A Quick Demo of Ubersuggest – The Free Keyword Tool

Posted By on May 5, 2019

hey guys Jay here just want to make a quick video for you I got an email from Neil Patel yesterday not a personal email with just a I'm on his list announcing that he had acquired uber suggests not over suggests as a keyword tool that I've heard people mention it's been a free keyword tool for a long time but it looks like neil patel acquired it and actually improved it with a couple of pretty cool features apparently it's supposed to deliver more keyword suggestions you know roughly by double you can now get cost per click competition and some click data and then you can actually filter and export your any results you get a lot easier than what it used to be with uber suggests so I just wanted to give you a quick demo of what he's got going on and this is a free tool so I mean definitely definitely use it as you as you need so check it out so like if I just wanted to do something like how to sing you know you can actually search web I am in shopping YouTube so you can search different results of course you can change location in language there just click you know look up and let it do its thing I think depending on how often something is searched for it may take a little bit longer than that I think this one has been searched for before so it came back with results pretty quick but you can see it gives you the your search results for the main seat key where you put in here you can see here's there's the cost per click data you know rough competition data that's pulling from Google you know Google Keyword planner he's doing that for you and then you can see you know here's here's all the suggestions and everything based on probably relevance at first but you can sort by you know competition CVC search volumes so if I do search volume you know obviously I start bringing in things that aren't related to how to sing but then that's where you can come in here and filter results and you can you know do a search within your results here or you can throw in some negative keywords so like in this case I'm seeing the Zodiac so let's see if this works for us if I – zodiac and save that top item goes away so that's good you know and now I'm seeing Xbox in 365 so you could kind of filter out the list a little bit some of the things that it picked up based on the original thing original keyword phrase so anyway and then you know once you have a list you like or you can just take a bit you know the list you can export to CSV you know copy select the ones you want and export CSV so it definitely has added a lot of value to this tool and there again it's completely free so check it out just do a search on google for uber suggester you can get a neil patel comm slash mover suggest and definitely take advantage of what Neal's done with this free keyword tool hope you have a great day

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  1. Does not work,
    can not load anything. I give the word and it's been loaded for 20 minutes. Nothing will happen.
    Unbeatable tool.

  2. I would like to suggest uber should be in pick ups as people may travel long distance with your belongings

  3. I have a question. I did a search based on YouTube. I got results, but I do not know how to use them. Please help.


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