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We are Sunday, April 25, 2027 after a second round of presidential elections ERIC ZEMMOUR is elected president of the republic because of a record abstention. One of his election promises is immediately realized. All Muslims must leave the french territory. The following events take place a week after no Muslim left to stay on the French territory. You spend a morning, all normal. When you leave your house, you notice that the garbage truck has not come to pick up the buckets which overflows to the edge of the road. Employees of the company “VEPUR” are not enough numerous to ensure their mission since the departure of their colleagues. They have a lot of trouble recruiting in this sector A problem of hygiene and public health is beginning to arise throughout France. You are trying to reach the nanny of your children whose phone seems now out of order. You contact your employer who does not authorize your absence because more than 15% of your company’s workforce have not appeared for a week. You leave your children to an emergency baby sitter who will cost him the price of your work day. Your bus 8:32 will not come nor that of 8:47 because of a lack of staff of the transport company. Moreover the trains of 5:00 and 5:30 are permanently deleted on all the lines of France. You are trying to borrow a UBER but you realize that the service is no longer functional, because more than 60% of the fleet is no longer active. So you take a taxi that will cost you 40 euros for 15 km. When you arrive at work you realize that the security service of the company is absent. your office is dusty at work and uncleaned. We announce you by urgent financial measure that it is you who would sweep and clean the toilet bowl full of traces. You turn on the radio to change your mind and learn that emergency services of all hospitals in France are experiencing severe disruption. This is due to the absence of hundreds of emergency doctors who have left their jobs for a week the delivery company “COLIS +” announces that your order can not be delivered before one month for lack of staff. At your lunch break you want to limit spending by going to the nearest kebab. You notice that the fast food restaurant is closed permanently. You fall back to the nearest bakery. You see a huge tail due to the closure of two other bakeries in the area. Unsold products from the agri-food industry create an unprecedented drop in the euro. The halal market generates a loss of 13,700,000 thousand euros per day. This means that 13,140 breeders will be shut down in less than a year. Retirement is pushed back to 71 years because of the aging of the population and the cruel birth rate. As a result of this austere climate more and more French continue to settle abroad with an average of 300,000 people per year. France moves from 6th world economic power to 15th economic power after a few weeks. the stock markets depreciate the rating of France because of a lack of consumption and purchasing power, from AA + to BB-. You come back to work and learn that the company building the building in which you have invested all your money no longer has enough skilled labor. We are talking about a clear risk that the worksite will be suspended for a long time. But your bank, it, you still takes all your savings. The profession of bailiffs is becoming more and more solicited. The expulsions of all Middle Eastern embassy nationals create an unprecedented political crisis. Producing an increase in the price of a barrel of gasoline and diesel becomes a luxury product. A law making electric vehicles mandatory and quickly adopted. Public works, too, no longer have enough manpower. Most of the projects in progress are therefore abandoned generating unprecedented traffic jams comparable to departing on vacation Back home you look at the news and learn that a new neo-Nazi phenomenon is emerging. Turning now to all minorities finding no one to stop them in the streets Synagogue, old mosque but also Jewish and Muslim cemeteries are targeted. This movement is gaining momentum and the police are finding it increasingly difficult to contain this phenomenon. The coming days do not bode well.

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  1. Assalam aleykoum, ceci ne contredit t'il pas le Tawhid ??? Car seul Allah connaît l'invisible et ce qui risque de se passer.

  2. As salama'alaykoum
    Bonne vidéo mais je suis pas sûr que l'on soit si indispensable que cela au final
    Ils arriveront bien à nous remplacer par des polonais ou des gens des pays de l'Est lol. Au final on sera les plus heureux hors de ce pays qui veut notre perte ;))

  3. Je ne pense pas qu'en France cela fonctionne grâce aux immigrants, alors nous devons arrêter de mendier Donc stop s’il vous plaît Aucun peuple qu’il accepte d’autres Peuple C’est la réalité

  4. Je suis totalement d'accord avec toi mais j'ai un reproche a te faire. Dans ta vidéo tu donnes l'impression que c'est toujours les musulmans qui font le sale boulot et qui n'occupent pas des postes bien payé ou haut gradé. C'est assez dégradant et totalement faux aussi. Tu aurais du le montrer plus aussi dans ta vidéo.

  5. Salam alaykoum. Excellent Le musulman(e) travail dans l ombre et réalise des métiers pas toujours gratifiants et pourtant……

  6. Ça devrait passer à la télé cette vidéo car elle dit vrai dis donc 😉. Je ne suis peut être pas un fidèle mais je ❤️❤️❤️ too much mes collègues musulmans.


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