Armin Navabi: The Poison Pill of Islam (Part 2 of 2)

Posted By on September 24, 2019

I dedicated my life to activism, and to fighting
religion and dogma in general. So, I went looking for other atheists, because
I was the only atheist I knew, and soon, I discovered that there’s actually a lot of
us out there, and that was very encouraging, and it felt like finding a family that I didn’t
know I have. And these were – at the beginning, they were
just atheists in Iran, and I was surprised to find them, and they were surprised to find
me, and we were all surprised to find each other, and we were all happy to find each
other. It was such a great experience, and I thought,
‘This can’t be just happening in Iran, there must be a lot of other atheists all around
the world, and they would benefit from discovering each other as well.’ So, made a more global platform, and it just
grew, and grew, and grew, and it became now 1.6 million followers worldwide and still
growing. People in the non-Islamic world, they usually
are looking at it in a very selfish way. They’re talking about danger to them. Islam was dangerous way before any terrorist
attack happened here in the West. The cost of Islam and religion in general,
it’s not a suicide bomb here, and terrorist attack over there. When you say ‘dangerous’ you have to add up
all the costs that religions cause, that are much more subtle, much less newsworthy, much
less interesting, that a lot of people suffer every day in the Islamic world without us
noticing. Let’s say a Muslim that is dedicating his
entire life to Islam, or her entire life to Islam, that doesn’t hurt a single other human
being, that doesn’t preach or influence anybody else’s life, we think of that person as somebody
that is not causing any harm, but he is causing harm to himself. He has wasted his life to a lie. The Muslims that are peaceful or moderate,
they’re not peaceful and moderate because they have a reformed version of Islam. They’re ignoring Islam. They are abandoning Islam. They are Muslim by name, they’re not practicing
Islam, they’re not practicing a reform, they are nice – these are people that are nicer
than their own religion. The only way to reform Islam is to get rid
of Islam, because any other concept of reform other than the abandonment of Islam, involves
believing in things without evidence. Historical versions of reforming Islam never
denied Islam, never denied the Quran as the direct Word of God, never denied that Muhammad
was an infallible role model. These new, reformed, Western reformed versions
of Islam is something that is never going to happen, and it’s actually dangerous because
it’s suggesting to the West that there is a version of Islam that is not going to harm
you. So, it’s just a politically correct solution
that is never going to fly, and is taking our attention away from the actual movement
that is growing, that it does have a chance, that is the ex-Muslim movement. The reform movement is very condescending
because it’s suggesting too that the people living in the Islamic world are too dumb and
too stupid to understand that there is no God. So, let’s just – these dumb people, let’s
just hope that they believe in a version of Islam that is not going to harm us, because
it’s too soon for us to even introduce secularism and atheism to them. But guess what? Secularism and atheism existed in these countries
way before the United States was even a country. The first two people that I talked about atheism
in Iran, in my university, became skeptical about the religion within weeks. There is much higher chance of people abandoning
their religion, once you show them what their religion stands for. It’s easier for me to make an argument that,
‘Hey, where is the evidence for God?’ than to go make a gymnastic argument, ‘Hey, maybe
this verse that tells you that you can beat your wife, maybe it doesn’t mean you can beat
your wife.’ Try making that argument, because it plainly
says in black and white that you can beat your wife, that you should beat your wife,
and there is a lot of Hadith that supports what it actually means. So, you have to really think that these people
are crazy for you to be able to sell that argument. The only reason why they might buy your argument,
because they are nice people, and they’re desperate for this verse to mean something
else. It’s not because your argument for reform
makes any sense. The reform movement is treating the Muslim
community like children. You’re not giving them enough credit, that
they might actually be reasonable enough to understand that without evidence you can’t
believe in things. The reform movement is a sugar coating for
the poison pill of Islam The only solution to fighting any form of
delusion, is to provide people with critical thinking skills to understand that what is
bullshit, and what is fact, and that’s what we’re trying to do with the ex-Muslim movement. It has a lot more hope, it’s growing faster,
the reform movement is a fringe group. This is why me, and Ali, and Yasmin, and Faisal,
we started a podcast called ‘Secular Jihadists From The Middle East’, and it’s ex-Muslims,
and this is why I believe in ex-Muslims of North America, the Council of ex-Muslims in
Britain, and all the other ex-Muslim groups that are out there, and I think this is a
battle that we’re losing. People think that secularism is winning against
Islam, but Islam is growing faster, they have much higher presence on social media, they
know what they’re doing, and they’re growing, and this is something that we can’t afford
to get wrong. So, betting on the wrong movement against
Islamic fundamentalism, is going to cost us dearly, and I am telling you that ex-Muslim
movement is where you have to put the fight against Islam, not the reform movement. Page 3 of 3

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  1. as an ex-muslim i would tell reforming Islam is impossible! reforming Islam is like giving painkillers to an ill person instead of curing his illness. the pain will go for a while and you'd think the illness is gone. but it's there and getting stronger and more dangerous and the pain also will come back. muslims are not necessarily bad people. most of them are good or at least trying to be good. but it's not because of Islam. by contrast Islam is an obstacle for muslims to be or keep being good and kind. Islam has never made people good or made good people better! the exact opposite is true. it tries to make monsters out of them! it tries to enslave them and their mind. fill them with hatred and anger. make them become more and more intolerable towards whatever that is not Islam or Islamic. even most of those who seem to be nice, as you carve and dig their thoughts more, you would find several cases that they can't accept or tolerate, just because their religion says so! and when it comes to religion-based view or thoughts it's so hard and time consuming to change them even with reasoning and showing evidence! there are two types of muslims:
    1.those who practice islamic rules and orders and believe they are totally good, ideal and fair
    2.those who are not very religious or have less or wrong information about Islam and consider the ideals in their minds as the real Islam or think that after all God is merciful and kind and loves them all and will not take hard on them!
    the thing is that those who are more religious, are more totalitarian as well. they are causing harm to themselves and others and they don't blame this on their beliefs but on others who are not living by Islamic standards! and those muslims who are not very religious or have untrue information about Islam are justifying this religion! and give it a chance to continue living on and stick around in society! and as a conclusion Islam is like a virus that by fighting and playing cleverly is growing. it is growing with the hope and goal of conquering the world and controlling all humans under its reign. the only cure for it is spreading knowledge and information. with the help of technology and social media. internet and social media is a major threat for Islam. even if muslims try to grow islam by giving birth to more and more children and brainwashing them since they are child, these children and these generations are always at the reach and exposure of other beliefs even in their home in their room.
    this gives us the chance to fight Islam and any other religion with maximum efficiency. I see many tough religious people who gave up religion(including me) only as a result of having access to internet. if we don't give up we can be hopeful about future. Islam is not in a good condition it is just trying to survive! non-muslims should not give it the hope. Islam's goal is dangerous for humanity and confronting it should be taken seriously

  2. Science , math and alchemy was started in the Middle East .
    No more plastic , vegetarian/agriculture is the the only answer for planet human’s survival .
    There is hope ,
    Atheism will contribute to world peace .

  3. Armin is right on so many levels. Reform will never work, also because:
    1. The Quran itself is anti reform. Bidā (changing the content) is haram
    2. It’s been tried throughout the centuries
    3. It still doesn’t prevent the relaspe into traditional Islam. Anyone who reads the Quran in subsequent generations will find that the Quran says one thing and reformists another. If you see the Quran as a perfect entity, you will always tend toward the original pure Quran. This is why we see a resurgence of islamism today. New generations upon discovering the real Quran, rejected their parents more milder peaceful form of Islam to embrace the truer version

  4. 6:33 ofc you will lose the battle you are the fuel of hell son hahahaha this is funny for me and this just made my belive of god even strong

  5. 😂 this guy has gone from one extreme to another. He has completely missed the middle path. This is why they say extremists are dangerous. He thinks it’s “them versus us” instead of understanding something much greater.

  6. According to Pew research group 2012 report the third largest group in the world reports no religious affiliation. Thats 16% of world population.

  7. "Islam is growing faster and it is something we cannot afford" what happened to the freedom he was preaching? Mohammad shahzada

  8. Brother if only you can read this,,,all I can say is you need Jesus in Life,,, Hell is real & Heaven is real. Mohammad is dead & Allah is not real. God of Abraham, Issac & Jacob,,Lord God almighty Jehovah God of the universe is real. I personally had Life after death experience, I was heading into darkest pit of the earth when Jesus came down from above & save me, Jesus the light of the world. Am now alive & I know life after death is real & Jesus is real & his only Saviour to the world. & everybody needs Jesus to be save from Hell.

  9. I am born and brought up as a Hindu in India. I became an atheist/ agnostic at the age of 11. Compared to your nightmare it was just a walk in a park. The only thing that scared me was the meaninglessness of our whole life and the world.

  10. All the ex-muslim groups should get together under ONE umbrella group. It would be larger and have a greater voice and impact. They can still retain their separate identities under the larger group just as we have nations..

  11. Fear is still there even for atheists "from Islam".
    And for those who convert to Christianity, it's about the same fear. But, for a Christian point of view, Jesus Himself said it…He is the only way to heaven, to the Father. All Jesus said is kept dear to our heart. His miracles, the deads he rose before 500 people, including Jews who hated Him, people running to Him to hear His teaching, even those who hated Him were there to challenge Him but without success. Miracles, I could talk and talk about it. And the question that should be asked is "why that many miracles?" Obviously, if it doesn't get your attention to Jesus, well why would you fear Jesus?
    If You don't believe that Jesus saves from Hell, why would you be scared if it doesn't change you and you're still falling to hell anyway? "Don't be scared to change, you don't want to change and you don't want to be saved, so why to be scared of the difference with Jesus, you don't believe in Him anyway and you're going where everyone who doesn't want to be saved….in hell" And good Christians don't want you to be in Hell. They won't force you but they surely be happy to explain why they way prefer to help and save you while they can.
    Being an atheist isn't a way to escape God's wrath, God's Justice; and I really feel it (and I'm not alone), it is way faster than you think, Jesus is coming. Our salvation is there, His children will be with Him.
    There will be atrocity, there will be a false Jesus, an anti-Christ, Jews and Christians are persecuted but mostly Christians. Muslims are also but, sadly, they need the help of Jesus also.
    I heard Muslim conventions and also Muslims who are still scared and prefer saying "they are atheists" instead of being killed.
    There are still Christians who are going to suffer but also with the strong Faith of heaven because the didn't denied Jesus.
    For most of them, they feel Jesus in them as the only pure and genuine faithful Jesus.
    I heard many story of even some ex-Muslims who saw Jesus. Some died but with what it's needed to go tl heaven… The Faith in Jesus.
    I believe, some are "ex-Muslims atheists", so they say. But, if you attempt of speaking FOR THEM, to save them, speaking of what Jesus still offers them, some of those "ex-Muslims atheists" are still in their "islamist-Jihadist" attitude towards Christians. And then, they don't want "to save Christians" but the opposite.
    Fear is always real. But I prefer fear God and follow His strong proposition for my salvation with His love, Jesus, who died for all of us,nfor all our sins. If you say it in your heart "Jesus, save me. I'm not perfect and I still want to know you. Show me the way. Show me how to love you. I'm not perfect and I still want to be saved." In resume, speak with your heart.
    Atheists are people who are "actively wanting" to close their hearts. But, they have to fight daily… The surrounding is they for some reconfort. But, behind their thoughts, there's always questions.
    Faith also starts with a "give it a try"… You have nothing to loose. I'm telling you, it is a "win-win situation" for you, for God who loves you and for Jesus who know you more than yourself.
    God bless!
    Take care!
    I'll pray for you!

  12. I like the way you discussed it Armin because Islam is hurting every body around it and to it's own followers ,

  13. There is a God the true God of Abraham and the Bible he is a loving and peaceful God/ unlike the Allah of Islam/ is like navabi to seek the Christian God because he has revealed himself to me, many times. Find Jesus please I’ll pray for you

  14. You asked God for proof here it is Proof of God found in our DNA. (don't go to hell)

  15. No, this is another lie. He even speaks Arabic and he miss understands this so let me explain. This is talking about having an issue between the husband and wife when the wife is in the wrong. And Allah says first give a warning, second separate the bedding, and third daraba. Daraba is to tap to get someone’s attention. They also failed to mention to everyone that in the very next ayat (verse). That the woman can get a nullification if she feels wronged.

  16. The obvious fact is that people like this have been trying to disprove ISLAM for centuries and FAILED MISERABLY. REALLY you are just gonna come from a philosophical point of view with your opinions and try to bring false opinionated evidence and try prove false a religion followed by BILLIONS who are growing and growing and growing by the second. These people are the most miserable creatures in the world. You can tell this man feels miserable inside and the only joy he ever gets is when he is in front of others taking bad about a gift Allah gave him and he exchanged it with disbelief. And he enjoys having an audience that hates ISLAM and that's how he motivates himself because he is poor in self respect and he needs to be heard by RACIST people because what he preaches is RACISM. GO AHEAD YOU WILL ONLY BE REPLACED BY A GROUP OF MUSLIMS WHO WILL APPRECIATE WHAT YOU DONT APPRECIATE. ALLAH has made people like this a cause for islam to grow. They come and dispute with falsehood only to become a cause for US MUSLIMS TO GROW. Cant you not see that there have been people and groups like this man MUCH MORE intelligent than this man and all they got from this aim was exhaustion and returned as LOOOOSERS, losing the reward of this world and the next. SO GO AHEAD. You will be only harming your self, and never will you ever convince anyone to be misdirected from ISLAM bacuse: WHOM SO EVER ALLAH GUIDES NON CAN MISGUIDE. AND WHOM SO ALLAH MISGUIDES (AS HE AS MISGUIDED YOU) NONE CAN GUIDE.

  17. How "star stuff" has evolved (organized) in the direction of increasing consciousness and capacities for reflection/perception gives us the ability to operate our lives guided by reality devoid of inviolable (contrived/false) narratives of our existence/death. Anthropomorphic god narratives and their dangerous nationalist expressions are right in our faces. If you look for punishment/reward from "God", START with the AXIOM: "there are no coincidences" and see where that leads with superior ethics, and applied creative capacities. BE THE CHANGE

  18. God is said to be most merciful, that means even more merciful than our mother. In that case, how can he punish his children? I think god’s most priced possessions are humans n earth. If you do not harm them in anyway, than he will grant you heaven, which he already has in the form of your life on earth this time itself but you being delusional do not honour it n make a life of misery. So the sooner you realise n appreciate humanity n earth’s bounty the sooner you do good to be reborn again on the heavily earth n enjoy altogether again. I think earth is wonderful n lifetimes are not enough to enjoy it. I would like to be born as any life again n again on this god’s bounty called earth. God is there but not the kind of shit humans have created n followed.

  19. Thank you Mr. Armin. You lead to enlightenment, even in atheism perspective. I don't mind. You are much much better. I guarantee you heaven, as you longed in the past. How I much hope that your fellows join you. I believe in a religion of love. But I don't mind to become your friend, an atheist. In fact I am a friend of people of all religions. As long as they correct themselves, knowing what is right what is wrong. And abandon the sins. Against humanity, against self, against God.

  20. Scientists say that the most abundant Element in the Universe is Hydrogen. The name "Hydrogen" was given to the Gas Element way back in 1783 by Antoine Lavoisier. The most Hydrogen is found in Stars and the Sun. Planets like Jupiter also have large percentages of Hydrogen.

    The part that boggles my mind, is.. How did Saint Peter know that the heavenly bodies and the Earth was formed out of WATER 2000 Years ago? (H2o=Hydrogen2Oxygen/ 2 Peter 3 Verses 5 to 12) and by WATER (Holy Spirit/ 1 John 5 Verses 6 to 12). I mean, Saint Peter was only a fisherman and a Holy Disciple of JESUS. Saint Peter was no Scientist and he did not have any Telescope? How did Saint Peter know about "heavenly bodies" or planets made out of Hydrogen, an Element present in WATER? Why not one of the other 117 Periodic Table Elements?

    Scientists, who actually many of whom are Atheists, are actually proving the Holy Bible to be True. The only way Saint Peter could've known these things 2000 years ago, is that Almighty God, the Holy Spirit of YAHWEH showed it to Him. The same Holy Spirit of the Father YAHWEH that was in Our Lord JESUS Christ.


    Is Global Warming in The Holy Bible? The WORD of God?

    Christianity is the only Religion of TRUTH. In Deuteronomy 28, Almighty God YAHWEH, told Moses that He would Bless the Nations by making it RAIN (WATER), but, Israel would have to worship the True Living God only, and keep His Commands, and not worship any other false gods (small letter 'g'). PLEASE READ DEUTERONOMY 28.All Scientists in

    the World, including CERN Geneva, say that the most abundant Element in the World is Hydrogen (God Particle). Hydrogen 2 Oxygen = WATER… WATER= LIFE. Saint Peter said 2000 years ago in 2 Peter 3 Verse 5 in The Holy Bible: They purposely ignore the fact that long ago God gave a command, and the heavens and the earth were created. The earth was formed out of WATER (Hydrogen/God Particle) and by WATER (HOLY SPIRIT of YAHWEH).

    The Holy Bible John 19 Verse 34: One of the soldiers, however, plunged his spear into JESUS's side, and at once BLOOD and WATER (HOLY SPIRIT of YAHWEH/GOD PARTICLE) poured out.

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    God Bless! The manna in the DESERT was the Holy Eucharist, the Body of Christ. Everything begins and ends at the CROSS.

    There is many places in The Holy Bible where we can compare Almighty God YAHWEH to Our Lord JESUS Christ. The Jews must just read Psalm 22, Psalm 110, Isaiah 52 and 53 and Jeremiah 31 Verses 31 to 35, and the Jews will see the similarity.

    ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////The Holy Bible is TRUTH.

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    John 19 Verse 34: One of the soldiers, however, plunged his spear into JESUS' side, and at once BLOOD and WATER (WATER=Hydrogen2Oxygen=God Particle=LIFE) poured out.

    2000 years ago Saint Peter said in 2 Peter 3 Verse 5: They purposely ignore the fact that long ago God gave a command, and the Heavens and Earth were created. THE EARTH WAS FORMED OUT OF WATER (WATER=Hydrogen2Oxygen=God Particle=LIFE) AND BY WATER (HOLY SPIRIT of the FATHER YAHWEH).

    2) Genesis 3 Verse 8: That evening, Adam and Eve heard the Lord God WALKING (God has LEGS) in the Garden, and they hid from Him among the trees. But the Lord God CALLED OUT (God has a MOUTH and a VOICE) to the man, "Where are you?" (God was LOOKING for Adam and Eve, so God has EYES). Genesis 18 Verse 1 and 2: The Lord (1) appeared to Abraham at the sacred trees of Mamre. As Abraham was sitting at the entrance of his tent during the hottest part of the day, he looked up and saw *THREE MEN STANDING THERE*(3).

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    So, if you want India to flourish with the Blessings of WATER, then you will have no choice but to Worship the True Living God, YAHWEH the HOLY SPIRIT, Who is present in Our Lord JESUS Christ. If not.. your beautiful Country with it's beautiful people will die because of a lack of WATER just like all Muslim Countries have turned into a DESERT. (WATER=LIFE). JESUS says, "I AM the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE" (John 14 Verse 6). And in another part of the Scripture Jesus says, "Whoever is thirsty should come to me and drink. Whoever BELIEVES in me, streams of LIFE-GIVING WATER will pour out from his heart."

    In the Middle East, all Muslim Countries have turned into barren, dead and lifeless DESERTS and Eastern pagan religions will not help the people at all. Muslims are tricked into worshiping Satan because Satan wants to be worshiped "LIKE" a god in the DESERT (Luke 4 Verse 7), in order to STEAL worship from the True Living God (Capital Letter "G") YAHWEH, the HOLY SPIRIT, who is present in Our Lord JESUS Christ. The Time is running out, and the next War will be because of WATER.. So what YOU going to do?

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    All Blessings come from the True Living God ABOVE. Please read Deuteronomy 28.

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    Read The Holy Bible, The WORD of the Living and Loving God.

    God Bless!!!

    Atheists are only contributing to Climate Change, for the worse. Islam is bad, but Atheism is also bad.

  21. Islam is dangerous for right reasons, unfortunately : many peoples adopted it just to have the courage up to death to proceed to revolutions, even though like all revolutions it most often leads to tyrannies. Mohammed was not a saint but he was not a scoundrel neither as he could not stand the sight of economic injustice wrought by avarice. Mohammed was hard with women because it is a fact that women in economic power are worse than men against the poor, and generally pressure their man into egoism.

  22. I can agree to a 50% of what you are saying but because of the other 50% that I totally disagree and is that God has made himself revealed to man, and is a fact that Yeshuah the Messiah came in flesh and died in the cross because He love you and He declared that as Heaven is real, hell is real, so get real and trust in the one that paid the price for your sin, and stop be a blind leading more blind people to Hell. Heavenly Father have mercy on your life and the ones you are leading wrong too. Jesus the Christ brought salvation and a real relationship to God the Father,and to His Throne of mercy. By grace alone we are save and is not our making ..and is the Bible..I advise the N.K.J.V. GOD bless you.

  23. That Islam is really horrible…I thought it was just a religion but it is a super dangerous ideology…like communism and nazism.

  24. “the good will do the best they can, the worst will do the worst they can, but if you want to make good people do wicked things, you’ll need religion”. Christopher Hitchens, after Stephen Weinberg.

  25. @Amin Navabi if there is no god. Then world should have majority people atheist. Why only like Millions people. Can u answer me one question. Can u see oxygen(air)? But u belive there is oxygen. This called trust. Same way we belive there is allah(one god).

  26. Bottom line is he will burn in hell from which he was always afraid because God sed i will fill the hell with non believers

  27. I was raised as a Chistian kid (not Roman Catholic) and I loved Jesus and had a ery good time with very good people. I am so sorry for the pain
    that Islamic and RC kids feel. It is the really intelligent kids who are the most sensitive who suffer so much. That guy Mohammad with his crazy
    primitive religion who today1400 later causes these problems for good people. At the bottom of this is the lust for power and/or money then and years
    later that is causing so much of a problem. If you want a nice clean job with no really hard work become an Imam or an RC priest.

  28. This is exactly one of the major Dangers that Islam overcast on people, it mutilated their thinking and their trust in God. I am not talking them into God, But I have noticed that there are so many Egyptians and Saudis out there that renounced God not because they do not believe in Him rather disbelieve in Islam once they realize what Islam is all about.

  29. I feel sorry for you for leaving ISLAM. At least after punishment you had the chance of going to heaven. But unfortunately now you lost that chance.

  30. This is a clear example of spreading hate. If you’re an atheist and that’s what brings you happiness and purpose in your life then that’s wonderful. But to devote your time and energy trying to prove to the world that Islam is terrible and the belief of God is incorrect, is not bringing positivity and enlightenment to our world. Devote your time to being a support group for other atheists instead of bombarding Muslim people who are just going about their daily worship and PEACEFUL lives with your foolishness.

    There’s bad and good in everything. I can sit behind my computer and list hundreds of reasons why atheism is foolish and prove it with scientific reasoning. But why should I do that. If this belief brings you comfort and reason in your life then I’m support of it , even if I have different views.

    So, Instead of shining light on negativity and hate shed light on positivity. You obviously didn’t have a positive experience in Islam and I’m sorry for that, so share your story and share how Athiesm has been a positive influence in your life instead of bashing Islam. That will influence many more atheists than convert devote Muslims to adopt your views.

    Thanks 😘

  31. So sad! Islam is horrible and evil! But it is sad that he went from Islam to believing in nothing at all. There is a Creator Of the universe and we are that Divine Spark.

  32. The statement that "THERE IS NO GOD" is illogical and irrational.
    We are not a random event. The foodcrops,water,oxygen,clouds,sunlight, etc all created in the right manner for our survival. Therefore there is somebody up there caring and almighty who helps we humans to survive. That is GOD.

  33. When he got to the bit about nice muslims ignoring Islam is when i realised he’s talking horse shit. I personally know scores of muslims practicing in great detail who are very good people. This chap may have been born a muslim but he doesn’t know Islam.

  34. This video proves that Satan is always busy. This guy trying to discredit Islam because his parents had No Knowledge. Also the ppl around him. This is what happens when religion is passed on to the next generation without the true FAITH. Classic example: rich kids who have been given everything and never had to work. Then, the ones who had to work for every penny (like the early Muslims). How different will the 2 groups view wealth? I'm a convert to Islam and PROUD OF IT. Also, I can defend it from the onslaught from any Liar and Fool. Like the early ones did 😁👌💯

  35. The funny thing is your understanding of Islam was not what Islam was I.e making up your families prayers etc I don’t know where this comes from I have never heard this before as a Muslim nor read it.

    But why do you have the put a fight against Islam you are disrespecting people’s right to believe you want the right to disbelieve so why are you creating a movement for people to not have the right to believe in God

    Come on you make no sense really

  36. Lol this guy is a blatant liar even the Quran quote his mistranslated the 3-6 line lol … his agendas is to try is best to make ignorant people go and kill innocent Muslims….I challenge you if your mission is sincere please call out mufti menk or zakir naik , or dr shabir , or bilal Philips … if you make them become atheist too I promise I’ll carry on with this atheist mission!

  37. Lol yea now Islam is growing really fast and we have to do something to stop it good luck trying to stop the one who created you and the whole universe…you see in Islam preaches we never focus on stopping other religions we only try to make other Muslims and people looking for answers in Islam more knowledgeable of the light of Islam… good luck fool!

  38. What a great guy, it's scary how similarly my own experience parallels with mr Navabi concerning my personal path to anti-theisum, with the small exception that it was Christianity as opposed to Islam. it's a little reminder of how damaging any religion can be. We atheists are all connected, by logic, by reason and many of us have experienced the dark side of religious fundamentalism first hand. It's a confusing scary time when you are beginning to realise the "truths" which we are told are uncontestable from infancy, (often by those we are closest to and trust the most) are just ancient lies. Great to see one of us voicing the shared truth of our story so eloquently. hopefully it will inspire others currently in the same situation as we once were to be brave and steadfast in their resolve to uncover the truth and come to terms with the reality of life without any gods. Wishing you all the best from your brother in logic and reason 👌✌❤😊

  39. What does this man do؟؟ during his life as a Muslim he didn,t read many verses in the Koran that talk about the mercy of God….God's forgiveness … God's kindness with man…he only read about hell!!!

    Unfortunately, if he does not repent, his end will be bad and famous, and in the end there is no time to go back and correct his mistakes…and in the end he will discover how clever it is to be in this tragic way

  40. It seems to me that after watching and listening to the Armin Navabi story, he has gone from one extreme to the other. For example, he has gone from believing in a God to now believing in no God. To thinking that a religion was good; to now thinking that religion is now bad. So he thinks that he has solved his problem by now becoming an atheist and non believer who trys to convince others that his thinking is logical. What proof does Armin Navabi and other atheists have to convince someone like me, who believes that there is a God, that there is no God?

  41. So I was a Born Again Christian. My question is, What does religion do to a truly peaceful person grounded in a faith of something better after death and without religion after, death.

  42. Sorry Armin. I really like your charactor of person. My plan is not to change you. But my belief brought issues to challenge me too.

  43. I always say to people do you believe i can fly they say no then why would you believe a book or life that no one has ever seen what a waste of time

  44. TheThinkingAtheist Too bad you have not looked into Christianity and not met real Jesus to really know the truth, because when I was atheist and looking I got an answer to His existence.

  45. Armin Navabi just don't understand Islam. He never read the quran and never understand what quran says. He only hear what his teachers, islamic scholars, parents etc taught him. God says in the Quran says in 17:36 "You shall not accept any information unless you verify it yourself. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight and the brain, and you are responsible for using them."
    Don't follow the people blindly. In order to truly understand Islam is to read and follow the Quran, the whole quran and nothing but the quran.
    Please visit these and understand the true Islam God willing. Submission (means Islam in arabic). Peace to all and God bless.

  46. To all Iranians. Where did Khomeini spend 15 years of exile ? …in France. And when he came back how many centuries did he catapulted Iran back ? I was just looking at extremist orthodox Jews woman clothing, no way u could tell its Iranian full burqa or jewish . I think Jewish community is pampered in Iran too. No one would dare approach them, right ?
    Paris 15 yrs, Iran back to dark ages in the name of ALLAH (which one?). Jews similarities. ….

    What does all this tell you ?
    Iranians wake up.
    Whose really governing you ?
    You re no different than Saudi arabia

  47. Your a very, very horrible person i hope you drop dead , how are you not in jail yet ? Your a disgrace to the human race shame on you i hope you never have children

  48. We think also the same thing about All religions….i have love in my heart…i think this is what de humans should think and be All together…. man i love you…ty…check my web site… if you want To Join … the 10 of July ls the international day for women without the Veil….

  49. all Islam will ever bring is war death poverty starvation bigotry hate misery suffering lies and the destruction of humanity Islam was made to murder the human race Islam was made by evil it's self

  50. The Athiests here are speaking like they understand Islam and there own creation so much. Regardless of your fear, Allah will deal with you accordingly. Stop trying to drive people away from religion. If you wanna stay away from it then do what you want. But keep it to yourself. And to this dude in the video, he is speaking as if he is the most knowledgeable person. All this bullshit you just said in your videos are EASILY refuted. When you meet your lord, pray that he has mercy on your soul.

  51. I find it interesting that a video like this showing a religion for its true colours, no one from that religion is here defending it? Could it be the followers who watched this are now atheist?

  52. I am sorry Armin for not having been guided right or not at all. And I am sorry that you suffered at such a young age. This may be your ultimate test. May Allah free you from all sins and give you solace of heart.

  53. Wow Armin! U claim to know God doesn't exist. Can u guarantee that? Once u die and confirm can u tell us? But wait…if there is no creator u will never even wake up to even confirm…but if there is a creator…what then!?

  54. You are an incredible person and I am not talking about religion. You were so concerned about the fate of your parents at such a young age, who can't be moved by that.
    I agree with you about some religions; in the west we have laws and collective moral values, our morality can change as we evolve and learn more about ourselves and the world in which we live. Unsurprisingly, some of our moral values are aligned with some religion's morality. The problem occurs when you have a religion which has conflicting morality which would cause our laws to be broken and this religion refuses to re-evaluate their morality because it comes from their interpretation of their God's wishes.

  55. what's amazing IS the atheist is AMAZED by his dum conclusion. your already don't accept the supernatural . Explain to me why your logic is AFRAID OF GOD even the smallest evidence of him? what he prove its OKAY to be an atheist and have these question ????

  56. I love this man but I don’t think it’s fair to condemn ALL religions just because he was a member of the most toxic and oppressive religion. My God teaches indiscriminate love which I think is the greatest virtue in all existence whether God exists or not and I have a real historical figure who demonstrated that who I also believe is the son of God

  57. Armin, REMEMBER, reformist or atheist you are going to have the world follow in your thought process, what’s crucial is where all of you are eventually going to end up.. if you cannot lead them to the ‘One True Living God’ who promises Eternal Salvation and Peace with ‘HIM’, then know that you were going to burn and will continue to burn for eternity with them all..
    Mind you, a leader or a teacher has more critical a judgment and a higher pronounced punishment..
    May ‘The One True Living God’ be with you in your efforts, and please don’t end up where u feared you were going..

  58. You call us selfish because we in the west only worry about the threat of violent Islam to our selves , but remember that the balanced western mind also has to take in to consideration the non interference in other peoples believe and countries . It's not easy !


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