Abandoned church reborn as Audible Innovation Cathedral

Posted By on February 24, 2020

– Newark. Crossroad of the world. – Newark was an innovation center. – Growing up here you
definitely noticed a lot of abandoned buildings. Only like shells of what they used to be. But I think one of the
biggest misconceptions would be that there’s nothing here. – Wayne Nash came to see
me, and he said, “You know, that church has been dead for years, and it’s actually got great bones. What if we renovated it because
we just keep growing jobs, and we need more space.” – What better way to
demonstrate our commitment to the community than taking a jewel that had tarnished from years of decay. Restoring, resurrecting
this amazing space. – Newark’s open for business, so I would encourage anybody out there with a startup idea or the CEO
of a company, give me a ring. It’s been an amazing decade run, and it’s really defined the company, and I often think of it as one of the best decisions we ever made of the many that’s created our success.

Posted by Lewis Heart

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