130 – Keywords Revisited: Tom talks Voice Search

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welcome to screw the commute the entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car into the money with your host lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire Tom antion's 1/30 of screw the commute podcast it's Tom Antion here and ready to rock and roll today's episode will be about voice search see though the world is changing and now's the time for you to start paying attention to the way people are searching for things online if you want to be found pay attention to this Monday training now for those of you new listeners every Monday I do a session on something that has either saved me or made me lots of money and on Wednesdays and Fridays I interview other great entrepreneurs now in this episode I can't say I've made a lot of money because of voice search I am saying you and I both need to pay attention to this now if we want to make lots of money in the future and last episode episode 129 Cindy Bishop was here she's the one who makes sure your real estate agent knows what they're doing and I'll tell you what she is high integrity in a business that's not known for high integrity and I've got a big freebie to thank you for listening to this podcast it's my $27 ebook how to automate your business it's just one of the tips in this book has saved me over 7 million keystrokes and I just might have another little thing over there for you if you go to screw the commute Telecom slash automate free screw the commute comm slash automate free and like always all the things we talk about will be in the show notes now our podcast app is in the iTunes Store you can also go to screw the commute dot-com slash app a PP where we have complete instructions to show you how to use all the fancy features so you can take us with you on the road plus one favor I want to ask you please tell someone just one person that you know is interested in business about the podcast and get them to subscribe and I guarantee they'll thank you for it now our podcast this week hey it's me again and the Tom Antion internet marketing retreat and joint venture program where myself and my staff work with you for a year to either get you started in an internet business or to use the internet to take your existing business to the next level I'll tell you more about that later the details will be at great internet marketing training com and that'll be in the show notes that screw the commute comm of course like all of the other things and this is episode 130 and anytime you want to find an episode you go to screw the community comm slash and then put the episode number now one more thing I want to say about the program is I kind of turned the internet marketing training world on its head around the year 2000 me people were charging me people like me were charging 50 to $100,000 up front to teach what we knew to clueless business people who refused to learn it on their own well I'm a small business advocate and I knew many small businesses could never afford that kind of upfront money so I made all those gurus mad by charging a relatively small entry fee to my program that also got a percentage of profits that was capped so you're not stuck with me forever so for me to get my big money you have to make way bigger money and Plus you know I'm not gonna disappear on you because I won't get my money alright so and then I went one step further it's never been done before I have a big estate home and a TV studio where my students as part of their year-long training come and actually stay in my house for an immersion weekend that's just one of the unique features of the program so you can check out the full details at great internet mark training.com and of course that will be in the show notes all right let's get to the main event voice search all right this episode is to open your eyes to something that's going on all around you and most likely you are participating in it in some fashion and that's voice search anyone that's been around me for a while knows that I've stated on probably a thousand or more occasions literally both publicly and on my numerous one-on-one mentoring sessions that the number one mistake people make with their online business is poor or zero keyword research and keyword usage I mean heck the first episode of this podcast is devoted to the topic of keyword research I highly suggest you go back and listen to that now the past couple years have seen what I think is the biggest change in keyword research and usage since the internet started in the entire past of the internet searches were done on a keyboard with short choppy words or phrases the only exception being the short-lived Ask Jeeves search engine of a long time ago now voice search where people are saying keywords and keyword phrases is taking off exponentially and this episode is designed to get you in the mindset that if you start paying attention to this now you can be way ahead of your competitors and grab some market share that you may have missed without emphasis on voice search and I'm talking some serious revenue here I mean the revenue generated by voice search is expected to increase listen to this by a factor of 20 in the next two years alright so getting your act together now can put you way ahead of the game and check this out Forbes magazine reported on a study by comscore that by the year 2020 30% of all website sessions will be conducted without a screen at all and half of all web searches will be done by voice that's crazy huh all right so so what is voice search well very simply that's where you talk into a device and it returns the results orally and the device could be in your hand on your wrist the dashboard of your car or a device sitting on your counter at home the big players are Apple Siri Amazon Alexa Google assistant and to a lesser extent Microsoft Cortana or Cortana I'm not sure which it is it should be pretty obvious why voice search is going crazy I mean people can type about 30 to 40 words per minute and that's on a regular keyboard small keyboards make most people go way slower and with fat fingers like mine it can be brutal trying to type something on a cell phone plus it's more of the old hunt and peck method instead of old-school banging away on a keyboard like our fingers have been conditioned to for many years so it's lucky if I can bang out ten words a minute on the other mouth I was gonna say on the other hand all right on the other mouth most people can speak about a hundred and fifty words a minute I know plenty of motor mouths to speak 200 words a minute with gusts up to 300 words so if your voice may be so with your voice it's easier to make way more specific search requests with way less effort and is safer too I mean lots of voice searches currently have to do with getting directions while you're driving all right when I say the searches are more specific you can just think to your typical Google search when you're typing on a keyboard on a desktop or laptop the typed searches are usually short and snappy spoken searches may be entire sentences and and they certainly lean toward what is called the long tail with many words in the search query for instance if someone was interested in buying a family protection dog which by the way we sell at protection dogs elite calm I snuck that in and subliminally I don't even think I pronounced that right they might simply type into Google protection dogs or guard dogs or protection canines or maybe at most family protection dogs but with voice search people tend to give more detail in hopes of getting more specific results so they might say how do I buy a family protection dog or tell me about family protection dogs or can a dog really protect my family or is the bike trained canine safe around children or something like that it's a long sentence this brings up a good point about preparing your sites to be found when people are searching for things it's not a bad idea to make answers on your site to the kinds of questions people would ask about your products and services when they're doing a voice search I mean this gives you a greater chance of being found basically you're optimizing your site for more conversational keyword phrases now one thing you can do is to put these answers and other things like heading tags bullets and and things called a snippet near the top of your pages and you can put the keyword phrase you we're optimizing for there too this makes it easy for the search engines to pick you because you made it easy for the searcher to find what they were looking for and the search engines love this and rewards you with a higher ranking now here's a sidebar you might say Tom I just heard you in a recent episode in fact it was just last week talk about how you've abandoned search engine optimization in favor of paid traffic what's up with that well a closer listen to that episode which was episode 127 if anybody's keeping score okay I said even though I went to pay traffic years ago I did not abandon basic search engine optimization techniques I still place keywords properly and I and I don't do stupid things that would get me banned also keywords are still critical for paid traffic YouTube videos articles blog postings and all that stuff I mean this episode is just highlighting the differences in keywords and phrases because a voice search and and back to paid traffic the answers to many of the voice searches that apply to me can be put in my ads to get more people to click through so keywords are just as important now as ever they're just different alright let's talk about reviews a little bit let me take in a little different direction if your business is the type of business that typically gets reviews well well right now they seem to matter quite a bit with regard to voice search hero digital did a voice search about looking for Thai restaurants and all the results from Siri Alexa and Google assistant I think Cortana is so small they eliminated it brought up the four and five-star restaurants first what's really crazy is that they also use the search I'm hungry and most of the services returned restaurant results except for one who brought up a song on YouTube called I'm hungry hey Siri even came up with joke answers when the search query was what should I eat I mean this is really crazy how sophisticated and smart these services are and they're getting smarter all the time however none of these are perfect now series response – how do I change a tire gave an article about how many calories you burn while changing a time hey so I'm including in the show notes the very extensive article about voice search hero digital did and with many examples in many different industries so that link will be in the show notes but here's their conclusions and I'm quoting from their article and some of these things I don't even understand generally there's three bullets that they made for their conclusion generally Siri will be more difficult to optimize for as there's no strong connection between its results and what appears in the search engine results pages for localized searches Siri will give you listings that are closest to your specified location or your device now for informational queries that don't produce a direct answer Siri will give you top Google results excluding the answer box I don't know what that means exactly interestingly Siri pulls web results from Google but their image results come from Bing that's kind of crazy alright so that this is again this is quoting from hero digital's conclusions are another thing that they've concluded Alexa's results revolve around the location pages or products with the top ratings now reputation management is key for optimizing for Alexa voice search in other words again you've got to have good reviews and a lot of good stuff out there and the last bullet point from here Oh Digital Google assistant offers the most similar results to the Google search engine results pages especially with local searches structured markup and coded formatting are pertinent by winning the voice search result and I talked about those in another episode about structured results but those are things you want to get your geek to handle for you alright so here's some tips for you to do to start preparing for the coming tsunami of voice searches well just like I've been preaching for a couple years for your regular web pages Google's a voice is gonna give a boost to websites that load quickly and your site must be optimized for mobile your images need to be optimized for fast loading plus you need to put your longtail keyword phrases in the alt tag and the title of your graphics make sure all your big files are compressed and that your your website caching is going to improve your page speed make sure you don't have any bloated plugins that are keeping your site from loading fast and and I know you may not understand some of these things and and what to do about them but any geek worth anything will know or can figure it out easily a really important thing is called a featured snippet again ask your geek or IT person about these one quick tip like I mentioned above is to put stuff at the top of the page which is kind of like a concise summary of your page and the current consensus is to keep it under 29 words but of course that can change and speaking about the number of words even though your pages must load quickly both desktop and mobile searches still favor deep content with current estimates being that pages with from 1850 to 2500 words in general ranked the highest and there's another thing you should think about and that's mobile-first indexing Google came out and said a couple years ago that they're going to rank your your site based on the mobile version of it rather than the desktop so you better put heavy emphasis on the quality of the mobile version of your site so to wrap up this this quick episode and and even though it's quick it doesn't mean it's not super important I mean you heard me say earlier the money generated from voice search is going up by a factor of 20 in the next two years right you heard me say that you need to pay attention to this right now you need to jot down all the questions your customers and prospects ask you and use them strategically in all your online marketing and some of this you'll just have to pursue on a leap of faith because the keyword tools to help you really haven't caught up to give you figures to work with so so you know where to spend your valuable time I mean many of the phrases that could make you a fortune are too long or too low of a volume to register in the current keyword search tools that we have available so you'll be flying blind for a while and until these tools start to catch up but by paying attention to the questions your prospects and customers ask you you won't really be flying totally blind and and doing it now will help you blow past your competitors who weren't smart enough to subscribe to this podcast you you are subscribed right not get your butt over to screw the commute Telecom and we got tons of places that where you can subscribe alright so check out my mentor program hey it's the longest running most successful most unique and and one thing I didn't tell you earlier it also includes a scholarship to my licensed internet marketing school that you can either use the scholarship yourself or gift to someone else so check out everything in the show notes and get busy on your your voice search and paying attention to those keywords that's really going to help you out hey and don't forget to get your free automation e-book at screw the commute comm slash automate free where I also have another surprise gift there for you that has to do with podcast alright well catch all on the next episode

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