3 “I AM” Success Beliefs

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– Everyone says person
of element is cliche, until they’re in crisis, right? Everyone believes person
of element is cliche, until it’s required that
they go to the next level. Then they’re like, give
me all I can get, right? Once you’re in transition
or your challenge, you’re really frustrated, those are the times person
of the elem really matters. Forgive me if some of these
phrases might sound cliche, it’s just that’s how people talk and it is fundamental to you succeeding. Let’s talk about the bubble of You. The three beliefs that you have to have to achieve long term success, at least based on my
interviews and experience. Number one belief, I am being or trying to be congruent with the best
of who I know I can be. The last five days were you really trying to be congruent with
the best of who you are? Meaning, you know the best of who you are, you know your values. You woke up everyday and you’re like, “I’m being congruent with
the best of who I am.” Or were you just going through
the emotions of the day? Were you just reacting throughout the day? Were you actually comparing
yourself to other people and letting it get you down? Were you aware of what makes you unique and living into that uniqueness? Living into your values and attempting consistently
and conscientiously to be the best of who you are or were you going through
the motions this last week? What I found with high performers, is they’re more consistently
testing their congruence against the standard of their best self, against the standard of what
we call their highest self. It’s easy not to do that, especially when you’re good. Especially when you’re talented. Especially when things are going well, you can just get up and go through the day and do a good job, but what happens over a series of weeks, is one day you don’t feel like
you’re really on your path when you’re just going
through the motions. One day you wake and you’re kinda like, man, I feel like I’m in a funk and you don’t even know
why you’re in a funk. You don’t know why
things don’t pop for you. You don’t feel like there’s
momentum in your life. You want to talk about
real misery in your life? Be out of congruence. If you’re a person whose identity says, I am a healthy, positive,
caring, goal-oriented person and you just know that’s who you are, but then you’re not congruent with that, that’s where misery comes in. If you identify yourself, the best of who you are, you know you’re a healthy person, but for five nights in
a row you got drunk, five nights in a row you ate crappy food, five days in a row you ate too much, you know at the end of the week that does affect your psyche. Why the dis matter? Because when you don’t have that belief that I am being congruent or I feel like I’m trying to be congruent with the best of who I am, then self hate comes in, then that negative, sorta
framing of everything, I’m not good, I’m terrible,
all that stuff comes in. And it’s not because, listen, attempting to be congruent
with the best of who you are does not necessarily mean that everyday you are the absolute best of who you are and everything was perfect and
you were totally congruent. Listen to the phrasing here, I am attempting to live in congruence with the best of who I can be. I’m trying, it’s an active,
thoughtful, discipline approach. It’s not like, yeah I had
a great week, Brandon. It’s not about did you have a great week. A lot of high performers who I’ve met, they did have a great week, their peers are like, “Oh my god, she’s crushing it. “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe she can “manage all those kids so well. “I can’t believe that they’re
running the business.” People see you and are
impressed by your achievement, they’re impressed by the
external reality of your success. You can have a lot of
momentum in your life, but if physiologically,
even if it’s unconscious, that you know you’re not
truly living in accordance with the best of who you can be, if physiologically, you
know you’re incongruent with the best of who you can be, it starts like grating at you and over a period of time what this does, think about it, when you’re not congruent you’re just kinda grating at
your confidence unconsciously. You might not even know it. It’s just like everyday I wasn’t my best. Everyday I didn’t try to do something and show who I am. Everyday I wasn’t authentic and suddenly over a period of time, that lack of congruence just bores a hole right in your confidence and you don’t even know why. You just wake up one day
not feeling yourself. Then it becomes this big challenge because maybe you haven’t had training like this on congruence and now it feels like this
big existential dilemma. “Oh my god, something’s
wrong with the universe, something’s wrong with me,” and the reality is you just weren’t trying often enough to be congruent with the best of who you can be. Second big one is, I am capable or possibly capable of achieving the future that I want. Capability, I am capable is everything. Now here’s the thing, you don’t have to believe
you have all the competencies that are necessary to succeed. You have to believe that you
are capable of getting them. There’s so many things that
I know, right now today, that I am incapable of. I am incapable of many things ’cause I don’t have the skill set yet, but I believe that I am capable. You give me enough
time, energy, resources, mentorship, hard work,
and days at something, I will figure it out, I
will develop that skill, I will achieve. This is how high performers think. It’s so clear, under performers, they get stuck stewing on
what they are not capable at, so they stop forward momentum. They go, “I’m not good
at that”, so they stop. “I never learned to do
that,” so they stop. I suck at this thing
over here, so they stop. You’ve seen it before with
the research on mind set where high performers
have a growth mindset, under performers tend
to have a fixed mindset. That fixed mindset means,
they fix on their identity, who they believe they are
and what their capable of. They think their knowledge, skills, talents, and abilities are fixed. They were born that way and are stuck that way in some ways or that there’s a top to their potential. Were high performers
have that growth mindset where they really believe, no, I’m capable of becoming more. I’m capable of figuring it out. I am capable of busting through. I am capable of getting the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are
necessary for me to succeed and that is what is a
motivating driver for them. Here’s the test, if you have been lacking confidence or motivation to
go for those bigger goals, somewhere in your psychology, you do not believe that you are capable. Not believing that you are
capable is why you stopped. Even if you have all the reasons in the world to be confident, people like ya, you’ve
achieved things in the past, you’re a good person, you
believe in your worth, even if you have all that, but if you don’t believe you’re
capable of breaking through or getting that next level of skill, that’s why you’ve stopped. Listen, the nice thing about
capability is to get it, you only need a few things. The first thing you need if
you want to feel more capable, you gotta make sure that you
are very clear on the map, you gotta know step one, two and three, and you gotta go, the goal doesn’t need to be in your mind, “I’m gonna achieve step 70,” what we really need to do is start working step one, two and three. Just work it. Capability, the belief of capability is tied to momentum. You gotta take those
first couple of steps. The third one in your
little bubble of You is, I am worthy or deserving of
having extraordinary success. I am worthy or deserving of
having extraordinary success. Listen, most people who really live a little below their
potential here’s their belief, “I am worthy or deserving of survival.” Literally stops at that. Their belief and their envisioning for what their life is
worth and who they are is low ball, their standard is so low. Most people standard in
their worth is survival. I deserve to have food. I’m worthy of having a job. I am worthy of making rent. They don’t say, I am worthy
one day of flying in that jet. You know what, I am
deserving of having a deep, connecting, magical, sensual marriage. They’re just like, I
deserve a good husband and it stops there. I’m worthy of good is sometimes
why you only ever got good. Sometimes people’s belief
matches up with their worth in such a way, that they
don’t get to experience the brighter colors of life. All they ever get to
experience is baseline, good. Because I am worthy of survival. I’m worthy of paying the rent. I deserve to have a good husband. I deserve to have happy kids. But they don’t think about depth, they don’t think about richness, they don’t think about abundance. Their belief is always
I deserve good things and if your belief is just good things, good things is all you get. You need to adopt the
belief that you deserve an extraordinary quality of life and whatever it takes to achieve that. If you gotta repeat that
motto to yourself over and over again, do that. Look at the subtitle of this book, I don’t know if you guys noticed, how extraordinary people became that way. Not how good people, not how great people, how extraordinary people. The reason that I put that word down is because so many of the
300 bad asses I interviewed for this, used that word. They didn’t want good. They didn’t just think they deserved good, they thought they deserved
something special. They thought they deserved and were worthy of that magical part of life
where things have vibrancy and zest and pop. Where the adverbs and
the adjectives had color and richness that were so different than what the regular mundane person wants who just has gray walls
built around them of belief. Where it’s all just enough or always just great. That look, yeah, high performers want more for themselves and their families. A high performer doesn’t
feel bad about saying, you know what, I want
to make a 100 thousand, I want to make a quarter of a million, I want a make a million. There’s no guilt to that because they believe that
they are worthy of it. It doesn’t mean they always believe, I deserve it because sometimes
they’re not doing the work and it’s hard to believe
you deserve something if you’re not doing the work. You can feel worthy of it because you’re a child of God, because you have been a good person and a trust worthy person and a giving person, because you want good
things for other people and you want good things for yourself, but you also know that makes you worthy because you care. The fact that you are a person
right here with us right now, who’s interested in person of element, who’s working on yourself, who’s looking at these
concepts not through criticism or skepticism, but rather saying, wow
is there something here that I could embrace that could help me feel better about the day? Help me be a better leader? The fact that you’re here alone, makes you worthy of the next level. The work will make you deserving, the belief will make you feel worthy. You deserve and you are worthy of climbing that next level and if you don’t tell yourself that, it’s easy to sit back. Take what you get. Feel grateful for it, I know a lot of people who
are deeply grateful for life, but because they don’t feel worthy, they’re broke. How’s that for a mind screw. They’re grateful. They’re practicing what
all these books say, be grateful, live a grateful life. Life is precious. Do your gratitude journal so
you write in your gratitude journal and everything else. I know a lot of grateful
people who are miserable because they don’t
believe that they are also worthy of more. They’re grateful but they’ve
settled for a crappy marriage. They’re grateful but they’ve
settled for being in bad shape. They’re grateful but
they’ve settled for a job that’s beneath them. You have to be in that place where you go, you know what, I am worthy
of being around A players, I’m worthy of being paid well I am worthy of achieving that next level, I’m worthy of an extraordinary
experience in my life. Because if you don’t have worth, you can have the gratitude in the world and still be emotionally broke. That’s the challenge that
most people don’t see. That’s why a lot of the self
help that gets criticized to just be happy, be happy, be happy, be grateful, be grateful, be grateful is criticized by practitioners like myself and go, I know a lot of grateful people who can’t break through. If you’re grateful without worthiness, you won’t work, you won’t excel, you won’t challenge yourself. You have to feel worthy, ready, deserving of the next level and you gotta put in the work to it. Which I know you know, I’m just sharing what
high performers shared. It is the distinction
between high performers and under performers. This is what high performers believe, I am congruent and
attempting to be congruent with the best of who I am. I am capable of figuring things out and going to another level and building a future I deserve and I am worthy of
experiencing an extraordinary quality of life.

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