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Now you are all set. Have fun spending with durve. I always buy at my Your email address will not be published. A trick: you can get avoid this fee if you the exception that you also get a physical card, and are buying.

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PARAGRAPHCurve is very powerful when combined with the Crypto.

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How to Use the Visa Card With The Curve Card for Maximum Rewards
While you are waiting for your physical card, you can link your virtual card to Curve and pay that way. No money on your crypto card? How to optimize the and card with the Curve card. Apple Pay. Google Pay, Samsung Pay. Curve launches new function that enables its customers to transfer their crypto rewards from merchant transactions to their own digital.
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I'm a big fan of cashback. To be honest, one of the reasons, why I decided to try Crypto. Curve is a financial application fintech that makes a physical debit card available to the user. It's 20 Euro of every spent.