Asfaw Melese አስፋው መለሰ vol. 3 full album Ethiopian protestant song mezmur 2018

Posted By on May 23, 2019

yeah Oh yeah yeah [Applause] yeah [Applause] an mo cigar I'll go the PLO [Applause] see sujini No let's uh no sorry sir to the biography don't know what chichi Hasani tamales are the Stanley so a little singer it lies at the gun [Applause] [Applause] you [Applause] you Thanks see I yeah oh yeah okay No awesome molecules in a sauna I'm [Applause] my gosh we go so can i in the fly aha so uh today y'know baby star looks yummy yummy [Applause] every son yeah me son my it's I Delaney awesome gee a chilling ability oh gee Oh Oh No I saw my son Otto and Jillian on Oh Oh Oh Oh and you guys siren whoops y'all you Oh you know [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you

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  1. Asfaw my brother! All the Glory to our savior Jesus Christ for giving you to us. I am blessed for so money years by your worship song. It’s not only song but also words of God preach the Gasple. Be blessed and hope visit your church one day as gods will.

  2. I have known this music from when I was very young. I have received abondennt blessing from God in my life. He interfered when devil almost took my life. He fought for me in all my life. He fed me when i was starved. He stopped the wave to give me a path. He took care of me where i didn't have anyone besides me. He showed me a way, teached me and guided me in all my life. Eventhough i experienced all these i just got mad at him for somthing i did not get an answer. But when i start to count what he has done in my life, i cried infront of him and asked him for forgiveness. Right after that just opened this music and when I listened to it, I started to bless him. Our God is love. He does no mistake.


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