78 Questions for Christians

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Is Anne Frank burning in hell
right now? How about Mahatma Gandhi? Is Fred Phelps in Heaven?
Because he believed in the divinity of Jesus. Should a killer
who genuinely repents be able to go to Heaven? Should a kind-hearted atheist be forced to go burn in Hell
for all of eternity? What about any non-Christian good person?
Should they be burning in Hell? Would you be happy
in Heaven if someone you loved
was in Hell? If your son or daughter
were dying, and I hope
that never happens, would you just pray
for them or would you take him
to a doctor? And if you say
you do both, which one do you think
has more of an impact? Whose prayers does God answer? And if it’s ultimately
God’s will what happens, why even bother praying? If you have cancer right now,
what’s going to help you more? Drugs or prayer? Let’s say you had
an amputated limb. Would prayer
ever bring it back? If you’ve heard stories about an amputated limb ever growing back, how come
there’s never a camera around when anything like that happens? How come there are no cameras around
when any miracles happen? If you’ve had an exam coming up,
what do you think would help you earn a higher score? Prayer or studying
for the test? If you prayed for me
over YouTube right now, do you think
I would know it somehow? What matters to God more? The quantity of prayers
or the quality of the prayers? If it’s the quantity that matters,
how come the most popular team doesn’t always win the Super Bowl? And if it’s the quality
that matters, how come people we really love,
people who are close to us, how come they die,
no matter what we say to God? Is it possible that your prayers
have no supernatural effect and only serve
to make you feel better? And if that were true, would you ever admit it? Is there anything in your life right now
that makes you doubt God’s existence? If you did doubt
God’s existence, how would your life change? Was Jesus white? Why does it seem God is more likely
to help someone who’s a talented athlete over a starving child overseas? Why does God seem to hate Africa? If a group of people from, say Africa, came to
your community with the intent to convert you to their tribal faith, would you listen to them
and take them seriously? Or would you just
dismiss them because they don’t believe
what you already believe? Does God speak to you?
Personally? If God spoke to you
and told you to kill your child, would you do it? If God told you to kill me, would you do it? Is God always watching over you?
How about when you’re on the toilet? What do you say to Muslims
who believe the Quran is the holy book?
Are they wrong? Have you read the Quran? And why do you so easily dismiss
their holy book? And then why do you get upset
at atheists who dismiss yours? Is acting on one’s homosexuality
a sin? Is homosexuality itself
a sin? Do you believe gays and lesbians
should have the right to get legally married? Will your church ever marry
a gay or lesbian couple? If not, and you believe that
they should have the right to marry, why do you remain
in that church? Why would God create people
who are gay and then punish them
for being gay? If God is already sending gay people
who act on their homosexuality to Hell, why do so many Christians feel the need
to persecute them here on Earth? Why is God playing hide and seek
with all of humanity? Do you believe Jesus is coming back
to Earth during your lifetime? If you do, what would you say to all those people
who have been saying the same thing for centuries and who are no longer
with us? Why is the story
of Jesus’ birth and life so similar to that of mythological beings
who lived before his time? And if you want to hear about those stories,
we’ll leave a link below. How do you decide which sections
of the Bible are literally true and which ones
are just metaphorical? What are the minimum requirements
for being a Christian and who falls
under that definition? Fred Phelps? Pat Robertson? James Dobson? President Obama? Do you really believe Mary was impregnated
without ever having sex? If someone came up to you and said she was pregnant, but she was totally
a virgin, would you believe her? Why did God have to rape a teenage girl
in order to become human? If you could go back in time to
when Jesus was being crucified, would you try
to save him? Or would you stand back and do nothing,
since your entire faith depends on him being crucified. What would it take to change your mind
about God’s existence? Do you think it’s a little strange when someone
says they’re going to believe in something, no matter what, even when all the evidence seems
to point in the other direction? What is something your pastor
has said in church that you totally
disagree with? And when that happened, did you confront
your pastor about it or did you just
let it slide? Why are there so many
Christian denominations? And are the people who are
in those different denominations bad Christians? Are they wrong? Which denomination is right or which group of denominations
is right? Who or what do you think is responsible for
natural disasters like earthquakes or tsunamis? Can you pause the video
right now and tell me what
the Ten Commandments are? And if you know them,
and good for you if you do, why do so many Christians believe
that the first four of them belong on government property and in the classrooms? Would you feel comfortable saying
the Pledge of Allegiance in class every day if the words were:
“One nation under no God, indivisible, with liberty
and justice for all?” Do you think it’s just a coincidence that different
religions are popular in different parts of the world? Do you believe that if you were
born in Saudi Arabia, you would be a Muslim
rather than a Christian? Is it possible that religion has less to do
with what’s true, and more to do with the circumstances
of where and when you were born? Do you believe childbirth
is an example of a miracle? Does that mean Hitler
was once a miracle baby? And if childbirth
is a miracle, how come that miracle happens thousands and thousands of times
every week? My name is Hemant Mehta
and I write at FriendlyAtheist.com Leave a comment below
and we’ll be sure to check it out.

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  1. HAVE THESE QUESTIONS REALLY BEEN THOUGHT THRU? or does the person asking them want genuine answers, as opposed to kindergarden argumentation

  2. Okay why do things go on well with the atheist while some Christians are in crisis? Is God helping the atheist or Satan is helping them?

  3. God knows us before we were born so he knew that a baby will grow up to become an atheist which he'll later burn him forever in hellfire. It would've been good if the child wasn't born at all.

  4. If the truth is one then why is it be based on geography? Where you're born actually determines what you believe in.

  5. I actually don’t believe in god anymore. I know I was created when my mother and father where having unprotected sex. And not magically by god.

  6. We christians are not perfect. We are flawed just like everyone else. We go to church because we know how much we need God's Love and Grace in our lives. And that's available for you too.✌️

  7. 1. dunno
    2. dunno
    3. dunno
    4. no
    5. I guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯
    6. dunno
    7. you'd probably forget about that and focus on the greater things
    8. um both
    9. taking them to the doctor.
    10. everyones
    11. bc
    12. prayer. and it doesn't have to be prayer on your cancer. if you don't have the money for hospital bills, pray for that. but you also have to do work. you cant just sit around all day praying for your cancer to go away or for you to get money. you have to work for the money.
    13. not really, but once again you could pray for hospital bills
    14. whats that have to do with christianity
    15. ^^^
    16. studying
    17. maybe
    18. quantity
    19. they probably suck
    20. everyone dies at some point
    21. no
    22. yes
    23. not really
    24. idk
    25. most likely
    26. a starving child
    27. God made an earth and were supposed to take care of it. do we? not always. its not Gods fault africas government sucks.
    28. idk
    29. not personally
    30. dunno
    31. ^^^^^^^
    32. yea
    33. yea
    34. idk
    35. I guess
    36. nuh
    37. im not interested in it
    38. who said I did
    39. idk
    40. maybe
    41. sure if they want to
    42. my church doesn't marry period so put that in your pipe and smoke it
    43. I like it
    44. dunno
    45. I don't know and I don't like it and I don't persecute for being gay/lesbian/whatever
    46. wha
    47. I believe Hes coming back to the earth but during my lifetime I have no clue
    48. idk
    49. yea sorry im not reading that
    50. everything in the bible is true
    51. you have to believe he is true and he died on the cross for your sins
    52. dunno
    53. dunno
    54. pls
    55. stop
    56. no
    57. yea
    58. no
    59. what?
    60. I'd try to save him
    61. you're not gonna change my mind.
    62. huh
    63. nothing rly
    64. nuh
    65. dunno
    66. dunno
    67. dunno
    68. dUnNo
    69. God
    70. don't lie don't kill don't say the lords name in vain honor your father and mother love your neighbor as yourself remember the sabbath day and keep it holy do not steal worship no other gods do not commit adultery
    71. bc
    72. no
    73. maybe idk
    74. probably
    75. no
    76. no
    77. no
    78. no

  8. And what’s god’s plan for the starving children in name an African country? Is it for them to die? Cause if so, killer plan!

  9. 79) Does "god" LOVE satan? If yes, why does he LOVE that whose intrinsic nature is evil and whose evil is complicit in the fall of men? If no, then how could "god" be maximally loving and good? And why are there discrepancies regarding this issue in the bible? The bible contradicts itself when it comes to the love of Satan. (see: conflicting passages).

    80) Christians: Why do you insist on relying on the bible when science clearly debunks many of its claims? Example: Genesis claims the Earth was "created" before the sun. Astronomy and Physics debunk that gibberish. The Earth and the rest of the planets would NOT have the almost-circular orbit and therefore would have traveled through deep space at approx 67,000 mph in a straight line along with asteroids and other planets.

    In sum, why do you insist on relying on a book that is demonstrably contradictory, full of contextual discrepancies, errors, and full of metaphors/symbolism that can be interpreted in multiple ways ; in so many ways that it results in hundreds of denominations that are at odds with each other (each claiming "truth")?

    81) Without using a bible, professing faith, or referencing a single event in the Bible (to avoid circular reasoning) — what concrete, verifiable evidence do you have that leads you to conclude that the Bible is the true word of "god" and not the Quran, Baghavadgita, etc.?

  10. Friendly atheist, watch the movie “Breakthrough” it’s a great movie I highly recommend it. It’s based on a true story.

  11. Unlike a lot of athiests, i wasn't raised in a religious household. I grew up an athiest, and remain an athiest to this day.

    To me, it's crazy that religion is still entertained as a notion. People ACTUALLY believe in magic? It's crazy.

  12. Hello Hemant,
    I would rather denominate myself a theist with earlier christian background.
    Here my answers:

    1. – 7. : I don´t believe in heaven or hell. However I can imagine 2 possibilities about what´s going to happen after death. First: There is nothing, just the same like before birth. Second: There is some kind of reinkarnation. If so, it would be the same for all people, no matter what they did in live. Unfortunatly I don´t believe that Hitler can be punished in the beyond.
    8. Both.
    9. Hard to say, most likely the doctor. However I would never rely on a prayer without a doctor.
    There is a story:
    A man is sitting on the roof of his house because of a flooding.
    He says a prayer to God to get help.
    Some people in a boat come along and offer him to get into the boat, but the man replies: "I don´t need your help, God will rescue me."
    The same thing happens two more times, our man allways replies: "Don´t need your help, God will rescue me."
    After some hours, the man still sits on the roof with the water coming to his head.
    He shouts out: "God, I prayed to you, why didn´t you help me?"
    God answered: "You fool, I sent you three boats, why didn´t you get in there?!"
    So, what I want to suggest is, that maybe the combination of a prayer and getting yourself into action works best.
    10. Can´t decide that. I even felt I got answers 2 times, when I was still between atheist and agnostic.
    11. What if God is not as all-knowing as the average christians think? What if Gods receptivity is limited and he needs some hint to become engaged with your problems?
    12. Like in 9.
    13. No.
    14. That won´t happen. Storys about this are lies.
    15. If things happen that are physically impossible, then this is not a miracle but a magic trick or a scam.
    A miracle in a religious sense is, if something happens, that is possible but unlikely.
    For example: A child gets hit by a car. If the child would levitate by itself and fly to the next hospital, that would be a scam.
    If on the other hand a doctor would pass by just in the moment of need, for christians that would be the miracle.
    And this type of story can also be on camera.
    16. Studying! And maybe a little prayer would make even more relaxed.
    17. No.
    18. Quality.
    19. –
    20. I don´t know.
    21. Yes. Might be a placebo. But as we all know, the placebo effekt works.
    22. Yes, see 21.
    23. No, not his existence. But bad things that happen in the world make me doubt, that the christian or common imagination, which most people have about God, is right.
    24. Not at all.
    25. No.
    26. Don´t know, see 23.
    27. Dito.
    28. I allways like to hear about other peoples faith. And I am not convinced, that my faith is the only possible or the right one.
    29. I think yes.
    30. No. In that case I would go to the doctor, because I thought that I´m hallucinating.
    31. With pleasure, you atheist! No, seriously see 30.
    32. Not sure, but more likely yes.
    33. Why not?
    34. The Koran and the Bible were written by humans. I haven´t read the Koran yet.
    35. No. All people who are disregarding human rights are wrong. No matter, if they take their convictions out of the Bible or the Koran.
    36. No.
    37. I don´t.
    38. I don´t get upset on atheists.
    39. No.
    40. No.
    41. Yes.
    42. I don´t feel related to a church.
    43. –
    44. Gays are punished by humans.
    45. Because they are stupid. See 35.
    46. Why hide and seek? Did you ever seriously seek for him?
    47. Most likely not.
    48. –
    49. Because for a Saviour, this is not an unusual story.
    50. By science and common sense.
    51. To believe that Jesus lived and told the truth about God, acting with love and indulgence.
    52. Surely more people than the christian church would accept.
    53. No.
    54. – 56. Don´t know enough about them.
    57. Maybe, see 58. But most likely I think they couldn´t admit having sex those days.
    58. Depends on what you denominate a virgin. The hymen is in fact not allways completely closed. So if they are playing around, semen can get into the vagina even if there has been no penetration.
    Maybe Mary thought: "No penetration, no pregnancy. Must be a miracle, hallelujah."
    59. Oh come on. You are not seriously suggesting God unwrapping his penis, are you?
    60. That´s the only reason why the laws of physics do not allow travelling to the past. God is a clever engineer, isn´t he?
    61. There should be found scientific laws, which are so logical and consistent, that they literally force their own existence plus the existence of space and time.
    62. Yes.
    63. I don´t remember, I´m not that often in church.
    64. –
    65. Religions as well as denominations are not devine, but human constructs. Different people have developed different religions.
    66. If they are happy with their faith and don´t do any harm to other people, it´s right for them.
    67. See 66.
    68. Dito.
    69. Geophysical processes.
    70. -72. This shouldn´t be said in classrooms.
    73. See 65.
    74. Yes.
    75. For sure.
    76. If you take into consideration, that up to 80% of all pregnancys abort even before they are realized, it maybe is kind of a little miracle, if the abort does not happen.
    But imho the real big deal is the fact, that evolution created living beings with the complexity of humans, using quite a simple mechanism.
    With that in mind it´s hard to look at a baby and only see it as an accumulation of organs.
    77. It´s hard for me to believe that a child is born with Hitler´s character from the beginning. Who knows what exactly went wrong with him.
    By the way: Hitler is allways called a monster.
    I think he was a sick idiot, who really thought he would do good for the german nation.
    So if Hitler was a monster, how would you then call all the people, who executed his perverted thoughts, knowing for sure, that they were doing wrong?
    If no one had built concentration camps, Hitler alone could have done nothing.
    So who is the real monster?
    78. See 76.

  13. Hemant, why do you only target Christians? Also, God didn’t rape Mary. His Holy Spirit was conceived in her and there was Jesus.

  14. 1. Depends. I’m not God. I don’t know the limits of his mercy
    2. ^^
    3. Not sure who this is. I’m guessing some sort of Christian killer, in which case the answer would be no, since he didn’t follow Christ’s commands
    4. Yes
    5. Once again, depends on how Merciful God is. I am not God
    6. You asked the same question 6 times
    7. The fullness of truth, goodness, and life is before me in heaven, so yes
    8 and 9. I would take them to a doctor and pray for them because I want their spiritual and physical well being
    10. Whoever’s prayer God chooses
    11. Prayer makes us more like God. Further, St. Thomas Aquinas says that God can set up a cause and effect relationship with our prayer and his action
    12. In the short term, drugs. In eternity, prayer
    13. I made it about 1/8 of the way into this video and I’m done. You’ve essentially asked 3 questions so far and something tells me this is going to continue for the rest of this video, so I’m quit

  15. 78 Questions for Christians answered EASILY
    1. No. The idea of Hell is not biblical and is a false doctrine that most Christians believe. Sheol is correct term and is the grave.
    2. No again like I said above ^^^^^^
    3. No. The idea that we go to Heaven immediately after we die is also a false doctrine.
    4. Paul was the equivalent of Hitler and he genuinely repented(turned away from it completely!)It is through faith we'll be saved.
    5. No like I said for question 1. Also kind is a relevant term. There is no permanent foundation of what is kind and what is not.
    6. Question 1 ^^^ And again there is no permanent foundation of what is good or bad. sixty years ago killing babies(abortion) was unheard of because it is murder. now hundreds of thousands of lives are being taken each year and it is not wrong.
    7. Question 1&3^^^^^^^You wouldn't think of them because you would be with your Lord and you would be too happy.
    8. Both like you said
    9 . I would pray because God is stronger than man. And faith is all i need
    10. Those who seek Him and keep His commands and have faith. Micah 3:4
    11. So you He will complete His will in you. And so you can share in the blessings.
    12. Prayer would help you better if you had faith. >>>>>FAITH IS ALL YOU NEED<<<<
    13. YES it would. IF YOU HAD FAITH. Also faith is the action plus the mindset of knowing it will happen.
    14. Maybe there are. It is probably not common though..BECAUSE PEOPLE DON'T HAVE FAITH.
    15. people probably call it fake when there is.
    16. Both. But studying most likely because God isn't someone to answer all your problems. you gotta face them!
    17. Probably not. But God would 😉
    18. probably quantity because it would show your faith and how much you want it. thus it will be more likely answered.
    19. Like I said in 12, 13, & 14 it requires faith and most people don't have that plus God doesn't answer stupid requests.
    20. Its not about what you say. its about faith. and it may not be His will. ALSO SIN HINDERS YOUR PRAYERS.
    21. ONLY if that is your intent.
    22. Probably not because I wouldn't be a true believer!
    24. I would do whatever i wanted and do things to get my mind off of the fact that my life is pointless and when i die i will be gone forever.
    25. No He was MIDDLE EASTERN :)))))))))))))
    26. GOD cares more about are souls than our physical welfare so it is probably the other way around.
    27. He loves everyone. SIN also cause bad things to happen so blame that.
    28. I would show them my faith and we would have a civil conversation about our faith. They would probably see the truth and follow jesus. or not
    29. YESSSS
    30. Abraham almost did that. PLUS killing isn't a sin. Murder is. Killing and murdering are different. so probably and the kid would go see jesus.
    31. Same as above^^^^^^^^ if I did. it would probably be for a good cause.
    32. He sees everything so yeah
    33. lol
    34. Jesus is the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    35. Not entirely. they got some truth like that jesus was a prophet.
    36. NOOO but i heard about some of what they believe.
    37. ALL i know is God's word is truth. But that doesn't mean i dismiss them.
    38. If i did it probably would be because i gave them factual evidence and they didn't see it. but we shouldn't get mad over them though cuz any plant that wasn't planted by God will be uprooted. Matthew 15
    39.If your not loving(EGOPE) them than it is.
    40. 1 John 3:4 SIN is transgression of the Torah so yeah.
    41. I am alll for Free will so yeah. we should have the choice to do whatever.
    42. I don't currently go to church. I wouldn't go to one that does. WE HATE SIN NOT THE PERSON. so we don't support it.
    43. Like i said above^^^^^^
    44. Being homosexual is just another fleshly desire like sin that through jesus we can be free from.
    45. Like i said in question 1. we choose eternal life or choose death. homosexuality causes death. it is not healthy.
    46. He is looking for true followers. plus He isn't. He is there right in front of us. its that people are blind.
    47. Yes i do and I can't wait
    48. They didn't pay attention to THE PROPHECIES WHICH ARE BEING FULFILLED AS WE SPEAK.
    49. Must be a coincidence. But i do know there are over 500 rightings of random people who saw Him after His Resurrection!!
    50. COMMON SENSE. IN places where it says four corners of the earth it is in poetic form.
    51. Faith in Jesus.
    52. Those who have faith in Jesus
    53. I don't know him
    54. I don't know him either
    55. I don't also know him
    57. You know it 😉
    58. yes.
    59. ewwww. BRO it was a supernatural occurrence ok.
    60. I would probably be killed or God would strike me dead if i tried. plus i would't try to stop jesus from saving us from our sins.
    61. ME Dying right now. he he get it. because i wouldn't be thinking at all. so i coudn't acknowledge…nevermind
    62. I don't believe in anything no matter what. i believe in what evidence points to>>>>>>>God's existence.
    63. My only pastor is jesus. IDK I don't go to church
    64. If it did happen i would question Him and do the research
    65. Because they refuse to agree and find the truth and they go their own ways
    66. Not all of them. Most christians are wrong tho. not about God but what He expects of us
    67. Denomination means division. division in God is not right. A house divided against itself can't stand -Abraham Lincoln – Mark 3:25.
    68. Like I said above^^^^^^
    69. Humans and SIN. and sometimes God.
    70. 1. No other gods. 2. No idols. 3.No Lords name in vain 4. HONOR THE SABBATH(looking at you modern Christians)5. honor your father and mother. 6. no murder. 7. no adultery. 8. no steal. 9 no false witness against thy neighbor 10. no covet.
    71. I think all of the commandments should be everywhere so everyone know how to be a good person 😉
    72. It would be true though cuz no one follows God. More like one nation that used to be under God's authority but now we decide on our own what is good and bad and look where it has gotten humanity 😉
    73. No cuz the devil is trying to make people worship false gods
    74. Not if I was exposed to the truth. which will eventually happen to everyone
    75. its not religion. it is a relationship
    76. No cause it is normal.
    77. No ^^^
    78. ^^^^^

  16. Christianity. I blame you for all these atheists. All your false doctrines about hell and crap has made it impossible for atheists to accept. Of course Most Christians can't answer these questions cuz they dont read their bible!

  17. Since no one seems to be answering here are my answers:
    1. No
    2. No
    3. Not by faith alone
    4. yes
    5. No
    6. no
    7. IDK
    8. No
    9. Doctor ofc
    10. everyone's but not all prayers
    11. because God only intervenes if you ask him to
    12. drugs but also hope, which is what prayer instills
    13. nah
    14. that's never happened
    15. we aren't allowed to test God
    16. Studying ofc
    17. no
    18. Quality definetly
    19. God wouldn't answer something so arbitrary, we pray for those who suffer
    20. everyone dies
    21. yes
    22. yes
    23. yes
    24. it would be easier for me in all aspects
    25. absolutely not
    26. no not the athlete necessarily, prayer impacts our minds which impacts our actions. Prayer could spuratically make someone donate to that particular campaign.
    27. All people who struggle go to heaven, it is our jobs as humans to make them not struggle on earth
    28. I would listen and keep ad open mind, that's why I watched this video
    29. nah
    30. no
    31. no
    32. yes
    33. yes
    34. they're just as right as I am plus we believe in almost the exact same thing
    35. nah
    36. only some
    37. I don't, we believe the same stuff but in different ways of life (ie. in Christianity eye for and eye is condemned and we're pro prison where in islam it's the opposite (to each their own though))
    38. Only if they're close minded, I like you though homey
    39. yes but it's not as big of a deal as a lot of people make it out to be
    40. no
    41. yes
    42. I'm a teen and my family is athiest so I can't go yet
    43. I would find an accepting one
    44. I don't believe that gay people go to hell so…
    45. b/c they're bigots
    46. The basis of religion is faith
    47. I'm not allowed to predict that
    48. They weren't allowed to predict that either
    49. God was more active back then, now we have no more prophets
    50. I think most of it is metaphorical but that depends on the person and how they were raised
    51. being loving, peaceful and pacifist
    52-56. only the individual knows what it soul represents
    57. it's possible
    58. it's possible
    59. He asked for her permission in the bible, maybe read it before making assumptions boo
    60. he told his apostles to let it happen much to their protest so I would do the same
    61. proof
    62. yes, that would be an extremist
    63 & 64. see 42
    65. Christianity is all up for interpretation and that is how it was meant to be, it is our job to follow the commandments and be charitable
    66. no one is wrong nor is anyone fully right
    67-68. see above
    69. the earth naturally does it
    70. yes
    71. bigots
    72. when I was an atheist I was silent during that part. I believe we should change it
    73. cultural values you were raised with coinside with religious beliefs
    74. yes
    75. elaborate
    76. no
    77. no
    78. see above
    If anyone has any questions I'll be happy to answer or elaborate on my answers.

  18. For question 44:First of all…No one is born gay.No one comes out there mother and says "I am going to be gay"…being gay is a choice.God made adam and eve in the beginning right?…he made it like that for a reason…Being gay is not natural because a girl and girl can not have kids right?.. and God mentions gays in the bible and how its wrong..the devil is the ruler of the world and has decieved people thinking it is okay…god made men for woman…not men for men..he created everything perfect..but we ruined it with our sins..:(

  19. Why did “God” deliberately design Adam and Eve incapable of knowing right from wrong and then punished them for something they didn’t understand they were doing? Furthermore, why should the billions of people that came after them all suffer for something they had nothing to do with?

  20. I once had a Christian tell me “If the world had religion, then we would have a peaceful world with no hate or violence.” I then proceeded to explain to him that there’s only 7% of people in the world who don’t have religion, yet we still have all the things he said we wouldn’t have. I sometimes… I just… I… I can’t… I… I just don’t understand Christian logic sometimes. I don’t understand any religion’s logic for that matter.

  21. 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    4. Yes
    5. Yes
    6. Yes
    7. Yes
    8. Both
    9. Doctor
    10. Everyone's
    11. Because God tells us in the Bible that he wants us to talk to him
    12. Drugs
    13. No
    14. Most of them are fake
    15. Most of them are fake
    16. Studying
    17. No
    18. Both
    19. Because the Super Bowl has nothing to do with God
    20. Because those people have sinned and have, henceforth, earned the punishment of death
    21. It is possible but I believe that they work
    22. Probably not
    23. No
    24. I don't know
    25. Because of the region he was from (Judea) and the fact that his family line was Jewish for generations, he was probably a middle-brown skin color.
    26. It's not necessarily about him helping, it's more about the recourses available
    27. He doesn't. Africa just isn't developed
    28. I would take them seriously so I can convert them
    29. In a weird way
    30. He will not do that
    31 He will not do that
    32. Yes
    33. Yes
    34. I try to convert them to Christianity
    35. I believe so
    36. Yes
    37. I do not dismiss it
    38. I don't want them to burn in hell
    39. Yes
    40. Yes
    41. No
    42. My church does not do marriages
    44. Being gay is a choice
    45. You won't go to hell for being gay. You will only go to hell if you do not accept Jesus.
    46. He clearly isn't. He sent his son down to earth, who is him.
    47. I don't know
    49. Because Jesus is 100% God, and 100% Man. He is God, and was sent by God to die and save us from are sins
    50. It's in the context
    51. Accept Christ into your heart and devote you life to him
    52. People who have accepted Christ into their hearts and have devoted their lives to him
    53 – 56. I don't know if they have accepted Christ
    57. Yes
    58. No
    59. He didn't. He placed his spirit inside of her
    60. I would do nothing
    61. A lot of evidence
    62. Try and disprove him
    63. Nothing that I know of
    65. We all have slightly different beliefs on how to worship
    66. No
    67. None are wrong, as we all have the same central belief, we just worship differently
    68. Again, both
    69. The earth
    70. Yes
    71. Because they are so important when it comes to whether or not someone will rejoice in heaven, or burn in eternal torment
    72. No
    73. No
    74. Probably
    75. Sometimes
    76. Yes
    77. Yes. Baby Hitler did nothing wrong
    78. Because There are lots of births.
    Feel free to ask me any and all questions! God Bless!

  22. If everything is god plan how come we have free will?
    If we have free will how come everything is god plan?

  23. Hello, I’m a Christian, but I think the questions you asked in this video are very good questions and would make for a debate, I would like you to come in and speak with one of our speakers because it give both parties have valid points and will be a great discussion

  24. Your videos are absolutely fantastic, respectful with a little comedy too.

    I'm an atheist and honestly and genuinely dislike religion, this is cracking 👍

  25. What's the point in Hell? I mean, it's not like people learn their lessons and move on like a good punishment.

  26. You know he biased when your using a particular vacabulary like burn in hell and stuff to manipulate people's fission on the topic

  27. If god made light on the first day then why does the bible say that he made the sun on the fourth day

  28. why did god create the male g spot if he said being a homosexual is a sin?

    god works in mysterious ways 0_o

  29. As a christian I can give a general explanation for a couple of this questions: God does not do things against our will, respects your spoken choice.
    Satan has an advanced "spoken words analytics machine learning" meaning he listens to all that stuff that comes out our mouth(read Jacob 3) and feeds the needs during life (like Facebook does with adds).
    If only negative stuff comes out out mouth, God, Jesus leaves you temporarily and you are without protection, than Satan can work: bringing illness, stress, problems, money issues …
    Solution to all problems : put a filter on the words you say: by saying good, you must thing good, and than DO IT. Than you have restored connection to God: problems, diseases go away, God answers ASAP to your requests and you can start seeing tiny miracles, Microsoft finds your CV in a mysterious way and calls you for that interview 🙂

  30. Yo brozinho Hermz, No. 59 had me laughing
    Well, technically it wasn't rape, the nonexistent "divine holiness" upstairs, announced it to the teenage girl that she'd be creampied, to which she HAPPILY complied, f***ed up dude.

  31. Answer to question 15. Video of power of Jesus, Son of God in public street with lots of random witness : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypfWD7JaGf0

  32. All of these questions rely on the ambiguity of the world which was created good, is still good but corrupted. Life is such a world is not fair, but there is renewal in the end based on the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. In such a world there are real ambiguities and real dilemmas, the world is not the way it was supposed to be. There are apparent contradictions in everything due to the Fall in Genesis 3. And the opposite world view? How would you answer these questions and many more? Atheistic naturalism proposes that nature is self-contained and we are products of random chance, and man does commit real evils. There are just as many or more questions for this world view.

  33. Thank you for challenging my faith! I look forward to wrestling with some of the tough questions you raised 🙂

  34. What a bunch of stupid questions that can be answered by common sense dint be fucking idiots I hate all you atheist I wouldn't care if you were agnostic

  35. Atheist that ask these questions do not understand the definition of good & evil..

    Be fruitful multiply: have children. Because we are not immortal he has given us a way to maintain our species.. Being gay is genetically counterproductive

    1 God: no confusion

    No gods made with hands.
    (creates confusion)

    Don't misuse God's name

    Remember the Sabbath day.. Keep it holy: On the 7th day of every week you are obligated to worship Yahuah.. No buying or selling,
    No work except for the good of a persons life or the honor of the Most High

    Honor your Father & Mother (respect)

    Murder: bad

    Stilling: bad (including but not limited to rape)

    Adultery: bad (broken homes, diseases etc)…

    Don't bear false witness on anyone.. (False testimony destroys lives and a person's reputation)

    Do not covet: yearn to possess or have
    your neighbor's house wife or anything..

    If you break these you are evil..

    If you disagree with these commandments you just don't want to be held accountable for wrongdoing because if someone did any of the last 6 to you, you will be offended

    If you don't keep Yahuah's commandments and the faith/ the ways of the Messiah (Yahusha)
    you won't make it..
    (also for your own good don't eat bottom feeders)

  36. Why do atheists ask questions they already have the answers too? If you can pick up a textbooks, magazines or even tediously search anti-christian websites for new ways to scoff and help feed your disbelieve, surely you can put as much effort into researching the answers you seek from the same source we did? Unless you don't really want answers?

    You will only find what you truly seek, even if your goal is to find nothing at all.

  37. you can say Everyone is technically a good person because everybody makes up their own rules about whats right and wrong. we are all good because we judge ourselves by our own standards. but man does what is right in his own eyes. whats right in the eyes if man vs the eyes of God is very diffrent. So there is no true definition of what is good and bad. But the bible teaches us that the moral law is the ten commandments. Jesus gave us two great commandments about loving God and your neighbor as thy self. The bible is very strict on what is sin and what is right and wrong

  38. You categorize prayer as a solo thing. Prayer is supposed to be integrated to everything that you do. So the real question would be Studying hard vs Studying Hard with prayer

  39. Watch "78 Questions for Christians with Inspiring Philosophy
    " where he answers these dumb but honest question.

    Or maybe you just want to stay here and circle-jerk and pretend that there are no answers to these questions.

    Your choice

  40. Faith without action is dead meaning you cannot believe in anything and and not act upon it.you cannot pray to God to win the lottery and not buy a lottery ticket to win the lottery.therefore to pray alone is not enough you must act upon your prayer.if your sick go to the doctor god has provided doctors for you to access he has provided medicines in plants.and finally to think God is there to serve mankind is to be foolish he gave you life made you who you are even if there are starving kids in Africa God did not cause that.in fact it is probably even our fault.in America alone in 2018 the threw away $160 billion dollars worth of food and this is one country so let me ask God made this to happen or is us the selfish human race.

  41. I remember I saw this video when it was first uploaded. I judged every question and was mad about them. I was really Christian back then.
    Now I'm a confident atheist.
    I was still a kid back then so all I knew was what my parents told me.

  42. Honestly, being a theist is pretty much as irrational as being an atheist. You can’t prove nor disprove God’s existence. Which is why I consider myself Agnostic, which is basically neutral. I don’t know anything, so I’m not going to make assumptions.

  43. this video is just so misinformed and uneducated. any person, doesn’t even have to be an experienced theologian, can answer these questions if they had a good understanding of what Christianity is in essence.

  44. Three questions for you. Why your lips is so intricate and twisting. Why are you worried asking, What is your problem. 😂😂😂

  45. I remember the first time I watched this video I was a Christian and I criticised this video but now I'm agnostic but slightly an atheist 😃

  46. I love how you have the guys to target Christians and not other religions too😂 shows how much of a coward you are. And yeah make a video about Muslims and Buddhists and Hindus and all those yada yada let's see if you still have the pride buddy

  47. God loves all people. Now i know there is a lot of christians who say that your going to hell for this and that but for the most part most christians love all people and in the bible it says that god loves all people.

  48. Cancer can’t come to you if you’re a witness of Jesus or a Temple of God or a Born Again.
    Do you know what is means to be a witness of God/Jesus?
    Do you ever know what is born again?
    Take a look at wgpeter.com & you have lot of answers.

    Just few days back I was discussing with David C Smalley, the evidence for the Existence of God of the Holy Bible & His only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah. https://t.co/v61TLtT3g8

  49. The whole comment section is athiets asking logical questions and Christians answering
    1 God works in mysterious ways
    2 you don't need logic to believe in God cuz God doesn't need logic to explain he is real
    3 according to Bible……..
    4 long ass replies which makes no sense

  50. The whole comment section is athiets asking logical questions and Christians answering
    1 God works in mysterious ways
    2 you don't need logic to believe in God cuz God doesn't need logic to explain he is real
    3 according to Bible……..
    4 long ass replies which makes no sense

  51. The whole comment section is athiets asking logical questions and Christians answering
    1 God works in mysterious ways
    2 you don't need logic to believe in God cuz God doesn't need logic to explain he is real
    3 according to Bible……..
    4 long ass replies which makes no sense

  52. The whole comment section is athiets asking logical questions and Christians answering
    1 God works in mysterious ways
    2 you don't need logic to believe in God cuz God doesn't need logic to explain he is real
    3 according to Bible……..
    4 long ass replies which makes no sense

  53. 79 why is it so hard to believe that the universe already existed and the human existence happened from bigbang and rape murder sucide happens cruels things happens to both animals and human cuz nature isn't perfect 100%
    Rather than
    A God who was already there a powerful God which made universe planets humans, sufferings as a test and how can y'all think it is impossible that the universe itself cannot exist. rather than a God which made universe and can do alot but no one made him??

    When I ask people who made God they always answers no one cuz if God had a creator than you would ask then you made the creator of the creator then I reply so universe also doesn't need a God to exist in the first place then they all disagree

    (Excuse my broke English)

  54. 79. Are you asking these questions, but only wanting to hear answers you only want to hear? Coz if that’s the case these questions are redundant.

  55. Homosexuality is a sin, the Bible clearly says it is a sin.

    God does not make them homosexual, they choose to sin in that way

  56. What is that for a video.. this is like something you could ask christians hundrets of years ago. This is so outdated to its finest wth

  57. "I am a good human. Now, tell me will I go to hell?"
    "Well, who said you are a good human?"

    "Nobody saw me when I killed 10 people, but everybody knows I saved 1 out of them. Surely, I will go to heaven since everybody thinks I am a hero."

    "My son is about to die, it seems like nothing can save him. If nothing else we can do, we can let him die and remember him as a boy we will never see ever again."

    "If God exists, I can be a better God than the one we have now." (said a human to God)

    "He killed many people, fortunately, I can have avenge them now."

    "I know what I am, what I will become, everything about me, I know." (said a creation to his Creator)

  58. If Christianity is the only true religion…. How come so many more religions exist? How do you know that Zeus isn't real? What about Anubis?


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