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Posted By on October 2, 2019

A hot arid desert, sandwiched between two great rivaling empires. This is Pre-Islamic Arabia. Before we understand or try to understand Prophet Muhammad or the Islamic Civilization, We gotta understand the world that Islam was born in. At the time, there were two empire dominating Europe and the Middle East; The Sassanid Empire in Persia And the Byzantine Empire in Asia Minor. These two empires had been fighting for centuries and were just exhausted out of their
minds. Arabia was a hot desert and in a pre-oil
world, there were no valuable resources in Arabia. There was no water, no agriculture, no nothing, basically. That’s why no Empire was ever interested in conquering it. Not because they couldn’t but because they didn’t have a reason to.
Even after the rise of Islam most Islamic empires only conquered the holy
cities of Mecca and Medina and left the rest of Arabia untouched. inside Arabia, there was chaos. Well
mostly chaos. More so-called civilized people would have called the Arabs
barbarians but that’s not entirely true or fair. There were many tribes around
Arabia. One of those tribes The Quraysh lived in Mecca. This was Muhammad’s tribe and it’s the one we got to talk about. Mecca was the
site to an ancient shrine called Kaaba. This shrine was said to have been built
by the great Prophet Ibrahim or Abraham. Ibrahim also did something that would
change the destiny of Mecca. He declared it a Haram meaning it was forbidden to
conduct violence there or the wrath of God would get you and all that. Even
though, most Arabs were pagans, they still believed in this one great God called
Allah, which comes from the word Al-Illah meaning “THE God” with a capital G. Anyways
this declaration was used centuries after Abraham to make Mecca a very
attractive place to conduct business. This was the only place where you could
buy and sell things without the risk of losing your head in a minor dispute.
Meccans, however, went one step further. They invited all of Arabia, all the
tribes in it to come and place their idols in the shrine. Meaning, all of the
gods that were worshiped in Arabia were now collected in a single place. So if
you conduct violence here your god and all the other gods are gonna kick your
ass. As a result of all this Mecca became a trading hub. Meccans would tax this trade. they’d get a cut of everything bought and sold in the city. This was
their only source of income along with the pilgrimage business that started
because Mecca was now a holy site to all the tribes of Arabia. Although, some
people bought goods from these merchants and went up to Palestine and the Levant to sell them for profit as well. In terms of social stuff, it was the
usual misogyny mixed with a bit of burying daughters alive. Which wasn’t as
common as Muslims like to say it was, though. There was slavery, obviously, you
didn’t get any rights if you didn’t own land and all that good stuff that we
usually read about in history. Along with Pagans, there were Christians and Jews
living in Arabia. It’s said that you couldn’t tell the difference between the
three faiths in Arabia without visiting their places of worship because they had
all adopted each other’s traditions. Tribal warfare was, however, very common. As you might expect, water was a rare resource and a vital one. So people
fought over it along with many other things obviously. Hostilities lasted
between tribes for centuries but Meccans made sure not to get into too many
fights because fighting is bad for business. Anyways, Arabia at the end of the sixth century was the last place you’d expect
a world dominating power to emerge from but that’s exactly what happened. See you next time.

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  1. Before Islam Jews and Christians and pagans lived peacefully in Arabia.
    Then came islam.
    Abraham was never in Arabia. The Bible is clear about where he was and was not. He was in Iraq or more correctly Kurdistan.
    “Palestine” is not a place.
    Palestine was only given this name by romans to punish the Jews for the rebellion. “Palestinian” means invader in ancient Hebrew and ancient Egyptian and they were sea invaders.
    Abraham never heard the word Palestine as he lived a thousand years before their invasion.

  2. Omg you are soo right – I needed to study Islamic civilisation for a course and I couldn’t find any detailed info anywhere , the ones I did find was either extremely right leaning or left . It’s difficult to learn about Islam as a historical subject as it’s always tinged with ideology – either secular or religious .

  3. Astagfirullah,what a obscene thumbnail!
    I don't know you are muslim or not but i won't expected these type of obscene thumbnail from your channel. And please change the video thumbnail

  4. Jewish tribes? There were Christians and also monotheistic mystics. And all the Arabs knew they were descended from Abraham and had taken other gods besides the one god AlLah which Arabic descending from Aramaic Was the word used by Jesus to say god.

  5. Not a single country is better off after ISLAM and ISLAMIC people move to that place

    Not middle east
    Not USA
    Not Sweden
    Not France
    Not Australia
    Not NZ

    Some how its "acceptable" for ISLAM to goto a place
    setup a no go zone

    Yet it would be illegal for ANYONE ELSE
    if we setup
    Japanese only zones
    or White men only zones
    or Chinese only zones
    or insert any other groups

    Also ISLAM seems to want to be the ONLY belief system and region above CRITICISM in the world

  6. Wouw incrediblle how hr put so small lies on the story of The Muslims Hahhahaha for sure you are a christian who try to make it look like deviated!

  7. The middle east and north africa was Christian until Mohammad killed all the Christians and forced conversion by the sword

  8. TIP: read the text that ur showing in the animations slowly out loud, then time how long it took you to read it add 3 seconds and BAM perfect timed text. Im saying this cuz allot of the time the text goes too fast and i can only read the first half of the text.

  9. Muy buen video hermano espero que tengas mucha suerte en tu canal y que las guerras de comentarios no te afecten

  10. Maybe you should've pointed out that the story of Abraham having anything to do with Mecca is based only on the islamic doctrine and has no support what so ever in the other traditions that refer to him (basically the Torah from Judaism and the Old Testament from Christianity). Ishmael may be the only link, but a rather weak and vague one.

  11. That along came a NUTTER who had read about Judaism ✡️ like it ' changed a few things and the PUKE we know today as ISLAM ☪️ was invented to control idiots 😆 😆 😆

  12. FYI, Alexander the great wanted to start an Expedition into arabian península but It was never happened because he died shortly after he ordered his Empire to mobilise

  13. First of all GREAT VIDEO.
    This is the Islamic History I was taught, one that doesn't challenge the religious narrative and accepts it on face value.
    It's necessary to know it, in order to challenge it.
    Everything we know about this period comes to us from Islamic scholars, not people who lived there in the time.
    for example, everything we know about Abraham is that he was a fictional mythological character whose story is originally set in modern day Iraq and Palestine…this is probably a case of appropriation of mythology, as we see happen to Greek mythological character like the Greek Heracles story suddenly takes place in Italy when he is the Roman Hercules, the same with the Hebrew Abraham story changes when he as the Islamic Ibrahim.
    so you can't state it as a historical event, you need to add the prefix "Islamic traditions state" or "Muslims believe" and etc…we don't know if Mecca was Haram before the rise of the Quraysh tribe…this entire story could have been made retroactively (the more likely explanation in my opinion).
    we can't even know for certain if Mohamad was a real historical figure, like with Jesus, all his biographies were written long after he supposedly lived.
    the Islamic tale depicts the rise of Mohamad as a single generational narrative, but since nobody of note at the time paid attention to Arabia, no one recorded it at the time, and we can't trust the religious narrative creators without having some confirmation from nonbias sources.
    I suspect that the rise of the Quraysh
    as the rulers of Arabia was a multigenerational gradual process, and that if Mohamad existed, he was just another leader expanding the tribe power, just another in the line of other tribal leaders that predated him, and the religious origins of Islam predate Mohamad, in some proto-Islamic monotheist Arabian tradition.

  14. Kabaa were nothing more than storehouses./shops/bazaars.
    There were many kabaa across Arabia. But Islam came and destroyed all kabaa and kept one.
    This is Saudi Arabia kabaa. And has nothing to do with god or Muhamed. Kabaa idol worship is a billiondollar business

  15. I’m amazed of how this video full of ignorance, no knowledge, and some people take it as postulate! And they think they rounded off the Arabia’s history. I’m going to refute what I heard from 0:00 to 1:10, I paused it, so let us dive in!

    1- from 0:50 to 1:10 “there was no water, nor agriculture” WRONG! Actually, yes, arabia has no abundant water, but Arabian people since the 4000 BC, developed a complicated water management system that have been amazed the world, a hydraulic one, if you are interested to read about it check it here also the falaj system in southeast Arabia. This knowledge of water management have been handed down to the classic kingdoms such as Nabataeans (those people are amazing with water management) here’s a blog talks about their masterpieces (didn’t mention yemen and their marvelous water management!) Actually the metropolis of Arabia were based on oases. and about agriculture, been found that agriculture in Arabia has its roots also! Southern kingdoms, eastern kingdom and northern kingdom. Qurayah in north west of Arabia, Tayma, Dadan (has an amazing inscriptions about agriculture one of them written by a priest of Dghbt scattered 145 palm tree in Badr /might be the famous place in islam/)

    2- from 1:04 to 1:09 also WRONG! Let’s keep in mind that first: Arabia have an amazing civilizations that preceded Romans and Persians, both of those folks they appeared in history as nomad people took over a precede civilization, (especially Achaemenid Empire which was nothing less than an illegal heir to middle eastern civilizations) anyhow, Arabia didn’t have a river yes, but it owned something precious than a river! It was “Incense trade route”, so taking control of this sinew of the trading routes of ancient world was a dream! Actually, Nabonidus the Neo-Babylonian empire king, the last king, he transported the capital of Neo-Babylonian empire to Tayma, in Arabia, for 10 years before the fall of the empire! The Arabia did not comply to Achaemenid Empire, actually the Arabs had an important Presence, the Arabs were exempt from taxes! After a while, Alexander the great appeared, he let the whole ancient world bow down to him, except Arabia. It was his eyesight, Arrian wrote: “Near Babylon, he constructed a harbor by excavation l enough to afford anchorage for 1,000 ships of war; and adjoining the harbor he built dockyards. Miccalus the Clazomenian was dispatched to Phoenicia and Syria with 500 talents to enlist some men and purchase others who were experienced in nautical affairs… He made these preparations for the fleet to attack the main body of the Arab.” In fact, Alexander felt insulted because Arabians kings haven’t showed any respect to him! “…under the pretext that they were the only barbarians of this region who had not sent an embassy to him or done anything else becoming their position and showing respect to him. But the truth was, as it seems to me, that Alexander was insatiably ambitious of acquiring fresh territory.” Alexander was full of dreamy look, greeks were amazed of Arabian traders. Especially Arabia felix! Arrian says “The fertility of the land was a secret inducement to him to invade it. He had heard that the people obtained cassia from the lakes and myrrh and frankincense from the trees, that cinnamon was cut from the shrubs, and that the meadows produced spikenard without any cultivation.” Alexander equipped an expedition to touring the Arabian gulf (Persian gulf), the expedition came back with the news, their tenor is that the cities in the banks of the sea live in luxurious way! Actually, the luxurious of the east of Arabia was something interesting! From Wikipedia: Strabo described the city as having "fancy tools made out of gold and silver, such as the family gold, right [Qawa'im] triangles, and their drinking glass, let alone their large homes which have their doors, walls, roofs filled with colors, gold, silver, and holy stones". anyways, gods ordained that Alexander died before he conquest Arabia. I haven’t mention the relationship between Dadan and Ptolemaic dynasty and how was Arabia important to them, nor any other expeditions

    Aside: I condoned about a lot of details, plus, haven’t watch the whole video, But I feel the nonsense. Just wanted to clear things out because I saw some people deceived by his rubbish words, I actually paused it at 1:10. Won’t rewatch it. If you are interested in something particular in history of Arabs or Arabia before islam, ask me here! I’ll help.

  16. Then Islam comes institutes laws so evil it’s only comparable to the Canaanites during the 1st century. Muhammad would have been considered a pedophile even during medeival times with a 9 year old wife

  17. Yay more lies about Abraham doing stuff in Mecca even though there’s literally no historical evidence except for the testimony of a wicked prophet with sex slaves.

  18. What you say about pre islamic arabia being ucivilized is not fair there were many pre islamic arabia

  19. in my perspective prophet Muhammad trying to reform their religion into one god to create better social and life expentacy arabian peninsula
    sori ma englis not ma nativ language

  20. Not exactly objective history. The Kaaba was "built by Abraham"? I know that's what Islam claims, but there is no evidence whatsoever for such a statement. Including it in what purports to be history makes the whole history suspect. Sorry, but it does.

  21. There shouldn’t be a contradiction between your faith and the truth. Otherwise, there is no point in following something you don’t believe to be true. Unless, of course your using some secular orientalist’s accounts of that time period, which you have to acknowledge also have propaganda of their own. Other than that, I appreciate the video. I’ve been looking for something this detailed for a while.

  22. Muslims don’t say its common for girls to be buried, it depends on the tribe, as Arabia was a tribal land there was no one governing force, so there are some women who were the complete opposite, important business women who did as they pleased.

  23. Great video, dude. I like how you show the good and the bad parts of this period in history. Too many people want to either demonize or glorify one side or another. I love how you stick to the facts and inject some humor.

  24. its very hard to see the scrolls of 2/3 seconds while i have to listen to what you saying.. i can pause but thats not easy when i m on phone… and you want people to know/learn from your video, its not a game/puzzle, right? May be you are trying to make it fun, but i don't think it will end up that way. Content is really good, just don't make it hard for the viewers, PLEASE!

  25. Arabs need to turn back to Christianity. Your true religion is christianty. The middle east used to be like 70% christian islam was spread via the sword and marriage. Islam has been a religion of hell since its birth.

  26. 0:55
    Arabia wasn’t important 🤦🏻‍♂️ ?!
    Incense trade route
    Silk road
    And most of Arabia cities are oases
    How did you say there is no plantation ?!

  27. You were wrong Yemen, which is the origin of all the Arabs of the most famous and civilizations, the Yemeni Arabs built the dams and palaces and walled cities and castles and invented their writing system and the invasion of East Africa did all this BC so that Yemen was called Arabic happy and there is the oldest city in Yemen Sanaa also has the first city of skyscrapers in the world also Yemeni civilization found in the Koran Torah and the Bible

  28. Worse thing that happened to Arabs is when the Levantines, Copts and Berbers started to steal the Arabian identity and call themselves Arabs

  29. Who said Arabia isn't important it's an important trade route there were military expeditions by the Romans and the Persians and before them by the Greeks, sorry but you didn't researched well

  30. Before, islam they are the hindus, they worship of hindu god shiva any many more hindu gods, ref from a book who wrote by muhammads uncle, the book is nowdays in instanbul libarary musum.


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