Ask Yoast: does the order of my focus keyword matter?

Posted By on May 10, 2019

stephane unis Trump emailed us asking for longtail keywords that I believe will we search for with equal frequency with it works in different order so WordPress SEO and SEO WordPress which would be best practice to use one focus keyword with low for each page or should I am combine them all into one page all you really should combine them into one page SEO for wordpress and wordpress SEO are basically the same thing of course if you're writing naturally you will probably use both combinations already in longer form copy so just write one longer page and and use both and if you have your socio premium you can just have up to five focus keywords and try and optimize for all of these different combinations don't overdo it really as simple as that don't overdo it it might even be better to not get green bullets for all five of them if you're doing the optimization for all these things that are fairly similar but in slightly different order because it would be come pretty hard to read so write a natural text make sure that you use both versions a couple of times and you should be good good luck Oh

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  1. for example if my title is how to get paid apps for free should i use 'get paid apps for free' as a keyword ? Please answer

  2. Hi, Thanks for the video.

    I have a question regarding ecommerce store.

    Since its product based and there is not much to write about and its mostly pictures and some description and due to this SEO and Readability is mostly in the red zone

    So it seems Yoast is more for a Blog posts.

    How can i fix this issue?


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