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Roger and Vinny from agnostic front how's it going guys good thanks for having us thanks for being here so we're here at punk rock bowling for their 20th anniversary you guys have played this before but how many times have you played and what some of your favorite parts about this festival we must have play at least four or five times at least easily we love the whole thing we love everything about it the club shows act actually I prefer the more passionate more you know intense yeah but I mean outdoors we've got great art so short – so it's all good that's the whole thing is you know what is the whole vibe is good yeah you know everybody's having fun it's so nice to see that you know and all the band's night and we were hanging out right awesome I think this is America's like premier America's best punk festival but hands down sure for sure I mean it's just like you guys said it's just the energy and I mean for me too you see a lot of your friends that you don't really get to see cuz we all live in different places right like it's Vegas so everyone's just like it's a little nuts I'm losing my voice already it's a day for them it's going out so what are some of your guys favorite things to do in Vegas when you're here hey what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas yeah you saw that the OJ shit we are I don't know the bands around partying from one bar to another we don't gamble so yeah yeah well Roger you just came out with a memoir last year can you talk more about what went into making that and how long it took you to finish it it was a long process I started it in 1998 and I lost it like twice I try to complete it and then my children came around and then I just didn't have time touring albums everything you could think of happening and I finally got a friend of mine decided he was gonna help me which is the best that never happened he helped me finish the damn thing went through about it went through three edits I lost about 27 pages but it's better I think it's more direct yeah and it's been we did a successful tour around it and I'm getting nothing but outstanding great feedback from her so I'm really happy about it yeah what emotions did it bring up for you making that a lot of emotions seriously I'm kind of glad it happened later than when I started in 1998 yeah that wasn't gonna go as far as I went and a lot of things have happened from 1998 till today you know so I'm glad it took longer even though it was a it's like the hardest thing ever did but there was a lot of emotion went into it at the same time we were doing the film The Godfather hardcore yeah film basically about me Vinny and agnostic front and that brought a lot of emotion too so it's been an emotional roller coaster ride but I'm glad they're both they're both done they've kind of walk hand-in-hand with each other really nice pair up nicely and and they're both very genuine and that's what's more important yeah and I did see that your new documentary like you said that God put the gadget tickles the godfathers of hardcore has actually picked up a ton of awards already what went into making that film how what was the process like to be honest with you we just were ourselves and the person who deserves all the credit for the film is Ian MacFarlane he's a director at her everything and he surprises with it we had no say and that was a deal we just were ourselves for whenever things we had to be and he put it together and he surprised us and it was amazing we we really had no complain yeah and so I can't really say that much but give him anything he requested of course yeah I saw that you guys had two screenings I've been here this weekend at punk rock pool right one just happened today there's another one tomorrow yeah they were sold out so I couldn't get to see it but I did see the trailer for and I started to tear up watching it I mean it's really inspiring it's more of at a jerk if you actually see the whole the real movie yeah maybe come out tomorrow yeah well you know like you know what happened don't sit in front of me with that hand they say they say it sold out but then they leave some open for last-minute that's good to know right in the movie house with that haircut yeah I don't know just sing it back it gives me a personal bubble people back away everybody he's always got his sunglasses on when he's around me because he literally gets poked in the eye all the time well so you guys are legit living legends and have influenced so many bands out there what do you guys see for the future of agnostic front well we got a new record we're working on we had the film that still hasn't been released I mean we did the books out and that's that's almost old news that came out in August yeah so I think the film is the next big hurrah thing for us yeah and they'll hopefully be followed by a new album and who knows you know we we don't we take things day by day whatever happens happens but we're still active we're still going we still love what we do for sure what about you same you notice I'd be quiet I don't really listen I was yakking your brain like you're into the use of a branch monkey but uh it's been really great you know I'm just happy to be here and you know all the bands get out with the GBA shit all my friends well we did a tour GBH in 1986 is awesome yeah they were awesome yesterday I had a chat with Colin and I think they're better today that they ever walk I always thought they were great you know great always great but even better I'd I don't know I see them in New York recently them it was really good I had a real good I thought they were great yeah they're amazing too there are also legends and have inspired so many bands and I mean I like Colin's hair to spiking it yeah yeah yeah good tell but so you guys have been a band for 40 years what are some of your most memorable moments good and bad things that just stand out at the top of your line look on the road you know like stuff like that that I was just talking about a bad one like we went to goes in 1989 no no no 1998 I get them mixed up we were about to go on our first tour for something's got to give with Dropkick Murphys and u.s. bombs and they won't run away to play our first show our van burned down Oh burn I mean burned down just the Citrus Springs and burn down yeah that's that's how the tour started and then it was a chase we were in a rental van and it was a chase of nonsense for the next 16 yeah so those are like that's like a bad thing but the good thing about is that the tour was was fun it was great you know so what did you do did you just get like a replace we had her we bought that van and went to hell that was a waste of what it didn't start why do you buy a van let's not go there but either way you put it he's a mechanic by the way you put it who thinks of getting fire insurance on a vehicle when you get it right we didn't we didn't think was gonna happen so it's a complete loss to make the long story short and we had a rental van we had black we had to do we got to do it let's go get a van this rent it what are some of your guys best moments like the things that you just look back and you're like this is amazing I can't believe that happened to I think I think that pretty much to be very beginning of of our band you know like everything I remember when victim and pain came out and I'm playing those shows like a month or two after they were just like one of the most best shows of my life because people were singing along to everything and yeah that makes you feel good like in blue last weekend yeah you know we did an old set list so that was really real novelty like watching this guy in a bullring is awesome too what do you mean like literally a bull Louisville afford a bull it was awesome yeah that is terrifying well thank you guys so much for taking the time to talk to me honestly it was an honor and I have so much respect for the both of you more fun tonight this is Roger I'm Vinnie stigma from agnostic front and this is last rockers TV

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  1. Love these guys, they still look great, and there in great shape, good to see, good vibes, love Agnostic Front forever!

  2. Is this girl really into this stuff or is she just playing dress up for the job? Being in this scene for as long as I have there's just something way too safe/contrived about her look for my taste.


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