Bad Reasons to Convert and Stay Orthodox (Pencils & Prayer Ropes)

Posted By on November 19, 2019

Hello my siblings in Christ, and thank you
for all the birthday wishes. In this episode, we will cover some of the
bad reasons why people convert to Orthodox Christianity, but also a couple of bad reasons
why they stay Orthodox. Make no mistake – a lot of these are universal
to all religions, but some are more Orthodox-specific than others. Let us begin. Part 1 – Bad Reasons to Convert CASTAWAYS Castaways have fled their previous Church
because of all the scandals. They had it enough and now they’re looking
for a different home, and if the new home looks and feels similar to the one they’ve
left behind, all the better. The issue with castaways is that they let
scandals shape their own faith, and soon, when they find out that their new home is
not scandal-free, as anything human-related isn’t, they’re off to find a new utopia
of grace. HALFCATHOLICS Halfcatholics are similar to castaways in that they have fled their previous denomination,
most commonly the Catholic Church, for different reasons, but unlike castaways, they never
ceased to consider themselves Catholic. They will retain all their Catholic practices
when in private, but will attend an Orthodox church because they like the liturgy, because
the closest Catholic mass isn’t reverent enough, because there are no Catholic churches
around and, besides, Orthodox sacraments are vaild anyway. Due to theological differences, halfcatholics
of denominations other than the Catholic Church are relatively rare. WANDERING SPIRITS Wandering spirits at best think that all Christian Churches lead to God, and at worst think that
all religions lead to God. The reasons why they attend an Orthodox church
can most charitably be described as inane: it’s close, they like the coffee hour after
the Liturgy, they like the food, they really like the baklava, they liked the Greek festial. Few wandering spirits don’t even beleive
in God, but they sure like the choir and the community. As soon as their interest wanes, wandering
spirits will be off to a different worship space du jour. STARGAZERS These sorts of people are simply in love with Orthodoxy. They’re infatuated by it. The Church is always right and always a victim. Stargazers obtain large number of icons and
other religious artefacts; they always listen to spiritual music, they will change their
name on social media to Cyrilic. Their house always smells of lingering incense. When the period of stargazership finally ends,
the faith of the stargazer either becomes much more mature or sustains a deathly blow. TOURISTS Tourists like Orthodoxy because it is exotic – they find it foreign, mystical, otherworldly. These are the Christian version of Wiccans,
neopagans, New Agers and similar adherents to religions that are there just to make you
feel cool, while you are anything but to anyone else. Tourists don’t interest themselves so much
with the essence as much they interest themselves with the aesthetics, with the supernatural
and the mystical. They quickly lose interest when they realize
that not all relics are incorrupt, that not all crazy people in monasteries are clairvoyant
or that Sunday morning is not worth losing just to see a beautifully fuming censer. LOGICIANS and FAKIRS These two convert for very different reasons, but their underyling mindset is the exact
same. Logicians have come to the conclusion
that Christianity must be true, or they simply lost Pascal’s wager. Fakirs have experienced a miracle and nothing
was ever the same… except themselves. Both logicians and fakirs convert to Christianity,
but that is all there is to it – their ideology changes but not their heart. Their mind has adapted to the next data set
that they cannot go against, but there’s no fire of the Holy Spirit in them, just differently
colored ashes. SHADOWS Faith of these people has nothing substantial apart from someone else. They become Orthodox because their spouse,
girlfriend, boyfriend or crush is, and, especially in the Orthodox countries, because they need
to be a godparent during a baptism or best man / maid of honor during a wedding. Once the big event is over, or once their
significant other loses interest in religion, they too stop taking any part in the life
that Christ offers. ACTIVISTS Activists come to the Orthodox Church with an honest heart… mostly. However, they have an agenda – an agenda to
conform the Church to their own liking. They are willing to give 80% of their heart
to Christ, but in return, Christ’s gotta give something back, you know? Say, start marrying gays or baptizing cats
or protesting this or that dictator or policy or whatever. In activists’ opinion, there is always something
that the Church isn’t doing right, and if activist’s ideal does not exactly match
up to the Gospel, well, we know better now that people and God did 2000 years ago. Activists will generally abandon the Orthodox
Church for a more liberal denomination, unless they morph into a full blown disease vector,
financed by a liberal NGO. DEUSVULTISTS Like the activists, deusvultists bring their own collection of passions to the Church,
but unlike them, deusvultists use the teachings and traditions of the Church to justify their
passions. They are generally young men who dislike or
outright hate the Jews, gays, migrants; on occasion you can meet a full blown racist. Monarchy is the best system that ever was,
according to deusvultists, and they’re particularly inspired by crusader imagery, which is ironic
since the Orthodox Church does not have a fond memory of them. Their mindset is a simple one: a nasty sentance
a 19th century Russian saint wrote on a bad day will always take precedence over the Sermon
on the Mount. Deusvultists can be nice enough in person,
but online they can be extremely toxic towards anyone who disagrees with their views. The dark inspiration this type rides upon
is easily revealed when you ask them about their perfect society – a Byzantium that never
was, and a true nightmare for anyone but the most insane. WIFEHUNTERS Is there any place better to find a wife than the Church? Not according to wifehunters. Because going to church makes someone a good
person, every woman in the Church will want to subjegate herself to a strong male and
give birth to his 5+ children at the expense of her career which was never meant for a
woman anyway. Sadly, they generally find out that even among
the most conservative of circles it is difficult to find a woman who is willing to marry a
budding wifebeater who sees children solely as a way to fight the unstoppable tide of
Islam. Deusvultists are overrepresented among the
wifehunters. There is an occasional report of a husbandhunter,
but these are rare as veggies on my plate. PART 2 – Bad Reasons to Stay Orthodox MAFIOSOS There is only one reason Mafiosos go to church…
okay, maybe two. One is to clear up their public image. Nothing says ‘I’m a good person’ like
participating in the sacraments of the Church once you’ve strangled the father of a pregnant
woman because they owed you some money. The second reason is that these types, maybe
just a little bit, truly believe that God will forgive them their wrongdoings without
anything resembling heartfelt repentence. In the end, they earn themselves nothing but
scorn from the ordinary people, and hellfire from God. Politicians are usually within this type. LEECHES Leeches are Christians for one purpose: to suck blood from the Church. When I say blood, I mean money. They are generally priests who look upon their
ministry as a source of income, but also a source of income for their entire extended
family. They will charge for weddings, baptisms and
funerals, and God forbid you ask a leech to bless you something. They are first to call their parishioners
when their patron saint day is close, but their church services are rushed and borderline
scandalous. Leeches generally don’t deceive themselves
and others with appearances. They will aim for central parishes in big
cities, and only these will sate the thirst of an ever hungry leech. Once they die, they will end up in hell. Leech larvas usually have some concern for
the poor and are usually convinced by demons that all the money they gather will be used
for charity, but that pretense is very soon lost when the leech finds out that they have
always hated the poor in the first place. FALSE SAINTS False saints are an opposite extremes to leeches – they strive hard to gain the virtues, their
services appear angelic to an undiscerning eye, misusing money is an anathema to them. However, all of this is for show – false saints
are only concerned with their own vanity, power and popularity. Whereas leeches aim for big parishes in big
cities, false saints are perfectly happy in remote monasteries – after all, saints live
in those places, right? False saints love wearing robes, having their
hands kissed, preaching sermons, the censer. They adore claiming how sinful they are whenever
they are presented with admiration and praise, but what they love the most is to claim how
unwrothy they are as they are being consecrated a bishop. Once a false saint dies, he will boil much
further down than leeches. DISEASE VECTORS Disease vectors are in the Church only for one and only reason – to destroy it. They are very well aware of this fact. Less often, they are deluded members of other
religions who want to destroy the Church from inside; much more common, however, are members
of secret police who need to subjugate Church members to state authority. They will spread their propaganda, turn Christians
against each other, blackmail persons in power. Like false saints, disease vectors will aim
for the places of power, and like leeches, they are not too concerned with sainty appearances. While disease vectors are very damaging to
the Church, an occasional saintly bishop has managed to come from their ranks. MYRRHBEARERS To put it plainly, myrrhbearers are in love with their priest. They will deny it, of course, for even they
are not aware of the fact. They will be first in front of the iconostasis,
their confessions will take extra long, they will pay special attention to the priest’s
sermons and will consider each of his services to be a major outpouring of visible grace. They like nothing better than to spend time
with the priest during the post-liturgical coffee hour, seated right next to him, saying
nothing as long as the priest’s talking. If a myrrhbearer falls for a false saint,
a vicious circle of unchecked pride and snivelling obedience forms. Absolute majority of myrrhbearers are female,
though a fringe male specimen is known to emerge. FLOTSAM This sort is Christian only because everyone around them is. They go to church because their family and
friends do, and they fast because it is how things were done since they were born. Flotsams were baptized when they were little,
but baptism didn’t take firm hold. Religion still plays a powerful indirect influence
in shaping flotsam’s worldview, but as soon as external circumstances that make them “religious”
are removed, they stop going to services. At best, they will go to church of Christmas
and Easter. This type of people, if they were born in
a Muslim country, would go to Muslim church on Muslim Christmas and Muslim Easter, and
if they were born on Eastern Island they would go to Easter Island church on Easter Island
Christmas and Easter Island Easter Mister Sister Blister Easter. They never question their faith, for better
or worse, they never seek to deepen their knowledge of it, and are simply left to the
currents. THE LIVING DEAD The living dead have two faces. On one side, they are nice people, they are
kind. They might as well be very religious and devoted
to their community. They fast, they pray, they help the poor. This is where they get you. For you see, these spiritual undead are very
dangerous indeed, for they will maul and mutilate any attempt by the priest to do missionary
work… assuming he’s not one of them. The living dead see their church community
as part of the homeland they have left behind, and new people who speak foreign language
just break the illusion. At best, the living dead are just not motivated
to help the newcomers, and at worst, they will be unfriendly, snide and snappy. Introducing the local language to the masuoleum
of the living dead is simply out of the question, and expect it to be ripe with political conflicts
that were in vogue in their homeland some 50 years ago, just after the last world war. Unless they accept the propmpts of the Holy
Spirit, the living dead doom their community, and as soon as new batches of zombies stop
coming from overseas, within a generation, the living dead and their progeny will be
scattered ti the four winds and 28 denominations. SOLE REMAINING BASTION OF ORTHODOXY The sole purpose in life of sole remaining bastion of Orthodoxy is to defend Orthodoxy
from any threats, real or imagined. They will defend the old way of making
the sign of the cross, that old calendar that’s not in sync with anything really, they will
defend the Church from ecumenism, they will accuse people of being disease vectors with
alarming frequency (and be right, on occasion), but what sole remaining bastions of Orthodoxy
like the most is to argue and cast anathemas at other sole remaning bastions of Orthodoxy
because they’re not Orthodox enough, not bastion enough, not sole enough. Apocalyptic literature is their meat and drink. Sole remaining bastions of Orthodoxy usually
end up in small Orthodox cults with many adjectives like ‘True’ and ‘Genuine’,
having left the Church long ago and thinking they truly belong to it. TEXTBOOK ECUMENIST You’ve met these guys. They are Orthodox simply because they like
it or, perhaps, because they have a nagging feeling that they might not be right after
all. What sets them apart from the wandering spirits
is that they consider themselves completely Orthodox – the issue is that they consider
everyone else completely Orthodox as well. For them, there are no theological differences,
just historical contexts and political upheavals. They will pray with the non-Orthodox and,
why the heck not, take communion in non-Orthodox churches. For them, Eucharist is not the crown of unity
but a means to an end. The textbook ecumenist will see what is best
in other denominations, but will be continually dissatisfied with their own Church. Hope you liked the video or that, at the very
least, you weren’t too offended by it. One important note – all of these reasons
may be bad reasons to convert or to stay Orthodox – but they’re great reasons to spark your
life in Christ. Our growth in Christ is, after all, a process,
and we are bound to make mistakes – those mistakes are usually what makes us grow. You want a good reason to convert and stay
Orthodox? Christ is the only reason. If you like good doctrine, reverent worship,
teaching and practice that leads you to love God and fellow man, and centuries of good
tried methods of fighting our own vices, sins and passions, you should feel right at home. Please remember to subscribe and pardon the

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  1. Disease vectors are common here in the Catholic Church because some Soivet dictator wanted to destroy the Church's priesthood from within, but they're hard to find. May they butn in hell next to the false saints.

  2. Great drawings!!!!
    I certainly agree with all the cases you mentioned.
    You missed though, or I missed, the No 1 reason of wrong conversion to Orthodoxy:

    Nationalism has two versions:
    -After the collapse of the communist ideology in Eastern Europe, and the eruption of nationalistic ideologies, religion and Orthodoxy in particular were viewed as pillars and expressions of ethnic identity.
    Therefore the Church is treated as a place of worshiping the nation and an ethnic Christ., serving only this particular nation and ignoring or even hating others.

    – In the diaspora of Orthodox Christians in the West, the Orthodox faith is viewed as the basic feature of the national identity.
    Emigrants stick to the Church, not because they love Christ but because they want to feel " at home"
    The Church becomes a FOLKLORIC institution , deprived of any spirituality.

    3rd and 4th generation immigrants, having lost emotional connection with their forefathers homeland, see no reason to stay within the Orthodox Church, or even worse, some of them seek for a more spiritual religion .

  3. I really like the last message of the video, we all have to start somewhere. I have many dumb reasons for not becoming Orthodox in the first place and taking a big detour, just to get back to considering Orthodoxy again! Just started going to a Serbian Orthodox Church in the UK.

  4. For now I find myself is far detached from every Church.. I don't commit to join any Church organisation.. I feel myself in some sense not quite comfort with any religious organisation..

    Even after I watched each of your beautiful drawing video about Orthodoxy, I still find it still strange for me..

    I embrace my faith in Christianity privately and personally, because I find no one will understand my strange understanding of Christianity. Some Christian will curse me as heretics or atheist at best..

  5. As someone who believes that the Way to Jesus can be in all denominations, i am honestly a bit offended by this video… why do all the orthodoxes and catholics always have to come up with this "wE aRE tHe ONlY OnE ANd TrUe ChurCh" … so arrogant…excuse me, but i had to say this. May god bless youy brothers and sisters.

  6. Sounds like a bad denomination if it creates those kinds of mind sets. Also I thank you for your past prayer Boyin but I have not gotten better. Please forgive me

  7. Somewhat relevant question (in relation to the "myrrh-bearer" discussed in the video): is it true that romantic love is regarded as a form of mental illness or "prelest" in Eastern Orthodoxy? Is there a specific term for it?

  8. Scandal weary catholic here. But don't expect you to see me at your chruch…even if Pope Francis allows divorced people to have communion, you guys already do that…

  9. I wonder if these types/reasons aren't found in every church. They seem awfully familiar to this Anglican. (And in the three small rural Anglican churches I'm associated with, there's an Orthodox Christian in each one. I think this has less to do with Tectbook Ecumenism and more to do with lack of Orthodox churches though …).

  10. Even though I’m a Catholic, I definitely fit into at least one of these categories. But that doesn’t mean I can’t laugh at myself, and that’s why I love your channel Bojan: you give people like me a good lesson on humility.

  11. I wanted to thank you for making this video. With having moderate-severe Autism, there has been a priest (Roman Catholic) that has been mistreating me (not physically) for years because of it. He does this thing acting all accepting in the open, and then makes comments about my condition behind 'closed doors' such as "you do not have to be so technical," and not being allowed to participate in things like music (I have a music degree). He does gas-lighting of pretending to be good trying to mislead people into that before declaring true intention. I am considering leaving the church because of this stuff, clerics and congregation not welcoming people with disabilities despite 'preaching' about sacredness of all life from "womb to tomb." Again, thank you so much, you clarified the situation. I will always be grateful with you helping me finally put a finger on this toxic situation.

  12. Bruh who would want a Byzantium that never. Was Eastern Roman Empire was the glory of Greece and in my opinion better than their Papal State brothers. Deusvulters basically be like those hardcore racist Catholics who don't like the Pope. So I honestly see some of these overlapping with each other for certain people. I hope being ironic monarchist doesn't count, although me and many other ironic monarchists legitimately want the Eastern Roman Empire, Old China, and especially the German Kaiserreich just because they're cool.

  13. You should have thrown in a “FedEx” reference in with the Castaway archetype. 1/3 of that movie was one big FedEx commercial.

  14. While I was waiting in line to receive the antidoron from the Priest an orthodox lady asked me if I had found a "nice home" here in the Orthodox Church since I am a covert from Protestantism.

    I found that a strange question, so I told her I found Christ here.

  15. This is a very nice and an accurate rendition of what we see in catholic churches too. Nice conclusion. Christ is all! Salve!

  16. oh there's plenty in the video to offend anybody who's very sensitive, or someone at heart does identify and doesn't like it, but that's on them I figure. Being that I've been Orthodox nearlyb9 years, I think I can safely say that this video pretty much describes everybody who walks through the doors of an Orthodox Church because none of us are perfect. Video reminded me of one priest I knew who had people say to him I don't go to church because it's full of hypocrites. His response is always great come on in there's room for one more… And NO just because I'm a middle-aged and not married chuchgoer, I am not in love with my priest or any other man of the cloth. I actually did get accused of that my second year of being Orthodox simply because I talked up my priest in a positive way. That was pretty shocking to me when that woman said that. I was like ew??? But then years later I did see that sort of thing happen…even with MARRIED women! Innocent, of course, but yeah it's true…priests can have "groupies" almost like rock stars lol. The part about the "wife hunters" made me laugh. I've seen that in lots of churches. The gals avoid those dude like the plague lol

  17. Hey I am guilty of all that +++. "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners of whom I am chief."

    I said it before receiving Him in the sacraments, I meant it. Glad to see other half Catholic, wandering spirits, scandal plagued beggars like me around – Jesus didn't come to save the Righteous, but sinners like us!!!!!

  18. "Monarchy is the bestest governing system ever." Well even broken clocks are right twice a day. I kid, but only by half, I do believe the DeusVulstists are right in this conclusion but not for the reasons they think its right.

    We have big similarities in broad terms in regards to our problems in the Catholic Church, ESPECIALLY in regards to the Activists and the Disease Vectors saboteurs. In fact that was such a huge problem its why Pope Pius made all priest take the Oath against Modernism, because the Church was aware of the problem, but not fully aware of how it was spreading and thought the priests were the vectors and the most in danger. And they were, but only because of their formation.

    In one rather famous conversion from communism, a woman gave a detailed account of how she and several other communists at the behest of the Communist Party of the USA (I think it was in the USA this occurred) specifically infiltrated the seminaries for the specific purpose of promoting ideologically sympathetic or easily compromised priests while discouraging the vocations of good men. This is only one example from one country that occured during the early to mid 20th century I believe, and you can imagine what has occured since in the Catholic Church and not rule out the possibility of a long co-ordinated subversion campaign, utilizing both paid assets and 'useful idiots' in the form of activists. Conspiracy theories abound of course and I must confess, more than a few of them seem plausible if not outright provable.

  19. I came to the church as a stargazer, former catholic, then later I matured in my faith. We have had our scandals too, but even with this, everything about the theology “checks out,” and takes on the full scope of what God is, what salvation really means.

  20. Lord, Have Mercy! I see a bit of myself in all of these! Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom!

  21. I have been wanting to get this off my chest for such a long time. I'm glad you said it.
    The "I converted to Orthodoxy because the Anglican church was becoming liberal," is what I can't stand, or "we need to protect our European civilisation and
    Orthodoxy will help us achieve this." You don't hear "I became Orthodox Christian because I love Jesus and want to be in his Church."
    Good video brother God bless you.

  22. This video was made to humble us Christians. Don't think youre better then someone. Don't even think youre better then George Bush (even though its pretty easy being better then this criminal).

  23. So I've been having a few questions, and this community seems like the right place to ask. I'm don't believe in the existence of a God, however, I am greek, and the entire country revolves around orthodoxy. I also really like the music as well as the cereminies. I also have great love for Byzantine and Roman culture.
    I think myself as a culturally Orthodox person. Not religious. At all. But I love the religion, and have read the new testement in ancient greek multiple times. However I really hate people who hate others (minorities and refugees), as well as commit crimes, in the name of Orthodoxy.

    In your opinion, am I being disrespectful when I voice my opinion on church affairs with believers? Am I being disrespectful if I go to churches to appriciate the art and listen to the music? Is it disrespectful to take part in communion and the mysteries if I do not, and probably never will believe in the spiritual aspect of Orthodoxy?

  24. I had this internet friend who I met when he was a Germanic pagan. He seemed a bit over-enthusiastic at times but he had a good energy, I really thought he was going to be part of this great era of our faith but then he converted to Sufi Islam and made a video talking about how paganism is a fake tradition despite seeing the work that I and my organization are doing to bring back the faith. Anyways he was basically dead to me after that but I stumbled across his Facebook the other day and long story short in the month of October he’s gone from Germanic pagan, to briefly praising Prabhupada, to Sufism, to the Orthodox Church. He’s definitely one of those wondering spirits you were talking about. It reminds me of a quote from one of the later Vedic scriptures where it speaks of the Kali Yuga or the end times, it goes something like “In the Kali Yuga, men will change from one spiritual order to the next as though it were a garment.”

  25. So unless you really believe in Orthodoxy, don't convert or remain with it. Seems so obvious but it's surprisingly not.

    Thank you!!! This video really helped me a lot.

  26. If those are bad reasons to convert and to stay Orthodox, this is a good reason to me to share this nice video to other people… thanks for sharing it, I really appreciate your effort.

  27. I went to an Orthodox Church cause I feel like it's more serious in it's faith, and I wanted to be closer to my Russian Roots. But couldn't understand the sermons due to old slavonic, and felt like a trespasser there, like I walked into a club I wasn't supposed too. It was comforting to hear the language my grandfather spoke there though. Now I don't know where too go though lol so I just read the Bible or think about God at home.

  28. Even though I'm Catholic, Orthodoxy does seem less legalistic, simpler, more sensible, and simultaneously earthier and more mystical than Catholicism.

    The Orthodox concept of Hades (& subsequently praying for the dead) makes so much more sense to me & appears to have more Scriptural basis than the concept of Purgatory (which, admittedly, has been largely sidelined since Vatican II).

    Also, while I can appreciate aspects of the Catholic Church's centralization and rigid hierarchy, the papacy & papal "infallibility" does seem increasingly problematic. While this infallibility is only in regards to matters of faith & morals, we can see that it can & does lead to increasing novelty & innovation. Maybe, when the pope is good, it's not so much of problem. But when the pope is bad (& there have been some bad popes throughout history) it can lead to big problems for the faith. It does seem like a stretch of St. Peter's role as "rock" to argue that Christ intended to found an absolute monarchy.

    Also, in regards to innovation, the countless devotions based on personal revelation, while some are wholesome, does make me uncomfortable, at times, especially the Marian devotions that are almost separate cults within the Church and seem to give her way more power and veneration than is proper.

    Yet, as much as Orthodoxy makes sense to me, I don't think I would or could ever convert. Catholicism has its issues but I do like its universalistic character. I would feel uncomfortable in an Orthodox parish where I'm not a member of the respective ethnic denomination and have no connections to the culture. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me that Orthodoxy is, for a lack of a better term, "ghetto-ized" along ethnic/cultural lines that the Catholic Church isn't, and therefore, I'd feel out of place worshipping within a context that is utterly alien to me.

    So, long story short, I admire Orthodoxy & see much truth within it, but I'll be staying Catholic for the forseeable future.

  29. I have some questions about the Virgin Mary regarding some topics that have troubled me as a Catholic:

    – Do Orthodox view Mary as mediatrix and co-redemptrix?
    – Why do Orthodox deny the concept of the Immaculate Conception? Do Orthodox believe Mary lived a sinless life yet was still born with original sin?
    – Do Orthodox consider Mary to be "Queen of Heaven and Earth?"

    And, finally, an non-Mary related question: Why is there not a variety of religious/monastic orders in Orthodoxy as there are in Catholicism?

  30. Happy birthday also god bless also I have a question as a catholic some times I struggle with my faith but I never stray to far and then repent any suggestions to help me

  31. All I can really say is *oof*! I've been trying to be honest with myself about why I want to convert (still an "inquirer" at this point, though it's been a few years) and this video has given me a lot of pause.

    The real miracle, though, is that I went through the comments expecting a real dumpster fire and found [mostly] humble responses.🤯🤯🤯

  32. I'm not a deus vultist but, I feel like people who dismiss them don't hail from a culture that has a disappearing fatherhood, and targets masculinity as something needing to be exterminated. I'm sure lots of deus vultists are around college age which would explain why after being having white privilege beaten into their heads for 4 years, same with being told that anything other than deviant sexual practices are undesirable that they might be racist or 'homophobic'.

    Hey, if it came down to brass tacks I wouldn't want to be on the side of the university that's for sure.

  33. So you did a video for not converting to orthodoxy… But when are you gonna do one with the reasons to converting to orthodoxy?

  34. Are you with or against ecumenism? Personally, I believe that Eucharist is a gift of Christ… So, I have been always nervous of the concept that we must have a full hierarchical communion before participating in the Eucharist in other churches… Since, Christ himself is given through the Eucharist, doesn't this help Christian unity?

  35. There’s literally no bad reason to convert to Christianity, so long as the conversion is authentic.

  36. As far as activism goes I might have my own strong opinions and beliefs but I would never join a church in order to try to overhall the teaching of the church for the purpose of forcing and coercing it to act in a certian way.

  37. As far as I'm concerned everyone should be welcomed into church (no matter what reason they came) and that in church noone should be judged or treated badly but at the same time alot of these kind of people have a tendancy to not be the most devout followers.

  38. Hello.. I'm an Orthodox Christian but I like attending Catholic Mass from time to time.. I find their mass interesting and I'm overall curious to see all the differences and similarities. But is attending Catholic mass wrong for an Orthodox Christian?
    I mean I do not take Catholic Eucharist.. I only participate by saying Lord have mercy and Christ have mercy and by making a sing of the cross but these things are not doctrinally different from Orthodox beliefs.

  39. This video is horrific and evil. What a low opinion of Orthodox Father's and congregants this person much have to think that they would prefer a fellow human being damned to hell to the minor personal inconvenience of experiencing more churn in their faith communities. Even for a low percentage change of redemption I don't think any Orthodox person I've met in real life would want someone to not come to services, as long as they are respectful and humble.

  40. Your the reason people leave Rome not to mention your apostate pope and corrupt church. We were first and the Christian empire move too us and left you to cling too pagan king.

  41. This is my new favorite channel. I just found it and subscribed. I am in the process of converting to Orthodox Christianity and this video has helped tremendously.

  42. Rightyo lets make a check list
    which of these apply to me (though catholic, still, like he said, some of these apply to all religions)

    -Refugee(coming from protestantism and not being happy with the weak liberal stance of the larger church there)
    -Stargazer in the sense of infatuation and at first glance always assuming that whoever critisizes the church is wrong
    -False Saint: this one is the worst temptation. just the pride getting to you.
    -Textbook Ecumenist:…yeah i just cant deny this one. During holidays i visit syriac orthodox services because i have some friends there, and i have a hard time accepting that other denominations that properly believe in the sacraments would be denied them.

  43. Wow this one is so amazingly well scripted and drawn. Much truth has been spoken here. LOVE the Spy VS Spy reference. Very clever!

  44. Wow, I've met a lot of Deusvultists in my time, and it really made me uncomfortable about being Orthodox. It's refreshing to have someone else acknowledge that they're not the end-all-be-all of Orthodoxy. And all of these examples are useful no matter who you are — we all have periods of each in our lives, I believe.

  45. Most rigid religious forms have been rubber-stamped (and when necessary updated) by rulers, meaning they're approved as experiences that condition subjects to be joyfully subordinate, a fancy trick. The difference in America – the reason we have so much "religious freedom" – is because that fits with the Freemasons' (and to some extent Zionists') crypto-hegemonic strategy. But the new elite aren't that concerned with maintaining the false appearance of philosophical diversity anymore, hence suddenly oecumenism is all the rage. Faith, at the end of the day, seems to be about letting yourself be jerked around with minimal resistance.

  46. “[Deus Vultists’] philosophy is a simple one: A nasty sentence written by a 19th-century Saint on a bad day will always take precedence over the sermon on the mount.“ Rarely have I ever had to pause a video, my jaw hanging open, so that I could really take in such a perfect burn. While there is much in this video that I do relate to (the temptations for priests that you list here are real!), the above really is one of my pet peeves in the church, and I’m glad you called it out.

  47. This is the best video you have made. I say this for 2 reasons.

    1) You demonstrate real threats and problems that are posed to the church through our sinfulness and vanity.
    2) You have made me consider my own shortcomings and how I may be part of some of these archetypes.

    I’m sure you are aware of these two goals but I just wanted to express my appreciation for the presented opportunity of introspection. Thank you for the effort you put forth in making this video. I’m very grateful for it.

    Numbers 6: 24-26

  48. My parents raised me and my siblings as, Roman Catholic. Recently over the past three, four years my parents converted to Byzantine Orthodox. Honestly, I haven’t been part of the church for years. But I see how happy and accepted my parents are with the church. I’ve gone to service with them twice and I was impressed. The church people are incredibly kind. When the priest does service he preaches “by the grace of god”. No politics, calling people out, or shoving their beliefs down anyone’s throat. All are welcome and accepted….I’m happy there are peaceful churches like this, it’s truly a beautiful experience!


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