Are You Truly Praying?

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True prayer, Not the prayer that you use as a spare wheel, One that is like a steering wheel. There should be four things, 1) Helplessness, 2) Thankfulness, Oh, you are writing? 1) Helplessness, 2 ) Thankfulness,
3) Heartfulness and 4) Selflessness. If these four things are present,
then your prayer is true, Four things: Helplessness – you should not have an ego, See, Draupadi prayed to Lord Krishna
and He came. Why was He late? He was not late, she was late
in crying out to Him. At first, she felt,
‘I will hold on to the end of my sari,’ ‘I will save myself.’ Then, she felt, ‘Bhishma Pitamah
and others will surely stop this.’ ‘His father, my father-in-law,
everyone will stop it.’ My husband is here, Arjuna is here,
Bhima is here, When all help failed, Then out of helplessness,
it will not come from ego, From helplessness arose,
‘Hey Govind!’ And He appeared, He said, “I was not late, you were late.” “You yet had security in your husband
and money, relationships etc.” “If you had ignored all these
things and come directly,” “I would have come very fast.” Prahlad called out immediately,
and I emerged from the pillar. He said, “I have not come late.
You called out late, so the delay.” See, there was one son, the father
supported the son in every way. He gave him a good education,
moral support, money, advices, etc. Whatever was possible,
the father did for the son. And the son acquired a wonderful job. Very nice. A grand cabin in the office in
one of the best companies of the world. And he was very happy. He was in the office. One day, the father
decided to visit his son. And he was very impressed. It was such a big office, and his cabin was
very grand and he was sitting on the chair. You know, there was a desk and chair, So, the father is going towards him
and stood behind him, He placed his hands on his son’s
shoulders and said, “Son, who is the most
powerful person on this earth?” Internally he expected,
that the son would say, “It’s you, Dad.” Because, it was with so much support
that he was able to reach this position, right. So, he expected that his name
would be spoken, Because he would not forget
all the support, right? So, he expected he would say,
“Of course you, Dad.” But he said, “I am the most
powerful person.” The dad was shocked. His eyes welled up with tears, And he began to leave the office. Because, if my son is so egoistic,
what is the point of staying with him? So, he went towards the
door, and asked again, “Do you really feel
you are the most powerful person?” So, that fellow says, the son says,
very innocently, “No Dad, it’s you.” “A few seconds ago, you said ‘I’.” The son said, “At that time,
your hands were on my shoulders.” “Only when I am with you, do I feel
like the most powerful person on earth.” “Now that you have taken away your hands,
I am nothing.” So, your true prayer
has one thing – helplessness. I am nothing without You. And I am complete with You. When I have got You,
I do not want anything. I do not want a Mercedes,
I do not want anything. And without You, I am nothing. 1) Helplessness, 2) Thankfulness, Thankfulness means
a sense of gratitude for two things: Listen carefully, 1) For all that He has given us. 2) For all that He has not given us. You will realise this later, We feel – I wanted admission into
Medical college and I did not get it. If there is a God,
would He do such a thing? Do you expect God to give 25 crore
people admission in one college? So, at that time you don’t understand, You feel, God does not love me. For your spiritual progress,
you must have this one faith, God loves me the most. If that faith breaks,
your downfall starts. He loves me the most.
At least I have this feeling. Whether there is a world of people
or not – I don’t know, But even if there is,
He loves me the most. But that does not mean
He has to fulfil all my wishes. That does not mean, His wish must be fulfilled. Thy will be done. So, thankfulness for two things – for what
He has given, and for what He has not given. If He gives you a car,
say thank You for that. And if He has not given you a car
also say thank You. You must be – you know, Then you must use your mind in that way. So, a true prayer has helplessness,
with that is your completeness. 2) Thankfulness, 3) Heartfulness, Purity of heart, purity of head,
purity of purpose. There should be purity in the purpose
of your prayer. An English, Scotish and Irish,
the three got together. They were all going to hell. They were crying and were very sad. Then the person taking them to hell
granted them one wish each. The English fellow said, “I want to spend some time in an English club.” You know English people
are fond of clubs etc. He named such a club,
that was close to his house. He thought, I’ll go to the club,
spend some time there and then go home. And I will be saved from hell. God put him in the club. I didn’t want to say God, but it got spoken, Because God does not get into sending
people to heaven and hell, Else when will He abide in His soul? Then, the Scotish came,
“What is your wish?” Scottish people are fond of pubs, “I want to go to this pub.” He thought he
would spend some time and then go home. The Irish was asked, “What do you want?” He said, “I want both of them back here.” How did you benefit from this prayer? Instead, you go to a club or a pub. But you do not have
any purity at all! You want something bad to happen to another,
no matter if nothing good happens to you! “I want both of them back here.” What did you do?
You wasted their wishes also! So there has to be heartfulness. Purity of head, purity of heart,
purity of purpose. And the last is,
4) Selflessness. In the joy of others, lies yours. Short – like a sutra (aphorism) In the joy of others, lies my joy. This should become a belief, not a mood. When you are in the mood, you go out
and help everyone during the rains, In the cold, you go and cover
people with blankets, Then, you will forget
whether others exist or not. Your seva should not be your mood, it should
be your belief, your vision, your attitude. In the joy of others, lies yours. There was a game, Everyone was gathered in a room and
given balloons. They were told to write
their names on the balloons. So, each person wrote their name. Then all the balloons
were gathered together. They were to be put in one place, or whatever. They were all mixed up. And then they were told, find your own balloons “All the balloons will be thrown around;
find your own balloon and bring it.” Imagine, 100 balloons,
which are mixed up. Your name is there – but it’s all mixed up. It can become so stressful to find your balloon
amongst these 100 balloons. And everyone else is
also looking for their one balloon, So they also bang into each other etc. It was a very tough job. Then the speaker said,
“Rather than that,” “Give whichever balloon you have,
to its owner – whoever’s name is on it.” “Then automatically, someone will come
and give you the balloon with your name.” So, in the joy of others, lies yours. You feel, “I got my balloon,
that’s all.” Instead, give the other person their balloon,
“Is this your name – here is your balloon.” Very simple. When Pramukhswami Maharaj went to
Jerusalem and to the Wailing Wall, I had also gone in 2012, to the Wailing Wall. It is in the Jewish area. The Christian area ends and
the Jewish area starts, there is a Wailing Wall. There, you seek repentance
for your mistakes, you pray, You write your prayer on a piece of paper
and put it between two stones. When Pramukhswami Maharaj went to Israel,
he asked for a flower and he placed it there. He asked for a second flower
and placed it there as well. And then he closed his eyes in prayer. So His disciples – monks,
present thought, “What did Bapa pray?” They asked, “Why did you place a flower
here? What did you pray, Bapa?” He said, I prayed that “Till now, whoever has
prayed here; may their prayer be fulfilled.” “But then why did you ask
for the second flower?” “Whoever will come here and pray,
may their prayer be fulfilled too.” See, this is a beautiful message. 1) Helplessness, 2) Thankfulness,
3) Heartfulness, 4) Selflessness.

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