#20 – The Power of Praying the Scriptures

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we’re talking about the inner life,
we’re talking about prayer and you mentioned praying the Scriptures can you just and I want this to be your
practical because people are watching this they’re not just looking for a bunch of abstract theology, they
want real tangible things that they could put into practice so would you just… could I impose on you to
just demonstrate that… what does that look like when you pray the Scriptures I’d love to I remember Pastor Bonnke said I like to read the Bible like a cow eats
grass on a pasture. I start at one end and go to the other That’s how my father in law taught me how to read the Bible. I’ll read it in two ways. I’ll meditate on specific scriptures but throughout my daily life alongside that I’m also reading
the Bible from Genesis to Revelation to find Jesus throughout, so I’m
looking for him it’s a hide and go seek match… it’s a
beautiful seeking of the Lord…so right now I’m in Genesis and when I look… let’s just…we’ll look at chapter 2 regarding the creation of Adam…and you might say what on earth does that have
to do with prayer there’s a lot in there… it’s amazing… so let’s start at
verse 4 this is the history of the heavens and
the earth when they were created in the day that the Lord God made the earth and
the heavens…now what I’m doing now is I am reading until the Lord hits the bullseye in my heart until he
stops me and I’m waiting on that stop you know I’m not trying… I’m not trying to
become a history major just because the word history is in verse 4, I am
reading with an awareness and if I don’t feel a stop, I’ll keep going
slowly before any plant of the field was in the
earth before any herb of the field had grown
for the Lord God had not caused it to rain on the earth…
now the scripture says there for instance…He’s the Lord God He’s not just God, He’s the Lord God. He is Yahweh and Elohim in that verse he’s the personal one who touches me and he is the
God who gave us his name that means he wants to be with me this
morning and that’s how I’m interpreting oh Lord, you’re not just Elohim…Father, Son,
and Holy Spirit you’re the Lord God, so you’re personal and you’re holy and I’ll begin say Lord
Jesus thank you for coming my way Jesus your name is Yahweh who saves Jesus your the Lord who saves me thank you for delivering me from sin and
I’m beginning to thank him now in that moment and as I do I enter into a deeper place of his presence…as the
scripture says we enter his gates with Thanksgiving then I’ll worship him because he’s
holy… you’re the Lord God you’re father Son and Holy Spirit so I’ll I’ll stay there for a while but it gets
better the Lord God had not caused it to rain on
the earth and there was no man to till the ground
now the Lord’s crying out for partnership Lord, it’s amazing that you want me to partner with you…thank you
Jesus thank you for the rain of the Holy
Spirit this morning… but look what the next verse says but a mist went up from the ground… Lord
you don’t want me to just cry out for rain if I go deeper there will always be a
mist you know when you’re in the glory it’s like the one place where we’re not crying out
for revival because you’re there and so they lived in this mist… that
was the tangible glory of God Jesus my heart is dry this morning Lord please I want that moisture of the Spirit… I need
you I need the mist of God to touch my heart and it says it watered the whole face
of the ground… Jesus don’t leave inch out your word says you alone know the hearts of men, I don’t
know what’s in there… David said I lay on my bed Lord I lay in my bed, David says look at my heart, Jesus look at it water the whole ground of my heart… now look
at this Dan…this is amazing Verse 7… and the Lord God formed man that’s touch…then I’ll say Lord, touch me… man I won’t come off the verse until he touches me…Lord I need your touch
today touch me it’s written here I can
experience it I can’t move how can I move beyond it…I need a touch… it says he formed man, so he doesn’t just touch Lord, alter me form me…the Bible says that that Jesus, his face, was altered and then
it shown on the mount of transfiguration… before your
glory can pierce through my being I need you Jesus to alter me touch me and form me…now and then the Lord breathed into his nostrils the breath of life Lord, he doesn’t breathe in our ears He breathes in our nostrils…Lord put your face on mine breathe straight in…let it go deep fill me with the Holy Spirit this morning…fill me and as I’m filled with the spirit Dan, here’s the most amazing thing Adam’s first breath was the exhale of the presence of God himself… and that’s worship…and the first thing Adam saw was the face of God that’s what I’m doing when I’m meditating
on the Scriptures and to this day everybody on earth whether they know it or not who has the
breath of life in them…who has been filled with the Holy Spirit
to this day that’s the one thing they cry for is I
want to see your face…wow when you started doing that I felt the
presence of the Lord just come in and just so you those are there watching
no I didn’t I didn’t prompt Michael before this and say, “hey,
prepare something” that was totally spontaneous and I
really love the way that you did that I really thought you were gonna go the
Psalms that seems like the obvious place to go
if you wanna pray the Scriptures but you went to Genesis…and I thought I wonder where is going to go with this a passage that most people would not
think of in terms of a scripture that you
would pray back to the Lord, but how beautiful that the Lord can speak in every line and every word almost

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  1. Hi, this is really an awesome video… I learnt something so useful for prayers and the communications with Lord Jesus. I've never commented any videos on youtube all these years, however, after watching this, I decided that I should let you know that this is so great. Thanks for the videos and I hope you will keep on doing this channel in the name of our Almighty God, Jesus Christ.

  2. Thank you. Great inspiration and insight. This series is sooo gooood. Many men of God just feed liken to handing out the fish. But in this series you teach, we learn how to fish. Thank you for whetting my appetite for Jesus and intensifying my hunger for Him. Bless you all for this production and sharing.

  3. "there went up a mist from the earth" ha woo! that was good!
    (theres comes up a mist from within the land of your anointed heart!.Gods new spiritual creation that can walk with him, till his own heart, bring forth wonders of the kingdom from within, watering the face of the earth without)
    notice "there was not a man to till the ground"proverbs says "he that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread" He that tilleth the land of his heart, shall have plenty of spiritual bread, wonderz-the promises of God.
    "the heaven for height the earth for depth!…"
    "the words of a mans mouth are as deep waters and the wellspring of wisdom a flowing brook!"
    "there went up a mist from the earth!" Speak words faith Believe God.Spend time seeking God,theres a mist that rises up from within the anointed heart,a mist even touching the heavens so that the heavens rain…and reign.

  4. This is very good. I enjoyed it. I love praying the word to Him. I often read the Bible and talk to Him about the passages and ask him questions about what He's saying in them. This message provides even another avenue to praying His word. Thank you. 🙂

  5. It is great to see how much the Kingdom of God is increasing on the earth. We can only imagine how many Christians have prayed for this over the centuries. Praise God!

  6. https://youtu.be/iljrybp0m3w I see these men and can't stop thinking of their beautiful destiny. What is that you say? Watch this video. The love and presence of God they share is destined to grow in a double anointing of their mentors and predecessors. I look forward to seeing that. Bless you both Michael and Daniel.

  7. That was so rich!!!!

    “Only the redeemed will walk on it…”
    (compensate for the faults or bad aspects of something)
    … “Those who have been ransomed by the Lord will return.
    (sum of $ or other payment demanded or paid for the release of a prisoner)
    … “They will enter Jerusalem
    singing, COWNED WITH EVERLASTING JOY. Sorrow and mourning will disappear, and they will be filled with joy and gladness.”

  8. Yesss it's a very powerfull practice! I felt the presence of the Lord when Michael began to pray! Thanks. Blessings.

  9. For the life of me and i am 90 years old when i speak to the Lord in prayer , with great respect i USE THE Noun THEE , THINE AND THOUGH .


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