Amazon Keyword Research in 2019 (Complete Masterclass)

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how's it going guys welcome back to another video today we're gonna be covering a number of topics and I hope you guys ever having a great day she is new to channel welcome back if you guys sorry if you guys are new to channel welcome if you guys are not welcome back right so we're going to be covering a five different topics but the kind of intertwined right so we're gonna be talking about Amazon optimization we're gonna be talking about keywords I'm guys yo and how to choose the best Amazon keyword and do you need a keyword Amazon keyword research tool or can you do this for free right so we're gonna be covering all of these topics today and I hope you guys enjoy so let's get right into it guys so first let's kind of go over why you should optimize your keywords right so the reason why you should optimize your keywords and because people find people search different things to find your product what do I mean for example you know if if you are selling a garlic press race some people may search garlic press some people may start garlic crusher some people may search garlic tool garlic Smasher garlic anything along those lines ready and there's not one definitive search term that people search on Amazon for your product right so people are gonna find your product through different means and through different search terms right second reason is because the more keywords you rank for the more likely you'll be found right so if you're you know going back to the garlic press example if your ranking for garlic press if you're ready for a garlic crusher for garlic Smasher Jarecki for all of these things it's much more likely that you'll be found your listing will be found and the more your listing is found the more sales vo inevitably get right so that's third reason is because like I said kind of to the second point but when you rank you'll get organic sales so organic sales is just you know people searching that term and them being able to you know purchase your item so everybody's it's everybody is happy right so when you rank you'll get so much more organic sales and that's how most people run a sustainable Amazon business is through organic sales because we don't have to pay anything we're just utilizing the Amazon the huge huge huge Amazon Marketplace alright so if hopefully you guys are sold on why you should optimize your keywords and let's get right into how we can optimize your abs like here so we can rank for the correct keywords because we want to be going you know in the right direction right so moving right along so let's go over do we need an Amazon keyword research tool um um that's that's kind of contrary to popular belief but in my opinion we definitely need one because there are Amazon does not if we go on they're not gonna give us the keyword the keywords that are you know correct for our listing right so there's there's a lot of different keyword tools out there and the most popular on before would be merchant words a lot of people use much words but unfortunately merchant words pulls their data from Google or Bing which is pretty unfortunate because you know when when people are say goggle a a you know garlic press maybe they're searching how to use a garlic press or how to smash peel garlic without at or how to you know there's something along those lines but people don't go on Google with the the intent to buy like they they do on Amazon right when people are searching garlic press on Amazon they have the intent to buy the garlic press or someone searching you know flower pot someone is you know has the intent to buy but if someone was searching flower pot on say Google maybe they're looking to build a flower pot with Potter you know with clay or whatever you know so the point of the matter is when people are searching things on Amazon they have the intent to buy right so keyword scout on you know we're gonna go over which keywords who I recommend it later in the video but yeah so I highly recommend use a keyword research tool that draws data exactly from Amazon right so how to find the best Amazon keywords to optimize your listing for the best possible Amazon SEO you guys don't know SEO is SEO is search engine optimization so we want to optimize our listing so it's nice to the Amazon robot so the robots know what we're trying to sell and they index us or they rank us for the correct keywords right so simply said which keywords should we choose we should choose the highest searched file right so for researching yokomen we want to rank for yoga mat we don't want to you know we want to focus on the high in volume you know highest volume keywords because just because someone is searching something it doesn't mean they're gonna choose ours but when we rank for the highest you know search volume we're going to be able to have the highest chances of being found and purchase rate and the most relevant right we don't want to be you know selling a yoga mat but ranking for say if grow gloves right we want to kind of keep it in the the relevancy and yeah so simply said we want to have the highest relevancy and the highest search volume right moving or right along this is going really fast so I hope you guys are taking notes and be sure to watch this video again because I am going kind of quickly right so here I'm gonna show you guys some Amazon keyword optimization techniques right so these techniques are techniques that will find data that's directly from Amazon and not Google not being at Yahoo not any of those search engines this is straight from Amazon right so the first method is the routes keyword method right so say we're selling um a private label product right say we're selling yoga mats right so we're gonna go ahead and you know go to jungle Scout we're gonna use our keyword Scout here right and jungle Scout the best thing about jungle Scout and they're cute Scout is that even under lowest plan which is $25 per month it includes product tracker and product database and it's keyword scout right you pay absolutely nothing nothing nothing extra when you use their keyword scout right so the for the root keyword method we're gonna search say up our hypothetical product is yoga mat right and if you're selling something different you know just go ahead and search your product whatever your part is right so here all right so here we got the results for yoga mat so as we're looking here yoga mat there is two hundred fifty seven thousand six hundred forty searches this is per month right so why is this so powerful because people this is on Amazon not Google not being not Yahoo not any of those right so two hundred fifty seven thousand you know sixteen thousand for a workout mat and the beautiful thing about jungle scale and the kind of downside in much of ours when I used to use much of words is that merchants were not only you know draws data from Google and Bing but keyword scout gives you additional keywords right keyword scout gives you additional keywords that don't include your root keyword so our root key word would be yoga mat right but but keyword scout it gives you keywords that are not that don't just include yoga mat but they're also relevant and what other people are looking for when they are searching for yoga mats I hope that makes sense but as you can see if you use yoga mat on keyword scout it'll just show you anything related to yoga mats but on jungle scout it gives you anything relevant to you know two yoga mats with the highest search volume right so what here's are some other keywords that we can rank for your workout mat 16,000 yoga strap yoga mats what is huge how you know one letter can make a huge difference from two hundred fifty seven thousand to twelve thousand right but Manduca yoga mat not sure what that is but maybe it's relevant to your your product right yoga mat strap exercise mat thick yoga mat Jade yoga mat guy yoga mat kids yoga mat three-week retreat yoga mat right so what are some things that we can also look at on the keywords got right so we can find the exact search volume right so this is the exact search volume for the word yoga mat so when people search yoga mat is how many people search yoga mat each month right so the broad match search volume is anything that has yoga mat before in the middle or after so any any all kinds of different terms that include yoga mat but is not exactly yoga mat right so this is a dominant category so when people are searching yoga mat spurgeon outdoors is the category that it usually indexes for right give away we can do that later because that's more for ranking but we're just going over how to optimize your Amazon keywords and your Amazon listing for you know to be friendly with Amazon's SEO right HS a bit so the headline bid so let's go ahead and search yoga mats right so we're an itself and these these sponsored posts right here one two three right here these are the headline HS a write the headline search ads at a ninety ninety percent win rate so you don't have to guess in what you should bid for with your PPC or not PPC with your HSA right so this is your PPC bid so if we look at yoga mats here we see the sponsors one two three so these are sponsored right so one two three how do we get on it we're going to have to pay a total of say a dollar fifty per click so that's gonna be what we're gonna have to bid for if we're looking to sell yoga mats right and if we do this it'll give us a usually a ninety percent win rate you know for bidding out other people so we don't have to guess or we don't have to overpay and stuff like that and this is the broad match PP right so what do we do when we do find our most our most relevant and most heist heist to make this a little bigger right our heist volume key words right so what we're gonna do is we're gonna find all of the keywords that you want to rank for and you're gonna look at this because there is 1700 1714 results you're gonna choose out of all of these right so this is just the first method guys this is the first method and we have literally 1714 different results that we can work with them that we can knit and pick and choose from right so it's so powerful because if you're just ranking for like five of them right so one two three four five one anybody searches one two three four five your listing will pop up and you won't have to guess all which which the yoga mat which search term should I rank for because you'll know you'll have the exact data from Amazon right so which is very important and that is the that is the root key word method guys so going on to number two number two is the competitor keyword method what is the competitor keyword method I just want to preface this by saying that if something is already working we might as well model that right so how do we find these so we can actually find keywords that that our competitors are optimizing their listing with right so let's just go and take any competitor here let's let's even choose the most reviews right so this guy or this seller has 9090 300 reviews so I'm pretty sure that this person is making quite a bit of sales right so what we're gonna do is we're gonna find the ace in here so we find the ACE in right here okay we're gonna copy this right and we're going to post it literally innkeeper scott cuz you can search by keyword or Aysen right so it's literally two steps guys it's so easy but it's so darn powerful right it's so powerful because it gives us all of the keywords right that this that this seller is listed are ranking for right so we're gonna have to wait here so balance form go yoga all-purpose let's just make sure that this is the same listing balance form goal yoga all purpose right so it is in the fact the correct listing right so what we're gonna do is we're gonna choose this oh sorry but but yeah no it's already giving us the search results right so this is just to confirm and that this is the in fact the product that we're looking for right so total results 213 so this listing is is ranking for 213 and Isla there's a huge difference between listed for I mean index for and ranked for so this this listing here is not just index for 230 it's probably double or triple the the number of keywords that this product is index for index is when a prop when it's in the system for a certain amount of viewers but when it's a ranked for right so this balance for this listing is a ranked for 213 different results so what what ranking what oh my gosh what ranked when it's ranked it's on the first five page for all of these keywords so if it's on page 20 it's not gonna be included in these results there's a huge of different guys and I want you guys to really understand the difference between being indexed and being a rank 4 you want to be ranked for the most humorous as you can right so going along these are the keywords that this listing that this one listing is ranked on the top five pages for right yoga mat the ma yoga mat thick yoga mat with two T's exercise mats yoga mat strap yoga B yoga mat best yoga mat purple yoga mat yoga mat for women exercise mat yoga mat maybe tokamak I never heard of that yoga mat or maybe people who misspell things yoga more outdoor fitness mat and et cetera right so 213 different results so you can find and you can actually just you know expert a CSV easy as that guys and when you open this right it's gonna give you every single I don't have I don't have what's it called Microsoft Excel on this computer cuz as of now but you know if you have Microsoft Excel it'll open it as a it as a CSV right so this is so important here's here's the thing guys when when you have say you're selling a yoga mat you wanna sell a yoga mat you're going to have to use these where do you use these right so the places you're gonna be using your keywords is your this is your listing description and your title and everything as much as you can right so what you're gonna do is you're gonna find this and you're gonna find the 1,700 different say on the root keyword method you're gonna find as much keywords as you can right and then you're gonna sift out all of them – you're gonna narrow it down to the top to honey 50 different keywords that you you know this has a highest search volume and that is the most relevant to you right so you're gonna put them in your keywords your title and your description right you're gonna put in as much places as you can even in you know places that people make may not even notice right so you're gonna put it in all those places and you're gonna limit to 250 the most relevant and the most highest certified right so that is exactly how we find our keywords how we do keyword research the easy way the easy way how we do keyword and how we do it the accurate way how we do it the right way and how to optimize your Amazon listing how to do Amazon optimization you know we went over Amazon keywords with an aversion Amazon SEO we went over how to choose the best Amazon keywords and we went over how sorry do you need a keyword tool guys so there we go guys we had just found the most profitable the most searched and the most relevant keywords for your Amazon listing implement this put in your listing and you will get so much more organic sales guys and if you guys are curious on how to get to jungle scout please go ahead and click the link in the description it is an affiliate link but it's only because I personally use a jungle scout itself right so hopefully that I had you know provided some valuable you guys learned a little bit of something hopefully you guys can optimize your Amazon listing and hopefully you guys are masters at Amazon optimization after on keywords Amazon SEO and Amazon how to find the best Amazon keyword and do you need a Amazon keyword research tool right so we had gone over all this I hope he has enjoyed he has the next one

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