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Posted By on October 12, 2019

Hi, I’m David Bell for the Practical Theology
Channel Recently I was talking to Stephen Skuce about
Christian congregations. Stephen is the Director of Scholarship, Research
and Innovation for the Methodist Church in the UK.
His team had identified 5 key points displayed by effective congregations.
These were: 1. Being welcoming and hospitable
2. Being responsive to the needs of the wider community
3. Making available intentional spiritual development opportunities
4. Participatory and collaborative leadership 5. Actively overcoming barriers to change
Of course, as Stephen notes, what Christian congregation, for example, wouldn’t consider
itself welcoming and hospitable? It sounds obvious.
But sometimes less obvious patterns of behaviour get in the way of hospitality and inclusivity.
And that’s so with all the common factors for effectiveness.
Maybe congregations need to think again. Our Live-on-Air interview with Stephen discusses
the research and its context in greater depth. Do join us to explore further.

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