Advice for the Person Who Is Intimidated by Prayer

Posted By on January 7, 2020

(upbeat music) – My advice for people who are intimidated or a little gun shy about prayer is to do like the first step. I think being in an environment where they hear the sound of prayer, where they see prayer modeled. I think you can grasp a lot, the spirit and the heart of prayer by
watching people in an atmosphere. So I remember going to New York and going to a church
called Brooklyn Tabernacle where Pastor Jim Cymbala used to host Wednesday night prayer services. And for me, in my context, in my journey as a believer in Jesus,
I would watch people from all over the world come
together in New York City. And you have people from
Africa, South Africa, to Central America,
South America, Russian, whatever the ethnicity is,
they would all come together and you would hear the
rumblings of prayer. You hear the passion,
you see the intensity, you see the devotion, even
the way they interacted with each other. So I think for someone
who’s a little intimidated, just begin to watch, observe, and all of a sudden the more
you’re in that atmosphere it will give you the
courage, and the strength, the word, the language,
and also the context of when to pray, how to
pray, and be encouraged by even stepping into speaking out loud with your own words. Just the attitude of prayer. So that would be my advice for some of you that are a little gun shy. – Hi everybody, I hope
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  1. I love all the prayers that I can get!!!! Please pray for me and my family.I need healing in my body and my children need delivered from drugs and alcohol.and healing in there bodies to


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