Another Intelligent Atheist Changes His Mind

Posted By on May 24, 2019

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. The difference is man made the plane and the plane is as fallible as the people who build it.

    Religion claims that God is perfect and not fallible, so this argument is stupid.
    Watchmaker's fallacy.

    There's also nothing amazing about God sacrificing himself. It's a non-sequitur.

  2. He seems like a really cool guy. Open minded and not ignorant to truth or correction. I pray that he draws closer to God. Also to Mr. Ray Comfort, I salute you Sir. You truly possess the gift of Evangelism. Youre planting seeds in everyones heart who listens to your message. Thank you for inspiring me.

  3. Atheism lacks proof and evidence that it is accurate and correct.. therefore it is not true. Christianity has evidence. Atheism has Stalin.

  4. This is all meant to happen this is the point that's what people don't realize atheists are like would your God do this to his people and yes he would because this is a test and 1/3 are going to heaven

  5. I clicked on the "like, thumbs up" a couple of times and it would not stay, I love your videos, God bless you. I spent 13 as a missionary ( lots of street evangelism😇) in Italy, I would have loved to have more teaching like this. Thank you!


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