Bamboo Organ Church and Sarao Jeepney Factory, Las Piñas, Philippines, April 20, 2019

Posted By on September 30, 2019

After days of just chilling at home during
Holy Week since most establishments are closed, on Black Saturday 2019, I went south of the
city to Las Piñas to check out some cool spots. First I went to the Parish of St. Joseph,
home of the famed bamboo organ. The church building itself has been rebuilt
various times throughout history due to earthquake damage. It was first constructed in the early 19th
century. The bamboo organ was also built in the 19th
century, and the original has also been rebuilt after earthquake damage. Afterwards I went to the Sarao Motors factory
1.4 km (0.87 mi) away. It’s very cool. The factory was established in 1953 to make
jeepneys, small non airconditioned minibuses that are a mainstay of public transportation
in the Philippines. It’s still an active factory though production
has dwindled from its heyday. They welcome random drop ins, as this sign
says. Nobody is really manning the gate, you can
just drop by, take photos, then leave. Capped off my day in the south with snacks
and dinner on Aguirre St in Paranaque. Here’s an owl that mistakenly flew inside
my house that very evening. It couldn’t find its way out so we enticed
it to go inside a cage so we can bring it out to release it ourselves. Thank you for watching. Which was your favorite jeepney? Please comment below. Please thumb up this video if you enjoyed
it, and subscribe to be updated when I upload again. See you next video!

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