9 Crazy Religions You Have Probably Never Heard Of

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9 Crazy Religions You’ve Probably Never
Heard Of Today we’re going to learn about 9 crazy
religions you’ve probably never heard of. I get that religion is a pretty fucked up
topic, but come on, how weird can they possibly be? Trust me, some of this stuff is really “out
there” if you know what I mean. So sit back and get ready to be… *ahem*…
“mystified”. Number 9: Thelema, founded in 1904 by Aleister Crowly,
is perhaps one of the –if not only- newer religions with a large number of adherents
that personifies the ancient Egyptian gods into a belief system. Thelemites divide history into Aeons which
describe that particular time period’s dominant concept using the ancient Egyptian gods and
goddesses. For example, we are currently in the Aeon
of Horus (symbolizing the age of the sovereign individual) and backtracks to the Aeon of
Osiris (symbolizing the age of the Paternal Principle of self-sacrifice and submission)
and the Aeon of Isis (the age of the Maternal Principle for the devotion of Mother Earth),
respectively. Cool, in that case I can’t wait for the
Aeon of Babi. Who is Babi? The Egyptian god of baboons. That would be… interesting. Thelema’s followers also call their numerous
practices –like their initiatory ritual- “magick” (with a ‘k’) and anything that
limits their actions as “black magick”. Thelema has a single main religious text,
called the “Book of Law”, which according to Thelemites, was dictated to Crowley in
Egypt by “praeterhuman” or beyond-human intelligence. Whoa I just looked up a picture of this Crowley
guy, look at the way he just stares right through you. He was definitely beyond-something if you
know what I mean. I’m gonna pretend I don’t know what you
mean. Number 8: Millerism. As the name might suggest, its founder was
William Miller. The main principle of Millerism was the second
coming, or Advent, of Jesus Christ. By the 1830s, Miller began spreading his revelation
publicly to the Christians nationwide in the United States. He proclaimed that Christ’s second coming
would take place sometime in April of 1843. When that day came and went, Miller re-appointed
the date to October 23rd, 1844, emphasizing this was the true date. Thousands of people, despite Miller’s first
mistake, sat on rooftops, wore white “ascension” robes, and some even sold their belongings,
ready to meet with their Savior and go to Heaven. Days went by, and even the most faithful of
the Millerites finally succumbed to Miller’s failure. Jeez, can you imagine the flaming he’d get
on social media if that happened nowadays? You’d think so right? But here’s the strangest part of Millerism–
despite having disappointed -and lost- many of its adherents, splinter groups of Millerism
that had formed to protect Miller’s inaccurate dates hold a very firm place in parts of the
United States: The 7th-Day Adventists, which is approximately 15 million strong, the ever
present Jehovah Witnesses, and the Davidian 7th-Day Adventists. Like Millerism, the Adventists of today still
believe in Christ’s second coming, but unlike Millerism, neither group has a particular
date set for it. That’s probably a much smarter way of going
about it. No broken promises at least. Number 7: Heaven’s Gate is another Bible-driven sect
that will make you more weirded out than our previous one! To put it a nutshell, Heaven’s Gate believes
in biblical eschatology (the study of mankind’s destiny) and UFOs. Weird enough? Ehhh I don’t know, but I like where this
is headed. Well, let’s break it down. Heaven’s Gate was founded in 1976 by Marshall
Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles, friends who claimed to have known each other in a past
life because of how close their relationship became in a very short time. Their core belief was that planet Earth would
be recycled- wiped clean to start over again. Survival of this cycle was to leave Earth
at once, namely, through suicide. They believed that by doing so, they would
reach the “Next Level” and continue life as extra-terrestrials. (They even went as far to believe that aliens
had come to Earth millions of years ago and “planted the seeds” of civilization — a concept
that has been widely accepted in further times.) There’s little more to the group, like Applewhite’s
reference to himself as a Texan reincarnation of Jesus among other biblical beliefs. But on March 26th, 1997, all 39 members of
Heaven’s Gate were found by police having committed mass suicide. A dramatic finale, if you will. Come on man, don’t make light of it. They were real people. And now they’re real extra-terrestrials. And one of them is real extra-terrestrial
Texan Jesus. Fair point. Number 6: Sources vary, but generally speaking, Aghori
was founded sometime between the 14th and 18th centuries and is still prominent in modern-day
areas of India and Cambodia. Aghori is a branch of Hinduism and is best
known for their post-mortem rituals. Their practices are known to be extreme and
because some of their beliefs are contradictory to traditional Hinduism, the Aghoris are generally
not well received by other Hindus. This oughta be good, what’d they do to annoy
them? As mentioned previously, the Aghoris have,
you could say, a strange ascetic towards the dead. Most often they are seen in rituals covered
in bone dust, living by or at crematoriums, and their gurus smoking cannabis. The Aghoris believe their founder, Dattetreya
the Avadhuta, to be the physical incarnation of Hinduism’s three most worshipped gods:
Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. It was said that Dattetreya even offered his
own flesh to his disciple as a way of bestowing Aghori power and establishing their student-teacher
relationship. Among others, they believe all humans are
born as “natural-born” Aghori, perform shava sadhana (the worshipping of a corpse), use
skulls as bowls, and unlike most Hindus, they eat meat– in some cases, even human meat. Jeez, are you sure it’s just cannabis they’re
smoking? In fairness worshipping the dead is hardly
unique to the Aghori. They just go about it in their own “special”
way. Number 5: While this religion was also founded in India,
the weapon worshippers in the state of Tamil Nadu don’t have any particular relation to
Hinduism. Wait. The fuck? Did you say “weapon worshippers”? Yep, you heard right. In the Tirupur city of this region the people
have been generating weapons for about three hundred years. An act, they say, that started with the original
inhabitants who migrated there and wished to remain in good conditions. Their temples are lined with swords, spears,
bows, and arrows. Today, the adherents of this religion continue
to worship these weapons for the sake of safety and prosperity of their village. Honestly that sounds pretty cool. Number 4: The Prince Philip Movement. In a small island 10,000 miles away from the
Buckingham Palace are a group of devoted Vanuatu citizens who believe in the 93 year-old husband
of Queen Elizabeth II. What exactly do they believe in? It all began in 1974, when a warrior by the
name of Chief Jack Naiva witnessed Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visit the outlying Australian
island. After seeing Prince Philip, he was convinced
“that [Prince Philip ] was the true Messiah”. Chief Jack and his followers also believe
that Prince Phillip is the descendant of Tanna spiritual ancestors. So how did the British monarch take this? Pretty well, actually. In 1980, he sent an autographed portrait of
himself and has exchanged other gifts with them. After all, who wouldn’t want a real life fan
club of their own? Maybe I should pay these guys… a visit… Number 3: Dinkoism. Sounds weird already, doesn’t it? Yeah, and it’s about to get weirder. Created in 2008, Dinkoism is a parody religion
made by atheists to poke fun at all the “excesses of organized religion”. According to Dinkoists, who are primarily
Indian, a cartoon mouse called Lord Dinkan created the universe millions of years ago. Um… what? That’s right. A CARTOON mouse. Despite what the atheists were thinking, not
all these devotees think it’s a laughing matter. Dinkoism has gained in followers and even
has a holy book called Dinkan Puranam. Some even believe Dinkan to actually exist
and worship him, claiming that Dinkoism is the image of peace and is the most logical
religion to have existed. So atheists, I guess you just added to the
religion count, not decreased it. Reminds me of the Dada art movement you were
telling me about a while back. Number 2: Happy Science. What’s so strange about them? 12 million strong, the adherents of Happy
Science worship a single deity called “El Cantare” who is said to be the true name of
the Heavenly Father in the Old Testament and also of Elohim, the Middle Eastern god of
creation. Ryuho Okawa established Happy Science in 1986,
claiming he could “channel” the spirits of well known religious figures like Jesus, Buddha,
Moses, and Confucius. He even claimed he could communicate with
the “Guardian Spirits” of political leaders. Okawa believes himself to be the incarnation
of El Cantare, and in 1991, said in a speech to 40,000, that “it is I who possesses the
Highest authority on Earth. It is I who has all authority from the beginning
of the Earth until the end. For I am not human, but the Law itself.” See now, when I say that, people call me arrogant. Stranger than that are the women he married. The first was Kyoko Okawa, the self-proclaimed
reincarnation of Aphrodite. After their divorce and Kyoko’s expulsion
from Happy Science, Okawa married Shio Okawa, who is believed to be the reincarnation of
Gaia. Because if you’re gonna be the physical god
of the world, it’s only reasonable to have a mighty fine goddess wife. Personally I would have picked Aphrodite over
Gaia but hey, to each their own. Not that you could get with either of them. Fuck you so hard. Number 1: Raëlism is the strangest religion you’ve
probably never heard of. Founded in 1973 by a former French racecar
driver and pop star, Claude Vorilhon claims to have witnessed a UFO landing in the Auvergne
region of France. He writes in his book, “The Book That Tells
The Truth”, that an extraterrestrial being who he spoke to “was a little over four feet
tall, had long black hair, almond-shaped eyes, [and] olive skin”. I like the name of the book, really gets right
to the point. The little creature called itself Yahweh and
belonged to a race called Elohim. The alien further explains to him that the
Elohim created mankind through genetic engineering and had been watching and guiding humanity
through prophets that included Buddha, Moses, Muhammad, and Jesus (who were human-Elohim
hybrids). Vorlihon, who renamed himself as Rael, claimed
that this being chose him as their next messenger now that humanity had reached a higher level
of scientific knowledge. As crazy as it sounds, Raëlism has a fellowship
of 70,000 members in 97 countries; South Korea and Japan being the more notable of them. What a coincidence that Vorlihon happened
to find a religion where he is put alongside Buddha and Jesus. I’m sure it has nothing to do with an over
inflated ego No, no, that would be ridiculous. So anyway there you have it, 9 crazy religions. But if any of you guys at home have suggestions
then comment down below! Crash… what are you doing? Shit, what? Nothing!

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  2. Thank you for NOT trashing us or calling us Satanists, the Satanists don't want to be called Thelemites either. (we don't worship Crowley) Btw, it's spelled Magick, and Crowley is pronounced with a long O, like the bird.

  3. Are you serious? You're going to put Heavens Gate in a video of cults you've PROBABLY NEVER heard of. What's next jonestown?

  4. Shakerism is another interesting one, although it’s not too weird. It’s basically the communism of religion because everyone literally shares everything. They believe that Jesus was reincarnated as a woman and died during childbirth. There are only 2 shakers left because another main belief is is celibacy (never having sex) so most of them have died off.

  5. ok, don't laugh too hard – i didn't read the whole thing- wasn't the term thelema first mentioned several hundred years before crowley in gargantuan and pantegruel by rabelais?

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    yeah, but no one's that observant. it's mainly a christmas and easter thing

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  9. I missed Discordianism on your list.. although they'r less on the mad-crazy and more on the fun-crazy side of this^^
    (Go google their holy book, worth a read I'd say)

  10. Fun fact: Aleister Crowley drove a man insane with nothing more than hallucinogens and his butthole, and in doing so, made a strong claim for 'Power-Bottom of the Century' very early in the 1900s.

  11. most religions are pretty crazy if you look into them… like the stuff posited in the bible is pretty ludicrous, and certain things from hinduism like the Idea you can open up a third eye is just as weird… Religion is founded on emotion and fear which means it will inherently be crazy.

  12. I’m going to start a cult that worships cupcakes and believes in keeping bratty children in cages 🧁 🧁🧁🧁🧁

  13. Dinkoism is what one can consider as an example on how something no matter how weird or how cartoonish (in this case, literally and intentionally cartoonish) a religion is, somebody will take it seriously and at some point will evolve into a full-blown religion. Coincidentally, it is, in a way, also explains why sarcasm fails on a lot of people.

  14. I like the religion "realism" the most, it believes the world is almost completely unknown and that the only way to come to conclusions on what traits it most likely has is by asking questions that are then tested to see if they can give any idea of what the world is really like. Really weird stuff, all the people that believe in it are completely crazy.

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