Are You Offended By The N-Word?

Posted By on October 18, 2019

hey Star report Wednesday night
exclusive I’ve got an exclusive for you guys tonight
and I stumbled upon it but keep in mind the hater misses nothing okay
Walmart Oh on the screen Walmart unveils new health center in Dallas Georgia I
was there I posted a little video on my um my Instagram page I’ve got some notes
primary care dental herring counseling optometry labs and x-rays Walmart
putting their mac down huh this is the first the first of its kind Dallas
Georgia I was done I don’t even know how I got there I I Drive a lot and I was
talking to Ronnie I’m gonna bring Ronnie and Shirley and I pulled in to the
parking lot and I was going to go pick up some some jello you know to bleach my
teeth and I saw this big-ass sign is said Walmart health what rock and I
filmed it and put it up on my ID page but here it is
POW huh Dallas George Walmart unveils enhanced store experience and first-ever
health center holy smokes also others other sources are Forbes CNBC how do you
feel can you now go to Walmart and get a root canal an abortion at an affordable
price will they take you know whatever health insurance you have certainly they
will right we’ll talk about that also uh this young lady I think she’s my new
favorite actress now yeah Gina Rodriguez the n-word I know you want to talk about
it some of you sent me emails you know she apologized and Who am I to say who
can and who can’t use the n-word you know it’s it’s pop culture now isn’t it
isn’t it hip-hop cardi B slang in a way yo my negative
that nigga once upon a time I was on an island by myself for those who are from
the New York area my show was it syndicated then hot 97 what year was
that the song with JLo and Ja Rule I tell them nigga my point um I thinks I’m
real JLo said in the song I told them niggas
mind their bismuth they don’t hear me though I had to learn because the
station told me it’s a hit star we’re gonna play it ja Rule co-signed ur Yoshi
from the hood yo it’s all good right for those of you for those of you who
remember all that dust I kicked up you told me let it go she one of us I said
okay so now I don’t say shit but this young lady she apologized I have her
apology oh and it’s it looks like it’s heartfelt to me we’ll talk about that
tonight the second topic are you offended by the n-word phone lines are
open cash at superjet is it really the n-word or is it a variation of it it’s
something you know is it a term of endearment now I mean you know listen
I’m 55 years of age I don’t like to hear it in my my personal life you’ve heard
me say that before I don’t like you know people addressing me yo my nigga yo yo
just behind the scenes texting and shit like that I just I’m not there but in
terms of entertainment I don’t give a fuck fuck what you say but yeah she
apologized we’ll talk about that tonight she had an Instagram post for those who
know she was singing one of the Fugees songs and she says she’s sorry deeply
sorry do you forgive her hmm we’ll talk about that also uh thank you
for all the updates on Cuba Gooding jr. Oh have you seen the memes up on my my
upon my Twitter page we gotta we gotta put some respect where respect is due we’ll talk about that shortly all right
anyway um drinking Otis black tea tonight yeah I got to get focused
because I have a meeting tomorrow morning 11:00
I’m gonna bleach my teeth later on tonight going Hollywood again I’ll keep
you up to speed but let me get Bostic money on the line early Ronnie are you
there a matter of fact I’m calling you hard core Ronnie what are you there are
you good good good I need your assistance tonight and let
me just tell people how I stumbled upon this Walmart I was driving heading back
up to Woodstock somehow I was going through Dallas Georgia and I said Ronnie
have you ever heard of a Walmart health and you said no and I said well let me
pull over and film this so I did you then googled it and can you take it from
there this is the first of its kind and and what do you perceive this to be
please yeah so as you said you outlined all of the services because initially
when you started talking about it I thought maybe you were just exaggerating
or being facetious you know and listing all of the things that mental say this
old niggas going crazy well I wasn’t sure of you were just
making a joke because you know who would have ever thought you could if you feel
like you’re gonna kill yourself you just go to Walmart you know so I look it up
and in addition to all the services that you stated but inside but they’ve rolled
out an essential pet care at that location so it’s for all of your
veterinary services for your dogs in your cat hey
so yeah you and your pet you and your four-legged friends yeah routine
vaccinations pet vaccinations treatments and key features and a lot of notes here
so again I just want to let people know this is the first of its kind this store
was launched when September the 13th according to the information we pulled
yes Friday September 13th which was a pay day that was very conveniently time
for them and in terms of their grand opening so you can get
so get like Fitness nutritional services you know there’s no author to visit it’s
low transparent pricing I have some some prices for you yeah when I hang on a
second because this is your area of knowledge with regards to online
purchase saying versus a brick-and-mortar if I’m saying that
correctly I think this is a great thing do you find any issues with this before
we move forward Walmart now stepping into the health health center business well you know it’s tricky it’s like you
said you know what’s next are people gonna go there to have an abortion you
know I I did notice that there although they’re providing a lot of services
they’re not offering gynecological services but could you just imagine you
know you go there to have your abortion or they add a labor and delivery wing
and you just roll up to Walmart to have your baby or you know or if they started
providing emergency or cosmetic services so you can shot you just go to Walmart
or you know you want to get your body done you just go to Walmart so now are
they competing with Amazon you know just off the top I think this is a great
thing I mean I was surprised and again I had to film it I said Ryan let me call
you back this is I’ve never seen this before
are they competing with Amazon what’s next is Amazon coming with a healthcare
center well Amazon has already ventured into
the healthcare industry going back a couple years ago when they spent almost
a billion dollars by buying a pill pack which is an online you know for your
prescriptions so they’re still in the stages of acquiring different length
licenses to be able to ship to different states right now they can ship to two
states but it’s for Walmart this is a real game-changer
yeah in terms of healthcare not just for Walmart but also for the consumer
because you’re directly in a driver seat in terms of accessibility and
affordability but this is a very winning business
model for them because they have the standalone facilities already Amazon
would have to build out that infrastructure in order to compete with
them okay now hang on a second because there’s another is it an official
Walmart health center so something’s going on in South Carolina you and I
need to research that within the last hours so uh what is that is that some
type of third party outfit oh is that yeah it’s a third party clinic and it
doesn’t offer nearly all of the services that that this facility offers in fact
the website refers to it as the first ever Walmart health center the press
release for this facility that you visited but you know Walmart is visited
by over a hundred and forty million people every week right so I’m one of
them I’m in the matrix yeah you say right so
they obviously they’re first to market with this sort of business model so they
pretty much already have the upper hand and they have a captive audience okay
folks phone lines are open also we’re going to be talking to it
about the young actress Gina actress Gina Rodriguez I’ve seen
one of her films I can’t remember remember the name of it right now but um
the reason why I called you hardcore Ronnie at first you said or where do you
stand let me just say that with regards to her apologizing for the usage of you
know I’m gonna say a variation of the n-word I don’t think it was the n-word
per se she was reciting a Fugees song on Instagram and she quickly turned around
within a day or two days and apologized what do you stand on that it’s not
something I mean of course people are talking about about it so I’ve been made
aware of it but you know it’s it’s not something I would ever find
self getting up in arms over I before this story I didn’t know who this woman
was I don’t care I know that people are
selective in terms of you know who is allowed
you know so-called allowed to use the wording who is not because you know Fat
Joe he doubles down on the fact that he’s been saying the word all his life
and he’ll continue to say it and who you know so a lot of people you even had to
Cauchy who when he expressed about saying it he said was going to stop me
right right right right well you know again I don’t wanna go too
far back because it’s a different different day in time now and I don’t
know if it’s acceptable to the masses I do know that the older generation and
I’ll even say my generation they had the chance once upon a time to lay down some
type of law you know or try to put some type of parameters around who could and
who couldn’t say it and I don’t think they ever did I remember Russell Simmons
giving MC serch you know a pass to say the n-word to say the n-word and an
insert which is out of control for a lot of years I have to say he’s just very
very loose with his mouth you know um and other people have said the n-word or
variations of it so I don’t New York Lee or to Leo I’ve never heard Lyoko insane
and and and truthfully he’s always been a very stand-up guy to me cut me a six
figure checks oh he’s good money with me but Tim the point is you know I don’t
know if the younger generation even cares about that now everyone is you
know hypersensitive and I accept her apology she seems sincere I want to read
it at some point numb you know I don’t know what else to say I’m not gonna like
yours are ya counselor I’m not gonna do that what
about you yeah no I’m not gonna cancel something listen it’s it’s all in the
music we already know that white people are the biggest consumers of hip-hop
music in terms of actually spending money so you know if you don’t want them
say it because that’s what she was doing is I didn’t hear her say it but I I you
know I’m aware of what happened she was reciting Lauryn Hill’s first on a
particular song so you can’t you know license certain people to use a word if
you’re going to put it out for public consumption okay we’re gonna take some
phone calls tonight um good evening folks please do not call me with music
in the background or the television blasting area code 302 are you there
good evening 302 sir I’m good good okay exclusive Walmart health care services
you can’t I mean it sounds like something different I got a different
take on it I don’t know if I necessarily trust Walmart with my health you know
what I mean okay okay you what I’m saying
they kind of like watch their bottom line a little too much for my health be
an enemy listen I’m in a Walmart heavy every time I want to fucking a sale I’m
in a Walmart I’m pushing people out the way of the fucking cart I was buying
like four or five things of Kool Aid the other night you know I’m a woman so now
yeah yeah truthfully you know if there’s something there that I need something
for a minor health finger and it doesn’t if the lines not long I’ll probably go
there Bobby okay all right like minor surgery to have a sister removed or if I
have something wrong with one of my corneas at why not one we’re all in the
mess but we’re all in the matrix let’s not play that game sir why are you
against one more are you one of those people out I’d say you know it’s
doomsday yeah where are you coming from I love warm I like like we all do but
like you said for kool-aid I don’t know about blood
you know me okay do you take any type of medication Ali type of a heart
medication and a penis erectile disfunction anything along those lines
nah man I’m still young man so everything’s working properly still not
good yeah any thoughts on the n-word sir actress Gina Rodriguez she apologized
she’s I’m deeply sorry thoughts on that um I mean I’m not black so I’m not
offended by the word I just you know I speak my black friends when I talk about
it when there’s still one more quote quote in song lyrics I don’t think it
should be that out of line you know I mean okay tell me about your black
friends as opposed to your friends who just happen to be black me but your
black black friends I mean there’s no difference there’s no distinction okay
yeah what’s your background are you Asian East Indian Hispanic would you sir
oh I am I am have Asian I’m half Japanese and half white man okay okay so
now are you offended if someone says an Asian slang or a variation of it do you
then get up and on to say whoa that’s offensive do you do that well nah I mean
growing up I always fought just cuz you know I am Asian I’m a minority or half
of one I kind of got more leeway with other minorities you know we we choke
took about each other you know how we that’s how we get along fine common
ground okay all right thank you for calling here have a good night thank you
thank you for checking in make Rani’s scream Riggs sends in a super chat if
you are feeling suicidal you can go buy a shot a shotgun or see a therapist in
the same fucking place praise Jesus yeah hold on I said running with my back
to you because you and I were talking about some things earlier I don’t forget
what we spoke about fire started hey man good to see you he says read my super
chat in full we don’t forgive her like we don’t forgive your dirty ok ok you’re
talking really greasy sir now we’re not reading that informants
sorry I don’t own you – can’t do it thank you thank you and the hose the
hose way when you say we don’t forgive her who are you
I think that’s what maybe we should point out tonight as well who doesn’t
forgive Gina Rodriguez and why not and and did JLo ever say I’m sorry oh did
she just say chef that’s why I saw her do on The Today Show nced
okay he’s sent in a super chat that I forgot to read poor Mia that was
yesterday he says I wouldn’t forgive the officer nor the DJ from Florence South
Carolina who allegedly spread AIDS yeah I saw that story I don’t know what do
you want to say it’s what should we say if anything chicks were laying down you
know the number good morning the number of the number estimates of the amount of
women involved I’m hearing are as high as 700 I to me that number sounds almost
impossible but I don’t know has he been arrested I I didn’t even pay attention
to the stories he’s been arrested allegedly he has but you know it’s hard
trying to find a credible news source for that situation I thought it was just
a whole lot of gossip and cloud chasing so I just that kind of said you know I’m
not interested but don’t I thank you uh MCN for your soup chat so area code
three one zero creating three one oh I’m talking about our Walmart unveils a new
health center in Dallas Georgia are you up to speed
do you know okay cheerio let’s go to area code hmm
61 good evening 61 are you there you hey good evening
hey star what’s up man how are you good good it’s lumpy
hey I’m human officer lumpy Gromit hey I just swaddle pologize I haven’t been
able to help you with some things behind the scenes so that’s okay I’m good but
I’m not that good do you still have a job you selling the
force of course I still got six years left okay yeah we had yeah we haven’t
spoke in a while do you want to reference anything about what happened
or what’s going on Fort Worth Texas so do you want to join the conversation
tonight about the other topics Walmart they’ve got a brand new Help Center in
Dallas Georgia so they’re offering a lot of things and I’m sure you know
abortions and other things will be available soon but Tim also actors Gina
Rodriguez yep the speech she said the n-word she sang it and now she
apologized what do you think you know I’m glad and aren’t a lot of the Latin
people wouldn’t like the music industry and particularly hip-hop use that word
so why is it such a big deal now because it’s in a different to a different
audience that she talks to you know and I think that roles may be picked up some
dust but at the same time I have to respect the trolls because if you ask me
the older generation let a lot of shit go and even if people grow even people
are Hispanic or Latin as you just said you are if someone were to reference you
by a variation or a a Hispanic a slang word or disrespect how would you feel you know in my line of work I’ve become
desensitized a lot of things because I you know that’s just kind of how I feel
about being a cop you always have a target on your back so I’ve been called
everything under the Sun ah I am particular and not really bothered by it
but um I am engaged to a beautiful black woman and uh we’re gonna have a daughter
and you know that’s something in my youth that’s something in my youth that
that’s a word that I definitely use that I don’t really want to use moving
forward and I haven’t in a while but yeah yeah just because of the
environment but now that I’m creating a new environment for myself I don’t
really wanna at least look with my friends from the neighborhood not not at
work and definitely not with different groups of people but again people that I
was comfortable with that are of similar backgrounds whether it’s black or
Hispanic okay but yeah I mean I can see why why it upsets people but I mean
listen man we we can have an opinion about everything in that’s today’s
societies that we can talk about everything well hang on a second now you
say you’re engaged to a beautiful black woman don’t she use the n-word or
variant and variation of it keep it real if the white girl and lumpy lumpy does
she use it yes or no please no no she does not
and I don’t believe she’d never used a bleeding
Ronny’s do you want to jump in and talk to the officer he’s uh he and I would do
some work behind the scenes what do you think I don’t know it sounds like he’s
hiding something why Ronnie drop the n-bomb once and while I’ve heard him grow up with a silver spoon I can assure
you she doesn’t use it is what it is I’m not gonna use it with your audience or
with you but yes you know if I ever bought you a coffee or
I said hey before I let you go any thoughts with regards to what happened
in Fort Worth Texas the the now fired officer who shot the
28 year old woman at Tiana Jefferson any thoughts on that scary situation working
in those states where you know firearms are easy easier accessible and easier to
carry I know New Yorkers hardest hit to get a gun license I’m fortunate to
really not deal with those situations because if it’s something out of ten
times of Samba did a gun at probably in a legal firearm and I’m gonna keep my
finger on the trigger okay all right so you don’t have any real
opinion about the you know the woman getting shot down there and the the the
former officer who never identified himself they did knock on the door they
just went went around to the backyard with the flashlights no thoughts on that
no comments I mean he just might suck as a police officer and rest in peace that
lady okay won’t be good to talk to you man take care hit me up if you need any
more I thought that I’ve been able to help you for money mail I got you man
thank you okay all right police on the check-in yeah Ron yeah yeah you drop the
n-word up in time to time yes or am i snitching hardcore Ronnie you know it
probably it doesn’t sound right because there’s a way that I talked it obviously
doesn’t sound like it’s coming from a person of color
so I heard you drop it about a month ago I said oh shit okay so she spits that
thing right hold on a sec me ablating I must have been excited about something
okay okay we got blade on the check and being a super Chad he says uh Walmart
Health Center is a great thing now thoughts can get their birth control
pills and their uh-oh and their hims surgically repaired at the same place
okay thank you thank you RJ supreme says boss
Hawg Walmart abortion service ain’t the cash cow it’s the potential stench sells
farm they are creating by having people pay for abortions
okay meant to say stem or stent thank you thank you
let’s go to area code um four seven eight
good evening four seven eight are you offended by the N word for seventy good
evening hey how you doing this evening how you
doing running hey I take offense to things easily that’s not our words about Howard I mean
Blackburn we didn’t invent it we didn’t call ourselves Ian’s word so really if
you want to be technical buddy you should be acting right people who’s
allowed to use anywhere because that’s where they created it
why you okay I’ve heard that argument before but there are other words that
are used to disrespect slander other cultures and they don’t give a fuck who
created the word they’re not accepting it just like you have Hispanics you know
who are not accepting a racial slur towards them how do you feel about that and that is true like you said I’m about
to say the word on YouTube but and you said that Hispanics first he gets all
sensitive but obviously you took it to her as being ultra sensitive about that
stuff I’m not a person to get offended by words I’m not really going to defend
it unless you’re trying to do something to me physically and that’s really gonna
generate a response out of me let me say which one I’m jealous like no you want
to do something they’re gonna do it imagine I’m annoyed that sounds great
and I say that with all due respect but do you have children not yet okay okay that sounds great
but now you know hypothetically speaking if you were with your eight-year-old
daughter and some white woman comes by and in
addresses your daughter as the n-word you would be upset you just said it’s
not a big deal it’s just work you take that that’s a little given
because it’s my daughter’s not me right I’ve been called being words by a white
person and they were trying to use it as this type of situation to provoke me I
think it’s totally listening you want to fight throw hands if not keep it pushing
that’s not that my director daughter daughters and children are different
because no you should feel justice about your children
I would imagine I don’t have me yet I want to have some someday but like I say
myself I just can’t I don’t see myself getting riled up with words they’re only
gonna take you how you allow okay any comments any thoughts on Walmart now
offering a health care services changing the game I love all those I love the
monopoly over everything you literally can sustain your entire
existence from that one store why this is a horrible thing it’s not I mean
anything you want going but once week you gotta get be injured or in today’s
why they’re all in that classic Maui close the word move forward I mean you
want it like you want to go back to the farmers market babe you gotta go to
eighty different places and get shaky do the things no it’s all in one place to
get it convenient wrong with the life a living so as far as you know a black mom
and pop you know stores and things like that you know family owned shops you
don’t care about them being a you know diminished or just done away with your
more so concerned with as you already said convenience mom-and-pop shop me
coming bottom pop stores are they anymore period but reality that’s the
price I think that’s a fake business no I’m saying that that has been
argument for decades with regards to communities being you know evaporated
because you know corporations like Walmart come in and just take everything
and and then offer lower prices and then you have everybody that becomes a slave
to the Machine or becomes a part of the matrix a you know the most unfortunate
is okay hey man thank you for you call me take some of those way thank you
thank you okay all right I’ll let you say your piece but there are other
cultures I’m not a hundred percent sure but in New York City you you have the
you have the Korean community I forget where they are of God is it Flushing
Queens or someplace like that and and they they are really against like you
know their businesses being swept up but by corporations like Walmart you know
you’re I’m talking my Ronnie are you familiar Korean
communities and and they’re also in the Manhattan
what is it rounded 30s or 20 20 years I forget do you know money um you mean are
you referring to Chinatown the Koreans not Chinatown but the Korean areas I
think it’s like in the East 30s I’ll double check but hang on a second um
Gemstar of jump-starts ends in a super chat saying ronnie has prior hands
tattooed on her arm like sheek Louch of course of up on me like glue of course
she uses the n-word any comments Ronnie that was probably like my second tattoo
I was very young and yeah okay okay hang on a sec LA’s finest sends in a cash yet
would like to call in about Walmart ok LA’s finest can you shoot me an email
tell me what number you’re calling in from I’m taking the calls hey Natasha
Natasha says in my opinion nobody should use the n-word okay okay I think the the
argument to that is you know how do you stop it you know you what’s that film I
saw years ago many people saw uh Lindsay Lohan what was it Mean Girls was that
the film give us seen that running I think that was the name of it that’s
where she’s going against three girls or they’re going against her yeah and I
think I think was Mean Girls and you got some Asian girl opinion she said yo my
nigga and I was in the movie theater with my girlfriend at the time and the
theater was like ah ha ha they thought it was so funny but if that were you
know a racial slur towards the Asian community it would have been like oh you
know so just want to point that out let me go to every Co 4:04 someone’s on the
line they sent in a cache at let me see if I can pull them up hang on a second
buddy is that the real iMac upon me the real Mac that you will be a Mac you
but at the room at Rose good start it looks crazy I’m gonna tell you man
what’s going on with you ah man over here smoking up man and
listening to your show longtime supporter doesn’t we respect what you’ve
been doing on the stream of a I’m a jerk I’m a Jersey boy myself so you know I’m
saying that down in the a so you already know what it is okay Barney’s from
Jersey also so we got three de Halloween alone tonight
you already know you’re a no Patterson Patterson New Jersey State County
you know hacky sack Bergen County angle at all through that shit you already
know so what do you want to gentle at so uh anyone jump in you your guy last that
the last caller man he know what the fuck he’s talking about first of all
choose my language part foreign language first all you know and let’s start with
the n-word the n-word thing I’m you know I’m from the whole school kind of
situation where you know everybody’s free to do and say what they want to say
but when you you you know it’s like everybody’s using throwing the N word
but they only use it in comfortable situations because I know some people
that don’t play that shit with your white boy and you coming around saying
nigger or your Spanish cat saying nigga you got they do is over here gonna look
at they gonna check you what you’re gonna get you’re gonna get check so you
know III leave that word I let it I just have it as another word in the the
dictionary that people can use one so with regards to the other actress I’m
well but you know she did apologize and you forgive her if you’re one of those
old-school people who him against it you forgive her move on I’m not first of all
you know there’s no even though the forgiving aspect I’m past that because
it for me is just I just know a mindset where she really act and you know I was
just for her to be real with herself knock knock she don’t got to be real
with me because you could put that smile and that cheese on and public and go
behind doors and say I hate them dirty niggas and once that tape leak
you know all it means is that okay now the world knows how you really feel
well she didn’t say ni Jie Zhi er you know she referenced this song with that
that Lauryn Hill made and she even put out at length Lee Leslie apology she
said I’m deeply sorry I’m gonna read it in a second here um you know so uh I
mean truthfully how will you first of all you say you also hold you just
turned 40 okay okay so when JLo said it back in the days
with that song I forget what year that was maybe 2002 I forget I’m real with
with ja Rule you had no issue then general never apologize once again like
I said I don’t know how many Spanish girls was was in the hood Hollerin you
know yo nigger or whatever versity said and you know in entertainment spaces I
guess it is what it is but you you have a spanish girl go anywhere in Brooklyn
or Paterson New Jersey and we want you only have to go to New York you go to
Paterson New Jersey and tell us Spanish girl to call a black chicken niggas be
machine online well said those are not Spanish and
please stop stop dropping the n-word because YouTube does have an algorithm
which I don’t control solutions hold it back the n-word okay those are Hispanic
or Latinos it’s not not they’re not from Spain they speak Spanish but they’re not
Spanish but um alright so um you don’t really you’re not really up in arms
about it’s just it is what it is and you accept it and you just deal with it in
your own way hey you know I say if it really uh there really is someone you
using the term affects you you know I always say can’t handle your business
how you you know when the time is right you know so is if something if I’m
walking down the street and someone says yo ni GGA you know if I’m in that right
frame of mind depending with something with time of day and if I got some time
on my hands I might entertain the the the you know the foolishness but
other than that you know just keep it moving all right Thank You Man thank you
for your call all right hold on a second Ronnie fourth eye sends in a cash app we
have a TL let’s move in on parts of MD next okay are you talking about Walmart okay maybe he’s talk about Walmart hey
Ronnie if you and I can go back to Walmart for a second before we bring
more calls in about the N word and the actress who did apologize you are
bringing up some very good points when we were speaking on the phone about
different what was it some of the stuff you were saying was it their sales and
some of the other terminologies you were using to go to Walmart and their new
health services is running this um well I was just saying that can you hear me
yeah you go yeah I was just saying that I would you know I’d like to see a
national rollout of this business model because not only does it benefit the the
customer directly it exposes the inflated costs associated with medical
services in the healthcare industry you know as everybody knows costs for
medical care in the United States are excessively high because healthcare is
an industry it’s a business now Walmart is they’re also a business but they’ve
taken the initiative to facilitate healthcare in a way that isn’t
unreasonable or excessive as far as pricing okay so overall you think this
is a good thing yes this is a great thing I have some
prices for you if you’re interested to hear please let’s go circle time with
this so a pregnancy test is only ten dollars counseling would be $45 a strep
test would be twenty dollars stitches 115 a yearly checkup 30 for adults 24
kids teeth cleanings $25 teeth whitening teeth whitening 225
I mean you’re going to spend at least 500 for teeth whitening
most places I spent about 575 for that whole the glow kit and I have to order
those goddamn refills you know from time to time great and I have a friend who is
a paramedic and they were telling me about how like people get a pain in
their mouth like a pain and their tooth and the pain gets so severe
they’ll call 9-1-1 so you go to the hospital for you know severe pain in
your mouth you’re looking at a bill that’s gonna be at least $500 you go to
Walmart it’s $50 yeah I think that’s called an abscess isn’t it when you have
that infection that swelling I’ve never had one but that’s what I’ve heard
yeah I’ve never had one myself either I mean it could be a lot of things and
there’s only so much imbecile can do all right anything else to do then bring in
more calls with regards to old Walmart and the N word yeah let’s see if anybody
else has a problem with Walmart health center hey also do you have a Gina
Rodriguez apology in front of you from Instagram awesome take up now yeah it’s
a I found it on the route calm that they they were addressing it hold on a sec
let’s go to every code nine one seven grieving nine one seven are you offended
by the n-word nine eleven seven hello okay nine one seven is busy you call but
you’re not picking up the lines go to area code seven to zero
good evening 7208 hey what’s going on hey talk to me hey I’m back there so
look so as far as the n-word goes I mean this isn’t the only thing that the
public or as far as anybody else that’s not black has taken from us I mean it’s
cool people think it’s cool just one hanger so did you just call in a minute
ago is that you no no sir that was not me okay okay
who are you you said my dad you had enough do you guys think you got another
bum bum caught in a whatever I just turn on your show I got some homework and I’m
glad you is live I’m like the n-word you a bum you said I had another bum on
are you a bum who are you you said your back I don’t know you voice actually not
me sir okay okay yeah definitely not me yeah definitely not me sir okay so yeah
I mean as far as the n-word I mean it’s cool for people to say it now I mean you
know I got you know a lot of ese homies and I had to check them before and I’m
like you know why y’all saying is this niggas shit right now like what’s going
on with this let I thought sorry I thought shining rock with us like what’s
going on with this niggas shit now and then people think it’s cool to say it
like they take it and ask you to stop saying itself because again YouTube is
just not playing that game you know just it’s like you know my bad people caught
you you call these other white YouTube shows and you’re on your best behavior
you know but you want to call them here and you want to just talk yeah you’ll
call the white person’s show and you know you’re pleased about all right this
is the last thing they gonna take forward take from us and it’s gonna be a
lot more to go take from us but now I’m like you know why they so mad why are we
so mad if people are saying you know the n-word and you know we say to each other
all day every day and why are we surprised that they’re taking that from
us now we made it cool they’re gonna take that from this we do anything else
we put any swag we do anything to change any style let’s make it better for
ourselves they’re gonna take it from us okay all the time this is not the first
it’s not the last thing any thoughts on Walmart sir they’ve rolled out a brand
new health center I was there I stumbled upon it Dallas Georgia and I’m sure
there are more to come any thoughts with regards to you know
what what the future holds or not of interest to you well honestly I you know
I work in the health field and I think it’s a I think it’s a big deal for
Walmart but honestly I think Walmart on a curve ditch on a curve you know as far
as the market goes as far as having a pop-up clinic you have Walgreens this
opened up pop-up clinic so what it is is the hospitals are starting to lose their
their revenue because of them giving away what they call like a charitable
day so people come into the emergency rooms every little you know looking
crania wrong with them but if they don’t have the
money to pay you the hospital can’t turn them away so they’re pretty much losing
that money so they want to pop up these other clinics to kind of shut that
emergency room down you know so they don’t lose that money and they’re
popping up these little health clinics so they make more money off of those
because you can’t just go in there and say oh you know this is wrong with me
because it’s an urgent care that’s why they have to charge you so can you tell
us in what capacity you are in the this industry so I’m working to the the
pharmacy benefits specialist position so I worked at several hospitals and now
I’m starting to get more tourists where the back end is that because that’s what
a business everything is running everything from the back end so I worked
in several clinics I’ve worked in several different arenas as far as
pharmacy goes so I know how important it is so when you know people going there
oh you know I hurt my leg I did this Oh give me some percocet and then the
doctor gives them ibuprofen so then they walk completely away so they don’t even
pick up those drugs they sit here you know they don’t give them what they want
they’re walking away so that wasted time and waste the imaging on them they lost
money on that and another patients being affected at the same time hang on a sec
remind you when jumping on what the caller is saying he’s actually in this
industry it seems to have some in-depth knowledge in the comments any thoughts
which hardcore Ronnie yeah well I’m right here
was we know as I just said prior to his call the healthcare industry it is a
business so it functions like a business and that’s why the course for everything
is just through the roof I mean when you look at Medicaid Medicaid the rates that
they pay these are negotiated rates Walmart is beating negotiated rates that
Medicaid has with these different health care providers so why would you not go
to Walmart for the same service that you’re gonna pay you know maybe ten
times more at a different provider that I see this is a good thing I wasn’t sure
from what you were saying if you see this is a good thing for the consumers
in order for them to be able to save money or sounds like he was hating to me no I think I think it’s a big thing you
know like I say you know I don’t worry I don’t work the hospital anymore you know
I work for a not-for-profit company as of right now and you know I’ve been
doing researching just studying as far as my you know schooling goes as far as
building you know healthcare and business management this is the stuff
that I have to look up and go through and that’s the main reason why it’s more
cost-effective for these companies to put up small you know jump up clinics
for somebody to come in and just do their base work or whatever they need
done immediately and take payment then and there they take money now this isn’t
a billing process good insight they don’t build them they’re taking that
money right away you’re paying for that right then and there you’re paying for
the service okay and you’re also saving yourself a lot of
money too which is you know the OVR ultimate win so exactly alright thank
you for your call you want to chime in on Gina Rodriguez apologizing for the
usage of the n-word or the variation of it any thoughts on that I mean why
should she she had to apologize I mean you brought up JLo using the same word
wasn’t nobody jumping on her here you know now she’s gonna live in color she’s
around a black folks you know now you know
now she see how she got rid of all the black men after she got up and she had
to baby box mess to do you know the man so I’m like come on man like she already
used the black public because the where she got it I think she had babies by um
okay man yes me it was faith me Antonio something Anthony something in it so do
Marc Anthony he’s Puerto Rican isn’t he I met him Marc Anthony there you go he’s
not Mexican you said Mexican he was gonna have it with a brother though she
dated plenty of us she went through the hopes you know so she tried to ride with
Diddy man but him and shine was shooting up the goddamn Club thank you called man
salut thank you for your insight and Rob thank you thank you okay yeah yeah folks
this is the exclusive tonight the hater was there at Walmart in Dallas Georgia I
don’t know how the hell I got there stumbled upon it I said I said Ronnie
ever heard of this is Ronnie thought I was I was trolling or something a video
taken on my IG page and pal here we go exclusive clue Menotti I’m hold on a
second right let me be some of these cash apps full of hate says having a
problem being algorithm friendly now I’m not having a problem at listen I mean
and I’ll say this again for those who don’t know star has has always said
going way back to 1993 I’m not selling out I sold out long time ago I’m a
businessman I’m not here to keep it real for the streets yo I’ve always been
about the bag and I’ve always said when you come on this show you know listen
play by the rules play by the rules you see I already know
if the channel gets shut down most people wouldn’t care I mean that would
be a good amount of people that’s a man you know wow you know I’m gonna miss the
show but most people wouldn’t care so respect the business that’s all that’s
business I don’t own it thank you for your um your support did
you do the fourth I also says we act without criminalizing yourself Camden
New Jersey okay thank you hey Jennifer Jennifer says blacks need
to use N word to describe themselves okay okay tapa Dunlap says Flushing
Queens and Korean town is in the 30s but what I thought I said flushing in 30s
did not yes No yeah Korean town yeah the East 30s in Manhattan and did I say
Flushing thank you Frank for your um cash yet oh did I say something did I
say Corona I thought I said flushing I had a friend back in the days he used to
live in and flushing and I used to remember
remember point me getting off the train and walking through all these Korean
stores you know okay hang on a second let me go to um hey Jennifer thank you
again don’t she says n-word originated for white slaves blacks study please
okay again I’m giving her a pass if I can I mean like you know who the fuck am
I to give her a pass but Gina Rodriguez did you find her apology Ronnie
yeah okay I’m gonna ask you to read that okay hang on a sec let me just go
through some of more these cache apps Jennifer again Thank You Jennifer she
says Walmart is generic why trust the healthcare Jennifer I hear you loud and
clear but a lot of people including myself you know we’re looking for that
that quick fast deal you know more bang for the buck 25 I don’t know how old
Walmart is but you know I remember like you know 20 years ago people were just
like up in arms that there were like small groups fighting Walmart coming
into certain communities or certain counties but now Walmart has pretty much
taken over along with Dollar General you know Family Dollar doing all those other
places but thank you again for your donation squirrel uh squirrel uh Frank
says look to Walmart they let me park my rig overnight how’s it going Thank You
Man thank you hey just send me a text Oh Dana with the smoke hang on Dana
hang on Dana in a second okay Dana sit tight
Ronnie can you um can you read her apology please was I’m looking for Dana
this is uh Tino Rodriguez please yes it’s rather long but I’ll read it okay
and song or in real life the words that I spoke should not have been spoken I
grew up loving the Fugees and Lauryn Hill I thought
Lesly sang along to the lyrics of a favorite song and even worse I posted it
the word I sang carries with it a legacy of hurt and pain that that I cannot even
imagine whatever consequences I face for my actions today none will be more
hurtful than the personal remorse I feel watching my own video playing back at me
has shaken me to my core it is humiliating that this has to be a public
lesson but it is indeed a much deserved lesson I feel so deeply protective and
responsible to the community of colors but I have let this community down I
have some serious learning and growing to do and I am so deeply sorry for the
pain I have caused okay okay Thank You Ronnie so uh that’s our apology and hang
on a second someone also sent me an email I’m gonna forward this to you
Ronnie I don’t have time to read this right now maybe it’s something of
interest with regards to the discussion tonight I don’t just blurt it out unless
it’s real check your email okay and I’m gonna bring Dana in all right hold on
guys oh shit Dana with this smoke are you
there Dana Dana yes I’m gonna put my two cents and with both the topic so
Michelle this her second time apologizing and you save Michelle we’re
talking about Gina Rodriguez you chocolate what it’s all about Gina
Rodriguez who you talk about Michelle Rodriguez Gina Gina I’m gonna take that
one apologizes but there’s Gina I was having a girl who was apologizing for
Liam Nielsen comment defending me up Liam meiosis I forget who that is but
tonight we’re talking about Gina Rodriguez the actors go ahead you
okay so then I got my wrong Hispanic person Dana was the wrong data
no I was because they had the same last name but it was another Hispanic cake
that had disrespected black people and she had a similar apology but she was
defending Liam Mills’s for the racism remarks and he kissed Viola Davis or a
movie those candy races right well google her in the mean time but now you
also wanted to chime in on Walmart yes they’ve got a brand new health care
center I went there tonight earlier I saw oh what the hell and then uh it’s a
it’s the first of its kind any thoughts on that yeah um I don’t shop at Walmart
because I just think it’s like low gray I like to go to Target but I saw your
post but when I heard Ronnie said he do crease peace cleaning I said okay i’ma
go because it’s good that was a price that he clean and I walk on yeah they’re
Siwon are always trying to corner the market and they’re competing with Amazon
they also started a person who shopper for $50 a month to where they come in
they’re supposed to be shopping for you you buy a smart lot for $50 and they’re
coming your apartment to fill up your refrigerator so they trying to go luxury
in and low in and luxury so they’re really kind of one of the market with
that but I’m not surprised with the health care because I come from
assurance background health assurance background right right even health
insurance companies they are coming out with all types of apps and ways to
contact the doctor without warning to the office which is Christine’s
insurance company money as well so yeah that’s just pms just the way the
industry is gonna and especially now it’s fun with the CVD all the major
chains I have a lot of CVD products so yeah so at first you were hating but now
you are gonna fall in line because you can get you can get something you know
a couple of dollars cheaper huh yes you clean with $50 yeah Dana Dana
respectfully isn’t that isn’t that a sellout move Dana respectfully it really
is because I don’t like Walmart I don’t like business practices their corporate
practices the way they treat their employees they don’t pay them enough
money they stop letting employees and that stock in the company this is all
the legend I don’t know this to be true but this is what you’re saying
go ahead well it’s actually but I’ll say alleged but um okay I don’t like their
business practice however however if you dollars for teeth whitening knowing that
it’s only behind I would be the first one in line yeah okay okay okay yeah so
Dana also I looked up Michelle Rodriguez yeah that’s a different person we’re
talking about Gina Rodriguez and she she gave a heartfelt apology you know it’s
well what’s the big deal let’s all move on in the words at Briony
King can’t we just all can’t we all just get along
huh I mean we can but I don’t know if you heard up if you so probably don’t
having it stop acting like you don’t know you know stop acting ignorant or
Hana bhai ignorant and that is the problem it’s a new show on CBS call Bob
official or whatever a Nigerian immigrant in this is the great income is
about African Americans oh yeah it’s too much disrespect to what active American
industries run around hang on a second Jennifer sent in a cash app she says
hospitals are losing money because of holistic health and healing yes they are and oh I wouldn’t be surprised
if Walmart starts because he was talking about surgery I won’t be surprised they
start prenatal care and start hiring rulers and midwives to cut out the
doctor because it is cheaper and it’s more efficient as far as you know it is
more better for the mother to have a midwife and a doula so they want to end
up one in a holistic path as well okay okay okay listen I appreciate you
calling it anything you want to promote on your Channel coming up any any shows
or anything yeah so I’m doing my show this Friday and I’m trying out this
podcast studio cuz that’s like the new thing now and so me and I’m and I’m
gonna do a show Friday and 9:00 p.m. on the road and on YouTube so go check it
out and subscribe so to be fun yeah but I’m sorry about the little misinformed
data that’s okay that’s all you well thank you David Ronnie hang on a second let me meet some
of these super Jets hold on did I get 200 Acre Woods who detective okay that’s
Dana give me a second guys I have to go back I missed some super chats let me
slow it down Gemstar okay read that one okay blade here we go hold on blade
spinScrub he says I remember star using the S word on the subway in front of a
bunch of Hispanics while brandishing the ratchet the train got real quiet I don’t
know what you’re talking about I don’t know you who are you somebody from back
in the days now snitching thank you for you yeah you donation I don’t know you I
don’t know you and I can’t claim you hold on guys I’m okay bush kid Park me
Bush kid says peace star are you offended while these someone what while call you a half-breed
and nigga doesn’t represent black people okay this is half caps no I’m not
offended sir I’m not offended but when I do have children I’m sure I will react
differently I’m just I’m keeping it real with you I can tell you an added shit
don’t bother me rolls off my back yeah yeah you know and and I carry a firearm
you know so I have to let a lot of shit go you know but I don’t know how I’m
gonna react if I have kids if somebody like you know disrespects my young son
or daughter who knows me I mean I don’t say talk reckless and say what I would
do because everything’s recorded you know but um me personally no I grew up
in a place called Scotch Plains New Jersey I grew up in the face of hatred
in the 70s there’s a lot of shit that I grew up with that you know I look back
and I say wow you know I was a tough kid to really like you know deal with that
shit head-on but thank you for your donation Mike from Bensonhurst greetings
for he says F LeBron China Gina Rodriguez and all those Hollywood libbed
hards they love to eat their own Pelosi and Chuckie having a meltdown
Trump 2020 okay thank you sir Mike from benzino’s okay this is really crazy I’m
just gonna say nbw a salute Boss Hogg I think people should be pass this okay he
meant to say passed the ast oMG the n-word that shit is played out who gives
a frock let’s go to the cheese okay yeah some people say I get over it it’s
played out I hear you loudly that’s why I’m not
upset you know just say she apologized move on Tami mammy
double-whammy says the N word is preschool shit it’s childish
sticks and stones break bones but words don’t f feelings respectfully okay thank
you hey Joanna join us says the last caller who said he wasn’t offended was
an idiot he has in assimilation assimilationist mindset
why is he okay with big business running small markets yeah yeah I’m a capitalist
so I understand it I get it but that’s how you lose communities hey also Ronnie
isn’t there a new black barbershop franchise that just started in Walmart
you ever heard of that let me see well not yet can you google
that you have time mm-hmm I thought that was like a couple of
weeks ago okay I’m Charlotte man named Lucky according to uh what is this
Charlotte man named Lucky just opened Walmart’s first black owned black
operated barber shop okay Charlotte agenda calm that’s what it is
Charlotte agenda calm Walmart okay so now you can go into Walmart and also get
yourself a shape up you know get your line done thank you for the donation
Joanna the trollin okay this is a little graphic Walmart is lit now people can
get their junk food oh okay it’s a little rough a little rough it’s going
to be lit come Black Friday yeah yeah absolutely mr. t on the check-in thank
you for your super chat he says brother Ali Quan has his ATF jacket on he’s he’s
mob and through the streets of Atlanta shaking down trannies for KY jelly and
coke money hashtag fuck your rims this is actually
a polo jacket can you see the little horse the man on the horse thank you sir
thank you for your donation all right I’ll come back to some super chats
shortly some more calls here Ronnie area code 646 good evening 646 are you
offended by the N word 646 good evening are you in the building yes no maybe six
four six six four six oh no no no yeah I can you know hey good
evening who’s this how are you I’m good what’s going on with you join the
conversation baby you follow sounds like shit come on fix it up fix the headset
do something I don’t hear you better a little bit okay hey you were saying
all right I said right now we’re in a very hypersensitive world I don’t I
don’t agree with using the word I think that the word has its place in society
and you know I think black people own that word and those the only people who
should be allowed to use that word at this point but I also think that there’s
like you said about somebody just singing along very in a sort of funny
about this size so there you are you know if you’ll want it out there I don’t
expect that people and every reads are going to listen to the song sing along
that you know you market it differently okay that being said I also just think
that generally speaking were hyper hyper sensitive or rather these gen gen Z and
these Millennials are hypersensitive they’re constantly chasing this idea of
we don’t want label poet queer theory gender-free can ask what is your makeup
and hold you what is your makeup I am I am I can’t
really hear your voice because your phone is going in and out and out you
know it’s really bad that’s so weird I’m on like a regular
phone – okay which is my working pants talent management
I’m person Native American hey I hate okay you and I spoke last time we spoke
was a couple of months ago you’re in Manhattan and you a talent talent
management right right okay okay yeah you’re married to a black man yes man of
color yeah yeah yeah okay okay and you haven’t a lot of knowledge but
with regards to the I NS and stuff like that if I remember correctly yep yeah
okay you know I grew up in New York you grew up in New York and you know I
grew up in New Jersey not New York I’m sure they’re kind of one in the same but
knows nothing no no no no you grow when you when you thrown off over here
especially like you know people use the word freely at least back in like the
80s and 90s part of like the culture almost you know well no you see um I I’m
not better than anybody else but I grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey and the
N word was it was not something to play with and my father used to educate
myself and my brother on the history of that word and when I moved to New York
in 1981 I wasn’t really trying to hear it you know and I mean it became a
common place I will say that with regards to uh the evolution of hip-hop
and then when I got on radio in March of 2000 I remembered growing up in New
Jersey and that word not being cool and I don’t know how far you go back with my
journey but you know when I heard JLo again that song I’m real with job with
ja Rule I said whoa whoa that’s not right and then a lot of people that
listened to that station was saying yo yo nah she from the hood yo you wrong
and I had Fat Joe on my show I called him aspect to his face just to see how
he liked it he took it Angie Martinez called her aspect to her face to see how
she liked it but the overall consensus was that you know let it go it’s hip-hop
so I let it go let it go it wasn’t the song often written by a
person of color who gives a shit she spit it out of her mouth okay hold on
yeah again it’s like the anchorman you you put any words in front of him he
reads it off the prompter you know that’s what she’s paid to do well this I
hear you and I’m not I’m not you know saying now it’s wrong wrong I’m saying
yeah you told me let it go so I let it go it’s hip hop it’s pop culture it’s
none of my fucking business if you really wanna know you know just like
cardi B cardi B slings if you have a problem cardi B
saying it since the Assam as a matter of fact I had a lot we had a lot of
backlash you know Victoria’s Secret both the video of the angel singing along to
funny move and in the in the song they said the n-word and there are a bunch of
models white black Hispanic but predominantly white models and there was
a lot of backlash for that because they were like why are these like white girls
on this video on the Victoria Secret site seeing the n-word you know listen I
thank you for calling in good to hear from you um thank you for your support
yeah talk to you soon take you okay yeah she uh she had a lot of knowledge with
regards to immigration that the inss I forget that we haven’t really good
discussions hang on a second Ronnie let me go to UM squalor Frank he sends in a
cash and he says call me the n-word just don’t call me for money I agree I agree any tag says n-word derived from Negus
nobility salute okay yeah there’s so many people that talk about the origins
of the word and it’s just it’s really it’s a lot to take in but the American
version or derivative of the original n-word I’ve been told over the years
it’s two totally different things let it go you feel me so full of hate
says via cash at Walmart methadone window during opioid crisis that Ronnie
and sound good listen what are they not not gonna offer in the future yes I can
see I can totally see that methadone yeah
rehab facilities nursing facilities you know you can go to Walmart and get like
stuff for the house and visit your grandmother’s like where she’s like in a
subacute nursing facility right by Walmart yeah
pay anything with that article I sent you uh was that more stuff on Gina
Rodriguez or was that just I don’t have time to read that was anything no yeah
yeah it was just saying that you know she has a history of questionable
behavior and you know prior incidents I’ve also heard that this is not a
limited incident with her that she has frequently you know trolled and then she
gets backlash and she apologizes so so she’s a repeat offender allegedly Gina
Rodriguez with the n-word yes okay not the n-word but just other incidents that
were racially insensitive calling black people or black women monkeys what
because we’ve seen cardi B do that everybody gave her a pass stuff like
that or no yeah right basketball was yeah yeah just like that everybody stop
talking about everyone I know Jake yeah hang on a second let me I’ll see if I
can bring in area code nine to nine just sent in a cache shot is that closet
exclusive I’m seeing the name right plasm school oh hey greedy how are you yes sir good evening can you borrow this
one yeah yeah yeah yeah I’m here so I just wanted timing on this whole n-word
thing I just felt like I just felt like black people we need to know what the
hell you know sometimes we don’t need to get mad at that thing because one since
Fat Joe he says it caught it be he says she says it no one has any
think you said about that but when that lady she said that everybody want to be
mad so I just feel like some song with you have to do okay okay yeah okay
that’s it yeah okay with a hang on a second a second to be fair maybe the
younger generation the Millennials or whoever it’s kicking up the dust and I
assume it’s the younger people maybe they’re doing what my generation failed
to do what your generation failed to do and that is check people maybe they’re
checking people and and now that got people apologizing how old are you and
and did you give JLo pass once upon a time keep it real when she said we she
said in that song with ja Rule do you ever pass I’m 28
yeah okay so you’re too young to know but you know okay so today’s generation
is checking people and again it’s none of my fucking business if you really
want know but I can appreciate them being hypersensitive because if you say
something derogatory about someone else’s culture they will end you right
wrong all right Thank You Man thank you for your donation salute yeah I mean I
can be you know objective with regards to this and look at the younger
generation then they’re saying nah no now watch him out here a second who’s
this here Natan maybe you on the line area code eight one seven seven eight hey agree with you man are you from Glee
from you for my I’m at the Poli what’s that that’s my words okay you
sent me an email about the what’s going on some meeting or something happened
down there were you inside the meeting or outside yeah all right my damage
support latency trying to hold me over for the burrito okay
yeah so it was a town-hall meeting man it was a town hall meeting Hills last
night uh a lot of a lot of people went down there you know yeah pastor Johnson
she’s a female she’s uh you probably finished she had a shaved head and soup
man it was a lot of people saying that they don’t feel safe a lot of people
Wilson that Turnus you down here man my straight over my we we’re not voting
or nothing like that I saw some of the town hall meeting and I have to say I
mean like you know you know I don’t know I I don’t know about you guys down there
because you know the whole thing the whole thing with Amber Geiger again I’m
looking at the juror and the judge and I hear you saying we awesome that Turner
shit sounds hot sounds hot you know I just don’t know I don’t know I think I
saw some of the town hall meeting I think I think they made you guys wait
over two hours before they even let you speak in the microphone right or wrong
that that play I did see two hours they handled all all the Township business so
people were sitting in there for two hours before they let you get up in the
microphone so how much nat turner shit could you be a be on hey we have to know
the waters their ways so we’re going on you know do you think some Jews would
have waited 30 minutes for the mayor and a whole bunch of other people to address
them about a Jewish woman 28 years of age
shot in that type of fashion do you think the Jews would have waited for two
hours keep it real man I mean you believe so and he gave you 12 minutes
you know turn that motherfucker upside down pardon my language Mero media on the check-in I’m offering
a 20% a 20% discount from her branded collection on dub dub dub is it Mauro
Mertz calm ma RR oh I’m sorry ma rrow Mertz calm
well thank you for your donation all right to all of your supporters they
just need to use coupon code stars salute yeah listen you send in a
donation I’ll promote you business why not okay again dub dub dub maro Murch
calm right check them out thank you so much lucky lucky says I have a story
about the N word area code 307 give me a second I’ll come to you AF twice says
dumbass Dana on the check-in honey Acre Woods says stirring the pot star niggas
derives so do you want to call in some like hangs ka ng s okay and did you send
your banner in I haven’t seen your banner Manhunter Acre Woods what number
do you want to call in from man this is written crazy let me see if I can get
three or seven why here homesick guys hold on Ronny I was 307 its into the
donation hey 307 are you there is that lucky yeah
yeah hey house here I’m alright yeah got a story like that gonna try like say
like 2009 just be careful with the n-word YouTube’s got this new audio
algorithm it picks up the words you know about this yes I know I didn’t know been
continued I didn’t really just watch you two anyway I was on my job or whatever
my boss is like super cool whatever and uh I was doing industrial pain that’s my
painter straight okay and I asked my boss was like y’all cannot hire
my boys on Hood mine you did for me Trey right so you like yeah man uh bring them
down bring them down or whatever so he brought like ba ba bum down out remember
to use these guys don’t got like no education
he’s always graceful like yeah you know say I get him out the hood or whatever
so when they brought what he brought him down or whatever started my fat journey
miss industrial painters or whatever Jillian everything know that I’m making
like 2046 plus DQ dollars a day per diem mmm days like that nice a nice paycheck
right you know especially coming out you got you know kids like nineteen he was
on 19 no more than 22 years I think I was 22 at the time okay and uh so you
know say we all have you getting paycheck or whatever then we go to the
bar you know have to work whatever we go to the bar that goes around Christmas
time or whatever you know we didn’t go home we stay so can you get to the point
please and where you going please why don’t know anyway we go we go we get to
the bar my boss out of nowhere cause my friend and word or whatever like you
y’all heard I want to find all you guys like them
whoa what the hell happened like we all like it just I don’t know where we
fucked me playing pool and stuff and then just just I don’t know in our mind
you my boss’s wife yeah and all my friends is black or whatever mm-hmm so
the next day so I say hang low so now you guys were at the bar you said or the
pool hall yeah okay now respectfully when you go drinking with white people
or Caucasian trash you see because not every Caucasian person is white I told
you that before white anglo-saxon Protestant that’s
white all that French Dutch European a mixture stuff that’s not white they have
a similar to being way so you’re at the bar drinking with them and they’re
testing you trip the test to you oh right yeah yeah yeah yeah but it was why
didn’t you punch him in his mouth when you put his mouth man-boy I tried to just went to soccer
my man is wrong you could have socked him and said hey I was drunk you we
drove let’s get past it really drill so anyway we took a home this guy’s just
out of door so the next day he’s fired by fires bum the people that he hire
whatever my friend I didn’t spread I grew up in Detroit like what before I
you know before he was even knew it you know sex was whatever Samba and I’m like my job what a hanger certain listen that
now you’re taking a long time you know to tell this story you sent in a nice
donation you want my advice I might pull my bass sir stop stop stop
stop sir you’re from the hood yes you’re from the hood yes yeah okay yeah
a drunk Caucasian disrespected you clowns you and you forgave him right you
didn’t change a community to all that hood stuff your name gun bottom you took
that l he disrespected you and your friends okay sir so I want to give you
some advice I grew up in Scotch Plains New Jersey around white boys here’s what
you do when white boys or Caucasians start doing that sort of thing get them
real drunk real drunk so much at the point with to the point where they pass
out and then you strip them and you take pictures
that’s what you do okay thanks for the voice but you got a
microphone Thank You Man thank you Jesus he’s going all around the block if you
didn’t check them in hey man just accept the L keep it movin Ronnie hold on a
second I gotta go to some of these guys chefs
Pat 6a z mmm star remember when Dana called Moe the n-word yes I do sir yeah
and I think Moe hung up on her too because most and I’m not gonna entertain
that nonsense yeah yeah lot C D F 2:4 says Dana is
wrong Walmart offers stock purchase okay okay thank you for your donation Charles
on the check-in there are more white n words thank black ones
hashtag facts okay did you mean to say then black ones hashtag facts Thank You
Man thank you for your donation either way that money blue in the check and
says Dana and Ronnie sounded like a police scanner Thank You Man thank you
um he also says Dana this dispatcher and Ronnie the cop dapper Dunlap says should
afro-latinos be able to use the n-word I don’t know I’m over it I’m past it I’ve
already said they’re who am I to say who should who shouldn’t I stuck my neck out
once upon a time people told me yo yo yo chill chill JLo hip-hop yo I felt back
now again salute to Angie Martinez and a salute to Fat Joe because when I when I
referenced them by that that Hispanic slander they took it took
it on the chin pout you know I think I even said it to Joe like four times and
then I said I asked Joe I said Joe if you’re sitting in a room how did I say
that I said if you’re sitting in a room with a black person and a white person
and you and then a white white guy comes to the door with a shotgun and says I’m
here to kill the nigger what would you say Joe and he stumbled
and fumbled told my fat Joe and he said I said well you do Joe he said I would
say Here I am and I said okay so what do I know what do I know
hey you know who I don’t like using it oh let me keep it real with you it’s
because he’s a buffoon um DJ college oh maybe it’s just because of who he is he
just irritates me to hear him say anything that just like sounds somewhat
like you know town anyway thank you another one yeah yeah God he annoys me
um mace a mace mace says ASAP rocky purple swag video white chick yeah yeah
purple swag she had a little uh was it diamonds or something like that in her
bottom row I know thank you for your donation i sent you a mother effing cash
app read my ish okay who is this let me see if i can find you did you send the
email or a super channel see if I can find that give me a second guys let’s go
to area code 778 good evening 778 we’re talking about the n-word are you
offended by it and Walmart has now stepped up stepped up into the world of
health services are you there 7 7 e what’s up Jason chillin on um I
know nothing about the Walmart but about the N word Jenna Gina Rodriguez or
whatever her name is hater I suggest you check her Instagram
she had an apology before the one Ronnie read I think yesterday which was a
half-assed apology you’re pretty much and she made two apologies
this we know okay we know – apologies yet oh we were reading the second one
because the second one she says I’m deeply sorry yes and that’s why I said
she sounds remorseful so I’m not gonna see you learn her lesson ragaman taught
me that corporate money hater yeah they put her on that blacklist means I’m
money pretty bad so they start apologizing you called it pretty show
tonight but I don’t think you know she’s I don’t think she’s caving in I think
she’s playing the game smart you know it’s a different day in time and
sometimes you have to defuse a situation and say hey I’m sorry I apologize let’s
move on yeah she’s in the field of entertainment and she’s an entertainer
so you’ll fuck will that keeping it real Gianna ain’t apologizin reality today
that’s like a psych RDP you call that I remember a couple months ago I was Tony
about Fat Joe and he’s home and that seems sorry about if somebody came in
trying to shoo in fact I come right here I thought I laugh my ass off but that’s
bullshit I’ve only said Fat Joe can you watch your mouth Jason we can’t do a
whole lot of profanity I’m the only one doing profanity on the show
oh no no profanity at all tonight I know about you’re sure I was going to say it
was Fat Joe JLo Carney and then Takashi Porto Ricans Hispanics I’ve been getting
a pass way too long and that’s all I’m gonna say all I know that that great
thank you Jason Thank You Missy okay thank you Jason Rhonda give me a second somebody sent in
a hash chef I can’t find him who is CDF to for okay what’s what are you talking
about which which cash yet I don’t see it hey Jennifer Jennifer sends in
another um – yep thank you so much please promote how do I say this okay
Jenin fused cakes je and i n fu SED cakes would you like samples absolutely
send me send me a um an email Jennifer and I’ll send you an address
where you can send me something here in Atlanta and I will promote you
absolutely you spend money with me I’d appreciate that okay again now is that
dub dub dub gen infused cakes why do you have time can you um check on that
website for me you busy j en i n f us IDI Kinks CA k yes seems
your finer it that’s Jennifer’s say she’s been sending
in some cash apps tonight okay i’ma look for this other person’s cash at okay
that’s something different okay hang on a sec guys let me go – um
okay bad fire starters mr. t I got him and me go back to the phone lines here
try and finish up tonight so area code 202 good evening – OH – are you offended
by the N word area code 202 yo hey yo star was good with you hey what’s up
boss ain’t code on the minute mapping in the cut laying back I mean doing the
family thing I got you I respect that yeah there you
go exactly let me go straight to let me go to the
UH to the Walmart healthcare copy come on
first off unless you know I work in a health care system right now been there
sixteen years okay working a very popular hospital in DC to have a college
associated with an angle say the main people on my back but what I wanted to
say about Walmart doing it right so being working in the healthcare system
and it’s a teaching college hospital I know what I meet the students there who
you know studying the bad doctors their whole thing is finding a practice that
they could be proud of and they could put a name behind so they try to go
behind like these major hospitals and stuff like that I don’t really think
dude is this trial it the doctors are gonna say hey you know I’m about to
finish up at college here and I’m about to go at Walmart and I appreciate your
knowledge in this area I’m I’m not that well-versed in the healthcare field I do
have health insurance and other things by we have insurance but I pay other
people to do that for me well now what you’re saying may have
been looked down upon once upon a time but now we have the first health care
services in Dallas Georgia again I was there today and this shit looked really
really upscale I have to save if you get time go to my IG page I mean it looked
really professional so I don’t know man some people might go to Walmart and get
a job where they couldn’t get a job elsewhere whether it be urging care or
some other facility as you just said and it might not be a difference I don’t
know so so they got a thing that what they do is at these hospitals right so
they had these conferences in which the hospital representatives that go to
these conferences were all in like this the top doctor with top students or the
top doctors in the nation they all come there and they actually tried to pull
doctors to their hospitals now if Walmart decides to say you know what
we’re gonna put some time energy and effort and money behind going out
recruiting the top doctors then that then it may turn into something worse
you know you know we’re investing is doing worth somebody checking out let me
go to Walmart okay and I to go do I look at it like if I was going to a
mom-and-pop hardware store versus be going to Lowe’s or go to Home Depot you
see what I’m saying if you know don’t get my personally I want the best
doctors to see me you know I’m saying like I want to go you know we have
people come in and they get diagnosed or somebody said you know what I want to go
somewhere else to get a second oh hey listen Ryan do you want to jump
in I hear what he’s saying but now again it’s an early stages
who knows what Walmart is gonna do Ryan do you want to chime in because you
think this is a great thing lost your cornea yeah I do and you know
as far as right now the stage said it said these are non-essential services
you know going to get a test to see if you have strep throat or going to get
stitches or going to get your teeth cleaned you don’t need a second and
third opinion for those sort of services there they’re basic you know essential
services now of course we’re probably being a little bit silly and saying that
you know Walmart is going to someday open I’m sorry I offer open-heart
surgery you know I don’t think it would get to
that level especially when you consider the liabilities that they would be
assuming and you know the cost that they would have to pay you know to insure
that kind of work being done on their property I I don’t think we’ll get that
far I think that’s just you know us being silly
okay okay guys I’ll give you the last word oh man okay yeah that makes sense
because they have a thing called risk management and then you know they have
to you gotta be somebody try get a prostate exam and all that type of stuff
I understand the smaller stuff that’s one thing but get some major I was
saying I’m gonna go to a major facility so uh and I won’t touch I want to say
what that but the N word please mom okay the N word I don’t really use I use it I
use the N word if I say if I want my boys are my friends and some enemies I
but it worries you you know buddy tripping or something like that so I
don’t really get I wouldn’t get offended really on the word I get offended with
the word and whatever comes after that so Mike home of that and then they
threatening me it’s a threat of action that comes behind the N word I will get
offended by that question but the actual word I wouldn’t get offended by okay
in 2020 my eyes guys good to talk to you man thank you for your support thank you
man okay all right um Ronnie I’m gonna finish up on these super chats they’re
kind of backing up on me here um thank you for helping me out tonight if you
guys want to mention or reference oh I’m sure you know and I sent you an email
did you get that yes I did just get it and I I got the email you sent me about
the gentleman who opened up the black owned and operated barber shop inside of
Walmart that is the first of its kind and he is looking to expand to other
locations and one thing that I did read in that article this is a man who he was
an ex-con he completely changed his life around he you know was doing literally
turkey drives and the neighborhood and so it’s a very inspirational story I
think okay thank you so much money and I’m sorry what’s that website I sent you
that screenshot did you find it Jennifer its website yes maybe a minute
I’ll give you a hang about it some denim cheese cake okay okay can you send me
that link so I can uh maybe I’ll put that at the put that in the comment
section as well all right sure thank you money thank you Bostick Lonnie hold me
down tonight salute Natan nate from eight one seven
he says damn man let me get a word in the new respond you say salute man I don’t know majus I can’t like you know
you know people down into two one four and eight one seven we all jumped out
the window over um the whole amber Geiger trial you
know I’m just I don’t know man yeah y’all got to show us something down here
you know all that yeah we don’t some some night tarnish it sounds hot we want
to see some action hey Thank You blade for your super chat before we go he says
strip them and take pictures question mark really star that’s what y’all did
as kids over there in Scotch Plains New Jersey question mark I’ll assume you’re
from the hood blade I was trying to give the guy I forget his name who called in
an alternative how to deal with drunk white boys
he said that white boy disrespected him and his friends and he said he didn’t
chin check him not that I was saying he should but every culture has different
ways of joking around playing around and taking it to the limit now I’m not gonna
sit here and get too graphic but you know when what it was get drunk and they
pass out or you help them pass out you do certain things and you take pictures
or you put certain things on their head or on their eye and you take pictures
I’m talking about the live show I bet you they know what I’m talking about huh yeah you take pictures it’s almost like
a young I’m not gonna get too graphic okie it’s my sis facts fact yeah they
know it’s not it’s not gay you just you’re you’re trying to respond and
humiliate the person who may have been doing too much and not necessarily
taking it to a level of you know violence you know but thank you for your
donation take okay go sends it a donation he says
I want to holler about the n-word topic calling from Skype now we don’t do that
homie do a Skype stuff man you know I don’t put pictures and images and videos
and stuff and all that you know on the screen man I’m not dealing with all
those YouTube notifications copyright trademark now but thank you man whew
donation Jonathan oh he’s clapping white people
everybody says that the n-word all the time
amongst themselves husbands and wives call each other saying what up my nigga
they love our swag okay dub will 88 to the core that just said I was
assimilated I guess letting another person control my
actions and emotions with words it the problem okay do you mean to say Pro
black thing to do is as opposed to it okay but thank you thank you I got it I
got to thank you so much dub we’ll 88 Leroy the decoy says aw snap people are
going to abuse Walmart they’re now going to drop the loved ones off in front of
Walmart instead of the nursing homes suckers shit okay I think that’s
everybody with regards to cash at soup jettison guys what is this
okay I can’t do that right now okay hey guys I’ll see you tomorrow at some point
I will tomorrow Wednesday I follow me on Twitter because that’s why I post if the
shows gonna be delayed if I’m going to have to postpone the show for those of
you who do follow me on Twitter I thank you for helping out with the promotion
and the marketing of the show okay his Ronnie’s banner up first and I’ll
see you guys tomorrow at some point more than likely it’s more evening
take care you

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  1. Walmart Unveils New Health Center

    I'm wondering, a lot of urgent care centers, have opened to combat the amount of lawsuits, by each one being it's own business, since all the State Hospitals, we're closed from Lawsuits, UP NORTH!
    Will they Branch off, or be tied, to the main brand !

  3. “Look here baby, you hittin them corners too got damn fast, you need to slow this motherfxcker down, you unnastand, I almost spilled my yak on this $200 suit nigga!”

  4. Star..On my Momma..Doggy…If Tube shut you show down, Me and the homie and the Hood, We shutting America down..We tiring shit up…

  5. The best (and most powerful) scene in the movie, "Malcolm X", is when Malcolm led Nation members to the police precinct, and they were followed by bystanders in Harlem. After Malcolm saw to it that the black guy got medical attention, the sergeant said, "That's too much power for one man to have." Why are people so clueless that they don't know that Wal-Mart is HEAVY into informatics and amassing data on their customers? They probably have one of the largest collections of consumer data on the planet. Now, in addition to having ALL your info on you and your family's buying habits, you want Wal-Mart (a private sector, FOR PROFIT company) to have all YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS TOO? Additionally, if I am not mistaken, one of the Walton sons is heavy in the banking game too. I believe he either started or bought (Arvest Bank????). WAY TOO MUCH power for one company to have.

    I am 90% sure that Gina Rodriguez used the "N" word publicly about 5 years ago. IF that is true, then this was NOT a mistake. Only black Americans are stupid enough to allow a racial epithet to be mainstreamed. You think you can walk into a Wall Street investment banking firm or a Hollywood movie studio and say, "Hey, what's up you Jew motherfuckers." or "Don't try to Jew me down." Am I the only person who notices that you CAN'T say, "fuck", "bitch", "cunt", "motherfucker", "fag" (or a host of other words) on TV, radio, a YouTube podcast, or pretty much any other form of media, YET Black people are stupid enough to be 'cool' with listening to OTHER people talk about, "Nigga" this, "nigga" that.

    NOTICE how all these, "it's just song lyrics" singers and whatnot, NEVER went on Oprah's show singing or talking about their "innocent" lyrics. Never did it "back in the day" with Arsenio either.

    The word does not 'offend' me personally, it's the motherfuckin' PRINCIPLE.

    The dumb caller at 29:00 talking about, "It's just a word." Again, you will NOT go up to Telemundo or Univision talking to them about, "Spics" and "wetbacks" or whatever.

    The POINT is that THEY will do it to you, however, 'they' are SMART enough NOT to allow YOU to do it to them.

  6. Walmart can’t keep fresh grocery products, maggots in the meat, grey looking meat, along with re dating expired food. Walmart is dirty most times and smells strange!!! ILL PASS ON ANYTHING HEALTHCARE WISE FROM THEM!!!! The N word (sigh)…. I think Black America has way bigger fish to fry than worrying about who’s using the N word. I don’t have that kinda time to care who’s says the N word. When I hear whites or non blacks say it like it’s cool I feel kinda sorry for them because they are lost and trying to apart of something they can never be apart of.

  7. Here's the thing. She's reciting a verse from a song, a black woman created. The word nigga!!! Not nigger!! black people are confused. So if anyone besides black ppl say the same word it's different?? How??

  8. As far as the N word , no other race has the right to use it on each other or on blacks. If so they should be dealt with and I don't give a f….how they grew up or where they grew up.

  9. Ooh la la la
    It's the way that we rock when we're doing our thang
    Ooh la la la
    It's the natural LA that the refugees bring
    Ooh la la la la la la lalala la lah – Gina Rodriguez.

  10. Walgreens has been in the health industry for years! Walmart is the same company. ( Owned by Sam "Walmart, Walgreens, Wags, Etc. " Walton).

  11. All we have to do is say "i'm sorry" for our offenses whether by accident or whether intentional and all is forgiven whether sincere or not.

  12. The community of Color??? Why didn’t she just say Black Americans, African Americans or ADOS!!!! Community of Color???? Really?

  13. Can we please get Jason the frrucckk outta here!! If i hear him call Star Hater every 2 min one more time i m gonna take a bat to the phone speaker!!

  14. Half the callers don’t fuck with Walmart cuz they thinks it’s big business entering the health care system. When the health care system is just exactly that. If the doctors are certified pros then why not? Especially if it’s cheaper

  15. East Coast HipHop in the 80’s, specifically East Coast rappers such as Rakim, Kane, KRS One, Public Enemy and Run DMC never had the word nigga nor bitch/hoe in their lyrics. Once NWA came in the door and other west coast acts, they started using way more foul language and it’s never looked back since.

  16. Some black people confused af, another instance of fake outrage… You dont see jews and hispanics or any other race or group of people calling eachother with racial slurs… Only black people would say, lets call eachother niggas, no wonder no one gives a phuck about black people and their outrage because theyre a bunch of hypocrites at least the ones who know they refer to themselves as niggas

  17. @17:28 hilarious but true. Also knowing Walmart, you'll go in for a flu shot and end up doing a cat scan, teeth cleaning, cataract surgery and your gallbladder removed all because it was a sale…lol.

  18. Honestly I was called many names even the nigga name half my life because of who I hung with and dated and I never gave a shit what they said so why should I care about who gives a FUCK ABOUT WHAT I SAY !

  19. If she gave brothers sexual access they wouldn't have a problem with it. The reason j lo was able to get away with it cause she was with puffy

  20. NWO… Why would this go on after maybe a month or two ago. I read Walmart pharmacy filling prescriptions with pills with the names on them, but the pills turned out to be duds, fake ass pills…. Nd didn't even contain active n non active ingredients …crazy shit…I don't like the idea

  21. To be honest "Conspiracy Theorist" said the Wal-Mart & Healthcare Industry WILL Cone… But they were called "Crazy".. So not surprised. As far as the "N*gger" Word,.. No Fuks Given anymore.. My Honest opinion & thoughts.. That word has NO Power over me. None…..

  22. We should start staying the ‘Derogatory’ word and see where people minds go. Saying the ‘N’ word still prompts them to what word you’re actually taking about in conversation.

  23. I blame blacks from New York, they cowardly said shit when Hispanics did it (fat joe) I know for a fact when he first came Miami he seen it was different then got on his political game later

  24. The same negros who allow other races to say nigga around them are praying to jesus following democrats and watch reality shows… Aka the bottom feeding dumb niggas in the world..

  25. I don't know about all that, it's probably like a CVS type medical to where you can get prescriptions like cough, fever, antibiotic medicine. I am on don't think they're going to do abortions star

  26. star wishy washy on some shows the nigga say its cool to say and now he saying dont say it too much cuz of the algorithm. Nigga which one is it! Is it youtube or just your ass lmao! Pay attention!

  27. I like listening to ronnie shes good and she's from nj like me 💯💯💯…… still have no idea what she looks like is she white or Spanish or both

  28. It is not the first-of-its-kind CVS has been doing it . There is limitations know they can't write no controlled substances

  29. As an intelligent brown man that doesn't incorporate the n word in my vocabulary, I feel it's derogatory for non blacks to use the word since it was originally used to dehumanize us and still is, And I also feel it's imbecilic and ignorant for people of color to use it in any context outside of denouncing it .

  30. I'm a Hip Hop Head!….I Use The Word "Nigga"Fluently!,
    Within The Element of Hip Hop The word "Nigga" Creates UNITY,
    NOooO We Ain't Even Got To Fight Nigga!,
    As Long As You're Recognizing That In My World?,
    You're Either A Black or a White nigga ,
    On The Scene ,
    Or Else You're a Red or Yellow nigga or somewhere else in between,
    You could also be just a LAME AzZed nigga!,
    Or Just a fronting like you're slick,
    while you're still a no effin' GAME havin' AzZ nigga,
    But On The Other Hand Jackin' Our Steeze Cannot Go Mainstream! ….So Stop Jockin' Me!,
    The white supremacists Cannot Use It Without Mocking Me,
    So THEY Can Consider It "Forbidden Property".

  31. it all depends on how the word is used this cancel culture is doing way too much. That damn girl Gina Rodriguez was singing a song and people are mad LOL this can't be life!

  32. So according to Star and Ronnie, Kramer from Seinfeld, when he nutted up at his comedy show and said it repeatedly, it's ok? FoH. Y'all sicken me you kowtowing chameleons

  33. I’m starting to watch every episode faithfully. Always been a fan of Star. Back When him and Big Tigger got into it on Shot 97. 😂 Seeing how he handles some of these callers is hilarious

  34. I do get offended, people that call black folk that , that are not black are saying they want to murder, rape, abuse, erase lineage and heritage, change last names, don't like our skin colors or hair of women men children babies then evil ones did to my people. It did affect all of us…fake last names. Fk'um all.

  35. if you're bold enough to use the n-word openly, be bold enough to accept whatever consequence comes with it…. Be it positive or negative

  36. Super offended that blacks in 2019 still think of that word as their kryptonite. It's a word and if your big life issue is a word then it's time to end it all, it's already too late.

  37. How STAR kills someone’s motivation:
    You: Hey Star, I’m thinking about doing a Master Degree in Quantum Physics, what do you think?
    STAR: 1:20:57
    You: 😅😬😲

  38. I live in Boston, and I come from west Africa and I like Yankees so one day I was working at the club some white boys was giving me a hard time because I was wearing my Yankees hat 🧢, So one of them called me a nigga while he sucker punched me. I showed him what really African are. So his friends called the police and even a African American police did not believe that that white boy attacked me until some white girls started to telling him that the white boy attacked me, he just let the white boy walk

  39. I am not in favor of using the N word, although I had a standup piece years ago where I used it-and many other racial slurs to make a point across the board about rascism, consider that many Latinos come from African descent. If a light skinned black person can say it, why not a person from the African diaspora who happens to come from a place where they spoke Spanish?

  40. Wal-Mart will offer doctors better insurances for private insurances for mal it will be a no brainer for our "prestigious Doctors"


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