Bangkok. Thailand. Funny and Intelligent Indian Sikh,Indra Square. From Karnala

Posted By on November 21, 2019

Hello brother what are you selling? what are you selling? I am doing job what is your job? I am working with Chotivala Restaurant Do you play flute? No No we serve food what is your name? Balveer Singh your belongings? I am from Karnala where is Karnala? Karnala is in Haryana Where is Haryana? Haryana is in India where is India? on Earth where is Earth? Earth owned the Rab (God) where is Rab (God)? you know where is God? He is beyond our capacity. and stays in hearts as you met with me, may be we met by the wish of God how you serve the food? this is pure vegetarian food. 100% pure. very good quality food. do you cook ladyfinger? yes we cook every thing here wow this is North South Indian Food which is pure vegetarian Indians eat lot of chilies. we use light chilies, balanced, i say every thing is in good quality.

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