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The Ark of the Covenant, 300 cubits by 50 cubits, by 30 cubits, and
made of gopher wood. Wrong? That’s the wrong Ark isn’t it? We’re talking about the one that
contained the the sacred artifacts of Israel’s early history, right? Okay, the one Indiana
Jones rescued from the bad guys. That’s all you had to say; It’s the one
Indiana Jones rescued from the bad guys. What exactly was that Ark of the
Covenant? Well, we know that had a gold cover, was kinda an alter. One thing is for
sure, for the Israelites, it was a powerful symbol of the presence
of the living God. Still it is surrounded by mystery and divine wonder. Ohh, cue the music. Anyway, a little music? Something? Maybe? I’m sure they’ll take of it in
post. In the meantime, we are talking about the Ark of the Covenant on this episode
of Chuck Knows Church. Israelite tradition says the Ark of the Covenant was built under the direction of Moses, when God
gave them some details about the Ark or this box there would hold all this
important stuff. It was made of wood–acacia wood– in case you were wondering. I think–yeah–this one’s made a plastic It was covered with gold. Ours is covered in gold spray paint
that’s close. Three and three-quarters feet long, two and a quarter feet wide, and two and a quarter feet high. Exactly like this. And on top, it had two images of
cheyarafim, made up hammered gold, which ours does not. The Ark was kept in the Holy of Holies, which was inside
the temple. Well, if you go in the temple, then
you go a little farther, and maybe a little farther beyond that.
It’s the innermost part of the inner-est sanctum, even your father, even
beyond the normal regular inside. It’s hard to get directions, because I never been there, not allowed. Actually, you would be allowed in there either. In fact, the only person that was aloud
in there was the high priest, and only he could into the Holy of
Holies, and only he could do it once a year on the Day of Atonement. Can I just say I
would’ve been a terrible high priest, because every time Christmas
rolls around, I just I wanna peek at–I see a present, I
just peek under Anyway, the Ark is said to
contain two stone tablets. Yes, the Ten Commandments. This was the Law of God, just as it was given to Moses on Mount Sinai. Later, Jewish tradition believe inside
this chest there was also a container have mana, and that’s the bread they God provided to the Hebrews when they were in the wilderness. Then
later, it included Aaron’s rod. Now, that was the
the staff that God used to say the Aaron had the authority as the high priest. The
idea is that the Lord, who is Israel’s King, sits enthroned atop this gold chest Enthroned, God guides and looks after the people. When
King David moved into Jerusalem, he led with the Ark of the Covenant in a
joyous celebration– everybody dancing, celebrating. Later, when Solomon built the temple, the Ark was placed in the Holy of Holies. But, about 587 BC the Babylonians came along, and they destroyed Jerusalem and took
all the treasures from the temple. And, most historians believe that at that
time the Ark was destroyed, but as I reference
to earlier some professors of archaeology/adventurers think it might still be around. If you’d like to learn more be sure to ask your pastor. Tell them
Chuck sent ya. I can’t–so I had to do the sound myself.
I can’t. You can add it later in post, but–just
do it and you add it later. Let me do it one more time. I’ll do it like this really loud.

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  1. You'd better not peak because according to biblical folklore many were struck dead by God for just trying to sneak a peek. In fact in the same story God killed a man for simply trying to keep the Ark from falling when the ox pulled it over a bump. I guess that's the thanks a body gets for trying to do a good deed. Sometimes Yahweh can be a real dick. I'll wager that's what the dead man is thinking while burning in hell just for stabilizing an Ark.


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