome and So really Rome never fell it just changed if you go with me to Revelation chapter 13 relation chapter 13 Of course We covered a lot of these ideas already As to who the dragon is of Revelation 12, which would be pagan the pagan form of Rome. It says in verse 2 about the middle of the verse It says the dragon or towards the end of the verse actually the dragon gave him his power and his seat and great Authority pagan Rome gave two papal Rome the power the seat of government that being Rome itself and the great Authority of Rome because the papacy then for 1260 years after 538 was over everyone Everyone answered to the Pope if the Pope declared something in a Thema. Well, then people got scared They didn’t want to do that. We see how the Kings were controlled in this way actually whole societies being controlled by this So now on night 2 we discussed the time time in the dividing of time And this is found in Daniel chapter 7 Let’s go there and we’ll read it in Daniel 7 Daniel 7 looking in verse It says in verse 25 and he shall speak great words against the Most High and Cheryl well where it shall wear out the Saints of the Most High and Think to change times and laws and they shall be given into his hand until a time times and the dividing of time So this time times the dividing of time Time in the Bible is a year and a prophetic year in the Bible is 360 days So one time being 360 days 2 times being 720 days and then half of a time half a year 180 days and you add all that together and you get 1260 days Now we discussed what’s called the day for your principle. We find that in the Book of Numbers Numbers chapter 14. Let’s go there very quickly. I’ll show you that numbers 14 Just show you that there’s also one in Ezekiel, but for sake of time we’ll just look at the one in numbers Numbers 14 verse 34 and This dealing with the children of Israel after this ten spies have gone out and spied out the land and they’ve come back and Of course They rebelled against going into the Promised Land based on the bad report of eight spies Joshua and Caleb gave a good report but they believe the bad report and so in verse 34 it says After the number of days in which he searched the land even forty days each day for a year Ye shall bear your iniquities even forty years and ye shall know my breach of promise So we have a day for your principal here. So then in prophetic time, so 1260 days represents 1260 years and that fits perfectly with what happened with the papacy from 538 to February 10th of 1798 when Gino birth ei entered into Rome and took the Pope off his seat and Confiscated the lands of the papacy and there was the what the Bayeux referred to as the deadly wound, but it would heal And we see that even now so in Daniel 12 verse 7 We see this again in Daniel 12 verse 7 the same time period again Turns me there they know 12 verse 7 it says and I heard the man clothed in linen which was upon the waters of the river when he held up his right hand in his left hand unto heaven and swear by him that liveth forever that it shall be for a time times and half a time and When he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people all these things shall be finished Then it goes on to say in verse 8 and I heard but I understood not then said I o my lord what shall be the end of these things and He said go thy way Daniel for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end Well, what is the time of the end we have been told it has to do with verse 7 the time times and the dividing Of time the time of the end of 1798 now it is not the end It’s the time of the end So we get closer to the end of our sermon we will be towards the time of the end of the message but doesn’t mean this which is necessarily over and so the world has not ended but we were in the time of the world ending and We see this more clearly as we look tonight in Daniel 11 So It’s not only a marker for the close of papal dominance known as the Dark Ages But it’s also a marker for the time of the end 1798 so tonight what we’re going to do is we’re going to start in Daniel 11, and we’re gonna be working off the principle of Revelation and expansion Daniel 11 is a grand expansion of Daniel to Daniel 7 and Daniel 8 It is an expansion in very minut detail It takes it way down to the most My new details of the history that would take place from the time of medo-persia on to the return of Jesus Christ now It makes it difficult for a lot of people to study the book of Daniel 11 and most people ignore it because it’s full of figurative and symbolic language but the history can be traced and we’re gonna look at some of it tonight and we’re gonna see that none need air if they follow the proper rules of biblical interpretation and What this really does show us is the divine mind of God It shows us that a mind that did this could not have been human because how could they understand these things? Now we have to keep in mind and we’ll go there to Isaiah 46 Isaiah 46 why this would be the case the Bible tells us why this is possible in Isaiah 46 verse 9 It says remember the former things of old for I’m God, and there’s none else. I am God, and there’s none like me declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times the things that are not yet done saying My counsel shall stand and I will do all my pleasure So what makes god god the fact that he can declare the end Before you even have the beginning he knows how it’s going to end now another way of looking at this as well that word from could also be interpreted as by so declaring the end by the beginning and we see that principle as well in many things ie dealing with Genesis chapter 16 as it talks about Ishmael and Then he would be a wild man And every man’s hand against him and his hand against every man and he would dwell in the presence of all brethren and today the descendants of Ishmael would be The Ishmaelite would be the Islamic world the Muslim and truly today Every man’s hand is against the Muslim and the Muslims hand is against every man and they dwell in the presence of all their brethren The Muslim faith is now in the whole world. It’s everywhere this whole immigration into Europe now at the past four or five years It’s a good example of something that I don’t think they would have ever thought would have happened But it’s happening now even overseas as well even into New Zealand and Australia We’re seeing this happening so We want to begin then in Daniel 11, so let’s go there to Daniel 11 and See if it really does pick up again in an expansion of Daniel to Daniel 7 and Daniel 8, but now this time it’s picking up at medo-persia Because Daniel is riding at that time It says right here in verse 11. Also I in the first year of Darius the Mede Even I stood to confirm and to strengthen him, of course This is the angel speaking to Daniel and Daniel is writing what the angel Gabriel is showing him Universe 2 it says and now will I show thee the truth that’s important to note. This is the truth I talked about this on one night. I said what is the truth the truth? Is that a is a Why is that the truth? Because nobody thinks to ever question the letter a is being the letter A right nobody Does that the letter a is a and then the letter B is BCDE the whole alphabet? nobody questions it they just know that that’s what it is and By knowing the alphabet then you can begin to put together words and being able to put together words You can put together sentences and being able to put together sentences. You can put together paragraphs and with paragraphs you can write stories It’s the same thing with how the Bible works the Bible has solid truths and when we accept it as truth then we’re able to get a picture a story and so We keep reading here in verse 2 it says behold there shall stand up yet three kings in Persia and the force shall be far richer than they all and by his Drink through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grisha. Who is this? Who is this forth king of Persia? This was a Xerces? He was the richest and last Persian King to invade Greece and then in verse 3 It says and a mighty King shall stand up This shall rule with great dominion and do according to his will who was the mighty King that stood up against Persia? That was Alexander the Great and we saw this with Daniel 2 7 and 8 or excuse me. Yes well Daniel seven and eight Alexander the Great in verse four it says and when he shall stand up his kingdom shall be broken and Shall be divided to the four winds of heaven and not in his posterity nor according to his Dominion which he ruled for his kingdom Shall be plucked up. Even for others besides those what’s being said here Well, we saw this in Daniel 7 with the four divisions. We see it the four heads on the leopard We see it with the four horns on the goat when I’ll point to my chart here the four horns on this goat right here representing the four divisions of Greece and then once again here we see now it being called the four winds and it tells us that all of Alexander the Great’s posterity, they would not stand they would not inherit anything because Within 15 years in the battle of the generals. They were trying to take control of Greece They killed off all of us into the Great’s posterity so then the generals were the ones that took control of it and We see that in The divisions of Greece and we’re gonna look at that in just a moment. Let’s keep reading in verse 5 It says and the King of the South shall be strong in one of his Prince’s and he shall be strong above him and shall And have dominion and his Dominion shall be a great Dominion and in the end of years they shall join themselves together for the king’s Daughter of the South shall come to the king of the north to make an agreement But she shall not retain the power of the arm neither Shall she stand or news? Shall he stand nor his arm? But she shall be given up and they that brought her and he that begat her and he that strengthened her in these times Here we see Introduction of the king of the south and the king of the north and they referred to many times Throughout the book of Dan eleven from that point forward But it’s essential for us to identify those two powers. So when we look at this map of the division of Greece we see that to the West Was Cassander to the north was the Symmachus to the East was solution and to the South was potala me. This was the division But what happened very shortly after was Lusa MacOS conquered Cassander and then after that solution conquered Cassander and Then solution became the controlling factor of the northern portion of greece Now what I want you to notice here is Turkey. This is very important so Turkey, which is today, basically the center of the Islamic world or at least our daguan is Shocking to be once again the Caliph or the center of the Islamic world That’s our king of the north To the south. We have the Potala meas Egypt. So here we have our king of the south therefore we realize that we are dealing with geographical locations and whoever controls that geographical location in The prophetic record is the king of the north or the king of the south and that’s how you can follow the history through Daniel 11 Now we’re not going to trace all that history of night for sake of time because we could spend five nights Just studying Daniel 11 and breaking it down We’re just hitting the high points We’re making broad strokes but something to note as we continue here is to show you just how accurate Devon Daniel 11 really is Let’s go to verse 20 of Daniel 11 and we read here in verse 20 it Says then shall stand up in his estate a razor of taxes in the glory of the kingdom But within few days he shall be destroyed neither in anger nor in battle. Who is this razor of taxes? Well, if you go with me to Luke chapter 2 in the New Testament Luke chapter 2 verse 1 We see who this razor of taxes is We Masaya right here in the middle of Daniel 11 And you need to keep in mind that Daniel is writing this as being given this by the angel Gabriel 500 years before this history even takes place in Verse 1 to read and it came to pass in those days that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus That all the world should be taxed so right here, we see Caesar Augustus in verse 20 and At this time rome pagan rome was at its glory. It hadn’t reached its height during this time and caesar augustus caesar He died at the ripe old age of 76 rome had enjoyed an era of peace during augustus caesar, the temple of juno had remained closed during his whole reign in juno if You know anything about roman gods juno was the god of war So whenever Rome was at war the temple of Juno was open and they prayed in that temple But because Rome had had no conflict during the time of Caesar Augustus or Augustus Caesar the temple of jena remain closed And this is basically what verse 20 tells us of Daniel 11 Neither in anger nor in battle died in the ripe old age of 76 now in verse 21 it says and in his estate Shall stand up a vile person To whom they shall not give the honor of the kingdom, but he shall come in peaceably And obtain the kingdom by flatteries, who is this vile person that came up after caesar augustus well was Tiber Tiberius Caesar and in verse 22 we read and With the arms of the flood shall they be overthrown from before him and shall be broken? Yea also the prints of the Covenant So it shows us here. Also in verse 22 the end not only of Tiberius Caesar But also what would happen to the prints of the Covenant that being Jesus Christ that he would die under the reign of Tiberius Caesar Do we see this in the prophetic record? or do we see this in the biblical record when you go to Luke chapter 3 verse 1 it’s right here for us and We let the Bible be its own interpreter and that is really what it’s about with historical Methodology of Bible study is you let the Bible interpret itself when you use a figurative methodology in other words a literal historical methodology and then when you find a figure in the Bible Then you go to the Bible and you get your definition You don’t just make one up if you don’t get it from the Bible that you don’t have a definition in Verse 1 it says now in the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar Pontius Pilate being governor of Judea and Herod being Tetrarch of Galilee and his brother Philip Tetrarch Kuvira and of the reign of Trek and itís and lanús Annius and the tea-tree arc of albertine ania and Caiaphas being the high priest the Word of God came into John the son of Zechariah in the wilderness, and he Came into all the country about Jordan preaching the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins Now what is amazing to me is that the record is so clear here that none need air Like we really can see from the Bible that it confirms its history for us We don’t have to go anywhere else to know that we’re dealing with Tiberius Caesar during the time of Jesus Christ 27 ad is Commonly understood as when John the Baptist began to be baptizing and Jesus Christ was baptized now His ministry went for three and a half years before he was crucified so then Tiberius Caesar died in 37 ad Jesus Christ had been crucified in 30 and a half AD. So therefore we see the record of Daniel 11 being perfectly accurate about Tiberius Caesar and Messiah powerful, right because that was written 500 years before it even happened Let’s go back now to Daniel 11 And As we go there we need to really consider all that we have learned so far Because we have consistently seen that history confirms the prophetic record You see the way Bible prophecy works. It’s like a clock Okay on the clock you have your minutes or hours? However, you want to think of it but your sections of the clock which are prophetic periods or historical events and the hand of prophecy merely sweeps along your clock and When you fulfill an event, then you have moved forward on the prophetic clock And as you keep going along the prophetic clock, you know where you are in time so what really makes prophecy significant to us is being able to look to the past and seeing where the history has been fulfilled and it lets us know where we are now in time and Everything would suggest that we were really at about midnight. We were right at the return of Jesus Christ that’s why it’s so significant to understand these things and we are told in the Book of Daniel that The wise will understand these things. It actually tells us right here in verse 10 of Daniel 12 I’ll read it to you I read it last night many shall be purified and made white and tried But the wicked shall do wickedly and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand the wise will understand these things those that don’t take the time to look and examine these things will miss them and Of course our theme has been Proverbs 27 verse 12 which tells us a prudent man or a wise man for cioth the evil and hide himself But the simple pass on and are punished the foolish We want to be wise Now as we think about all this if we see all this past historical events being fulfilled What can we expect about any future? historical events that we’re looking for We can expect perfect fulfillment. Amen We should be able expect that We should trust it That we would not need to be ashamed and that within we could boldly declare to others that this is what’s coming now We can’t necessarily say exactly how it’s going to play out but the way I’ve come to understand it and the way most people come to understand this as they lose as they use a Historical methodology is once you see the players Moving and active then you know that you’ve got to be close It’s just kind of like in the springtime when you start seeing buds coming out on the trees then, you know That summer is on the way and that’s what Jesus says no man knoweth the day or hour of his coming But we do know the seasons and when we see certain things happening Then we know that summer is closed and summer is the return of Jesus Christ. We’re close to summer We’ll probably already have begun it really with what we see rat happening right now even in world events I will talk a bit about that in a moment Amos chapter 3 verse 7 tells us which flipped their just for a moment Says surely the Lord. God will do nothing But he reveal of his secret unto his servants the prophets now who are the prophets? well As we’re examining this the prophets Daniel and the prophets John So the secrets will be revealed in these 2 books if we know how to study them. We’ll find the secrets Now in Daniel 11, we’re going to pick it up now in verse 39 Because this is where we want to be This is the kind of the climax of everything that we have been doing here these past four nights was to get to this place and so then We see here in verse 39 Thus shall he do Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange God whom he shall acknowledge an increase with glory and He shall cause them to rule over many and shall divide the land for gain and at the time of the end shall the King of the South push at him and The king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind with chariots and with horsemen and with many ships And he shall enter into the countries and shall overflow and pass over now There’s some key points here that we need to investigate if we’re gonna know where we are in prophetic history prophetic time Points to note The first one would be in verse 39 a strange God we need to understand that Point number two would be the dividing of the land for gain. We need to understand that Point number three would be who is the him that’s mentioned here in verse 40 Point number five would be who is the king of the south? That pushes at him and who is the king of the north that comes against him like a whirlwind? So at this point we can say that we already have three of these Clues that we need to know the time of the end being 1798 We prove that from Daniel 12 the King of the South Being Egypt and how do we know that? Because if we look at our territory here we see that the Potala mieze control Egypt and Egypt is the southern portion of so we know we have the King of the South whoever occupies that Territory is the king of the south and then the king of the north being north of the Pleasant land which is Jerusalem Palestine anything north of that now is the northern king of the north that being the area of Turkey so we have those three points so we need to deal with some things in verse 39 and one of the clues as we’re looking at verse 39 and understanding who this him is because the him is whoever spoken on verse 39 is That it’s happening around 1798 Why because verse 40 says and at the time of the end, so what was going on at this time? well, we had the French Revolution taking place and inset in February 10th of 1798 Birth, EA The General of Napoleon head of the Republican Army of France entered Rome and took the Pope captive and The papal government was abolished in the Pope died in exile in 1799 Now here’s the thing some have thought here in verse 39 that this could apply to the papacy But did the papacy in the latter part of this ever divide the land for gain Well, you can search high and low through history and you will never find where the papacy has ever divided land for gain and Certainly, not around 1798. You’re just not going to find that it’s not there So who did do it well Before the Revolution the French Revolution. The land was owned by a few landlords with immense estates in France And it was required by law that the land remain undivided no, heirs or creditors could divide that land But the thing about it is with the French Revolution it knew no law because this is where we get the idea of anarchy Anarchy in France absolute confusion and so all noble titles were abolished part of the reason why they had the French Revolution is because the nobility Had become so powerful and so oppressive that the commoner revolted against it and So the land was disposed into small parcels to benefit the masses and plus the government needed funds To keep going forward with the war debt that they had run up And so the large estates were confiscated and they were sold at auction Two-thirds of the land of France was confiscated and sold at auction The net worth of it today would be around three billion from the sales of it. They collected 700 million sterling at that time But here’s the thing you searched high and low through history and you will never find when this happened with any other country Especially around 1798. It was only France So we know or should know just from that one point alone the dividing land for gain in verse 39 that we’re dealing with France But here’s the other aspect of it. It says here in verse 39 he Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange God well Did France take on a strange God? Why would it even want a strange God Revelation 13 10. Let’s go there for a moment in Revelation 13 10 it tells us Something it helps with this understanding Revelation 13 10 says He that leadeth into captivity shall Go into captivity He that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword here is the patience and faith of the saints now revelation 13 From verse 1 on to this point has been dealing with papal Rome. That’s who’s being talked about here. We talked about this on 93 Let’s read a little bit about some history of France so we can understand why this Leading into captivity and going into captivity and killing with the sword and must be killed with the sword what that really means France was the child of the papacy by the franc barbarian King Clovis Let me read you a couple of things from history It says in Gregory’s famous history of the Franks the cruel and unscrupulous king appears as God’s chosen instrument for the extension of the Catholic faith certainly Clovis quickly learned to combine his own interest with those of the church and The alliance between the Pope and the Frankish Kings was destined to have a great influence Upon the history of Western Europe and that’s taken from Robertson’s history of Western Europe page 36 I’ll read you something else as well from history It says in 84 96 an event took place destined to exercise a momentous influence on the fate of the papacy and of Europe in That year Clovis king of the Franks in fulfillment of a vow made on the field of tow belly where he was victorious over the allamani was baptized at Reims on a Memorial Day observes given when Clovis ascended from the baptismal font He alone in the Christian world deserve the name in prerogatives of a Catholic King Rome hailed the auspicious event as a token of a long series of similar triumphs and she rewarded the devotion of Clovis by Deceased owing on him the title Which he has transmitted down through 5400 years to his successors or fourteen hundred years. Excuse me Should be fourteen hundred years to his successors the kings of France of the eldest son of the church This is from Wiley’s the papacy page 40 you see? the papacy referred to Clovis as their child and All those subsequent French kings after him as their children he was in other words the papacy was their father and That’s how that France was looked upon you see papal oppression during the 1260 years was greatest in France and So after all this oppression by the papacy, and of course that flowed into the aristocracy Then they were so sick of it that they said you know what we don’t want any God anymore We want to be atheist and that’s where we get the idea of atheism in All history there has never been a time when a nation said there is no God It’s never happened, especially with the history that we’re dealing with because from Babylon all the way down to our time there have been gods or Singular God, but there have been gods never has there been a nation history from that time at least Written record that someone says there’s no God Now wouldn’t that not be strange to say there is no God when you come through a pagan System or coming out of pagan system into papal system. Yes. It’s a strange God in the sense that there’s no God France broke from all of this and said our God is reason and they exalted the goddess of Reason So in all this now we have our him who is the him in verse 40 and we can go forward so in verse 40 we read and at the time of the end show the King of the South the time of the end being 1798 Show the King of the South that being Egypt push at him which would be France in the king of the north that being turkey shall come against him like a whirlwind with chariots and with horsemen and with many ships and He shall enter into the countries and shall overflow and pass over Do we see this kind of history in? 1798 and we do we see open hostility to be open hostility between France and Egypt starting then why? Well Napoleon had a big ego. Have you ever heard of the Napoleon complex? Napoleon was bored. He couldn’t go fight against England He needed something to do and so he saw Egypt as an easy target for Conquest and he decided that he would go attack Egypt to continue his fame it’s also a Vertebral point against England by intercepting the eastern trade that England would have through Egypt so Napoleon saw it as a strategic move as well because he had a desire to Conquer England, too now in February 10th of 1798 Rome Falls to birth ei and the Pope is taken captive and So then on March 5th very shortly thereafter Napoleon gets his marching orders to go ahead and attack Egypt, you know on May 3rd. He leaves Paris May 3rd of 1798 He leaves Paris for Egypt he sets sail on the 19th with 40,000 troops in 10,000 sailors and in July 5th of 1798 he takes alexandria on the 23rd of July We have the Battle of the pyramids and on the 24th. Napoleon has now entered Cairo Well what happens? You can imagine the English seeing that Napoleon has he done exactly what he had intended to do was to cut off their trade route They go to Turkey. They go to the Sultan of Turkey and they stir him up and get him excited Against Napoleon and so the Sultan of Turkey then declares war on France and he is jealous over the fact that Napoleon now has Egypt because Egypt has remained pretty much independent from the Ottoman Empire and now France has it. So then What does he do? he decides to attack Napoleon now on February 27th of 1799 Napoleon Marches toward Syria with 18,000 men, but on March 18th of 1799 He’s met by the Turks and they fight for 60 days on May 21st one of the very first times actually the first time the poet has ever had to retreat he retreats back to Egypt and Thus we see in verse 40 that the Turk the king of the north overflows France and defeats them and causes a retreat now in verse 41 it says He shall enter also into the glorious land and many countries shall be overthrown, but these shall escape out of his hand Even Edom Moab and the chief of the children of Ammon Do we see this history in verse 41? 26 days France retreats to Egypt and all the lands everything that France has gained has now been lost Jerusalem Falls now into the hand of the Turk and to this day that mosque sits there Let me show you a slide here This kingdom of Ammon Moab, and Edom. What region is this today? This is Syria Palestine Turkey passes by it on its march down passing through the Holy Land the pleasant land Let’s read in verse 42 It says he’s so stretched forth his hand upon the country’s and the land of Egypt shall not escape So what happens here Cairo is taken back on June 27th of 1801 Alexandria is recovered September 2nd of 1801 from France and Egypt now becomes subject to the Turk Now the Egyptians did not like being controlled by France, but they did not want to be controlled by the Turk at all They did not want that so they did not escape Turkish control They would rather have had the French over them because the French would have at least advanced them they were not advanced by the Turk and will be told why here in just a moment verse 43 But he shall have power over all He shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver and over all the precious things of Egypt Because the Turk when they got control of Egypt, they put them in tribute to them Impoverished them held them down and then it says and the Libyans and Ethiopians Shall be at his steps who steps is that the king of the north the Turk the Muslim and to this day Libya and Ethiopian are Libya and Ethiopia are Muslim now in verse 44 it says But tidings out of the east and out of the North shall trouble him Therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy and utterly make away many now It has been understood that a fulfillment of this verse is found in the Crimean War of 1853 to 1856. It seems to be a pretty close fulfillment and the reason why is that at this time now? The Turk the Ottoman Empire has become referred to as the sick man of the East No longer having its power if you know, of course We looked at the size of the Ottoman Empire at one time and one time the Muslim controlled pretty much all of Europe Now it is shrunk down to a very small area of Turkey at that time and it’s being held up by other nations and the reason why is because this is such a strategic area Because of the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea whoever would control this area basically can control all of Europe and So it is commonly known that when this area Falls and is no longer being propped up that we will enter into a world war a Great War as the Bible describes it we are really on the precipice of a Great War right now Because this is such a strategic location to have whoever has this location controls Europe So The history of this is better understood in Revelation chapter 9 which we talked a little bit about on first night Especially in the 6th trumpet or the second low Because that is when it became the sick man of the east But we’re hitting the high points here but the often Empire fell August 11th of 1840 and it actually is A perfect fulfillment the fall of the Turkish Ottoman Empire in 1840, August 11th According to a prophecy a time prophecy within revelation 9 using the day for your principle We could find that in the 6th trumpet But that’s something we’ll have to study in more detail later because it’s not something that we have time to get into tonight But that’s another aspect of this line of prophecy here from revelation 9 and 11 that deals with the turqu starting with the sara scene and then the Turk Let’s read verse 45 now because we were at verse 45 basically and if we’re not at verse 45 We are lily seeing verse 44 playing out again and we’ll look at that in just a moment We’ll talk about the players here and who this would have to be But in verse 45 we read and he shall plant the tabernacle of his palace between the Seas in the glorious. Holy mountain yet he shall come to his end and none shall help him that being the king of the north that being the Turk or the Muslim coming to his Inn and none shall help him. What is the glorious? Holy mountain in the margin if you have a marginal reference Bible, you would read the glorious Holy mountain is the mountain of holiness. And this would be the mountain upon which Jerusalem sits And between the Seas would be the Dead Sea in the minute, Mediterranean Many times in the past as we think about this as well Because it says he shall come to his end and none shall help him The Turk or the Muslim has been assisted by the European countries to stand But there’s gonna come a time when no one’s gonna assist them to stand anymore And if you have been keeping up with an either rhetoric of Erdogan, of course, they don’t really report on on main news But if you have been following this at all You know that Aragon is saying that we need to tack Jerusalem We need to take that they want that and then with what has happened with Donald Trump our president and making Israel now the capital of Jerusalem or Jerusalem the capital of Israel then you have incited The Muslim to want to take up arms and say no what we’re gonna take that back. We want that back and So we are at some very interesting times right now Today the United Nations is propping up Turkey but a turkey keeps doing the things that it’s doing then they’re not going to help them anymore and Aragon is becoming more and more independent in his ideology and how he feels like he wants to break away from the United Nations and if you’ve been keeping up with his news, but This is what has been happening and all this has been referred to as the eastern question Now, let’s look in verse 44 again just for a moment here. It says Tidings out of the east and out of the north who is directly north of Turkey directly north of Turkey is Russia And we need to understand some history about Russia That would give us a clue as to why Russia really is such a threat To Turkey even though right now they appear to be friends again Peter the great Peter the Great became the sovereign dictator or however, it would have been a tour of Russia in 1688 to 1725 and his last will statement Was that they needed to do everything to take constant Opel? to incite war in Turkey to get control of the Black Sea in the Baltic Sea to penetrate the Persian Gulf and reestablished by way of Syria trade routes in many ways Putin sees himself as someone to fulfill The last will and testament of Peter the Great he sees himself as someone that needs to do that and So then there is a desire within the Russian mindset to take Turkey I do not believe that they’re going to remain friends for very long Russia wants that area. Why does Russia want that area? Because they have no natural access They’d have a seaport. They have to go all the way up here Across Siberia to be able to have a port for their military but if they had control the Black Sea, then they could have arms here and then they can control Europe from there if They had Syria they’d be able to open up their trade routes again and control trade through here which they don’t have So there is a real desire to control the Middle East and that’s why you see the conflict that we see right now with Russia now directly east and that of course at one time understood is the eastern question and still to this day has been called that is China and Our prophecy students back then understood that the eastern question had to do with China relating into all of this But who is America’s number one trade partner today? China so our very Association with China would make America a part of the eastern question and what has been the rhetoric of Donald Trump We need to take down the Muslim and take control of not only Israel, but all of the Middle East so once again We’re looking at this idea of verse 44 tidings out of the east now the North shall trouble The Muslim and that is what is happening Even now as we see they’re being troubled and verse 45 tells us that at some point they’re going to remove from Turkey and they’re going to seek to plant their power their seat of authority in the pleasant land Jerusalem and when they do so they’re going to come to their end and none is going to help them and I don’t know how that will work out because I guess we’ll only see when it happens But when something comes to its end, if I say you’re gonna come to your end. That means you’re gonna be no more And I would tend to think that anyone else associated with that area will come to their end as well that being the Jew so What are we told happens after that? Daniel 12:1 tells us and at that time shall Michael stand up the Great Prince which standeth for the children of thy people and There shall be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time at that time Thy people shall be delivered every one that shall be found written in the book now most people understand the time of trouble is the time of the falling of the plagues and Everything that leads up to the return of Jesus Christ So really if we think about this and we understand it from a historical perspective We are up against a wall. The next thing we’re looking for is the time of trouble So what are we going to do? Because what is the time of trouble bring at its end we see this in Daniel 2. Let’s go there Daniel 2 verse 45 in Daniel 2 verse 45 we read For as much as thou sawest the stone Was cut out of the mountain without hands and that it break in pieces the iron the brass The clay and the silver and the gold the great God have made known to the king What shall come to pass thereafter and the dream is certain and the interpretation thereof is sure We can know that when we get to this time that we’re in now we can be looking for a stone that stone represents Christ Will smite the nations of the world and that dream is certain that interpretation is sure now in Daniel 7 is described another way in Verse 11 is described as I beheld then because the voice of the great words Which the horn spake I beheld till the beast was slain and his body destroyed and given to the burning flame that being papal Rome and then if you skip with me to verse 26 it says But the judgment shall sit and they shall take away his Dominion to consume and to destroy it unto the end Now that’s significant as well this judgment. We haven’t even had time to look at that. That’s a whole nother aspect of prophecy We should understand the judgment that’s spoken of in Daniel 7. I have been really hitting high points now in verse 25 of Daniel 8 we read and Through his policy also He shall cause craft to prosper in his hand and he shall magnify himself in his heart and by peace shall destroy many He shall also stand up against the Prince of princes But he shall be broken without hand perhaps you’ve heard of the Battle of Armageddon spoken of in Revelation the Battle of Armageddon is a real battle a battle of the world the battle of the kings of the world that tried to resist the return of Jesus Christ and The Bible would tell us that they’re being led by the papal Rome That’s the Beast of Revelation 13 America is involved in this as well. I’m sorry to tell you that I mean that can be proven as well America is a part of all this and we see I really coming together of What’s called ecumenical ISM all face blending together underneath the papacy. We see this happening. This is talked of in the Bible I don’t say these things to shame anyone. I’m just here to You know preach what the Bible shows us. Don’t kill the messenger But this is what’s being described now, Jesus has a question in Luke chapter 18 Let’s go there in Luke chapter 18 Verse 8. Jesus asks a question He says here I Tell you that he will avenge them speedily never thus when the Son of man cometh that being Jesus Christ returns Shall he find faith in the earth the question Jesus asks? well He will find faith But he’s not gonna find a lot He’s gonna find very little and he defines what that faith is going to look like in Revelation 14 We haven’t dealt that much with revelation 14, but we need to look at it in Revelation 14 Starting in verse 1 We’re gonna close on this this evening and just touch briefly on these angels in Revelation 14 but of course it begins with talking about the hundred and forty-four thousand now flip back to my chart here so you can see Right here on the chart They understood these angels these three angels and at the end of these three angels in Revelation 14 is the return of Jesus Christ So it’s important to understand revelation 14 and what these angels have to show us. It’s also on this chart as well Set this way. It’s a little bit different. It’s in a line this way Horizontally and then the return of Christ now, what’s interesting to me and how they did the chart here Is that with this last angel? And then this whoa angel this third angel we have the return of Christ meaning they are combined and We do see that symbolically actually if we follow this out, we’d see it very clearly But in verse 1 we read he says and I looked in lo a lamb stood on Mount Zion and with him 144,000 having his father’s name written in their foreheads The name of the father written in those that belong to Jesus and I heard a voice from heaven as the voice of many waters the voice of a great Thunder and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps And they sung as it were a new song before the throne and before the four beasts and the elders and no man can learn That song but the hundred and forty-four thousand which were redeemed From the earth now. What is it about these? 144,000 because these are those that live right before Christ returns It says these are they which are not defiled with women now we know that women and Bible prophecy represents a church and We’re told that were to come out of Babylon We hear this or we see this a little bit further in verse 14. So these are pure followers of Jesus for they are virgins These are they which follow the land with us so whether he goeth these were redeemed from among men being the firstfruits unto God the Father and the lamb and In their mouth was found. No guile no to duplicity no deceit For they are without fault before the throne of God and then in verse 6 It tells us it says and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth and to every nation kindred tongue and people What is this everlasting gospel that will be preached to the whole world? Well, the testimony of Jesus Christ was that he was the literal son of God his father. That is the everlasting gospel It’s just that simple. I know that might seem kind of strange but it really is that simple that was the testimony of Jesus I am the son of my father and that’s why they crucified Him But then it goes on to say here in verse 7 sang with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for The hour of his judgment has come and worship Him that made heaven earth and sea and fountains of waters fear God Why should we fear God and give glory to him? What is this referencing? Well, if you go with me to Daniel chapter 7 we see it in Daniel 7 what this is talking about now We’re hitting the high points again here This is something that really needs to be studied thoroughly and we don’t have time to do that in five days But it’s something that we can continue to study and in Daniel chapter 7 we read here in verse 9 What is being spoken of here? It says in verse 9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down and the Ancient of Days did sit whose Garment was white as snow and the hair of his head like pure wool His throne was like a fiery flame and his wheels is burning fire a fiery stream issued and came forth from before him Thousands and thousands ministered unto him and ten thousands times ten thousand stood before him the judgment was set and the books were opened Now this is talking about the father. This is not Jesus. The Ancient of Days is the father God the Father How do I know this? Well, if you skip down to verse 13 it Says I saw in the night visions and behold one like the Son of man Came with the clouds of heaven and came to the Ancient of Days and they brought him near before him so the Son of God being brought before his father and then what happens when that happens verse 14, and there was given him Dominion and glory and a kingdom that all people nations and languages to serve him His Dominion is an everlasting Dominion which shall not pass away and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed That’s what we’re looking for. Now the kingdom of glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ The father is going to give him the kingdom We are the Kingdom that he wants to come and claim. He says to his disciples. He says He says in my father’s house there are many mansions if we’re not so I would not have told you and Behold I go to prepare a place for you And if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again that I will receive you. I may receive you unto myself that there you shall be with me forever. Amen So this is what is being spoken of here in Daniel 7 now This judgment is a judgment that actually takes place before Jesus Christ returns, and we should understand that as well But like I said for sake of time, well, we you know Need to study more later now in verse 14 are scheming back to Revelation 14. We read here in verse 7 It says sang with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come now We’ve talked about that Now this last part of verse 7 is in worship Him that made heaven earth and sea and fountains of waters you see a clear delineation in this verse between the father and the son of God, why do I say that globally Hebrews chapter 1 and you’ll see it in Hebrews chapter 1 we read Hebrews chapter 1 Starting in verse 1 It says in Hebrews 1 verse 1 God who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the father’s by the prophets Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his son whom he hath appointed heir of all things And what does it say here by whom also he made the world’s so the father Used the Sun to make the worlds Plural, there’s more than just us in verse 3 It says who being the brightness of his glory and the Express image of his person And upholding all things by the word of his power when he had by himself purged our sins sat Down on the right hand of the Majesty on high That’s the father the Ancient of Days that we just read about in Daniel 7 Being made so much better than the Angels as he hath by inheritance obtained a more. Excellent Name than they why does he have a more excellent name? because in verse 5 it says for unto which of the Angels said he at any time thou art my son this day have I begotten thee and again I will be to him a father and he shall be to me a son now that ought to Remind you John 3:16 for God the Father so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son The whose service should believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Amen So we’re seeing this right here now it says in verse 7 and of the Angels he saith who maketh his angels spirits and his ministers a flame of fire but unto The son he saith thy throne O God here. We see the father declaring his son on the same level as himself is Forever and ever a scepter of righteousness is the scepter of thy kingdom And we want to be a part of that Kingdom the kingdom of glory that Jesus Christ is preparing for us We will be his subjects in that Kingdom So We are told in the scriptures that we must worship in spirit and in truth We’re gonna begin to wrap up now. We have spent five nights seeing that we are dealing with a Two-faced beast in Daniel 7 a little horn that wax is exceeding great in Daniel 8 We also see in Revelation 13 a beast Once again identified as the papacy this is really what we’re up against we are seeing a perversion of truth and it all comes from pagan Rome to papal Rome and now down to us in America because we have been caught up in this if You turn with me back to Revelation 14 We see something else as we continue in these three angels we’re just going to touch on them very briefly But in verse eight it says and there followed another or came along with the angel that made the declaration of giving God glory and For the obvious judgment is coming to worship the one that made heaven and earth That’s the father and the son in verse seven And now in verse eight it says and there followed another angel saying Babylon is fallen is fallen That great city because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication Babylon fell at one time a long time ago literal Babylon now We’re dealing with spiritual Babylon and spiritual Babylon is identified as papal Rome that’s spiritual now. It’s going to fall again And why will it fall because it’s made all nations drink of the wine of its fornication of its error of its deceit of its duplicity and Then in verse 9 it says and the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the Beast and His image and receive his mark in his forehead in his hand the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God Which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation And he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels in the presence of the Lamb there is a need to come away from this Babylonian air that really all of us had been caught up in I Was caught up in it. All of us have drank the wine of Babylon in one way or another you can’t help it You’re born into it. We just always have been exposed to it But what is this Babylonian confusion? It is a confusion because really pagan eyes Christianity is not real and that Is confusing I mean what is more confusing than this if we go to John 14 verse 6 we read something John 14 verse 6 tells us John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him. I Am the way the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the father, but by me but then if we read What Babylon says about itself Taken from pope. John xxiii on November 4th of 1958 and Babylon the papacy much like the Medes and Persians, which is the second ruling Empire on our image Once it states something about itself. It doesn’t change its mind. It is what it believes about itself It says the savior himself is the door of the sheepfold. I am the door of the Sheep into this fold of Jesus Christ No man may enter Unless he be led by the sovereign pontiff that being the Pope and only if they be United to him can men be saved For the roman pontiff is the vigor of Christ and his personal representative on earth now that is confusion That’s confusion because Jesus Christ says no, I am the way the truth and the life No, man, cometh unto me except or cometh unto the father said by me, but here we see the Pope saying no That’s different You see worship has been perverted God’s day of worship has even been perverted and I know this might be shocking to some of you but in Exodus chapter 20 We’re told in Exodus chapter 20 verse 10 And it was shocking to me when I first started learning these things But it says in verse 10 of X is 20 but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the LORD thy God in it thou shalt not do any work thou nor thy son nor Thy daughter thy manservant by maidservant nor thy cattle nor that stranger this with my gates For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth and sea and all that in them is and rested the seventh day Wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it You see in the end It really is about Perverted worship because you cannot take something that belongs to the Lord and I want to read a couple of things to you Just so you can see and understand what I’m talking about here and what they even say about themselves It is said by the papacy It is well to remind the Presbyterians Baptists Methodists and all Christians that the Bible does not support them anywhere in their observance of Sunday Sunday is an institution of the Roman Catholic Church. And those who observe the day observe a commandment of the Catholic Church That’s priest an address reported in the Elizabeth, New Jersey news, March 18th of 1903 Another one reads Protestants accept Sunday rather than Saturday as the day for public worship after the Catholic Church made the change But the prostitute mind does not seem to realize that in observing Sunday They’re accepting the authority of the spokesman for the church the Pope and that’s taken from our Sunday visitor February 5th 1950 now I don’t need to really read any more than that because There’s plenty of this you can just do your research on this and you will see consistently that Babylon Claims Sunday as their day of worship They are standing up against the Prince of princes in more ways than we can even imagine They’ve given us a false Sabbath. But what are we told as we close now in Revelation 14 verse 12 About God’s people those that will be wise those that was shine as the brightness of the firmament Because I have one more verse I want to show you before we close but in verse 12 It says of Revelation 14 here is the patience of the saints here Are they that keep the commandments of God and that would be the Ten Commandments and the faith of Jesus? What is the faith of Jesus they believe Jesus Christ is a literal son of God. That was his faith That’s what he said, right? They asked him They said are you the son of God and he says well if I don’t say I’m the son of God I’ll be a liar like them to you. I am the son of God and at that point they want to crucify him but We’re closed tonight in Daniel 12 Daniel 12 and all of this It doesn’t matter how many or how few This is the call to you that have come or watching these videos it’s found in verse 3 of Daniel 12 It says then they that be wise now in the margin that’s teachers They that be wise or teachers shall shine as the brightness of the firmament and they that turn many to righteousness that would be the truth that would turn them away from this Babylon in error as the Stars forever and ever and my appeal to you and I believe the appeal of Jesus is Will you be one of those wise ones will you be a teacher? Now here’s the thing. We’ve only talked about five nights of this. I Have been studying some of these things for about almost 20 years It’s been in the last five years that I’ve really begun to understand exactly More clearly a little historical method of study and discovered some of the things that we’ve talked about here That’s why I’m here to teach it. I want to be counted as wise I want to shine as the brightest of the firm in my appeal to Those that are listening is to continue to study don’t stop You know realize that maybe some of the things that you’ve heard here might be a little startling You’ve not heard them before that’s okay. Just don’t stop don’t stop studying. Keep investigating That would be my appeal My other appeal would be is this if you have not given your heart to the literal son of God Jesus Christ Give your heart to him. The Bible says today. If you will hear my voice harden, not your hearts today is the day of salvation No Guarantees that you get another appeal if it Jesus Christ is moving upon your heart You don’t necessarily I don’t like, you know fear religion, but we don’t know You know if we’ll get that same kind of unction from the Spirit of Christ To come to him and to receive from him now It doesn’t mean that you solve all your problems tonight or you can figure out everything and Work everything out as it would require you to follow Jesus in obedience because the patience of the saints are those that keep the commandments Of God and have the faith of Jesus doesn’t mean you necessarily understand how that will work out but the Bible tells us that there must first be a willing and ready mind and the question you have to answer is am I willing because the Bible says whosoever will if you’re willing then He will teach you it’ll be faithful. He did it for the disciples. They came to him They would ask him. Would you explain us these things and he would always explain if we come to Jesus in faith Asking him to explain to us to help us to understand these things He will and so it’s been a blessing to be here for the past five nights to Speak these things and share these things and I hope that we can continue to study. You know, however that would work but God bless all of you will close in prayer Father I come to you again in the name of your son the Lord Jesus Christ And I just thank you so much for your love and mercy to us I I thank you for the sure word of prophecy and that you will open your word to those that are just babes We don’t have to be wise and in the sense of the worldly wise We’re not to be smart in the sense of the world We just have to be humble and we have to be teachable and if we’ll be so you will take the weakest of the weak and make him more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus if we Just put our hand there by faith and So I just pray that for all those that have been here for these meetings all those that would watch these meetings that they would Just reach out the hand of faith and grasp your hand Jesus take hold of our hearts and lead us on with time is so short We see all these things taking place in the world and we see players now that the Bible describes that shows us clearly That with the Muslims with Russia with America with the papacy With even things that are happening in the ecumenical churches all these things suggest that Jesus you’re coming very soon and so I just pray that all those that would hear these things would be counted worthy of eternal life that none of us would Would would miss it because oh you say Jesus. What is the value of a soul? What will man give in exchange for his soul if he could have the whole world? It doesn’t compare to the value of a salt And so then we know that we have Infinitesimal to you Jesus or you would not have given yourself for us and I pray by faith We all would believe and embrace that now thank you for your great love and mercy to us And I pray all these things in the my name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen Standing on the platform of truth Pioneer health and missions

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  1. Wheres Gospel "according" to Jesus?????? I dont want Gospel "according" to Mark,John,Luke, Mathew…The scripture before Gospel..the "Torah" disagrees with trinity and the scripture after Gospel The "Quran" disagrees…with trinity..Both Muslims and Jews believe a trinity is idol worship…and wasnt even practiced by early Christians. Todays christianity is completely idol worship. If Jesus was on earth today…he would be Muslim..we actually follow Jesus. No Pork, we have a beard, we fast, we dress like him. He was a Muslim. Muslim is an arabic word. Which basically means "Someone who submits to G-D". And the fact Jesus never called himself Christian is another indicator that he was Muslim. The bible today was changed..and corrupted by many writers. Jesus didnt come to abolish Moses Law..and then say he was G-D the whole time and he has to die on a cross..cause humans do bad stuff. Lol…to me it seems the Gospel writers lied big time. Because they are basically saying "Make Christians eat pork, dont keep a beard, dont follow any Moses laws, everyone prays different, go completely against torah and say G-D can be human, your whole life sins are forgiven cause Jesus died for them already". Theres huge amounts of evidence Gospel writers lied about Jesus that even Christian Scholars can find them on youtube talkin about it. Wow. Wow. Wow. Why do people still believe in todays Gospel is mind boggling.

  2. Amen! Great series! Are there notes available for all parts? There was so much fascinating history given I'd like to study the notes if they're available?


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