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Posted By on October 13, 2019

Is there still a war between science and religion?
Has science disproved spiritual claims? In a recent independent survey, commissioned
by the Scientific and Medical Network, SMN, over 3,000 scientists, engineers, technical
and medical professionals were asked about their spiritual and religious beliefs.
The participants were drawn from the UK, France and Germany, over 1,000 from each country.
The questions asked the scientific community about their spiritual and religious beliefs
and practices. The survey had some surprising results.
Atheists were, in fact, a minority. The more highly educated (ranging from bachelors
degree to masters to doctoral level) saw a rise in spiritual or religious outlook, up
to 45%. Atheism, however, remained at 27% despite
educational achievement. Younger people were less spiritual or religious,
and women more religious or spiritual than men.
Most people, including most atheists, saw no conflict between science and spirituality.
www.scimednet.org certainly gives us much food for thought.
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