8.11 What is Super Keyword in Java Part 1

Posted By on May 4, 2019

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. In java, when we create object that particular class constructor will be invoked, then y that B() constructor and A() constructor didnot print on console?we have created objects for them but yet they have not instantiated and printed on console.why?

  2. Very helpful and can be easily understood. If people understand inheritance, then they should have no problem understanding the Super keyword. Thank you Telusko

  3. Why would it be beneficial to create both objects by default. Has java always been like that?

  4. Sir, Can You Please Post The video on how to get Job as JAVA PROGRAMMER and what platform must need to understand.. What is knowledge important for entry level JAVA PROGRAMMER.. And what's will be expected ssalary.. so that can We prepare for interview and find that kind of job..

  5. Its obvious people looking for "Super" keyword they don't know Inheritance so please try to explain in some simple way.

  6. Navin sir,considering the last example,where you pass an int value in the super(5) which is called in parameterized constructor of class B..Before that shouldn't there be a call to the default super(); ?

    Should be like below while runtime:


    and o/p as :
    in Const A
    in Const A para
    in Const B para

  7. i will understand particular concept theory but not able to implement through code,sir please give me suggestions


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