Atheist Experience #929 with Jeff Dee and Joe Zamecki (the first time from the Freethought Library!)

Posted By on July 31, 2019

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. I have a piece of advice for you Christians.
    Visit a university library. No, not a Christian university !
    A university where science, engineering and technology is taught !
    You will be amazed at the huge text books in that library. Have a look around at real education !

  2. Organs don't necessarily "improve" over many generations.
    I suspect that early humans had a much better sense of smell than modern humans.
    But they had a smaller brain, so they weren't able to make cell phones.
    Do you smell well ? Can you make a cell phone ? What does your appendix do ?

  3. "God, the same yesterday and today and for ever" (new covenant)
    "Thus saith the Lord of hosts, Now go and smite Amalek and utterly destroy all that they have.
    Slay both man and woman, infant and baby, ox, sheep, camel and ass." (Old covenant).
    Kill thy enemies ? Love thy enemies ? Something changed ! Confused ? Different authors !

  4. I have been an atheist clearly since I was four. When people around me started talking about this invisible god dude…nope nope.

  5. ~ I get a laugh at the beginning of many TAE videos as I hit the skip button for pureflix. Keep up the great work of enlightenment – still benefitting from the videos – this one four years later in 2019. Cheers, DAVEDJ ~

  6. Sir i need one information please i update my new passport to the 929 form but still i didn't get any email…and i have business visa from Australia…can i carry my both passport to travel Australia…are no wait for email….can you guide me sir please humble request

  7. the. best way to figure out faith….
    that trust game u play where you stand up and have someone behind u. fall back with eyes closed in hopes the person behind u catches u….. the difference between. faith, trust and confidence is perfectly reflected in the person behind u.
    person a has an best friend or family member stand behind u. person b has an acquaintance or co worker or a person u know but not very well. person c has a random stranger stand behind u.
    person a is trust
    person b is confidence
    person c is faith.
    so when Christians try to say we all have faith, tell them this.

  8. I am an atheist but I never debate religious people because they are brainwashed so it’s impossible. So the hell with them


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