[3 Questions to] George Church on Genetic Engineering [VOST]

Posted By on July 28, 2019

genome editing is writing usually small changes into the genome so out of 6 billion base pairs we might change one gene it's needs reading in order to know what you're doing and what you want to do and also checking once you've done it that you did the right thing so many of the things that that I've worked on sounds like science fiction one year and then just a very small order years later partly because it's an exponential cost curve many things are possible so being able to read your genome so quickly and easily and cheaply almost zero dollars unbelievable being able to fight cancer cells with engineered t-cells is certainly remarkable we have not yet brought but we have brought back two extinct species but they are there are viruses and they're not particularly useful in a clinical or industrial setting but they but we are picking up speed on it's not so much about extinct species it's about helping living species adapt to new environments I myself am using the first one to to point out the the challenges and the hazards of new technologies and I think is very important to have that discussion as far in advance as possible so sometimes people say I'm talking about things that are not yet a problem but I think if we wait until they are a problem then we'll be very reactive and will be acting too rashly

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