ActionScript tutorial 23 – Keywords in ActionScript Language

Posted By on May 7, 2019

hello friends welcome to action script video tutorials series from the past few video tutorials we are trying to understand tokens of action ships we understood that smallest unit of any programming language is known as the token in the previous video tutorial we understood who comments comments are used to explain the code logic comments are ignored by the browser's comments do not affect the execution of the core come in are used for the documentation purpose also sometimes to disable the code logic we take help of coming in this video tutorial I would like to discuss the next topic that is key words actionscript keywords keywords of action script keywords keywords are a reserved word they are reserved for some purpose you cannot use these keywords for some other purpose their meaning and purpose is already defined within the action set that is worky word is meant for creating variables we use Const keyword for creating constants we use if statement to execute some set of statements based on the result of a condition we take help of for loop to execute some set of statements repeatedly we take help of try-catch finally throw for exception handling so keywords are already having the meaning and purpose you cannot use them for some other purpose keywords must be written within the lowercase letters because they are defined in the lower case letters as action script is a case sensitive you must and should write the keywords always in lowercase letters keyword should not be used as identifiers or user-defined name that is programmer defined names for example for naming variables for naming constants arrays functions objects do not use keywords you should not use keywords for naming available for naming a constant for naming an array for naming your function no hope you guys have understood what are keywords keywords are reserved words their meaning and purpose is already defined within the action ship you cannot use them for some other purpose keywords must be lower case letters you should not use keywords for user-defined mean there are more than 40 plus keywords are there we are going to discuss each of these keywords in detail step-by-step and understand them and how to use these keywords in our ActionScript course so for this video tutorial this much is enough friends in the next video tutorial get more information for more benefits and be up to date please subscribe to my youtube channel and don't forget to Like comment and share these videos with others so that everyone will get benefited keep earning keep coding keep sharing thank you guys thank you very much see you in the next tutorial

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