American Boy Converts to Islam – His Advice to the youth

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Bismillah ar-rahman ar- raheem this is Sabeel Ahmed. I am
in guiding light Islamic Center I’m here in the parking lot next to me you may be
wondering who is this youth all right why don’t you say who you are he’s like
really special when I met you know there were so many guests who came today when
I met him I said wow this person I need to interview he’s special who are you my
name is Sam Swift and I’m a fifteen I’m a sophomore in high school I go to
Trinity High School oh he goes to Trinity High School and you may be
wondering who are watching this video maybe this is a Christian guy who
believes in Trinity and takes Jesus as Lord and Savior do you know sir
so I found out that alhamdulillah our brother Sam
he is a reward to Islam he converted to Islam and somebody forced he correct
no-nobody first you martial of your own choice alhamdulillah so Warren just
mentioned briefly your story I mean who introduced Islam to you and
what what teachings of Islam attracted you that of your own choice you studied
and then you became a Muslim yeah so it was all in like sixth grade you know and
at the time and still of course today you know the media is always demonizing
it’s you know terrorism terrorism terrorism terrors of all the shows that
I could it’s like you know terrorism and my parents they’re always pretty cool
about it and you know they said you know this is not really really slum
all right and so I was I was reading about online and I had a friend hundred
lubberly still my best friend to this day and I started out sort of mocking in
and you know like you know like you know I mean I wasn’t like trying to like
actually I didn’t like actually I hated Islam I was just being kind of the
scumbags like you know you know bombs you know fine carpet stuff like that and
but I asked questions you know he answered them and there are good answers
and I admired like because the main poll factor one of the main pole factors was
like the discipline that it’s not had because I was pretty
example that you have you know you really modest you have to carry yourself
good and I’m not saying that I think you’d I’m not a obviously not a perfect
person I have some but I just admire that I admired that part that brought me
in and yes you know respects and of course submission to allah subhanaw
taala and that that was those some of the main core factors yeah you know when
I met Sam and he introduced himself he was bearing the full toll by the way
right and the turban that all you have in the backpack but alhamdulillah you
introduced yourself that of your own choice you know what important lesson
Sam that I can learn from that encounter with your Muslim friend Ali is that
Muslims we have to practice and we have to be a good example for our fellow
Americans and people of humanity yes we can teach and we can preach and give
them a choice but we have to practice that and I believe your friend Ali has
done a good job I hope so right of course and second
important thing is we need to have the knowledge to correct the people if
people think that you know Muslims are extremists and terrorists and threat to
society I think Ali did a good job your friend to introduce to you what Islam is
and what Islam is not it’s a good lesson for the youth and all the Muslims so I
want to ask you this question what about your parents hold what was the reaction
once they found out that you know my son Sam converted to Islam what was the
reaction I think that’s it’s actually pretty unique my parents they were
actually really they’re pretty tolerant about it because they weren’t like you
know they’re not like strong they’re they’re raised Christian but I guess
like they’re sort of like agnostic and deist and so you know they were they’re
supportive and wash the leather so they’re really good about it and they
just don’t they just don’t want me to like and it’s gonna understandable they
just don’t want me to to like try to make it a bigger part of their lives
like so you know this yeah yeah but you know brother Sam you have two
obligations I mean there are so many obligations two obligations first
obligation is to share the message of Islam
with your parents you know you want to go to paradise I want to go to parrots
all of us but we also want our parents to be there don’t you
so it’s really important that by your good words good actions becoming the
best son anyone can ever have that would be one of the ways to lead them towards
the truth of Islam and the guidance of the Quran do you agree with that second
obligation that you have is to make sure that if you have siblings
yeah if you have brothers and sisters you may have you know your friends
non-muslim friends you got going to a Trinity school basketball team right so
one big lesson I want you Sam to share with all of us would be you know
nowadays in the 21st century it may be so in all the centuries youth may have
so many temptations so many problems so many distractions in this world and look
at humor shall are good examples I mean Allah make all of us better I
mean right but what message that you have one to the Muslim youth second but
the non-muslims who may be listening out here my advice to the Muslim youth in
Lamas limbs is to not just not just sort of just go through the motions of life
you know like actually you know especially for the Muslim youth you have
to you you are Muslim tomorrow you’ve been blessed that you you were born I’m
lists of them so you have all the tools that you that you like that you need to
succeed because you know your parents will be behind you
if you’re being raised Muslim so take advantage of that and use and and go
into the religion you know learn about the religion make it a part of your life
don’t you you can’t just say you know I’m a Muslim and and then just go go to
the mushy because your parents tell you to pray because the parents say so you
have to you have to you have to make you you have to be your own Muslim you can’t
just be some just go through the motions all right you ever just look actually
look into a Salaam read about Islam and it’ll bring closer to Allah non Muslim brothers and sisters out
there who may be thinking Muslims are threat just don’t believe the mainstream
media because the these reporters they’re not they’re not Islamic stars
dilemma so what my advice to them would be to to actually if they want to they
want to actually you know find truth then then didn’t actually learn about
the snap don’t just not just take it a face value from what the media says
learn Islam not from the Fox the CNN the fake news the White House but from the
Quran and the last prophet sallallaahu lucidum you know when I listen to the
ear advice you said you are about 50 years of age
15 Oh Dean mashallah your advices as if you are like a vice 50 year old person
mashallah may Allah keep you guided me Allah gave
he died a guidance to your parents to all of humanity and melih keep you
blessed and all of us blessed man wonderful congratulations welcome to
Islam brother

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  1. My dear brother introducing your religion and the good things to other to preach your religion, you should discuss and elaborate also on these things then people can understand your faith clearly. Don't be hypocrite tell them to whom you preach your faith what are good and what are bad things in it.

    Who are the worst creatures? Well, the deaf dumb and blind of course!

    The example of those who disbelieve is like that of one who shouts at what hears nothing but calls and cries cattle or sheep – deaf, dumb and blind, so they do not understand. (Quran 2:171)

    Verily! The worst of (moving) living creatures with Allah are the deaf and the dumb, those who understand not (i.e. the disbelievers). (Quran 8:22)

    What was that? Who are the worst creatures? Those who disbelieved

    Indeed, the worst of living creatures in the sight of Allah are those who have disbelieved, and they will not [ever] believe – (Quran 8:55)

    May Allah destroy Jews and Christians

    The Jews say, “Ezra is the son of Allah “; and the Christians say, “The Messiah is the son of Allah .” That is their statement from their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved [before them]. May Allah destroy them; how are they deluded? (Quran 9:30)

    Note: The statement described here about Jews is actually false, but don’t let that get in the way of Allah cursing them.

    Those pesky Jews and Christians again

    Indeed, they who disbelieved among the People of the Scripture and the polytheists will be in the fire of Hell, abiding eternally therein. Those are the worst of creatures. (Quran 98:6)

    The disbelievers are filth

    O you who have believed, indeed the polytheists are unclean… (Quran 9:28)

    *Some say “Spiritual filth”, as if that makes it better

    Allah cursing them again and setting up his eternal BBQ

    Indeed, Allah has cursed the disbelievers and prepared for them a Blaze. (Quran 33:64)

    Indeed, those who disbelieve and die while they are disbelievers – upon them will be the curse of Allah and of the angels and the people, all together (Quran 2:161)

    Interestingly here even humans and angels are joining in the cursing festival! Seems like a favourite pastime of Allah.

    Prayers to get victory over disbelievers

    Instead of praying for humanity to be at peace, it’s always about dominance and victory over the disbelievers. Such an antagonstic hostile world-view.

    … You are our protector, so give us victory over the disbelieving people. (Quran 2:286)

    … and give us victory over the disbelieving people. (Quran 3:147)

    And in the following verse Allah promises he will never let the disbelievers win. Why is it always a fight?

    … and never will Allah give the disbelievers over the believers a way [to overcome them]. (Quran 4:141)

    Don’t take them as allies. We wouldn’t want to live in a peaceful world where we work together peacefully, would we?

    O you who have believed, do not take the disbelievers as allies instead of the believers. Do you wish to give Allah against yourselves a clear case? (Quran 4:144)

    Be stern against disbelievers:

    O you who have believed, whoever of you should revert from his religion – Allah will bring forth [in place of them] a people He will love and who will love Him [who are] humble toward the believers, powerful against the disbelievers; (Quran 5:54)

    Protect each other from disbelievers:

    The Unbelievers are protectors, one of another: Unless ye do this, (protect each other), there would be tumult and oppression on earth, and great mischief. (Quran 8:73)

    Oh look, Jews hate Muslims!

    You will surely find the most intense of the people in animosity toward the believers [to be] the Jews and those who associate others with Allah ; and you will find the nearest of them in affection to the believers those who say, “We are Christians.” (Quran 5:82)

    Prepare an army to terrorize them.

    And let not those who disbelieve think they will escape. Indeed, they will not cause failure [to Allah].

    And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them whom you do not know [but] whom Allah knows. And whatever you spend in the cause of Allah will be fully repaid to you, and you will not be wronged. (Quran 8:59-60)

  2. MashahAllah may Allah swt guide and protect this young brother, as well as make him a good role model like those knowledge able Muslims scholers in the USA. May the almighty Allah swt guide us all in the ummah Ameen. Thanks brother Sabeel for this noble work may Allah swt reward you for it Ameen. From UK.
    Jazak Allah kair

  3. When I was 15, I've been sitting on my bed all day and playing San Andreas. And it all kicked in at 21. I'm not a revert but a repenting Muslim.

  4. Alhamdulillah
    By the way ALL my dear brothers and sisters
    PLEASE you must watch my VERY important videos from London in my Playlists

  5. Congratulations to young brother Sam.God willing and i pray that you excel in Islam.Also thank you to brother Sabeel for uploading this video.

  6. Salam alaykum sam csn u please help me ? I like a non muslim atbeoek that i saw praying in my dream jn sujood and i cannot go to the movies with them nor do i want to cuz its haram and they dont really get it as a non practicing Christian.. Im moving but im hurt and like them and cant stop thinking about them

  7. Alhamdulillah son…and i should give some credit to ur parents for the way u are now…intelligent and well mannered..may some day they too be muslims..insyaAllah..

  8. Believe me my brother..there will be alot of obstacle you gonna face along the way.. hold to it InshaAllah you can make it.

  9. Mashalla.. i am lost for words.. This 15 year old should be an example to our Muslim youth.. subhan Allah.. Allah guides whom he wishes. The most profound thing brother Sam said was that muslim youth are very blessed to be born into muslim families. This is the first most important blessing that a lot of muslim borns don't realize. May Allah guide us to the straight path and may He make us a good example to the rest of humanity. our beloved prophet described muslims as the best nation
    "كنتم خير امة اخرجت للناس"
    it's time we live by this high standard.

  10. Waaah in this small age he could find the truth waaah man……waaah what a lucky Pearson !!! before he rape girls before take alcohol and putting his young life in trouble he found true Islam and found right guidance to his life became Muslim waaah

  11. I'm also a revert and I Love my new little Brother Sam, may the ONE Creator of ALL that exists Bless you and keep you on the straight path.

  12. Welcome to the religion of peace. May Allah bless him with good health nd wealth. May Allah protect him from the eye of devil.

  13. MaShaAlah wise brother welcome yo Islam,leurn how to pray salah, always salah = conection with Alah subhanehu weteala 5 times when you lean it

  14. MashaAllah! BarakAllahu feekum! May Allah swt bless our new brother Sam in Abundance and keep him and our Muslim Youth, our Ummah on HIS Chosen path with dedication, sincerity and humility to learn, practice and share Allah's Deen and Prophet's way practice and serve HIS DEEN. Aameen.

  15. I testify that nothing worthy of worship but Allah. And I testify that Muhammad is the last Messenger and servant of Allah.

    أَشْهَدُ أَنْ لاَ إِلَهَ إِلاَّ اللَّهُ أَشْهَدُ أَنْ لاَ إِلَهَ إِلاَّ اللَّهُ أَشْهَدُ أَنَّ مُحَمَّدًا رَسُولُ اللَّهِ

    Ash Hadu An La Ilaha IllAllah Wa Ashadu An Na Muhammadan Abduhu Wa Rasuluh.

  16. Alhamdulillah!

    I feel very jealous to the parents
    of Sam Swift.

    What a precious gift ALLAH gave them!

    Can any one imagine?

    in this young age!
    in the culture of nudity!!
    in this false anti-islamic propaganda!!!

    How could u overcome all of those?

    I salute you Sam.

    May ALLAH accept you and
    make u the source of Light
    for many people of darkness.


  17. Wow! Is he really 15? Sounds more maturer than a 50 yr old.
    (I wrote that👆 before i heard Sabeel say it at the end!)
    What beautiful wisdom he's sharing, with so much humility, clarity and gentleness… intelligent and humble; may Allah continue to guide you to nobility, upon the path of the pious predecessors; Abraham, Isaac, Ismael, Joseph, Moses, John, Jesus and Muhammad, may Allah's peace and blessings upon them all, Ameen. (And all the other blessed Prophets).
    Keep your chin up like Jesus did in the face of falsehood and adversity spread around him.

    Your parents must be so proud that you are amongst the guided ones; do make sure you take extra care of your mother's needs as it's a big Fard.

    My dua to you young chap: May Allah Subhanahu wa tala keep you content, happy, steadfast, firm and continue to fill you with nur and give you inner peace like that of Abu Bakr always, Ameen.
    With warm wishes,
    From UK

    This young guy clearly did not understand what he is getting into. He doesn't demonstrate clear good reasons why he opts for this religion.
    Has this boy been informed about the VIOLENT 532 verses??


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