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Ah, yeah this is annual conference, who’s this…? Charge Conference, great-great-great so that means we’re just waiting on uh, Central Conference? Hold on I’m just, in the middle of a– Wait, alright, who just joined us? Jurisdictional Conference, great so we’re just, uh, we’re just uh,
that’s everybody then. Oh, no, we’re still waiting on General Conference. Figures. Um, think we can just start without ’em? Hold on I’m in the middle of something, hold on. You guessed it is just making some
conference calls Trying to get everyone on the line together
talk about their church conference or oh yeah, I’m about to say it, yeah right what the United Methodist Church calls Annual Conference, you happy? Thank you. What, you don’t– you don’t know what Annual Conference means? Alright, well stick around because we are talking about Annual Conference on this episode of
Chuck Knows Church. Yeah I just said it. Yeah, I’m not even talking to anybody right now. Yeah, no, the phone is not even plugged in. [Intro music begins] In the United Methodist Church an Annual Conference is a regional body
of the church that connects local churches together to strengthen its ministries in that
region. At the annual conference level clergy are ordained or commissioned.
Campus ministries are generally supported. Ah, specific
global partnerships are formed and generally it’s where clergy move when appointed by a Bishop from church to church. Now, it’s also when the United Methodist’s thumb wrestling championships are held. hehe, get it? Annual Conferences are
made up primarily of clergy and lay members from each charge. Nope, they’re not electric. A charge is one or more churches served by a
pastor under appointment by the Bishop. Although it is important
to note, even though they are not electric, there’s a lot of energy. Now each Charge Conference elects lay members, meaning those that are not clergy, to the Annual Conference. Now, each of these Annual Conferences is
a geographical division where, generally speaking, the smaller states in
America hold one conference each while the larger states will include two or even more conferences. Regional groups of conferences in the US makeup Jurisdictional Conferences and outside
the states they make up Central Conferences. Whew! That is a lot conferences. I didn’t even bring up the parent teacher
kind. Now the entire group, or church as a whole, makes up the [trumpet beep] General Conference…, which convenes every four years. Only
the General Conference can speak officially for the United Methodist Church because it outranks the rest. Get it, “General”…. all this to say: the church internationally is able to
function because of a structure maintained at the annual conference
level all the way up to the [trumpet] General Conference. The result being the United Methodist denomination is a connectional church. We are all one. There ya go. To learn more ask your pastor. Tell them Chuck sent you. [phone ringing] That’s still not plugged in.

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  1. thanks Chucky..i love to listen to you and keep up the awesome work for the church… I might be listening to some especially The Lord's Prayer.. I repeat that a lot at times throughout the day…. I really enjoy them,,,,, God Bless keep up the good Job of letting all of us to understand, I get humor out of them when you first start…Thanks over and over….


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