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Posted By on December 2, 2019

Holly and I wanted to say a special
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a part this is gonna be an amazing amazing season and Holly and I are
believing that your best is ahead pastor asked me to come preach into the
available series I I was excited and humbled by the chance I got a message
that God gave me specifically for this this weekend and it’s from Acts chapter
9 we’ve learned about being needers being feeders instead of needers we
learned about how to say the second yes and now we know why and this weekend we want to
try and figure out what to do when we’re in a holding pattern how do we handle
what do we do with what about the holding pattern Acts chapter 9 and we’re
gonna begin in verse 36 in what I consider one of the most important
movements in the book of Acts I realize that’s saying a lot
there’s some great stuff in the book of Acts if you haven’t read it the Bible is
awesome you should check it out sometime it is really good I mean even just Acts
9 opens with the saving of the Apostle Paul even the Apostle Paul at one point
didn’t know Jesus so no matter who somebody is no matter how far from God
they seemed to be he hated Jesus more than anybody until he met him he’s like
turns out I love green eggs and ham it’s craziest thing love the guy and he
spent the rest of his life preaching the gospel so when I say to you in a chapter
that includes the salvation of the guy who wrote 13 books of the New Testament
if in fact he didn’t write Hebrews in if he did it’s 14 if he didn’t in his 13
there’s still a lot of books in the Bible how many books of the Bible have
you written so I just said to you that in a chapter that includes the saving of
the Apostle Paul we are about to read the story that I consider one of the
most important movements in the book of Acts we should be giving our undivided
attention when the text says at Joppa could someone say at Joppa and now the
rest of you at Joppa there was a certain disciple named Tabitha which is
translated Dorcas this woman was full of good works and charitable deeds which
she did but it happened in those days that she became sick and died when they
had washed her they laid her in an upper room and since Lydda was near Joppa and
the disciples had heard that Peter was there they sent two men to him imploring
him not to delay in coming to them then Peter arose and went with them when he
had come they brought him to the upper room and all the widows stood by him
weeping showing the tunics and garments someone say tunics and garments
which she Dorcas had made while she was with them but Peter put them all out and
knelt down and prayed and turning to the body he said Tabitha
arise and she opened her eyes and when she saw Peter
she sat up yeah that’s the appropriate response really all weekend long
everyone’s been playing it cool like you’ve seen tons of people get up from
the dead but that’s a big deal then he gave her his hand and lifted her up and
when he had called the saints and widows he presented her alive and it became
known throughout all Joppa I’ll bet it did and many believed on the Lord so it
was yeah that’s a bit bigger miracle actually believe it or not so it was
that he stayed many days in Joppa with Simon a tanner and father we ask that
you would speak to us something clear something special something powerful so
that our eyes may be opened so that we may sit up so that taking you by the
hand we may stand up and rise up to do all the things you called us to do and
we ask that if one person watching on YouTube listening to the podcast or here
with us today doesn’t know you as Savior you would draw them to yourself we ask
this in Jesus name and everyone said together
traveling comes with its fair share of unexpected surprises you don’t get to
get on the metal tube attached to rockets and travel across the country
without some things occasionally going sideways and I think we live in an era
where we now accept as normal what at a previous point in history was deemed
impossible prior to a hundred and fifteen years ago there wasn’t an
airplane thanks Kitty Hawk right hey shout out North Carolina right there was
never such a thing as air travel before 1903 and so we have grown up all our
lives with normal what never existed for the vast amount of human history for
Abraham Genghis Khan for for Abraham Lincoln never did anybody think about I
want to get from Cleveland and I want to go to to DC and I’m gonna do that by
hopping on an airplane it didn’t exist it wasn’t something you could do I live
in an area of the country that was a part of the Lewis and Clark expedition
you know these two guys who set out with this band of people to go from st. Louis
and end up in Oregon trying to find water passage to to get furs back and
forth for the trade and they were sent out by Jefferson and you know that the
voyage is pretty great straightforward up the Missouri from st. Louis until
they got to where I live and then if you look at the map there’s like
right yeah welcome to my life right Montana everything went sideways and the
Continental Divide and the mountains and all that stuff
so it took them to all this time years and years and years to do what we can do
in an hour and we’re like yeah but the flight was delayed in the internet was
so slow like course things are gonna go sideways
right and and of course no one likes it right there’s this things have travel
that are hard it comes with this fair share of surprises I was in Louisiana
the other day and you know needed to get somewhere so we called an uber and
it’s already a funny story West Monroe Louisiana it was an f-150 with a gun
rack an Uber my wife and I got in this thing we said do we
need to text a friend leave a note they may never find this dudududududu
right in and I say to the guy hi how’s your day going he goes I’m tired I’m
tired I go I go yeah he goes I said why he I thought he was gonna say up all
night raccoon hunting or something you know fought an alligator instead he said
I just got back from London I was not expecting this I was camo head-to-toe
dirty John Deere hat was not expecting just
got back from England said Wow England that’s a long flight and he said yeah
but they had beer on the plane so I drink till I fell asleep and shoot when
I woke up we were there it’s fantastic but one of the worst things that can
happen on a plane you can feel it before you even hear about it because the
captain will come on and tell you about but I can almost always feel it before I
hear it and that is the holding pattern because what happens is I’ll be dead
asleep and you know like spider-man’s got that what did his aunt May call it a
Peter tingle it’s like aunt May you’re embarrassing me in front of my friends it’s a spidey sense
Peter tingle I’ll feel it I’ll feel that whoo and for four minutes
you’re in that loop it’s a minute in the Strait in a minute 280 degree turns in
another minute in the Strait and I’ll the sudden I go this is not good this is not how it
should go what we’re we’re delay so what do you mean do you feel that it’s the
holding pattern and you look out the window and sure enough you’re there but
you can’t get there a holding pattern is when you’re at your destination you just
can’t get to where you desperately need to be I could see it out the window how
many of you understand there’s some in our life we can see it I just don’t
know how to get there I come all this way and I see right there where I need
to be but it’s that last 10% I just can’t seem to get down into the
kind of mother I want to be I see what God called me to do I just I just don’t
know how I feel stuck I’m in a holding pattern a holding pattern is full of
delays and full of disappointment and we fear
missed connections that’s what we equate holding patterns with I’m in this
holding pattern and I’m in my head doing the math on how long it’s gonna take me
to get to my gate how much time I have to eat up at a certain point I’m on the
Wi-Fi with United or Delta trying to get on another flight right and you miss
your connection you’ll know I’m rebooked I’m missing that connection I’m missing
the next I’m I’m afraid I’m not gonna get to where I need to be because of the
I’m in a holding pattern is that not the mood in acts 9 all of the dreams about
this life suddenly cut short by illness as Dorcas has died
her name’s Tabitha it’s the Hebrew equivalent but it’s the same meaning
Dorcas Tabitha they both mean gazelle now that believe it or not was a
compliment just like I call my wife Jenny my brown-eyed girl I when she
calls my phone the the ringtone is my girl right that was what gazelle meant
in that day it was to say your fleet-footed you’re beautiful you’re
you’re quick this this is compliment this praise that her parents chose to
call her a deer and in the book of Proverbs a wife has to be praised as
beautiful and graceful as a deer so to think of this woman who not only had
that name but lived that life what does the text say I can’t remember she was
full of good works and charitable deeds that’s the one that’s gonna get sick
unfairly and die the one whose blessing everybody the one he’s going about doing
good full of good works full of charitable deeds which believe it or not
is true of every single one of you every Christian every person is full of good
works God has planned for it to be so in the book of Ephesians we’re told that we
are all his workmanship masterpiece poem painting and he has
crammed us full of good works which God prepared beforehand that we should walk
in them so if you could see God imagine God in his factory planning you before
the world was framed he was grabbing stuff off the shelf pouring it in and on
all sorts of different kinds and varieties and shapes and styles but he
crammed your destiny full of good works that he has been dreaming about since
before you were ever born now let me ask you this question why is it if every
Christian has been crammed full in their destiny of good works why is it that not
every Christian is living a beautiful life and changing the world like Dorcas
did because so many of us stop there but Dorcas did not Dorcas was not just full
of charitable deeds and full of good works but the text says she’s full of
these things which she if we don’t do the things that God has planned for us
we end up full of it a lot of Christians are just full of it come on shove your
neighbors how are you full of it don’t be full of it you see the problem with
spiritual spiritual constipation is if you take in but you never give out
you just our stuff and bloated and sick so God doesn’t just give us the strength
for willing he gives us the strength for doing we must not stop at good
intentions being willing is not enough you can say I’m willing and able but in
the event of a water evacuation someone’s got to open that door
someone’s got to extend the to slide out someone’s got to be there you got to do
the things he planned for you to do how long are you gonna talk about that
business how long are you to talk about serving how long are you gonna talk
about one day I’m gonna give one day I’m gonna do this
one day I’m gonna write this song one day I’m gonna write this book come on don’t
be full of it you got to do it you got to rise up and take action now you say
to me well how do you ask you for a friend how do you how do you do that how
do you do what you’re full of the answer is in your hand it’s in your hand
the answer to do to doing what’s in your heart is using what’s in your hand it’s
in the text did you notice that Tabitha change the world Dorcas even a
Dorcas can change the world right through using what’s in her hand we
learned week one in the series that the big movement for being available to availing ourself to a God who’s able he’s endlessly able God is able to make
all grace abound toward you but why do so many not walk in that grace that he’s
able to make abound toward you so many don’t avail themselves to that power
because we get stuck on me me me me me me me doh
me me me me me and they never get to so so the movement to availing yourself to
the power that God’s able to give to you is to move it from me to so and that’s
what Dorcas did because the text says she made what tunics and garments she
was a seamstress our sister had a passion for fashion and when she had all
these dreams in her heart a change in the world she looked down and she saw
needle around her neck was a measuring tape and she said I wonder if and so
listen to me to get from me to so she used a needle pulling thread come on
don’t live your life focused on me a name I call myself use what’s in your
hand if it’s a needle pulling thread fine whatever God has given you in your
hand he wants to use that to unlock and unleash what’s in your heart at least
that’s what doe a deer a female deer Dorcas teaches us hey it’s the sound of
music all up in here all right so in Dorcas we have a holding pattern a
pattern for how to hold and you can’t so complicated project if you don’t have a
pattern how many of you know you got to go down to Joann fabrics and you got to
go to Hobby Lobby you got to get you to Michael’s Arts and Crafts supply and buy
a pattern and a pattern is what you lay out on top of your fabric so you know
the shape that you’ll cut out before you use your thread to sew so I believe in
Dorcas we’re given a different way of looking at our holding patterns by
making sure we understand that we have a pattern a pattern for how to hold a
pattern for hold what’s in our hand so God can
unlock what’s in our heart for that is God’s desire the problem and the
disconnect for us fr4is so many of us look at what is in our hand and we see no
connection to what’s in our heart so we do nothing think about a crowd of people
and you need to you need to feed them what’s in your hand five loaves and two
fishes well this can’t do anything for that
therefore I’ll do nothing what’s in your hand
well freedom for God’s people from the Egyptians what’s in your heart rather
freedom from God’s people from the Egyptians what’s in your hand a staff if
you give God what’s in your hand a staff he’ll unlock what’s in your
heart if you give God your loaves he’ll feed the crowd what’s it what’s in your
hand a cup what’s in your heart rebuilding the City of Jerusalem use
your cup Nehemiah use what’s in your hand you give it to God don’t stop don’t
stop believing just because you don’t understand how it’s connected use what’s
in your hand use your needle use your cup use your staff use your resources it
doesn’t feel like it’s enough but God is able to make all grace abound towards
you you just gotta get under his plan get under his authority get under his
his reign and so that’s what Dorcas did so in her we find a pattern a
pattern for how to hold a pattern for how to have a light touch a pattern for
how to have a longer vision and a reason to no longer give in to the excuses that
fill our heart when we look at what’s in our hand and we barely see enough for
ourselves much less for or how God could do anything else we get talked out of
using our resources to do God’s work don’t we we say stupid stuff like I will
I give my time so I don’t need to give my money you know what I say to that I
say availa-bull availa- bull aren’t you glad that Jesus
didn’t just give us his time but he gave us his blood as money
come on blood money more precious than gold or silver
he didn’t come just to give us his time you know Margaret Thatcher she used to
be the Prime Minister of England in the 80s she said no one would be talking
about the Good Samaritan if he only gave time but he had money too
someone had to pay the bill at the end someone had to buy the bandages someone
had to give the oil in the wine hey listen if we’re gonna reach Orlando if
we’re gonna reach this country it’s gonna take money ministry takes money we
need to have resources not just time don’t don’t fall into availa-bull I got I
got another one how about this how about well God doesn’t need my
money this church certainly doesn’t need my money look at all this fancy
everything but well say it with me availa-bull yeah God doesn’t need your money but you
need his blessing Warren says you know God a
God who paves the streets of his heaven with gold does not ever fear going broke
if you don’t give but you might go broke if you don’t cause he has promised to
bless you as you lean into his word bless you
he said I’ll open up the heavens over you just participate just trust me put
me to the test see if I’m not able to make all grace
abound toward you you just got to get from me too so come on don’t just live
your life out for a name you call yourself use your needle pull some
thread give it to God trust him give it put him to the test available
how about how about this one other people have more so if I had more
I would give more availa-bull you be exactly as generous with them with a
million dollars as you are with $10,000 you be exactly as generous with a
thousand as you are with a hundred it’s a hard issue if it don’t start small
it’s never gonna get bigger I wonder if you saw I would take my wife
on a date but I don’t have enough money look you can make your wife feel like a
princess at Costco getting a samples girl anything you want isle 12 14 and 19 and
then you could work your way up to a hot dog and 20 ounce soda combo it’s a heart
thing there’s a lot of people who can afford filet mignon wrapped in bacon who
treat their wives like a dog it’s a heart issue it’s a romance issue the
most important thing is to give her you and so that’s really where it begins and
generosity like romance works on any level and that’s why the tithe is so
fair and generosity is all over Tabitha’s story three things jot them down
she gave what she could which was a lot tunics and garments but that’s
misleading because tunics and garments actually means cloaks and capes my wife
and I just got invited to a black-tie event had never been invited to a
black-tie event before we live in Montana you guys we were we were like
what do you do we had of course Google it what does that even mean and can’t
yeah I learned a lot about things that I know I don’t want to know about cocktail
dress versus a formal gown my wife and I went to this store called Rent the
Runway where you can rent a dress you don’t to buy it and I said thank God
they had a coffee shop you know I don’t know if I would have survived but but
all these dresses there’s a lot to it and that’s the stuff that Dorcas was
given out is the stuff that would cause a widow to have dignity walking through
town cause uncovered by a cape without a cloak everyone could see no one took
care of them but you take a widow and you give her a cloak and a cape
she’s able to walk through town and feel like just as special as everybody
else that was Dorcas passion I’m gonna give every woman dignity I’m gonna
give every woman the chance to walk through town without anybody looking at
them funny and so Dorcas has had of course to have a lot of money to spend money on
the materials to make such things and to be able to do that on top of whatever
else she was doing above and beyond how she would give at church or above and beyond
anything else she was doing and and so I would just say to you you
might go I can’t afford to give like that well God’s not calling you to do
what she could do God’s calling to do what you can do
the great danger on December 7th and 8th isn’t is is not that you won’t do what
someone else can’t do it’s that you won’t do what you can do he’s called you to use
what’s in your hand not your neighbors hand he’s called you to use the resource
he’s entrusted to you God never looks at the portion of a gift he will not be
looking next weekend going that’s just the size of the gift he would be looking
at the proportion of the total that you’ve been entrusted with that it
represents he looks at our contribution and measures it against our capacity you
could give $100,000 next Sunday and some of you should some of you should give
more than that because the heart and the trust of this ministry over the years
some of you should just really say yes to accelerating the vision but you could
give $100,000 gift next weekend and God not be impressed with it if it’s not
something that’s gonna cost you if it’s not something if it’s like let’s what
I’ll spend on landscaping next year to think of someone who could give a $700
gift and it could cause God to be pushing the Angels over because he says
that’s gonna cost them something that was a difficult yes out of what they’ve
been entrusted that means something so my encouragement to you would be to say
I’m gonna use what’s in my hand to have this be weighty make sure when you hold
that check that it’s weighty to you that it’s not flippant to you that it’s
not something you can easily do make sure it’s something that causes you to
stretch I believe so much in this stretch and if this church was gonna do
nothing of the good things they’re gonna do with this with this outreach if it was
a 10 12 percent going to outreach if it wasn’t gonna be a million dollars plus
given to charity that is not run by the church hello homelessness and and
giving food out and beds for the home all that stuff if it was like it would
be worth it probably just for the stretch in our own lives because there’s
a text that troubles me and it says this in the time of the year that the Kings
went out to battle David stayed home King David stayed home he should have
gone out to battle every year there was a time of the year that a king was
supposed to go fight go to battle live on the field not in the palace live in a
tent be hungry go through difficulty and that kept him on his edge that kept him
that kept him scrappy that kept him from getting fat and lazy that kept them from
getting complacent he in the time of listen in
the time of the year that the Kings were supposed to go to battle David stayed
home do you don’t happen next her name is Bathsheba Kings become fools
when they stop going out to war and we must every year stretch ourselves and
stay on our edge come on is it just a sense in which God’s calling us once
again to go all in once against once again to fight once again I believe so
much in in the heart for this this is this offering which is to say let’s
fight let’s let’s not get into cruise control let’s not believe this thing’s
so big it’ll take care of itself if no one gives come on what if everybody
thought that way let’s stretch let’s fight let’s go to war with the enemy
let’s go to war with with with young people being lost to heroin let’s go to
war with a generation that’s cutting itself just to feel something and reach
them with a love of Jesus Christ she gave what she could she gave while
she could second point while she could did Tabitha know when she went to work in
her workshop that she was gonna get sick soon did Tabitha have any idea that she
was in the final stretch of her life do any of us
death is a lot of things and comes to us a lot of ways but tragically often it’s
a surprise and we always must live with an awareness of our mortality and
therefore the preciousness of whatever time is in front of us what if she had
said you know I’ve got some things happening with my business you know I’ve
got this guy Ralph Lauren who’s gonna be buying some stuff down the road and
eventually I’ll have more then I’ll do something for the widow so she did it
when God struck her with the idea she did it when God prompted her she did it
when God called her she realized God’s gonna cloth these widows whether he uses
me or not like Mordecai said Esther God’s gonna do his thing with or without
you honey come on so pony up the courage and get you before the king God will
raise up another church to bless if elevation won’t fight he’ll do his work
in the earth he’s not dependent on any one of us so there is no question God’s
gonna do it but why not you why not me why not now we have been brought into
the kingdom for such a time as last week we learned that Mary poured
out the oil and Judah said why this waste and Jesus said stop it
she knows what others don’t know I’m about to die and she did this in light
of my burial how did she know that because she always sat at his feet and
those who sit at his feet know things other people don’t know and she was
paying attention while the disciples were fighting about whose greatest in
the kingdom to Jesus saying I’m about to die and she
goes well if a King’s gonna die he’s got to be anointed for burial so she poured
this out in anointed his feet listen to me when Jesus Christ hung on that cross
his feet smell like myrrh because of her it was the only anointing
his body ever got what about Easter Sunday the women came didn’t they yeah
but he was already risen so had she not acted when she did he would have gone to
the grave unanointed or burial so let me ask you this question are you going
to miss the opportunity of a lifetime that’s passing in front of you because
it’s only good for the lifetime of the opportunity come on let’s not miss our
moment we were born for this brought into the kingdom for such a time as this she gave
while she could thirdly and finally she received more than she gave and so it
always is because God will not be out given it just he’s too competitive for
that I can’t put it any other way than that we think we can bless God and
we walk away with more than what we gave to him is that not in the story you
looked at last week we’re a woman poured out oil on his feet and wiped it up with her
and walked away saying goodbye but what was in her hair still she smelled like
what she poured out and everywhere she went she was able to shift the
atmosphere and change the smell of the room because of what she thought was no
longer in her life but now was more a part of her than ever before and so it
will be for you you will give saying goodbye to your gift but things we send
to heaven because that’s what you’re gonna do we don’t give to the local
church we give through the local church and just like Dorcas is soul went to
heaven and so would come back because when death enters the equation and
God’s hands a soul that we say goodbye to it’s
always see you later it’s always until next time and what’s true of the soul is
true of a seed they thought it was goodbye to Dorcas
but it was until next time and that’s always true with every believer whether
God raises us from the dead on this side of eternity or not it’s always until
next time you might write RIP rest in peace on a grave but I’m telling you
something in Jesus name it’s always raised in power that’s that’s what’s
gonna happen when God gets his last word so she received more than she that gave
because she gave these dresses out but what did she get I count three things
number one she got resurrection would the widow’s have sent for Peter if they
would not have been clothed by Dorcas it says when Peter came they stood there
holding these saying you gotta raise her from the dead look what she did
who’s gonna weep when you die how will you live like Mark Twain said so that
when you die even the Undertaker sorry you’re dead how will you live a life so
big and so massive that because of you while you were alive hungry people were
fed naked people were clothed the gospel was preached to the imprisoned into the
poor we can live in Jesus name such a big beautiful life that there will be
people on this earth who are sorry that we died and she was brought back and how
surprised she must have been because normally you die and go to the pearly
gates and who do you see Peter she left the pearly gates came back to earth and
there he was but it wouldn’t have happened has she
not given she also participated in revival the text says verse 42 and many
believed all around Joppa her gift occasioned her death occasioned her
resurrection occasion the salvation of the city many of them but that’s not it
because there’s a third R its resurrection its revival and its
relocation God is seems was doing something bigger than anyone could
understand as this all was a part of a bigger plan to get Peter to Joppa
because the text ends with verse 43 so it was that he stayed there in Joppa
with Simon a Tanner many days now Joppa is an interesting word because you hear it
you go wait that sounds so familiar why does it sound familiar well if you read
the Old Testament you find that it was in Joppa that Jonah said no God has this
thing Pastor mention it last weekend about wanting to reach the Gentiles it
was never meant to stay Jewish it was never meant to stay in one sect it never
meant to stay in one country he was always intending to get it to the whole
world always intending to go global with it I
wrote this sermon without knowing that Pastor had simultaneously been writing a
sermon about getting a message to the Gentiles and suddenly God changed him
and shifted him to Mary not knowing that this weekend God was gonna send me to
speak about getting the gospel of the Gentiles but how did God do something so
big through a woman who pulled thread with a needle
in her listen to me saying yes she said yes to the dress she undid what Jonah
had done and you better say yes or you’ll find yourself like Jonah in a
different kind of holding pattern stuck at SeaWorld in her saying yes she
unwittingly played part in a plan to get Peter to Joppa you keep saying that why
was it so important to get Peter to Joppa oh you don’t know about Acts 10
there was gonna be a guy named Cornelius a commander in the Roman army and he was
gonna be praying believing for salvation but not knowing if God would have him a
Gentile and in the middle of his prayer session an angel would show up and the
angel would say your prayers Cornelius and your alms have come up your alms
your prayers your gifts have come up before God he has seen you and so now
send man say it with me to Joppa and send for Simon whose surname is Peter it
was all about getting Peter to Joppa you see we’re afraid when we find ourself in
a holding pattern not knowing I see where I want to be but I don’t know how
to get there we think it’s about misconnections I came to tell you it’s
about making connections in your holding pattern God is preparing you for what
you know not come on we got to get Peter to Joppa
because Peters got the keys and the guy where the keys needs to get brought to
the city to meet the God met by the angel you feel like I doesn’t see you
you feel like God doesn’t know you but you are a certain disciple to him you
are loved by him he’s got plans for you so use what’s in your hand
unlock what’s in your heart at the death of Tabitha they saw only death
they saw only a grave but our God saw a garden that would extend to Charlotte
a garden that would extend all across North Carolina and all across the United
States to every tribe every tongue every language so let’s lead in let’s not miss
out lets participate let’s make ourselves available come on sing it out all across
the church thank you for watching the Elevation
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God bless you

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  1. Thank you Jesus for Elevation church and Thank you for talking to us to me through different sermons of Elevation church. God doesn't need my money, but I need his blessings. Tabitha gave what she could and She Received More. Our God is a Good Father. God bless you all

  2. Our contribution is measured according to our capacity…… And yeah do what you can do while you can do it.. May the Holy Spirit lead us into using our seasons rightfully and effectively.
    Thank you Elevation

  3. Levi talked about how we are to use what we have in our hands now to bless others and being about the kingdom! I love how he preached a character I honestly wouldnโ€™t have ever remembered. Itโ€™s those things done behind the scenes that God sees and uses. Nothing is wasted.

    I love how he said that the woman was not only filled with good works and charitable deeds but she DID them. So cool! Donโ€™t be a constipated Christian just consuming material and not walk out the faith. The garments and tunics were her craft and her blessing to others. I also like how Levi said โ€œWhy this woman? Why did she have to do?โ€ She was loving and living in accordance with Godโ€™s Word!?

    But the resurrection! Her death brought new life which in turn brought salvation to others due to her story! Wow! Mind blowing. And also redirected Peter to Joppa so the Word could reach others! Man God is so magnificent that we must only seek Him daily and trust him and He will turn our lives into a grand story for His glory!

  4. What a great sermon. This describes where I am now. Itโ€™s crazy that the few days that my aunt was here visiting from Puerto Rico, she taught me how to sew crochet ๐Ÿงถ style. I learned how to make a slouchy hat in two days. And she told me that sewing and crocheting ๐Ÿงถ goes back to my ancestors. And everyone in my family line from my momโ€™s side were seamstresses. So when the pastor was talking about this, I was mind blown. God is allowing me to use my hands to create something that will help me a lot in the future.

  5. Sitting at his feet helps us to listen to things that others don't!
    "Mary's hair smelled of what she poured out!!"๐Ÿ’—

  6. I watched the live sermon yesterday and so glad I can listen again on my lunch break!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  7. I hear awesome testimonies where peoples lives completely change and they're so happy now. I was happy right after I accepted Jesus, and right after I was baptized. But soon after these two events I went back to sin. I am now anxious and scared, lacking Joy in the Lord. It is a horrible spot to be in, feeling trapped in sin, the same sin that leaves me sad.

  8. Thank you pastor Lusko. I was watching some creative videos on making things and your sermon popped up randomly in amongst these creative videos. I clicked on and listened to you. As I feel God wants me doing what he has taught me to do and he puts people in place to even show me what he wants me to do also. But I need to buy the item that I need to do it and I have not got enough money really to purchase it. But I really want to just do it and I Feel God will bless me in this as I habe had this in me for many years now. So watching you is yet again God speaking to me as when I ask him what he wants me to do he chows me and then now youth sermon is Confirming his word also. I need a shove and a push to go into it

  9. Lord bless the work of my hands to be able to give back to the Lord. Elevation church changed my life. I was at my lowest, discovered this church and gained salvation and I keep on learning about our Gods marvelous works! Thank you Elevation church and you Pastor. Steve. Love for Kenya!


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