#24 – Waiting on the Lord in Prayer: What It Is And Is Not

Posted By on January 3, 2020

So Eric when we talk about prayer one of the
major themes that keeps coming up is waiting on the Lord.
And this is terminology that I’ve discovered means different things to different people.
What does it mean to you when you talk about waiting on the Lord in prayer?
To me it is the sustained adoration that is filled with subjection.
So I’m waiting for a directive from the Lord in His presence.
I’m not waiting for His presence; I’m waiting in His presence.
To me you’re not waiting until you, you’re in the presence; you’re not waiting for the
presence you’re waiting in it. So in adoration I’m stuck in a sustained adoration;
it’s almost like a, a musical that just sustains until a change comes.
And that’s exactly how I feel about waiting: it’s subjectivity to God.
I will not move without You. I want you to show me what you wish.
You to empower me. Because the only thing that’s empowered is
the thing that was spoken. We know that God created the world by speech,
and every creativity in our souls will first be a speaking.
And so in the same way as I’m with him I wait for the speaking and in the speaking is all
the power that I need to not only see what He wants me to see but also become what He
wants me to become. We become by beholding, and as we look at
Him we become like Him. And that beholding is inseverable from that speech. So I — I like — I like how you put that
because you said we’re not waiting for His presence.
Right. We’re waiting in His presence.
But what if you have — you don’t feel like you’re in His presence yet, or is that just
something you accept by faith? Right.
Well, even to say except by faith we both know faith is surrender, you know, it’s — it’s
literally trust. You know, so when I yield myself up to him
that cannot be done without faith. And as I do there is no worship without faith.
Faith is the root of worship. And I believe that God is; that’s why I come
to Him. You know, and so —
So you’re saying it is by faith? Well faith is the root of all coming to God,
but the faith acts in worship. So I believe God is, so I worship Him.
And as I worship Him the presence manifests. Now when you say — you know, you wait in
His presence how do you know when you’re in His presence?
Is there some indication you should look for? Yes, for I know exactly that I’m in His presence
once I’m removed from self-consciousness. And, uh, it feels a certain way.
I feel free from myself, from the burden of self, I’m delivered out from underneath the
tyranny of self-rule, and it feels — you can feel it, you know, it just feels, uh,
wonderful. It’s the reason why I was created.
I feel satisfied, I feel fulfilled, I know He is there, I’m blissed with peace, with
the joy of His presence. It’s unlike any natural feeling I could ever
feel by any natural thing. And a marker for it for me is there’s no place
in this world I would rather be than right here.
How long does it take you to reach that, that point?
It depends. Mostly it’s there just instantaneously when
I start, turn my attention to Him. But if I had, had a rough day or, you know,
things have just been real scattered and stuff it may take me some time to collect myself.
Every time I truly worship He truly comes. But to truly worship it takes a collection
of myself in order to truly worship. I cannot worship scattered because it’s not
real, or adore: I can’t adore him with a scattered soul.
It’s just not possible. What does that mean when you say scattered?
All over the place, thinking of this, that, the other, myself, worries, anxieties,
fears, doubts. So you have to focus.
Yeah, concentration. I’ve got to put everything upon Him.
I look to you, yeah.

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  1. Danielito Bendiciones para ti.pero me gustaría tuvieran todos tus vídeos opciones de traducción al español.son vídeos muy edificantes y sabios.que siempre nos dejan uno o varios mensajes de Dios.

  2. He sounds like he's in eastern religion. I'm sure someone under the influence in drugs would "feel" like Eric does. What about holiness, righteousness and judgment. Isn't this what the Spirit of Holiness will be speaking. I'm sure the Spirit did not tell him to pluck his eyebrows.

  3. This is "word of faith" fodder. Come out from it. The Bible speaks of persevering prayer, ask and keep on asking, if necessary.

  4. Not waiting for His presence? I don't think the man at the pool of Bethesda was healed until he was actually in the Lord's presence. He was rightfully waiting for His presence and it was His presence that was the power to heal his body.

  5. There it is: the word of faith lie that "everything we create will first be a speaking". First of all, he has the cart before the horse. We as submitted servants of Christ do not create our reality by our words; if there is a creative act, it is by Yeshua's great power working in us or apart from us, as he chooses by His divine providence. Also, consider the deaf and dumb (mute) man healed by Yeshua: did he speak out anything prior to receiving His miracle by the mercy of Yeshua? I think not. Eric is teaching Eastern religion, e.g. speaking mantras.

  6. I just realized I had asked in prayer for a quiet time with the lord away from all the noise, spiritual, physical, in my heart, head and circumstances, and I have a clear ears and head right now.

  7. This spoke to me. I’ve experienced God’s presence once…it was THE most peaceful and powerful experience ever. One in which you don’t want to leave.

  8. So a very funny thing happened to me this morning, i am up for my 12 to 3am prayer slot and i feel let me sit and wait on the Lord in silence as i really needed Him to move or do something. i sit for a bit then i become confused on what am i supposed to be doing : do i recite verses inwardly or what. Now i am sitting at my desk i am asking myself who would be able to tell me how this waiting on the Lord works and straight away Eric Gilmour comes to my mind and i google and here i am…thank you my brother..the Lord bless your ministry.


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