Basher’s Story – Refugee Resettlement NC – Islamic Relief USA

Posted By on October 18, 2019

I came from Syria. We had a farm. We used to raise chickens. I had a motorcycle and I go by my motorcycle to the college. In Syria they arrested me while we were going to deliver food to starving people due to the crisis. They put me in the prison for 30 days and when I got released I was completely quadriplegic because of the torture. I had to leave my college, my brother, sister and father behind me I just left them and I went looking for therapy When I met Islamic Relief they take me from the hell. Because I wanted to give up. I told them just take me back to Jordan. I couldn’t live here. They helped me a lot, you know. Everyday, I just say to myself don’t despair, and don’t give up because I believe that day will come soon when I will walk again. And then I told my friend, ok I want to try to move. And then I just hold the stairs and I started to walk. Even if I am quadriplegic, even if they tortured me, I mean they hurt me a lot, but I just thank God for that. Because all of the torture that I got, Allah will replace to me with blessings.

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