Atheist explains death to a Christian.

Posted By on June 10, 2019

I want the dead to be dead forever I don't want to be one of them except of course you can't be one of them you can't be one of the dead because that which has no existence can have no community no community my heart warms just thinking about blackness Lummis silence peace and all of it only a heartbeat away I don't regard my state of mind the some pessimistic view of the world regarded as the world itself evolution cannot avoid bringing intelligent life ultimately to an awareness of one thing and one thing above all else that one thing is futility I'm understanding you right you said everybody did just ain't eat up with the dumbass thought to be suicide yes you a shit me no I am NOT shitting you if people can see the world to what it truly is see their lives what they truly are without dreams or illusion I don't believe they could offer the first reason why they should not like to die soon as possible I don't believe in God can you understand that look around you man can't you see the clamor and end of those in torment has to be the sound most pleasing to his ear and I love his discussions the argument of the village atheist who's single passion is to revile endlessly that will recognize the existence of in the verse ways murder fellowship is a fellowship pain and nothing more and if that pain was collected instead of merely reiterative the sheer weight of it would drag the world the walls have been universe and send it crashing burning down through whatever night it might get me capable gendering intelligence not even ash brooke justice eternal life good God show me a division that prepares one that dead that's a church home redditor yours prepares one only for more lies dreams illusions lies denis feared afternoons horse they would live with gay who would want this nightmare but for fear the next shadow of the axe over every joy every road ends in death every friendship and reel of torment loss betrayal suffering page and dignity and all of it in a single conclusion for you everyone everything you have ever chosen to care for that is the true brother the true Fellowship everybody is a typical life you tell me that my brother is my salvation of our salvation will then damn Hill I see myself in him yesterday didn't that I see sickens me you don't understand you sorry you

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  1. "Where does the light go from the lightbulb when it burns out or breaks, dad?"

    "Nowhere son. That's it."

    "But doesn't the electricity go back into the flow of the total sum of all electricity in the…"

    "Yeah, but the lightbulb's still DONE. So stop overthinking everything. Its over when its over."

  2. This video ''refutes'' your so-called ''argument''. I can't prove that ''god'' doesn't exist, but I can prove that he is not the ultimate good beign, but actually extremely evil.

  3. I wanted to say that I will punish evil, when it will be in the form of intentions, when the evil action will take place, at it's beginning

  4. AthosAamo. If ''god'' would hand over his power to me, tomorrow, I will allow evil and freewill, but I will not allow innocent children and people to be harmed by evil. I will punish evil people with evil, I will not allow evil to be applied, and I will intervene immediately as it is about to take place. I will be all powerfull, I will punish evil in the form of intentions, immediately as they are about to take place, without the good ones to suffer because of the evil ones, I will prevent the good ones to be harmed by evil and punish evil immediately. I have proven right now that my way is better than god's current way. I have proven right now that I am superior to god by intention, but I lack the power. god needs to hand over his power to someone else, and then to destroy himself, or burn in hell, for all eternity

  5. Atheism annihilated in 1 sentence: /watch?v=B8lOUCp835g That video isn't about specifying the Divine's identity, though I have in another video. Hollywood is anti-Christ propaganda of the devil, and this shows propaganda video how obvious it is. The question is implied here: why would a good God allow evil? The Bible explains this but few care to see what it says. The power of choice was given to us so we couldn't be forced like robots to do what's right. Abusers of this power are to blame.


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