AGNOSTIC FRONT – Peace feat. Jamey Jasta (Official Music Video)

Posted By on May 31, 2019

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. fuck that pseudo rap style , i hate it , why they wear like that? is awfull , hardcore back in the days was a mix between punk , oi and metal but nowadays the disgusting rap influence it's everywhere fuck rap and gansta style

  2. Middle aged men still bitching and moaning about the rigors of life and trying to act tough. As a kid I thought Agnostic Front and many other NYHC bands and all the hangers-on made so much sense and empathized with their feelings. Looking back I realized the majority of them were middle class kids (and in many cases fully grown adults) who instead of taking advantage of the opportunities they were provided by society and parents, instead chose to write graffiti, commit crimes, assault people, skip work and school, and above all, compulsively listen to music and bitch about the problems to which they themselves added. Roger and company bitched about welfare mongers and moochers in their earlier albums when meanwhile many of their close friends and jock grabbers were full bums and criminals.

  3. I remember when Agnostic Front Came to my town on the Victim in Pain Remastered tour.
    I yelled the words this song as loud as I could, That night is a Staple in my life. I have never felt a bigger sense of belonging in my life.

  4. unite and FIGHT for peace? well put, can we drown for air?can we stand to sit? you either stand and fight or protests and resist(peacefully)you cant do both at the same time., lines must be crossed, paths chosen.

  5. this is quite a good band. but i can't agree with the lyrics. peace is the best way of living. We have to try to live peaceful,even if nobody in this world is peaceful anymore.Punks have to unite and fight for peace.we don't need guns. we need revolution.

  6. im came from indonesia
    i think this is the best song from agnostic front
    because peace is not an option

  7. Today announcement : "Today Vinnie Stigma was a local Melbourne hero! … A small child broke away from his mothers hand and ran into the street. Stigma ran out into the street grab the kid just before a speeding car struck him. Stigma jumped away from car with the kid in his arm the car clipped his foot! Luckely he was wearing his boots and only sustained a bruised ankle! Stigma saves the day once again! The show will go on!"

    We love you Stigma !


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