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there are many service providers out there but we're sure you want a good one with professional touch we have it all right hi everyone my name is Mike Campbell I wanted to kind of shoot this first video for our YouTube channel here and kind of tell you who I am I am a local agency owner I run a business called a gogo media we've been doing web design and internet marketing for almost five years now and I wanted to kind of also share what we're doing now with business we really want to help local business owners get found so we started or I found it ranked for local which is a local SEO business and that is our model we help local businesses get found online we're an SEO agency with guaranteed results and I'm going to show you how we do this so today I wanted to share value that's number one for me and I want to be able to show you guys some tools that we're using in our agency then you can also install on your computer and you guys can do some of this research as well you are more than welcome to to give us a call our number is here on our on our website and we give free consultations so you can click on this free consultation button this will take you over to our free consultation page and you can book a consultation right there on our site so wanted to share that with you guys so the first tool I wanted to talk about that we use quite a bit is called keywords everywhere now Google has kind of a form of this already so if you like go into Google search here and for example like one of the one of the one of the keywords that we're going to be working on is creative agency this is a keyword that has actually searched quite a bit and it's a low competition keywords that it's a keyword that we know we'll be able to rank for so if you scroll down here and look at creative agency the cool thing about keywords everywhere is it will give you some different search terms over here on the right so top creative agency Zion and Zion is a is a local agency here in Phoenix Arizona amazing brand they've worked with lots of great clients is definitely a brand we respect very much and if you scroll down you'll see digital marketing agency and this will tell you the overall search volume of what the search volume is per month and then the cost per click if they were to run ads for say this this is how much they would pay per click so if I want to scroll down here you'll also see Google has its own kind of search related terms to creative agency so these are common terms that Google can see in their search volume on a monthly basis and these are things that people would type in like top creative agency at 720 searches per month so this just gives you some other ideas and there you go Xion Xion is showing up again again another great brand so what I wanted to show you was keywords everywhere tool is a really cool tool you can install it in your Chrome browser and that's what we have here that's what this this keywords everywhere and when you install it you'll sign up for an account you get a free API and then you can use it on your site so on your in your browser so wanted to show you kind of some other ideas on how this could work so we're coming into the summer months in Phoenix Arizona and so this is a really good term to look at would be AC repair Phoenix so what's cool about this we're also running another another tool called SEO quake which I will show you another tool that we're using but AC repair Phoenix obviously it'll give you some other ones AC repair near me has two 2900 searches per month obviously you are looking at air conditioning repair Phoenix – at 480 Phoenix air conditioner at 480 Phoenix HVAC at 480 searches per month and then I can scroll down again at the bottom here and get some other search terms that we can also use to kind of start looking at now so why why use tools like this number one is we want to look at things that we can rank for we can try and rank for so we'll look at AC repair near me this has again what we're gonna start seeing is Google is starting to do what we call search or new search terms which is basically service based businesses so you'll see this when you type in like AC repair I believe AC repair II app this comes up for AC repair as well so some search terms there are large search terms that Google has already identified as large search terms they're gonna start showing these service base 2 ads and again if you're not running Google ads this is a very good benefit for you and that's something we can help your business with if it's something and then you have down here you have other ads as well so um so like I said keywords everywhere tool great plug-in to have to be able to see some really good things that'll help you start to determine what keywords you really want to start ranking your website for now the next tool I want to top out talk about is SEO quake an SEO quake is another great tool and again it's a browser extension and you can install it on on Chrome and Firefox I believe and what I like about this tool is when I'm in Google search I can actually type in let's type in a Phoenix dentist and what this tool will do is you can do lots of things in this tool so number one for you can look at connecting this SEM rush these are tools these are paid tools but for example I want to go into SEO quake and go to settings and so in search I can actually see for this overlay I'm not even to use Yahoo I'm just gonna use yeah Google and being and I'll refresh this page and what this will show me is it'll show me up here the overall search volume of that specific keyword per month and then if I sit also show me the cost per click but then also the competition and competition is actually kind of low for this keyword term which is surprising from what SEO quake shows but I guarantee you it's a lot higher so if we scroll down what we're gonna see is we'll see our local listings here this is in my area in Phoenix so Arcadia dental group Harris dental these are the three what we call the map pack listings if I scroll down I'll be able to see more of the SEO quake stuff so this is actually showing me linking domains obviously Yelp comm is going to have a lot of linking domains and a lot of these directories are starting to do business listing pages top ten best dentists reviews in Phoenix so now I'm going to see the top ten dentists that are paying for yelp ads in this search result so what Yelp starting to do is create a lot of these kind of things and Yelp is is is probably one of the oldest review sites so it's gonna be very high ranked on most of these terms anything that's very large so but if I scroll down I can see other different dentists that are ranking and I can see they're linking well how many backlinks they have where their ranks are the age of the domain itself and then other info as well and where they rank so this I love this tool SEO quakes a great tool to be able to see some of this data it's not always totally accurate but it is very helpful so want to show you one thing this keyword gets 1,600 search volume per month right let's look at this business right now we got cosmic dentist in cosmetic dentist in Phoenix dental implants with a Phoenix dentist so Harrah's dental has done something interesting here what they've done is they've taken their domain and they've created a page for slash Phoenix what they then done is they built a couple of backlinks they've SEO dit very well as you can see they have added some content they have some reviews here too this is another helpful thing they have a video embedded as well more content and just a little bit here what I wanted to show was they only have four ranking right four backlinks into the business and so this is interesting because they're ranking on page one for a high seat keyword search volume now Harris dental are they near me yes they are so this is another reason why they're ranking here they're look there they're using geo search to be able to tell where I'm at and they're sending me a dental company that is close here this is so why it's so important for local businesses to have optimized area pages and you'll see this too in a lot of other businesses so let's go down here let's look at Arizona dental now what's interesting about this business is Arizona dental they are on cactus Road this is nowhere near me this is a little further away and obviously Sun City is a lot further away than where we are so what they've done is dentist in Phoenix and Sun City AZ they've done some good optimization they have a targeted Arizona dental comm they have a very good strong keyword based domain so you're seeing that as well but you're also seeing more stuff Phoenix right here in their Maeda descriptions now they only have 11 links or 12 backlinks from other referring domains so what I wanted to show you was what I loved about SEO quake is that look we're looking at search volume a 16 under per month but look at the competition here guys this is easily a keyword you could rank for so if you're a dentist here in Phoenix and you're looking to rank we could get you there we can literally get you on page 1 for the search term within months I can guarantee you that right now so if you're Dennis out there you're interested definitely contact us our numbers right there on our home page a rank for local comm again we also offer that free SEO consultation so you guys check that out so I'm going to go on from this tool there's a lot more in this tool that you can learn SEO quake great tool we're gonna go to our next one lubbers suggests this is probably my number one favorite tool right now that I'm using and so I'll give you an example I'm a type in Phoenix dentist here because that's what we were just looking at and we're gonna go over here to the right and you're gonna see yes this keyword is competitive meaning that it can take time to rank for but if you do the right steps I can guarantee you like I said there's a sixty five cent percent chance you can rank in the top 20 for this keyword now what I like about this tool is I can go and I can look at all these different keywords like dennis phoenix az' actually has a search volume of a thousand per month so actually this SEO quake tool was off a little bit more than what neil Patel's tool is and again this pulls data so here I'm gonna look at this this one is actually easy to rank for whoa there's a 72% chance that you can rank in the top 20 for tennis' phoenix az' right look at this guy's a thousand search volume per month look at these these these businesses right here so we have Yelp obviously yelps gonna have priority but let's look at Arizona dental so Arizona dental has a has this website so let's just visit their web page real fast you know we're just gonna go there home let's see what their top pages are and this is the one we were just looking at guys so what I want you to see here is is they're made adjust their descriptions or title dentist in Phoenix and Sun City okay we can do the same thing and this is the same thing we're gonna do and we're gonna work for a client of ours that we already currently are helping out but I wanted to show you these are the type of things we can be doing for businesses so let's go back and dentist in Phoenix here's Dennis in Phoenix again and Phoenix dentists so again what this is going to show you is on the Google SERP on the side here it's going to show you literally all of the businesses that are ranking for this search term Phoenix Arizona dentistry com Wow so they have a total of 2,000 social shares for that specific domain that's one reason why they're ranking where they are we can also copy this domain and let's just see what they have for on-page so Phoenix tennis this is a strong if we look at this is probably an h1 tag and we'll just check it yes we got an h1 tag there for Phoenix dentist and then if we scroll down we're gonna see a lot more content best dentists Phoenix offers again a lot of these this should be an h2 probably yep so we got an h2 tag if we scroll down here look at these more also see that's h2 so what you're seeing is long-form content and that's how they're raking that's how they're ranking for that keyword long-form content and they've gotten some good good social shares for that specific domain and probably some good backlinks as well one of the things that we can look at is if we do site colon the domain we can see here that they have about a thousand backlinks coming in so that's that that's definitely something good and that's how you can get rankings so let's go down to some of these other ones smiles Phoenix AZ or smiles Phoenix com Biltmore Commons Dental Southern Dental I'm just looking at other Phoenix dentists maybe something with that domain with Phoenix in the domain here's Phoenician dentistry so let's check this out and so this is a this this might be a company that we might actually look at connecting with this is the other cool thing is if you are an SEO agency and you do a lot of this SEO work use ubersuggest to kind of come in here and look at some of the businesses here on the right side this will give you all kinds of great ideas and be able to reach out to some of these different businesses and see if they might be a business you could work with to get them better rankings so anyways but those are keyword tools these are keyword tools I want to show you we are using in our business every day and these are things that will help your business if you're trying to do research and the other cool thing I love about this specific this specific tool is you can take a competitor or like Phoenix Arizona Dentistry right we know they're ranking for that keyword let's look at some of these other keywords and see if they're also in here yep they're in there yep they're in there so and then you can take their business put it in Buber suggests you can see how many organic keywords are actually ranking for now why it's saying bad you know that's one of the reasons that s'what of the things I need to learn more about why it's showing bad but as you can see these search volumes look there are two there are high search volumes on some of these keywords if I scroll down you can also see an overall keywords ranking report from their past last couple of months to where they're at now and so if I scroll down to even more I can view more SEO keywords by domain rank and view the pages that are driving the traffic for this domain so and what I love about this too is I can also come down here and I can export these this data so let's go back to overview and let's put this domain in and we'll put in the domain here in this keywords – it'll go to keywords keyword ideas and you can export this CSV file and this will give you a good amount of search terms that you can start looking at getting into a tool or looking at optimizing your website content for so if I open up this CSV and I go by search volume which I'm going to do I'm going to I'm going to open this up a little bit more and I'm gonna go ahead and sort this by largest to smallest and so what this is gonna do is it's gonna give me keywords that I can now start looking at and I'm gonna start utilizing these when I create my content right so dentist Phoenix AZ I'm a on my website put this in an h1 tag and then start utilizing some of these other ones in lower ones like number one Phoenix dentists why we are the number one Phoenix dentists have an nh-2 so start getting this in long page form content on your site and then start building out those pages with grid optimized content and like I said these are the things that you want to have when you're trying to figure out what you're gonna do for on-page content you want to be looking at your competitors which this tool for ubersuggest does very well and like i said this these are just tools that i said we're using every day and i just want to share this video i thought that would be very helpful for you guys and something that you guys could utilize in your business so hope this helps and hopefully you guys look forward to some of our future videos you guys can subscribe down at the bottom here on youtube and would love to have you guys as subscribers we're gonna be pushing out one video a day that's our promise to you and just wanted to get this updated it's April 1st 2018 and looking forward to a lot more content you guys have a great rest of your day so what are you waiting for take action now and enjoy your friends compliments

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