An Old Wise Man Accepted Islam at Balboa Park San Diego – Sheikh Uthman Ibn Farooq

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think about this right like humans have temptation right humans get angry humans make bad decisions humans sometimes impressive they're not exactly but God is perfect right and God is just forever Allah has always been there and always be there yeah right and he doesn't get tired he doesn't make Salaam he doesn't oppress anybody he's always just right exactly and our heart yes and he shows us the way to cleanse ourself right so you believe that there's one God right excellent let's see I believe the same thing there's only one creator because they don't believe and that's wrong you're right and the people who believe God is more than one they are wrong and their advert there they're making religion look bad you're correct but me and you we believe that God is one right and we believe that God sent excellent and you talked about the mechanical manual right yeah so God sent messengers like Jesus and Moses and Abraham and Mohammed you believe that right what's the point of life so so you believe in one God and you believe that God sent the manuals which are the holy scriptures right yes and you believe that he sent those messengers to teach us right from wrong right if you follow God's commandments you live a better life a cleaner live a holy life yea if you look for problems you will find problems or kill you so but if you live by the holy life you don't get involved in drugs and alcohol and gangs and fight then you live a good life right good yes alcohols bad that's why we don't drink alcohol we don't do drugs we don't smoke weed we don't do cocaine yeah but think about this right you know how to control it but other people they don't just drink one wineglass it in two three four and everybody thinks I can control it no and then they can't try you get drunk and a drunk never thinks he's a drunk yes you kill drunk driving you kill people fights so this is why as Muslims we don't drink at all because people can't control it exactly you got a clean pure you eat halal you eat which is good you don't need pork because bad for you but that's fitrah in Islam we believe that we believe in Islam that everybody's born on the truth it are the true natural way that's why no child is gonna think that a man on a statue is God not natural exactly because Allah made nature yeah Allah made the fitrah for us you know you're altering if you drink alcohol if you do drugs smoke you're you're corrupting your body you're going away from the pure natural diet yes you're right eating pork and filthy things it's corrupting the body as Muslims we don't believe in that we believe you do it's Haram it's forbidden to mess up your body exactly to get to know your creator to live a clean life yes earlier prophets that preach the same message yes yes so let's think about this right so now you already believe there's one god you already believe that God sent messengers and a part of the message is to not drink alcohol or do drugs to harm your body right exactly anything that that fogs your mind whether it's marijuana or alcohol crack cocaine LSD shrooms the mind gets corrupted yeah so you you have the same belief as a Muslim yeah your father killed your mother from alcohol alcohol that's very rough you see you see this is why as a Muslim you don't drink at all because imagine if your father was a Muslim your mother and father had a happy life good good advice I know I know yes if they only don't wake up in my job market mother's love is a beautiful evil evil evil alcohol when she died Luigi I think you should take the testimony of faith you should test it you believe there's only one God right good and you believe that that God sent messengers like Mohammed right of course excellent so you have the belief of a Muslim already exactly exactly so think about this if you believe already you should you should testify to your belief right so say I bear witness yeah say I bear witness there is none worthy of worship no idea see no Allah see no Allah Muhammad Muhammad a supra feta that's it you're Muslim you want in Spanish or English you have spent all right now okay let me give you some accidents here this is the Spanish you have if you have a dress we can bring one to your house okay next Sunday we will bring you a Spanish one okay this is Spanish no no no this is yours is a gift for you Luigi you're a Muslim now when somebody over to you reality try to use the reality and work excellent so luigi now you're a Muslim right this is your belief you've tested you've done now you have to learn about the prayer right and you have to learn how to the fasting in Ramadan and okay well that's good it's good you read wonderful yes and then now teaching address wallah yes we're here to teach you and help you as a community yeah this one I've addressed yeah so this is the address to our mesquita if you take it with you any saranac okay in San Diego by La Mesa we will take you no problem we'll come pick you up okay okay you just call us we're here to protect and help and teach you're right let me get your number yeah

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  1. how very nice that you're teaching Luigi about the Creator May the Almighty accept he took his testimony of faith but he's an old man and I doubt if he's going to be able to fast so if you can't fast better he just gifts may Allah accept and bless your efforts and Grant in Paradise amen


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