After Hours LIVE! BAD Keywords For Monetization & Tools To Discover Them

Posted By on May 10, 2019

oh yeah we're about to get nerdy with behind-the-scenes Tech Talk as it pertains to social media video platforms podcasting websites and more so take off those pocket protectors you won't need them here pour yourself a tall glass of Code Red Mountain you get comfortable and prepare to talking nerdy after hour starts right now what's up Peru after hours is right now so welcome everybody we're live on the youtubes we're simulcast over on gun channels calm got the chat up on both sides and for anybody listening to replay hang on maybe a bit of static gotta turn the mixer off everybody watching listening whatever in the replay there's the comments below so definitely feel free to participate down there that we're going to talk about something we we're liable to break the youtubes actually tonight because we're going to talk about something I can't even say the word controversial there I just said it but apparently the word controversial is controversial who would have thunk it right but we're gonna talk about controversial keywords I've been following and tracking some stuff for a while I've got a couple of tools in that IQ and two buddy that I paid for I paid for a month just to be able to play around with the with different words that can be used in the titles the tags the description of videos that potentially are causing monetization issues right add restrictions we've got a good question out there right off the bat from calaveras and he says these bad keywords matter so much if we're not monetized actually they can in helping people and going through this before I can't access to these tools anyway I have no just that by getting around certain words and things like that it tends to up your search suggestion and recommendation rankings so if that's going on by not using these words then what that tells me is that the monetization algorithm not only I should say the monetary monetization algorithm but also that search suggestion recommendation algorithm as well is is probably picking up on certain words and and suppressing things before we get started I want to throw a couple of things out there most of these words we're going to talk about and I want to actually do some research so I've actually got a test video up here it's unlisted but I'm able to put certain words in you can kind of see what happens and I do want participation out there from the chat as well but I want to throw three things out there because I don't want words in these categories in my chat we still have to keep this as as clean as possible so we'll start off by talking about three things that I've found that have an issue I found affiliate links having an issue more often than not it seems like it is the shortened version of a link in other words Amazon has like their little weird extension it's like AMD or something like that even the Google oddly enough this is like a GL why the bitly extension the BLT BT BLT again food on the night the B toi extension is less used for shortening stuff those in vid IQ anyway I've seen I've seen them flag so with with this particular tool curse words are obvious and that's one reason that for the longest you know I've tried to keep everything like I said that's one reason there's actually multiple reasons for that and the same goes for sexually suggestive words so remember that when you're out there in these chats it's it's okay to goof off and be funny but we've had that happen on the show here where you know something was said on the chat I knew that that was gonna end up causing an issue it did and when I disabled the chat all of the monetization came back so you can actually be hurting somebody's channel by doing that stuff right or wrong it is what it is so as far as those three things as far as obviously nobody's going to be putting affiliate links out there in the chat but you know as usual I'll stay away from the curse words and all the sexually suggestive stuff and things like that let's talk about words that shouldn't be an issue especially within context and I'm gonna go through I'm gonna go through a list here real quick I've been an Instagram post kind of a mean playing off of the whole George Carlin thing the seven dirty words you can't say on television or radio and it was the seven seven dirty words you can't tap into YouTube and there's actually more than seven that I've that I've got here and they cover they cover several different topics and genres so to say again like most up we talked about we talked about on here to say that okay YouTube is just picking on the Conservatives or just picking on the the farm community or the gun channels or whatever it's very disingenuous because there's words completely outside that spectrum but one thing I found that's interesting I'm using an advanced plugin from vid IQ we've talked about that before and there's a free version of it IQ that you can that you can get highly recommend if you run the channel getting that and using some of those features and then running an advanced version of to buddy as well to kind of pull these words and do some research what I found is that tube buddy actually picks up on left stuff I have not found with two buddy I have yet to see it flag anything as far as an affiliate link which is good I've yet to see it flag near as many words which is which is good I guess and then about the only thing that that it has in common with vid IQ is the like I said the curse words and a sexually suggestive words other than that there's about three words in there that I found with two buddy that flag those words are war murder and queer which is interesting you would think there would be other words and we're going to talk about those like overall the bit IQ side side of things now in the vid IQ side of things what's interesting is the words I've found so far and we talked about this a little Monday so it's gonna be redundant for you out there if you if you listen to the Monday podcast but the first one on the list I've got is ammo ammo and your titles tag description and we're testing than I have to see if even we talk about them it's going to be interesting as we talk about these words none of these words appear in my title tags and descriptions I didn't even use the word controversial keywords I use bad keywords so it's gonna be interesting to see as we talk about these words if it actually Flags this this this live stream put ammunition it definitely flags that underbid IQ or ammo I should say it definitely Flags ammunition I have not seen a flag for the word ammunition which is interesting rifle it it will flag rifle that IQ will every single time oddly enough it will not well let me move on it also will flag gun every single time oddly enough though it's lags rifle and gun it does not flag pistol handgun shotgun you know anything like that the word guns if you put an s on the end of either of those words if you go rifles plural our guns plural then I cute it's not not flag that as well at least it doesn't appear to haven't run across anything to suggest that it will gun in particular is it's it concerns me because obviously we've got John channeled and we got gun websites and we got budget guns and gear at least your plural we've got 13 seat gun reviews Joe out there which has got gun and that's all in the in the name it's all in the channel name which hopefully with Joe actually message to back and forth with him on Instagram some tonight he was gonna try to jump in and if he if he could but gonna work with him over the next few days hopefully and actually play around with the idea of that being in a name and see if it is making a difference so moving on we've got the word shoot oddly enough variations of the word shoot like shooter or shooting doesn't seem to flag but shoot does there were a tragedy the word assault this is a really weird one and I think ghost and I were were looking at this the other day we were talking about it I was playing around and it's the word pond I was actually looking at so Travis p11 stuff and yeah was flagging you know he he obviously pimps out the the pawnshop there and so the word pawn is flagging that's really strange but I got to looking through some urban dictionary stuff and some other things and believe it or not that falls under the whole sexually suggestive thing which is we talked about it before the word controversial will flag as well murder gay which is kind of strange queer and you know Yankee is is in trouble because you know the word tranny also is picking up so I found it weird that two buddy really only Flags the word queer Wow vid IQ is flagging pretty much any term that you use other than the like LGBTQ it flags those and I'm like that's kind of crazy I mean how do you run a channel that's you know some type of a lifestyle channel for that that's crazy and again this this this nerd chat is not necessarily about the firearm related stuff we like to talk about the creator world as a whole so what I'm gonna do at this point is I'm gonna say hey if you're out there in the live chat do a little bit of brainstorming let's let's give some participation going maybe and let's look at some some words that you wouldn't you know on the surface you might not think that the they would be be flagged as controversial but you know after you reflect on them a little bit you think okay maybe so because that's the problem I'm having and trying to build this list work up a list of words that way potentially we can find you know ways around this or ways to deal with this or potentially ways that we can affect the algorithm in some way right I'm not sure Warsaw Patriots saying he says they can't flag words you might want to leave the chat then buddy because that's what we're talking about here is them flagging for monetization and and other things algorithmic based on based on keywords in the title tag and description and now you come in late you may have missed the premise we're gonna start on snob side though I know snob had put in the chat along with gizzard Gary he'd put in some stuff there's nobs as what if you put one word all one word pawnshop I did look at that snob and just like using handgun or shot to gun you seem to be able to get around it by doing that so I think he would be okay and then gizzard saying he changed the gun channels smooshed it together made all one word those face between the N and the C gun channels and everything seemed to be okay yeah the same same way I mean it seems like if you hide that with in other words or something but that's hard to do with certain words so I know snob one of the reasons I want to bring snob in right quick cause I know he's played around with us a little bit he said on the tube buddy side of things and like I said in my experience that IQ is picking up on a lot more these flags twice as many three times as many it seems like as if it i q– is and my thinking is if we're gonna if we're gonna try to play this game and we're gonna try to play it safe then we got to know as many of these potential problem words as possible that way we can work to eliminate as many as possible at least on this platform what have you run into I'm curious with your experiences with with two buddy in that particular feature I was trying to remember I've only had it pop up the deep monetization warning too but he pops up D monetization warning over to the side if you put in a keyword or something and summon and I don't remember what it was I've only had it pop up once and I went back and played with it the other day and I could I am a tragedy I think popped up and I think war did yeah yeah but there was a lot of things that didn't I went back and play with it after you talked about it on the Monday show just playing with it and oddly enough I mean even the even that the identifiers I mean war is one that like I said was on the tube buddy decide but like you didn't hit on it and it's weird because of it like use hitting on other things a lot of other things but even if I guess what worries me a little bit with this is even if we because I did revolution I run a revolution through it just to see because the first thing I noticed is I was looking at some metadata on a video and I had the word Civil War and that's where I've seen that too buddy was hitting on Civil War and I might was it hitting on Civil War or is it the war that's killing it so lean in and run some tests just put the word civil just put the word war and you know it civil was fine it didn't have a problem with that but if you put the two together without smashing them up obviously without a space in between them which completely changes the word let's be honest then the war actually kills that and I thought you know that's crazy because I can get we're in a way that they want don't want the the whole hardship and tragedy and violence and you know sexually suggestive and whatever these little categories that they've got maybe that they they're you know kind of cleaning up the place so to speak for their advertisers and I get that but when they when you're able to put a multi-word tag in play something like Revolutionary War that obviously can have an educational or a historical reference so why is it just hitting on war I don't make that doesn't make any sense to me and that's something that they're still gonna be you know more resurgent and whatnot to to go over bring that guy's wife in here for a minute are there any words I know you haven't played around with any of this or any there any words that you use I know you're not monetized yet but again this could also affect things like the search suggestion recommendation or any words that you're thinking about that you use that potentially could be a problem like we're talking about I mean simply the fact that we are gun gals is going to kill us yeah and that's a good point because we talked about like gizzard was talking about taking gun channels just removing the space gun – gals or gun space gals is problematic and a channel name outside of that as far as odd words that you know and I know that you're kind of new to at least firearms and the the language and the vernacular and all of that but is there anything maybe that that we're not thinking about maybe something that from the female side of things that could be considered a controversial word you think and we need to do a little homework on that well when you start talking about different holsters and say okay one of the big ones right now that I've been reading a lot about or is the flashbang and of course I mean it hooks to your bra hmm so would that not depend you would have to be really careful as to how you put that in there right I'm putting it in there now just to see so I want to run it real quick cuz we would be talking about bra size or chest size or something to that effect actually bang YouTube hits on the word bang Wow era YouTube OH – buddy hits on the word bang actually so yeah yeah I'm gonna do something here real quick though I'm going to actually let me remove playing and then let me actually do flashbang but I'm sure it's gonna it's still gonna hit on it even if I put the tag flashbang actually it hits on flashbang oh nice and then if we do all one word flashbang which is the call it is a Gary approach right now since he mentioned that let's go all one word no space flashbang and see you can get by with that it looks like but that's weird that the word bang is what's tripping it up and that is only with only with two buddy so um Todd I will jump over to you I don't know if you've played around I think you do a lot of work on mobile and unfortunately there's not a lot of these tools for that but what is there anything that comes to mind when you think about potential words and stuff like that that could be an issue yeah I've messed with two buddy in Vedek you but I've never done the paid services but you know talking about this some of the things that come to mind would be even parts of a gun like weird i'ma being firearms channels you know when you start talking about words that have kind of been co-opted into slang in some way shape or form you can think of things like trigger think of things like hammers yeah there's different parts of a gun or anything we could talk about on our channels that would kind of trigger that a no pun intended trigger that that algorithm and you know the reason I bring up triggers because that's been co-opted so hard as a recent you know 5-10 years that I could see something and to that extent even though it's not necessarily violent or sexual of nature it could still possibly hit that algorithm just because of what that it what the algorithm would assume that content is yeah because it's got kind of a political nature right to it I think so let me put in a couple that you mentioned there I'm gonna put in trigger and hammer because we're talking about political right now I'm also gonna put in Trump and I'm gonna put in polo see because I think I've mentioned Pelosi before and I could to find any other reason that I was that it ad restrict to me other than maybe I talked about politics and mentioned maybe Trumper or Pelosi which was weird and then obviously you know have not looked up porn I got it I got a figure that something like that or pornography or something is gonna trigger but then believe it was Warsaw out there he said a lot of guys are talking about you know they're calling it Gorn which is a way to get around it talking about the you know the gun porn of course so let's run that one as well I'm gonna run those and see if any of those hit yeah another than and other than porn they don't and that's so that's obvious actually pornography didn't even hit so but that's more of the tends to be more of an educational nature type term rather than you know a buzzword or slang term the shortened version that obviously gets thrown around a lot more so good stuff there I was sort of surprised honestly with running those that Trump and Pelosi didn't didn't trigger moving on bring obnoxious in here let's you jump in first of all I don't know if you've been on the after-hours before so welcome sir I I was told there would be cake um there is no cake so snap lied to me yeah well you know you can't trust nob we do connect easier we not at all I believe that we do cookies we don't we'll do cake so yeah and all this yeah with all this monetization are there are there things out there do you even give it any thought I mean I know you're you're one of the up and comers alright and I don't know if I'm one of the up and comers but thank you for suggesting that I might be you do you given any thought when you're doing your tiles and tags that it you know be is or even the second thought that hey this may if I use this word instead of another word it might trip me up not really because I'm not you know obviously I'm not monetized yet so it really doesn't hit me that much I have I have recently started paying more attention to my keywords and and tags and and everything because I did until recent until probably the last couple months I did not have to buddy your vid IQ or anything installed on mine so I just recently started using those and I got the I got two buddy and then I got an email from the upgrade like forever for 39 bucks so I I jumped on that but I haven't upgraded bit IQ at all because I think they wanted outrageous amount of money for it but it was yeah it was the vid IQ version and I had to get with I believe 50 bucks and that's a lot so instead I'm gonna get cancelled before the months over and then the two buddy was 20 or 25 bucks I think for the months in order to get these tools and that's what's bad and that's why I wanted to do kind of do this show and you know go over some of these words that I found so far and also get the word out and say hey while I've got these for the next you know three weeks you know whatever get with me especially if you've got monetization turned on and you've got ad restricted stuff or something that's you know the yellow icon in there something like that or if you just want to kind of do a channel audit and run through and get an idea you know not only does that help you guys but that helps me to try to build this list too that way when I want to try to get as many of these words identified as possible that way I don't I can't afford to keep paying this every month right so I long story short yeah I agree what you're saying the money an obstacle oh yeah for sure like didn't mean to cut you off small it's like I said the the two buddy was its I think it's their lowest level but it was you know it was they sent me the thing for like half price for a lifetime license on it so I did do that one because it was worth it for me to do that and I have had a couple of keywords that have that have popped up on it you know but nothing obviously it's gonna be it would matter more if I was if I was monetized but I've I've used it more just to get the keywords and and use it that way so I haven't really run into really checking what's getting flagged or not yet what could potentially hurt you right and again that you we you know I mentioned this at the sort at the top of the show but you know there is there is correlation between the algorithm that does the monetization and the algorithm that does everything else so you know using words that YouTube the YouTube gods doesn't like could you know certainly cause issues with with being able to get your you know get your word out so speak budget I'm gonna let you jump in real quick have you have you played around with any of this and all either with the tools or just through suspicion I use vid IQ and it Flags pretty much anything that YouTube is gonna be worried about and gives you an opportunity to go in and try to find a workaround you know some of my older stuff it didn't occur to me that to pay attention to that and you know I've kind of went back to try and get some stuff REE monetized or whatnot obviously once you've submitted for review and they say they confirm it through a manual review then your much boned but you know if you haven't done that which is why I think that you know you mentioned a few weeks ago about just you know playing around with your tags and stuff before you submit for a review yeah absolutely I agree with that wholeheartedly because that's pretty much the only way you're gonna get it back you know you really got to pay attention I just there was one video that I just did tonight but as far as went back and looked at my tags and stuff to try to figure out why it was yellow coined so hopefully we'll see and I changed a couple things I think I had shooting in there or shoot and it was in my both my tags and my description so I went and changed those and we'll see in a day or two if it makes any difference right and that's the other thing too I'm glad that you brought that up because I think Patience's it's one of those things when I first upgraded the vid IQ I went in I sorted all of my videos that were address tricked it I sorted all of those and I don't remember how many there were they were like 30-something which is not bad I mean I've got like 900 on the channel so you have in 30 it was like okay that's cool and some of them were just uh you know old stuff or whatever they were staunch political talking about bump stock bans talking about Kavanagh talking about Toronto talking you know that sort of thing and I'm like that craps gonna get probably gonna get and restricted no matter what you know you try to do with that so you know in other words there was no way absolutely no way you can change anything in the title tag descriptions and making anywhere near coherent for somebody to potentially click on it so I went in with the vid IQ and you know like I said identified four or five words at least that were pretty consistent across all of those that I was able to change modify tweak and all that and so far it didn't happen right away it took a least a day at least I'd say two days before I started seeing some lip but without manual review because I am not a fan of the whole manual review process if you can tweak your stuff get it back green without having to go through that manual review I think you're a whole lot better off and that's a date so far just with like I said utilizing the vid IQ tool at that time I had not upgraded the tube buddy I was able to flip five out of about thirty which is it's not too terribly not too terribly bad because like I said it was probably a half a dozen that there's gonna be just because the topic you know you're talking about the school shooting wherever it was in oh heck SantaFe the one I hear in Texas that we we did the live stream their stuff about the Cavanaugh hearing blah blah blah yeah so the the thing is I think I think people get a little bit hasty because they get huffy right it gets it goes yella they're like freaking YouTube you know click on the manual review I hadn't done nothing wrong click on the manual review and you know without taking a look at it and saying okay what could be causing this what you know do I need to do and I think in the long run I think even even if you don't flip back green I think that it betters your odds of having successful manual review at least if you're paying attention to to these sort of things so now I see that sorry to see that seaport defense is out in the in the chat and I was hoping it would kind of being here because I know he's been having some issues with with getting his monetization even turned on and so I've been doing some looking and I think potentially Sarge if you're out there and listening get get in touch with me I think they're potentially maybe some stuff with your with your channel tags and some other things like we're talking about that that could be causing some type of mission if you've got a there's a vast majority videos using these quote-unquote controversial words you know well they made this op not to not even turn your channel on at that point so gizzard finally getting around to you because you had a really good point in thingy and the side chat there about squishing those words together so it sounds like maybe you played with all of this just a little bit well actually after I read the what the premise of the video wasn't listen to the first few minutes I actually went out and started playing some of my videos just to see what vid IQ would do because I had a some of those trigger words in every video I got out there and so I had just at three or four of them just to see what I had to get rid of to make the flags go away right you know and just simple things like where I list all my patrons well gee webs who is in there as gun space websites is one of my patrons but if I take the space out between his name then it didn't flag it anymore so yeah gun is definitely like I said if there's a if there's a space in that then it definitely wolf wants to cause an issue Sarge thanks for jumping in there yes sir I appreciate the invite don't know how long we'll be able to stay all right that's fine that's fine uh it's not really anything I got your channel up now because I wanted to be sure and I'm not I'm not picking on you but I know you were having a problem and your channel was one that I pulled up I've been pulling up you know all the different channels we know and stuff like that just trying to compile these lists and look at things so not picking on anybody here as far as your as your your monetization with your channel there's a there's a couple of things and this is a big one this is the thing that I've stayed away from since day one I've talked about this before but with the whole working with youth and 4-h and all that it's been ingrained in me to stay away from the word weapon and even stay away from the word gun as much as possible in the context of handgun or shotgun or air gun or something like that maybe but be more technical about it that it's a firearm and so I've kind of always tailored my channel as far as the title tags descriptions and stuff that way but one thing that's very consistent across your channel is the word gun so yeah maybe some of these tools and pairing some of that back replacing it with firearm or pistol or rifle seems to be a trigger word speak to use that ones in place of it but you know maybe your long arm or long if you if there's a space between the GE the g e–'s with a long gun then yes because it doesn't matter what you put before or after gun it's gonna trigger consider this my problem is they just won't review my application well but they that may be what you're getting but it it's the automatic thing may not be picking up on it is what I'm saying to kick it to them but the other thing I was gonna I was gonna tell you again this isn't picking on you but we need to work on your channel tags big time that's something that the algorithm and then they're gonna be pulling that data to to get an idea of what your channel is about and as far as tags are concerned you do a great you're doing a great game in your video tags your channel tags are nowhere nearly as good I know my channel tags are terrible yeah it's all one word you've got like numbers for different calibers and weird we're a lot of weirdness like that so you need to go in I would say go in first of all curate the word gun if you can get access to either one of these tools to help you that'll be that would be great I've got two buddy yeah then go into those like I said those Channel tags really give it some thought you know firearms education firearm review you know things like that thankfully I think I don't see I'm gonna just try something here I'm just gonna do or do not even though monetised none of my videos come up as flagged against monetization right everybody right yeah well that's because you're mad maybe because your monetization is on own none of them are coming up though what you're saying with your two buddy yeah with two buddy it says no no no monetization flags like one okay is it giving you controversial keywords at all no it doesn't give you any of that okay that's it that's interesting because I just got through looking at two your videos and so I've seen stuff so that's where I say it may be something that we have to get together and I may have to look at your channel you know what I'm saying because you're not monetized it may this may be working off of my monitors because I'm monetized it's looking at it and going oh do you use it you can't be monetized you see what I'm saying it's not going on for your monetization status that's potential but anyway moving on I guess yeah just uh clean up those tags some and let's see what that's what happens it's definitely a recommendation I wanted to give you uh ghosts before bringing you in here real quick to talk about this too and though that I don't know if for some people is probably boring but it's been kind of it's been the kind of interesting last few days playing with this but yeah if you're out there if you're in the live chats I see a couple of people asking about a couple of different words like red flags looks like and carbine and other stuff I will look those up here in just a second because I'm always curious and if you're listening watching whatever in replay some down in the comments below and yeah let's talk about it if there's any any keywords you found or whatever I'd love to hear about go some let you jump in and see if you've played with this any at all your thoughts on using certain words or if you have any suggestions on words that could be tripping people up yeah that most of my limited or no ads the yellow coins are all pretty much on my live streams which is fine because I really don't care most people after a week after the live stream they're not gonna go back and watch anyway so the monetization for those that really doesn't matter I only had picked out seven videos a few days back that had some keywords in there did some changing and as of about half an hour ago three of them have been turned green so go figure so about half of them or change back to green after just changing some of those words that that showed up now would ask you because some of the ones that are still yellow I would ask you a couple if you could do a quick search for one of them one of them would be enemy actually interesting life okay just go ahead and give me I can do multiple ones at one okay enemy attack and and strip slash stripping we can what field strip or stripping oh I never thought about that wow that could be sexual connotation right and I have three of my videos have those words in there and they're still yellow yeah now stripping I can't even spell stripping it's dripping to pee strategy see a two-piece yeah what's how I actually believe it or not strip that IQ is hitting on strip yeah yeah field strip yep Wow one of my videos said feel strip in there so I need to go back and change that so maybe somehow maybe had one was one of them but the Fudd's are they the enemy of the two Second Amendment and I'm thinking maybe enemy I don't know I'm not I'm not getting a hit on enemy and I'm not getting a hit on attack and both of the other day about Arsenal ooh it's another good one I don't use that as much but that is a brand name they can cost people provide all right so I have a video that says a33 you know it was a home defense arsenal mm-hmm yeah yeah I don't have nope no hit something all right oh there you go that looks that looks clean so yeah interesting interesting word is there let's see if we have anything out there in the chat budget you said you had a couple right yeah what about CCW or concealed carry let's check them there CCW carry I'm pretty sure is not gonna be and you're talking about mainly single words concealed I'm gonna do concealed carry here I'm gonna say no on all of those but I'm gonna check of course we're politics weapon whoo I you know I haven't done weapon so that's a good one because we know we know that I am we know assault flags and we know that rifle flags so a weapon hmm no antenna I don't got anything on the weapon state politics yeah it's ours I've been I've been going through I've been trying to go through people's channels that you know I associate with and hang out with and stuff like that you know what I'm saying because at the end of the day I mean yeah I mean I could go into a Hickok or a demo or a nothing fancy or wherever you know or Yankee or Matt or somebody like that and Poole stood up but you know I'd rather compile as much as the list I can from all of us that way when I share it it kind benefits all of us we kind of know you know words that we can we can try to sidestep really doesn't you know in at least for the catalog that we have right but some of them I don't remember you know like black for example never enough ammo thankfully his is no spaces if yet a space then I would have concern over his with the whole ammo thing because like I said ammunition is cool does not come up that's not flag everything's looks kosher but you do ammo and you know it all freaks out so politics looked okay and I didn't think politics was a what are you checking it with I'm running both vid IQ and two buddy okay so I'm checking it actually on both ends and I'm making a list not checking it twice gonna close would necessarily but yeah I'm making a list here actually got a pulling a page out of the ghost tactical book here I've got a spreadsheet that I'm that I've got up that I've been topping these into and I've been putting words under each column I'm kind of got column set up for both the two buddy and then in the vid IQ to try to keep track that way because like I said it seems like vid IQ is hitting on way more words than to buddy yes so like I said and you I don't you may not have been in Sarge whenever we start talking about it but with with it hitting on more words you know that's probably the one we want to be paying the most attention to unless there's words and to buddy that for some reason do not pick up and fit IQ because we're example war is one that to buddy is hitting on that and bang it's that guys laugh pointed out earlier Warren bang is to that two buddies picking up on that bid IQs and I'm picking up on a tall so you know there's there's it's frustrating because all you can do is is seems like it's figure stuff out to a point that you have more questions and that's what sort of frustrating with this with this whole process kind of love and Grandpa out there says use use freedom seed I guess instead of ammo so get our man Pete says potentially you could use take down instead of build strip yeah takedowns gonna be okay those are our two very benign words I don't think it's going to be a problem I did do second amendment but I'm gonna go through and I don't remember I don't remember seconds not gonna flag it's too generic of a word but I don't think I don't think amendment flagged but I'm gonna I'm gonna run it just to see because I may have run that before I did somebody spell amendment for me please AM II and de NT because apparently I can't spell it and give me a second here you'll have radio silence apparently I am am en de me and T amendment yeah I may have run amendment before I had the two buddy on of course I surely somebody would have said something no amendment looks okay and I kind of figured a minute probably would because you know I stopped talk about generic words but that's what's crazy I mean ghost you brought up the whole notion of a strip there and and that guy's wife brought up the one bank you know for example and you know those in and of themselves are very generic words so makes you wonder you know why they get you know why you know with the Vegas strip right there the Mobius strip I guess if you're dealing with that sort of thing seven wonders out there being funny so now about the word Angelina there does you two even know matter yet no it's gonna be that's gonna be okay I don't see any any more suggestions out there in the chat so anybody on the panel got stuff that you're curious about that we can can look up while we're doing it just open the floor up if anybody's gonna I didn't mean to mention this but I was wondering about a monetization or D monetization if that's actually prompted many things since that is kind of the topic explain I don't I don't get where you're going with that door not well I've heard some people complain about that before now hadn't been from firearms channel is that talking about the monetization or the D monetization of channels and putting in those particular words they had thought actually might have prompted it oh no I have ran those actually and I'm glad you brought that up yeah I've run monetization and D monetization both and these are one of those monetization believe it's monetization it's really weird because I put that in and it always wants to spellcheck it's like that's not a real word or something reason that's a YouTube ism but yeah monetization and D monetization I haven't I haven't seen any flags on either one of those but again I mean we go back to just doing the title actually we you know I do the Monday podcasts and we talked about this we hit on this a little bit course is different because I don't have people to bounce things off up in that type of a setting but we hit on this a little bit and so when I do that takes that off of Instagram put that on YouTube is replay then I try to tie the that you know with some of the subjects you know some of the stuff that we talked about during that and one of them was these controversial keywords and it hit on controversial so oddly enough another one that it's not it's not hitting on which is weird is conspiracy because we all know with the whole Alex Jones thing and all that that's been an issue which reminds me wonder if we put Alex Jones what it does I bet it doesn't do anything but but yeah I run conspiracy and it it didn't run conspiracy in conspiracy theory and it's it's yeah it's not hitting on Alex Jones or Alex Jones so that's kind of weird to anybody else suggestions on things that that may be weird you're thinking about that could be a problem what about Glock ooh a lot of people just say clock may be good I ran earlier I did run not ran run I run savage Remington Ruger block is not one of the ones I run I run armored lot interestingly enough I run every variation of ar-15 I possibly could did Armalite rifle at it arm a lot it hit on rifle obviously when I did all night rival I did arm a lot I did ar-15 I did them together I didn't with a space in between they did it with a dash and yeah didn't have a problem Glock is clean it looks like so that guy out there got it comments I should say is he says assault rifle yeah either way you're dead and you're completely dead in the water with that one anything with an assault it's gonna flag anything with rifle it's gonna flag so assault rifle yeah you're going down for that one midnight range team's got a good one he says what about things like serial killers and killer maybe one that would be interesting pieces are concert pop culture he says maybe Hitler or Alex Jones I did Alex Jones but because Alex Jones is kind of benign Alex is kind of benign Jones is kind of a 9 and so Hitler don'ts do be interesting to you yeah Hitler and Nazi or to that we need to do an Tifa maybe Hitler's H itla are right yep and then let's do an easy I for Nazi but Isis not to hit on to buddy socialist Monday socialist just because I'm gonna do Democrat I've done a liberal and a bunch of that stuff looking let's do Republican killer we wanted to do killer right okay let's just run those and see we've got several there we can do yes knob is right Nazi did hit on to buddy so that's and that's sort of understandable in a way it's kind of sad because it's whitewashing history in a way Wow okay we got multiple hits here with that IQ good job pancake boy out there Hitler yes but I can you did not like that Isis did not like that and not see it did not like that then that problem with killer or Democrat or socialist or Republican so interesting stuff so yeah we're we're building up our our database here we've got a couple out there I'm going to run real quick I'll juices magazine mmm just offhand I would say no but I'm gonna put that one in here check it just because that can have multiple connotations stop in that range this is I buddy I get you he says what about names of serial killers the problem is I don't know names and serial killers because I don't really care because I don't you know I get what you're saying but something I would have to research off there it meant plug in there so go ahead go so what you're saying don't say bump stock well you're looking at the word bump and stock and I think I put that in earlier and I don't think it did anything but you can't we can also do I can do bump and I can do stock and then well these things like bastard your internet and it really helped the process here then I'm gonna do bumps talking I'm actually gonna bump stock not bump is dick but the two words together now somebody out there and I remember who it was had was talking about I also gotta comments was talking about Islamic we did attack so but extremist alright how you spell extremist this ext REM is T right and then Islamic well there was another one I was thinking about when I was doing the Chi HOD yeah I don't even know you spell that Chi Rho K so yeah now there was another one they're talking about the circulars name they're actually putting some in there hey guys comments of Ted Cruz here's the thing with two part names okay what's what out there in the comments you guys are I don't think you're grasping in the concept here we're talking about words because again we go back to gun right hand gun is squished together gun is bad gun is bad but if you squish it together with like handgun it's okay rifle is bad so therefore anything that's like you know a salt rifle or bolt-action rifle it's got rifle in it so it's gonna be bad that being said kind of like Hitler I mean it's possibly you can use the last name so I mean I could do like Bundy just to see so you know go ahead o say I'd be curious to you know bring a lot of that up you know when you look at shoes and stuff you're always thinking death dead fatalities fatality um you just brought up something you you you tweaked my interest here I'm gonna do death and I'm gonna do dead I'm also gonna do die and I'm gonna do dies because I have had reloading videos get weird reloading dies right so I'm glad that you I'm glad that you mentioned that that's actually what I wanted to check so let's scroll down we've got a bunch here out of all of those I've put in that we just talked about the bump stocks the jihad the deaths the dead that I the dies two buddies not hitting on any of them dead and death but IQ does not like and I sort of knew that to be honest especially with the dead I knew this because of tech channels I know that there's tech channels that you know talk about reviving a dead battery or you know you're dead you know reviving your dead iPhone or you know something of that nature that have complained about the word the word dead they think that it's being flat a guy that comments out there just change how you write stuff he's putting numbers on there so okay and that collars on so that's that's interesting and that's what that's certainly that's that's a possibility with what that guy's wife out there that guy's wife yeah the guy that comments is getting me confused what he's saying about changing it up and he's putting like numbers and non alphanumerics and stuff into there a lot of people do that the problem with doing that is trying to walk that fine line between you want it to still be in some way searchable and you want it to be in some way able to be picked up on by the search suggestion recommendation algorithm that way I serve to other people if you've got if you take all the words and you jumble them up and put letters and dollar signs and weird stuff in there that particular algorithm is not gonna find them and so you know you've got to rely on somebody basically just stumbling across that video and it's yeah it's kind of suck seven wonders says and I'll get with you just a second with with that guy's wife all that you come in seven wonders is saying some folks told me that subs and subscribers so let's check those real quick while I'm checking those that guys why what did you know actually while we're talking I was looking through some of my videos and I actually I think you and I had this conversation before and I've gone back through most of my videos before and retag given all and but shoot is is not good shoots is is okay what about shot like shot show yeah I didn't have a problem I had one that was actually flagged that was shot shows the 2019 II shot show actually and shot wasn't pulling up but I'm gonna I'm gonna check that I'm also going to be shots here because I don't remember if I had the tube buddy thing at the time so I've got quite a few in here I've got the subscribers subscribe subs shoot shoot shot and shot too buddy I'm getting nothing on it and nothing on vid IQ so all that all that looks good I mean it's just shoot apparently that's a problem which is I don't know like I said it's it's it's strange but I mean at least that gives us I guess some type of lead way you know to play around with things got it comments he's throwing out a lot of good ones shooting is okay I'm rants shooting previously we did killed and kill her earlier now we didn't do killed we didn't kill her so let's do that would be similar to dead you would think that that would lag but we're dealing with a lot of weirdness here like I said I think it opens more questions than it does gives us answers unfortunately yeah killed this fine so alright good stuff so wanna scroll through here roll call out there says poop i'ma gonna put it in there you putting poop in your video title come on dude come off not using that anyway I don't know what channel would ever talk about poop emojis or something as far as a panel I'm just gonna open it up since we're we're up against the hour here looks like I'll open it up I don't want to close it if there's any questions comments concerns you know anything you want to bring up go ahead I mean just just jump in be polite if there's anybody like for handcuffs yeah I think it'd be more like handcuffed or something let me Hank or are you just talking about the word Cubs well I mean actually that's not even it's a video that I have that it's not even viewable on my YouTube but it's on there and I actually have cuffs in it right like historical cuffs okay so it is cuff okay I think that that that would be an interesting Martin to look yes oh I bet you nurses I got a noose to spell do you know you know yes in there nurses will stay News does that have some connotation that it may not like so yeah I'll run those real quick maybe no I mean all that looks okay let me do something here bear with me trying to I've got too many words in here freaking out on me so I gotta back some of these out and then I'll double-check yeah I have that particular one it's unlisted it's only viewable on good streamer that's gonna be is does it talk anything in that have you got any tag or anything in that about prison or execution or anything yeah I'm gonna put that in I'm kind of clear okay hang on let's we'll do these hang I'll just saying let me get some room cleared out I've got I'm over the limit on tags and like internet is slow this is annoying now what that one said I have another question then if I changed my tags on my YouTube thing and I've already got it pulled over it again streamer it's not gonna affect it if I change it on youtube right why are you worried about gun streamer that's the ISS separate once this folded over once it's pulled it over it doesn't matter yeah it doesn't matter in any way technically I mean this is one I can't there's no way I can publish this on youtube anyway all right so ghost its hostage and then you said what execution I have execution of murderers I've got leg restraints prisoners prison hanging straightjacket old medical oh my god because there's nobody there so moving in there that's gonna be a problem I think right okay hanging good lord you have murderer you said I don't murder is bad okay but that was from the JM Davis Museum no I get it down that well we talked about that when you said that was cool and you were gonna do it and I'm like but that's weird right it's not hitting on any of that are you serious yeah no no more so it might with let me actually post this one over here hmm it's not hitting on any of those yeah not hitting on any of those Wow it's not like they're not gonna let you post it it's just – yeah that's it it's a monetization thing this is yeah we need to be clear about this this is not stuff that's gonna get you a strike yeah and get your channel taken down this is going to affect first and foremost it's going to make any you know potentially monetization and then it could have some ripple effect into you know how YouTube promotes your stuff for search suggestion and recommendation yeah it's probably better I just delete this one off of youtube I don't know that could be I think it's cool right now that guy's wife turbo turbo out there that guy that's why god guy you're screwing me up out there but turbo Ferb's he says a RAK build reload I've tried all those all those are cool actually any variation that I could possibly figure with ar-15 AR tiene r9 with dashes without dashes with spaces same way with ak-47 make a 74 blah blah blah I didn't see any didn't see any issues with those and then guy the comments says dude happens make it okay no if you put two words up together like handgun no spaces then that makes gun okay apparently but here's the deal this is one thing that I wanted to say about that I'm not sure it's completely okay even if you put those together I'm not sure that the algorithm since we know this flag in on that particular potential piece of the word because we know it false flag we know the spout or them with false flag stuff all the time I'm not real sure that it doesn't pick up on words inside of words if that makes any sense so even though to buddy in bid like you may not be flagging things like you know handgun you know all one word or gun channels as we pointed out at the at the top of the hour would know with no space not really sure that it's not picking up on picking up on it steel so if you do run these tools if you are careful if you're playing around with those yellow icons whatever and trying to do the best that you you can with it and you get to a point that you've got those two words butted up together that are you know was you know supposedly okay then my suggestion would be to get rid of those altogether change them to something completely different and see what happens turbos saying Jack I'm forget you an Alex Jones term and Alex Jones probably sits all Balkans watching it doesn't because Chaka Khan could and I'll run that Alex Jones the problem that you get with Alex Jones we talked about this I just mentioned it is and I don't know how you even do I'm gonna go try to do track arm CI h om let's do with one end and then let's do chalk home with two but what I'm saying with the Alex Jones thing is yeah when you start trying to do two words then it's only one of those words as potentially as a flag unless you're talking about something like a salt rifle or something like that both of those flags but you know you could put bolt-action rifle then it's gonna be flagged because rifle is a bad word so yeah and it doesn't hit on Alex it doesn't hit on Jones and it doesn't hit obviously if it doesn't hit on either one of those by themselves it's not gonna hit on those together and I guess that's what I'm saying is yeah you've got certain words that flag and they're gonna make or break it or rephrase regardless it's not and that's the frustrating thing again because we all know that when we're dealing with our tags and our titles and our keywords and all that stuff we want to be specific right so you know how do you set fine lines I guess that we have to walk and I guess it was a good good note to sort of close down on is you know we need to be thinking of ways that we walk that line I mean with YouTube I was mentioned with gun streamer with you know other platforms who cares I mean it doesn't matter but if you're here you want to play the game here to the best your ability how do you walk that line how do you you know rifle is a huge gun is a big one of course but raffle is is a huge one I mean how do you not use the word rival um think of the search that you're losing because of that right if you were trying to go with a long gun or something of that nature it's absolutely insane so yeah with that I love will run this one through the room and final thoughts in if you have them go ahead and so I'm out there I mean that's fine and then all of your plugs and that sort of stuff and we will well uh we'll close up and get the heck out of here we'll start on the snob side go for it I'm young the only comment I have is what point does it make to change all your keywords to where they're fine with their YouTube gods monetization if you can't get any search results which you kind of just touched on that a little just right then before then but it just seems pointless to me to get $2 off YouTube you know versus you know having a chance to get a lot more via other ways be a patreon or affiliate links or whatever well but just my thoughts yeah but that being that being said it's like I said how do you how do you play that game if it ends up affecting all the search and all that stuff as well right yeah and that's what I was saying I understand that I'm just yeah you know but you can't at the same time nobody's searching for you know a certain term if you change it just a little and nobody searches for that versus what everybody's searching for is gun or something you know a rifle per se right and if you say long guns been placed a rifle nobody's searching for long gun but everybody's searching for rifle everybody a surgeon for arrival yeah right that was just my only question on it basically was kind of what I said oh and they were dealing with things that we don't know as well like when because we don't have a clue of the vast majority of all these algorithms work you know just like we've kind of Illustrated tonight I mean we see we can identify with tools and things we can see certain patterns but YouTube's even admitted that they have no one person that knows how the entire algorithm any other algorithms they use what they use several they have no one person that knows how that entire algorithm works they have teams of people literally that are constantly working on those outer rooms tweaking doing input changing stuff whatever so you know not not knowing how that works you know part of me wonders is there portions of the algorithm that even if you because I've seen this before two that I've searched for videos it put a word in and I'm got videos that how do not have that word in the title tag order descriptions you know the plant and it's like how did that how did it deserve me this you know and it's it's a relevant video it's relevant to what I'm what I was looking for but it's not titled tagged or described in such a way that the algorithm should have picked up on it so it makes you wonder if the algorithm does not also use some type of a I'm going to use a big word here that most people don't understand anymore the algorithm doesn't use on top of it thesaurus in a way the server just interesting interesting concept plugs if you got them stop not much just check out much Daniel if you haven't yet and thanks for having me enjoyed the show tonight and that's all I got you bet now turbo author says that thinks that they monitor the closed caption speech-to-text output yes they absolutely do they monitor the chat is out there that you guys are in guy the comment said rifled it's fine yeah rifles if you put an S or a D on the end then it seems to be fine user out there says he's the one that caused our ad restriction you Hank says you won't get D monetized so long as you keep me out of the chats I got a feeling that this one especially if they scan the speech-to-text the closed captioning this one's probably toast it's going to be interesting once this renders to see and well I'll report that back probably next week on the on the nerd chat that guy's wife final comments or plugs if you haven't and thanks for having me and be sure and check out that guy's wife media scheduled a hit over the next several weeks so lots of things to come be sure and join done gals this weekend for sure Sunday not 8 p.m. Central Standard Time car tour dot what you got bud not not much just make sure to go and check out my channel it talked about three five seven I've got still several more in RAM videos I'm going to be dropping make sure to go check out gunpowder beauties channel and check us out at our powder Mediacom that has the links for pretty much everything we do awesome now quick plug for Sarge he did jump in for a little while at sea for defense if you're wondering so go back em up snob I know snob typed a question there beside he says what if you leave the leave out the tags and then add leave out the tags until it monetizes and then add the bad words it will flag it the algorithm real quick before we move on explain the way I understand how the monetization algorithm works and why I say that manual review should be a last resort monetization algorithm is constantly running and scanning because you would definitely be able to game the system that way right so it stands to reason why that is somebody could upload some very viable horrible stuff and say it's puppies and kittens or something and then maybe go in and change it around after the fact or whatever so so you've got to be you know they've got to be be mindful of that and they are watching for that that's what I figured I was just curious yeah yeah but then going back into the the whole appeal thing this is where you got to be careful too because you've heard this you've heard people say well I peeled and then two or three weeks later it went yellow again I've heard that there are people but there are people that lose the appeal it stays ad restricted and no matter what they do you can't change it back to green well I think once you appeal if you if you use the appeal and this would be very easy for you to Badou if you lose the appeal they flag that video they flag the video ID on that video that way the algorithm doesn't have to scan it anymore right because algorithms were already working as rear end off obviously so anytime you lose an appeal if you win an appeal obviously you can go back in and change stuff around right so they want to be able to continually scan that type of stuff but if you lose the appeal and they say okay well you're just ad restricted BAM here's your you know mark on your on your channel on that video ID I should say and the algorithms just gonna overlook you from now on and this will never be fully monetized so I think that's that's my understanding really of how it works obnoxious thanks man for uh for jumping in and though I think this is the quietest you have ever been on the show but that's okay you got anything to say or projects or what not to plug before we get out of here I've got an random stuff like everybody like everybody else I've got a bunch of it I did drop a hex meg and century products interview today and I think next week I'm probably gonna try and get out the alien gear ulcers and maybe thinking either the Rex firearms or I've got a couple others I haven't decided which other ones I'm gonna try and get out next week but that's what I got coming up next week and Saturday I'll be on Sarge's show and Sunday maybe midnight show so find me there and find my channel all right good budget if I'm here thanks for the invite I also have boar and RAM stuff coming out in their very near future I'm going to start my budget precision rifle project project which will probably be buried in the search and absolutely be demonetized but c'est la vie right have my livestream tomorrow night 7 p.m. Eastern the right of the people on budget guides a gear review so check that out yeah that's pretty much it thanks for the show man you bet Wow gizzard what you got well uh great chick gave me a lot of stuff to think about now you get me going in and editing words and also kicking my actionable seq score which is also on my videos and I'm figuring out how to fix that too so I'm learning as I go so thanks a bunch tomorrow night 9:00 Eastern 8:00 central foul territory love to see everybody there thanks for your support of the channel and thanks for the invite that ghosts bringing out I just want to bring up something that happened earlier on Yankees chat and someone had said that one of his friends was having suicidal thoughts and what should he do and if you're ever out there and you need someone where you have someone that is struggling mentally regardless if they're firearms people are not please go check out Mental Health America and more importantly check out walk the talk America org or wtt a org there's a lot of really cool things if you need me to please get ahold of me and I can actually get you in touch with the founder of that and clover cam 2 and if you ever have anyone to talk man the biggest thing you do is just be there for them but there are resources out there to help people out there that are having some problems so please do that and thanks for having me yeah you bet and yeah I ran into that last week I went into town and had some fliers printed for WT ta the local gun shop here was gonna slide those into all the new firearms being sold in so the girl at the counter at the copy place was like what is this and she's like I got a friend and so you know I couldn't offer her any help other than to say hey go check out WT ta there's all kinds of resources there you know she you know I don't remember the whole conversation but of course he wanted to like most people do give me a big spiel about the specifics of what's going on and you know I'm more or less just let her know that hey you know there's a reason that wtt a Mental Health America those places are around because common thing people are going through all that and then when they'd lunch and run into a very similar situation and you know it you can see the relief and we're not talking about the people dealing with the mental health issues but the people that are dealing with the people that are having the mental health issues oh no you can see almost a relief in their eyes just to be able to talk to somebody about what was going on so it's like we sell the time for multiple reasons you know compassion and you know having conversations about things we don't always have to be ugly and rude and tear each other apart and always be on the defensive and arguing and debating things you know sometimes we can just listen and say you know hey that's that's normal as far as the the channel here a few things going on first of all got a new patron over there on the patreon which is cool so thanks to Mister he's clav on Instagram I appreciate him coming on board as far as the the executive meeting that we had last night over there a patron I got a lot of good information hammered out for the what will I guess tentatively is called the next generation grant project which is a project we're going to work on to give some equipment and things like that away to a youth organization or club lots of the year in conjunction with of course friends in the industry and all of our patrons over there on patreon sort of helping make the decisions for that so definitely want to plug that project that's coming up a couple of other things in the morning bright and early will have a Cedar Mill firearms the podcast with those guys will leaves very good conversations that we had with some I don't know bias or just hard times that they have run into over with their Amazon store so really interesting conversational that you can imagine doing farm related stuff and being tied with Amazon so definitely want to listen to that kind of get a feel for maybe the environment over there and what's going on and then finally tomorrow night something that a lot of people have asked for and it is coming back the live version of firearm Friday will return tomorrow night at 10:00 Eastern that'll happen here on the YouTube channel of course and be simulcast over on gun channels and our guests will be Dave cane from cane arms the the live versions of fire and Friday in case you want to keep this in mind or mark your calendars will happen every second Saturday at 10:00 Eastern and what we're gonna do is we're gonna bring in a previous cast from the recorded did what did I say Saturday oh did I say Saturday okay my bad let me start over they will happen every second Friday at 10:00 Eastern and what we'll do is we'll bring in a guest from a previously recorded podcast that way all of you folks out there the chat are able to actually ask them questions directly about the business or product or their projects or whatever it might be so Matt 6e says when will the launcher pop return to YouTube though the launcher pop actually happens over on patreon Monday believe it or not so Monday those folks that are not patrons on patreon will get the patrons on patreon patrons on patreon will get the will get last month's launch air pops so as far as doing the live launch air pops on YouTube they're very few and far between usually the anniversary launch air pop is about the only one we we do because I like to keep that selection of the firearm we use and that sort of thing I like to keep that saved for those folks over there with that that guess that pretty much covers that's what a lot of stuff to cover for the channel so hopefully everybody got that again thanks for everybody on the YouTube side and on the gun channel side a little quiet over there but we didn't have a little bit of conversation thanks for the participation running some of these keywords that's really important again if you're out there in replay comments down below use those comments let's talk about some things if you're out there regardless of whether there's a chat now or the replay later media at Clover TAC comm shoot me an email if you want me to look at some videos of yours maybe if you want me to run certain keywords to try to get an idea of what's going on then yeah shoot me an email let's do that because within the next month I really want to build this list up as much as possible that way I don't have to continue to pay the big money for these tools with that we're out of here we will catch you next week stay nerdy

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